Letter to the Judges


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Letter to the Judges

  1. 1. 210 Little River Farms TrailCanton, GA 30115April 18, 2012Judges, Senior Project210 Little River Farms TrailCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges:My name is Claire Post and my strongest passion in life is the special educationdepartment of my school. I live for those students, and they are the ones that I am trulygoing to miss when I move on to the next big step in my life. I developed a love for thechildren in early middle school and my devotion to the program has only grown strongerwith time.Therefore, for my senior project I chose to study Pediatric Physical Therapy. Since I havesuch a passion for the special needs students, I wanted to deepen my interest seeing whatelse occurs outside of simply the classroom setting. As a result, I monitored the progressof a young girl named Kyra as she went through the stages of physical therapy, and theprogress that she made was absolutely remarkable. My product relates directly to myresearch paper, because through my research I got a better understanding of what thetherapy field as a whole was about. Although the research prior to completing my productdid help, there were some obstacles that I had to overcome in order to continuedeveloping my final product. I had to be confident in what I was doing. I had little Kyralooking to me for help with her sessions, and I need to step up and realize what I wasactually capable of and move beyond just observing each session.The topic of my research paper along with my product relate directly to a career in whichI plan to pursue in the future. I have always wanted to share that bond with the specialeducation students; I just did not know which field my heart was in and for that solereason is to why I chose to study therapy. I worked hand in hand with the students that Ihave worked with for so many years, but at an earlier stage. I plan to attend NorthGeorgia College and State University in the fall and work to be the therapist that makes adifference in the lives of many.Overall, the senior project was a very challenging task to complete. However, in the endthe project truly did pay off. Many students may not know what they want to do withtheir lives and are barely hanging in there. The senior project really hits you with thereality of the future and what is to come. Therefore, I thought the outcome of the projectwas very positive. Thank you so much for taking the time to be here.Sincerely,Claire Post