4 lte, an operator’s reality


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4 lte, an operator’s reality

  1. 1. LTE, an operator’s reality_
  2. 2. Digital Revolution_
  3. 3. The world is CHANGING_
  4. 4. A huge amount of          traffic is being generated Bandwidth and data consumption increased by 24% Web traffic increased by 35% Youtube data consumption increased by 32% Video streaming and P2P increased by 11% e 13% Instant messaging traffic increased by 363% Social media increased by 168% Facebook videos increased traffic by 389% Data consumption and Youtube increased by 129% Video streaming, including Youtube, 1,797%
  5. 5. And is deeply changing the network operators’ businesses Traffic Explosion_
  6. 6. And is deeply changing the network operators’ businesses Traffic Explosion_
  7. 7. If mobile internet Energy operators were in the Business +18% +2.229% 885 113 117 121 103 107 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 597 256 38 92 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Global Mobile Internet Traffic (Petabytes) We would build our capacity as if 41 power plants like Itaipú were activated every year Brazil's Installed Capacity (GW)
  8. 8. What have we got to make this Revolution_
  9. 9. The mobile telephony evolution_ We have seen a technological revolution over the last 3 decades 1998 1990 1G – 1st Generation 2G – 2nd Generation What is it? _Analog mobile phones Voice only _Voice and data (SMS and WAP) What it means _Wireless communication, anywhere _Text messages and the first mobile internet connection for e-mails
  10. 10. The mobile telephony evolution_ We have seen a technological revolution over the last 3 decades 2012 2008 3G – 3rd Generation What is it? What it means 3G Plus – Advanced 3rd gen _More speed to data _Even more speed and capacity _First apps and the possibility to browse the web anytime, anywhere _Better browsing experience. The whole world in your pocket!
  11. 11. The mobile telephony evolution_ We have seen a technological revolution over the last 3 decades 2013 2015? 4G – 4th Generation What is it? 5G – 5th Gen _A more efficient approach to data _What’s next?
  12. 12. 4G It all started long before the 2.5 GHz auction_ 8 months preparation ‗ Core team assembly on October 2011 ‗ Technology research ‗ International benchmark ‗ Investment scenario simulations Result Winning the main lot
  13. 13. These principles guided us on the 2.5 GHz auction _We are an internet company. This is our DNA _Our company has the largest customer base and the market leadership _That’s why we’ve bought the most adequate lot for our needs: 20 + 20 MHz will enable us to connect more people
  14. 14. A Project with Ambitious Goals_ Cover all 2014 FIFA World Cup host and subhost cities until the end of this year 2.5GHz Band _This high frequency band demands at least 2 times more towers if compared to 3G frequencies We have more than 250 _different municipality laws regulating site construction in Brazil
  15. 15. We are committed to continue expanding our 4G coverage Throughout Brazil Coverage Timetable – Anatel Goals December 2013 – FIFA 2014 World Cup Hosts and Subhosts May 2014 – State capitals and municipalities with more than 500k inhabitants December 2015 – municipalities with more than 300k inhabitants December 2016 – municipalities with more than 100k inhabitants
  16. 16. We have launched 4G in 69 cities of Brazil 4G connections Market Share Operator 2 12% Operator 3 Fortaleza - CE 45% 26% Recife - PE 17% Salvador - BA Brasília - DF Operator 1 Belo Horizonte - MG São Paulo - SP Rio de Janeiro- RJ And will be present in 74 municipalities until the end of the year
  17. 17. Vivo is the most prepared operator to offer 4G!
  18. 18. Our goal is to provide the best connection to all Brazilian people_ ... We are leaders on 3G and 3G Plus coverage _ COVERAGE 3.121 municipalities _ COVERAGE OPERATOR 3 1.119 municipalities _ COVERAGE OPERATOR 2 734 municipalities _ COVERAGE OPERATOR 1 593 municipalities Our coverage is larger than all other operators' coverage put together!
  19. 19. We are an Internet Company!_ Always providing the most innovative products on the market_ To all kinds of customer needs and all types of use
  20. 20. In Vivo, 4G is not only 10x faster then 3G Here, our 4G is Plus: With coverage and quality recognized by everyone The only one with multiconexion
  21. 21. We have an extensive portfolio to customers demanding 4G..._ For tablets and notebooks For smartphones To home
  22. 22. Vivo Box at home_ _4G Plus directly to the Box at your home _Up to 5 connections through Wi-Fi
  23. 23. 4G also has For smartphones, tablets and notebooks Innovative concept: Only plan in the market with data sharing Attend customers in need for multiconexion, looking for convenience and economy Great opportunity to capture disconnected devices You can use your 4G Smartphone Plan with additional devices to stay connected with much more speed
  24. 24. Vivo Sustainable Base Station: Telefonica Brasil innovates to push forward infrastructure_ Low visual impact Easily integrated to urban environments Technology made available to all operators
  25. 25. Our future_ A customer oriented digital telco Constantly improving connectivity offerings Developing new digital solutions So that our customers can take full advantage of the digital world
  26. 26. Thank you_