Activity 7 Day Five


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Activity 7 Day Five

  1. 1.  Day Five: Course Structure Redux
  2. 2.  Course Design Checklist Grade Center Course Management: Control Panel Course Introduction Course Organization and Design o Unit Breakdown o Weekly Breakdown Instructional Design o Providing instructions o Creating clear and attractive pages Using Design Tools to Organize Using Communication Tools to Organize
  3. 3. Course Introduction Is an introductory email or Announcement sent to your students providing them information on how to access your course? Are students instructed on how to contact you? Do students know how to contact technical support? Are students provided information on how to prepare their browser for their online course? Is it clear to the students where to find the course content?Course Organization Are font styles and content layout consistent throughout course? Is content organized in a logical order using modules, topics, chapters, etc.? Is the content presented in a logical progression for the semester? Are section titles clear? So they help students navigate the course? Is there an Introduction area containing a Syllabus, course schedule, etc.? Does each module incorporate materials (assignments, discussions, etc.) needed to proceed through that module? Is the content under the unit or module headings organized in a logical manner for students to navigate?
  4. 4. You can find the ControlPanel under Coursemanagement on thebottom, left side of yourscreen.
  5. 5. The Grade Center is one of the options you will find in the Control PanelYou can choose to lookat• the entire grade book (Full Grade Center) or• at the submissions that have not bee graded (Needs Grading)
  6. 6. The full Grade Center allows you many options for managinggrades. You can add columns, adjust point values, and changeindividual grades.
  7. 7.  Syllabus Welcome Note Personal Introduction Technical Requirements Sample assignments Expectations and suggestions for success
  8. 8.  Unit Breakdown (Modules) Weekly Breakdown (Folders) Consistent Design Provide Discussion Forum or Blog for Course-Related Q & A Up-to-date Links ADA Compliance Make them downloadable!
  9. 9.  Providing Instructions Creating clear and attractive pages Introducing each unit with a discussion of the topic Offering practice quizzes or assignment submissions Posting rubrics with model submissions in each unit Using activities that foster student professor
  10. 10. • Email class often to create a sense of a “conversation” about the course• Use Discussion forum or blog to create asynchronous “office hours”• Use Announcements to communicate important information and to keep it visible• Use Chatroom to conduct virtual office hours while you are in your office• Consider setting up Skype on your computer• Add Journals for students to individually recordpage and To access Bb, students can go to the main JSU their class progress and Blackboardthat progress with you the click on to share in the dropdown menu, to Distance Learning page, or to a link you provide in your• Know that social networks and virtual worlds are advanced home page. ways of fostering interaction
  11. 11.  The two pages to the right contain the same information. The page on the bottom delivers that information in a clear, concise format.
  12. 12. The Control Panelis the first stop forcustomization.
  13. 13.  Folders vs Modules Color coding Icons and Text Course menu options Tables of contents Repeating structures
  14. 14.  Announcements can be entered and scheduled at the start of the semester Copy and email unit instructions Use the Discussion Forum or Blog to post reminders Require students to check in during your office hour chats and use that opportunity to share course info Give general feedback on assessments or assignments via communication tools
  15. 15. We will use Day Five Checklist to lookat how to improve the current coursedesign. Use Design Tools for Course layout Complete Course intro Folder Create/Post Sample Assignments Create Course Q&A Forum or Blog Organize Content for one unit or week Decide on a plan for repeating