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Social Media 101 For Scn Oct 28, Carmine Porco
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Social Media 101 For Scn Oct 28, Carmine Porco


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Social Media 101 For Scn Oct 28, Carmine Porco

Social Media 101 For Scn Oct 28, Carmine Porco

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  • Canada ranks #11 on broadband
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media 101 Carmine Porco, Prescient Digital Media
    • 2. Who is this guy?
      • G.M., V.P., Prescient Digital Media
      • Internet & intranet management consultants
      • We build highly effective websites & intranets
      • Some of our clients:
    • 3. Agenda
      • 8:00 - 8:30: Social Media 101
      • 8:30 - 9:00: Blogging for Executives
      • 9:00 - 9:30: Round table
    • 4. Some Quick Questions
      • 1. How many people know what a wiki is? How many have read one? How many have used/contributed to one?
      • 2. How many people know what a blog is? How many have read a blog? How many have written a blog?
      • 3. How many people know what RSS means? How many people have an RSS reader? How many have utilized RSS on their corporate home page?
      • 4. How many people have heard of Facebook/myspace? How many have visited either? How many have an account on either? How many of your children have an account?
      • 5. How many of you know what Twitter is? How many have a Twitter account?
      • 6. How many know what an avatar is? How many have one or have participated in a virtual community?
    • 5. The wisdom of crowds
    • 6. The power of ‘group’
      • Jellybeans in a jar: the average guess of all the guesses is almost always closer than the closest guess
    • 7. Regis ‘gets it’
      • Who wants to be a millionaire: the crowd gets it right 91% of the time
    • 8. Google ‘gets it’
      • Utilizes page rankings to gather collective intelligence
    • 9. Social media
      • Forrester: “Social computing: a social structure in which technology puts power in communities, not institutions.”
      • Promote networks of relationships
      • Transforms users into publishers
      • From one to many > many to many
        • Blogs
        • Wikis
        • Podcasts
        • Social bookmarking
        • Social networking websites
        • Virtual reality
      • Source:
    • 10. Social media forms Source: Forrester, “Finding The Web in Search 2.0”, Webinar, Jan. 16, 2007
    • 11. Social media revolution
      • 6 of the Top 12 most visited sites on the Internet
      • Source:
      • Google
      • Yahoo!
      • Myspace
      • YouTube
      • Facebook
      • Windows Live
      • MSN
      • Wikipedia
      • EBAY
      • AOL
      • Craiglist
      • Blogger
    • 12. Web evolution
      • Web 1.0  Web 2.0
      • publishing--> participation
      • CMS--> wikis
      • Taxonomy--> folksonomy
      • stickiness--> syndication (RSS)
      • Ofoto--> Flickr
      • Britannica Online--> Wikipedia
      • personal websites--> Facebook
    • 13. Audiocast – “Five Minutes with …” Lead Story
        • Source: Innovative Intranet Tools to Captivate Employees, Jean Gaetano, National City
      Link to audiocast Reference Guide Call to action
    • 14. Blogs engage employees
        • Source: Innovative Intranet Tools to Captivate Employees, Jean Gaetano, National City
    • 15. Fun and Feedback
        • Source: Innovative Intranet Tools to Captivate Employees, Jean Gaetano, National City
    • 16. Retail News Talk Special Guests: Rebecca Ott-Wadhawan Melissa Mickle Alpine Jennings
        • Source: Innovative Intranet Tools to Captivate Employees, Jean Gaetano, National City
      Today’s Hosts: Mark Crowley & Kelly Wills
    • 17. Retail News Talk Results
    • 18. Employee Responses
      • Thanks for doing this! It is great! Mark is an excellent host and does a great job of making it sound like it's not scripted.
      It was tough for me to pick a topic I liked least because I liked all of the conference. Great information shared! Helps motivate and very informative. I like the playback option so that I can fit it into my schedule. Great job! 65% 1155 399 Jun/Jul 223% 841 260 Apr/May 32% 1286 866 Jan/Feb % chg 2007 2006 Audience
    • 19. Reduce Call Volume (& costs) Goal – 25% reduced call volume 2006 Average 103,962 Jan – Jun ’07 Average 96,345 calls June Volume – 90,023 (12%)
    • 20. British Telecom’s “My Pages”
      • In 2006, the company launched “My Pages”.
      • Utilized more business related links such as:
        • Documents I’ve created that you may find interesting
        • Pages I’ve created in Btpedia
        • The challenges keeping me awake at night
        • Stuff I’m currently working on
      • Cutting edge technology: When a user updates their personal interests and preferences, the system automatically recognizes whether others have input the same details and then instantly connects those employees up as a social network in their contact list
    • 21. British Telecom’s “BTPedia”
      • BTPedia was created two years ago with no marketing
      • Having reached over 1,00 articles, it’s success as a networking and collaboration tool is proven
      • It is the central platform for enterprisewide wiki-based collaboration
      • “ By aggregating all of that wiki content into one BTPedia from here on out, it means we’re still allowing users to set the tone and style and format, but we’re also enabling them to get much more value from it - because everything will be in one place”. Richard Dennison, senior manager, social media
    • 22. Other quick examples
      • Sun Microsystems Community Equity: Tracks participation in collaboration, recognizes and rewards employees. Blog Conversational Index.
      • WebNext: Project 90/10. 90% populated by things the employee cares about and uses every day on the web, 10% by the things the organization is pushing down to them
      • IBM’s ThinkPlace: Tool for employees to grassroot ideas (Monarch Butterfly migration)
      • IBM SameTime 7.5: In addition to typing text, using the integrated VoIP, people can make calls to anywhere in the world at no additional cost to the company
      • IBM Second Life: Avoids travel by interacting with other using an avatar in an online virtual meeting. IBM has dozens of virtual “islands”, using many of them for lectures and group discussions.
      • Sabre Town: Employee social network and can post questions. 60% of questions answered within an hour and $150k savings.
    • 23. “ We don’t own the news any more.” -BBC
    • 24. Blogs
      • Blog postings mentioning “Red Cross” increased by 10 to 20 x normal amount during Katrina (2005)
      • On August 31, 2005, jumped to more than 1 million visits – more than 32 times the average daily visits prior to Katrina
      • As of September 2, the site had raked in online donations through the website of $110 million – representing more than half of all the donations from all channels at the time
      • Today Red Cross is actively recruiting bloggers to blog in times of crisis or during major events to drive traffic & donations
      (Source: Intelliseek Blogpulse)
    • 25. Blogging
    • 26. Blogging
      • watched its conversion rate double from the normal 2% to 4% whenever site users visit one of its blogs
      • Within 5 months of implementing a blog, 5% of eHobbies overall traffic comes from its main blog
      • After 5 months, 5% of all orders can be tracked to a blog-based coupon
    • 27.  
    • 28. Intranet Blog
      • In 400 days, from zero to 4,000 people per day
      • Dramatically improved Google rankings
        • Prescient is now #1 in the World for:
          • “ intranet consultant” and “intranet consulting”
      • More than 2,300 links
      • Up to 12,000 page view per day
      • Increased corporate consulting revenue by 40%
      • Primary source for many Fortune 500 clients including HSBC, RBC and Nintendo
    • 29. CEO blog: Jim Estill Synnex
      • Traffic
      • 25% staff
      • 50% suppliers/customers/industry
      • 15% personal development/bloggers
      • 10% friends/contacts
    • 30. Failure to communicate
      • Over 90% of analysts agree that if a company that fails to look after reputation aspects will ultimately suffer financially too .
      • For analysts the most reliable information sources are seen to be company websites and customer research .
      • The failure to provide appropriate information will lead to negative ratings with 90% saying that it is fairly likely/very likely/or certain to
      • Source: Hill & Knowlton, Return on Reputation
      • “ Word of mouth is more powerful than advertising and technology accelerates word of mouth
        • 1 Mark Hughes - - 2004-2005
    • 31. Kryptonite locks (2004)
      • A bike enthusiast writes about breaking a Kryptonite bike lock using a ballpoint pen
      • Story posted to online forums
      • Other bloggers wrote about it
      • Wired News writes a story and confirms the problem
      • Kryptonite initially declined to comment
      • Eight days later it scrambled to implement an exchange program – 380,000 locks were replaced
      • “ As for sales, again, we don't discuss actual figures. However, yes, when we stopped selling tubular cylinder products that absolutely affected our sales for '04.”
      • “ Companies absolutely need to keep track of the blogosphere."
    • 32. Community websites: Flickr
    • 33. Marriott Blog
    • 34. Flogging
      • A fake blog used as sales tool
      • Walmarting Across America
      • Written by two Walmart “fans”
      • Drove RV across US blogging about Walmarts
      • Later revealed they were paid
      • Allegedly cooked-up by Edelman PR (see Wal-Mart's Jim and Laura: The Real Story in Business Week).
    • 35. Wiki
      • A wiki allows users to collaboratively contribute content to a website
      • Editing is done in the web browser using a stripped-down editor akin to a simple version of MS-Word
      • May contain the writing, edits and additions of many, many users – any user can edit any other’s text
      • encyclopedia has 600,000+ files with thousands of contributors
      • uses wikis to collaborate on projects leading to efficiencies of $1M+ last year
    • 36. Wikis
    • 37. Practical Wiki’s
      • Do not use a wiki as your CMS
      • Do use a wiki when you want a collaborative workspace for a team of individuals to gather new ideas and gain consensus
    • 38.  
    • 39. Social Networking: Facebook
      • 25 million users, growing 3% per week, which is 100,000 new users per day
      • The fastest growing demographic is the 25 and over age group
      • 1% of all time spent on the internet is Facebook
      • 50% of registered users come back to the site every day.
      • 60 billion page views per month, 50 pages per user every day
      • 6th most trafficked site in the U.S
      • 1 billion photos hosted on the site, 6 million uploaded each day, 70k photos served per second, making Facebook the biggest photo sharing site on the web
      • 1-2 million people are on Facebook simultaneously at any one time
    • 40. Business Applications
    • 41.  
    • 42.  
    • 43. Global Incident Map: There is a lot happening in our world every minute. This 'map' updates every 300 seconds...constantly 24/7. Click on any icon on the map for text update information. It's not just about Terrorism - it's about everything happening every minute some place in the world of terrorism threats, explosions, airline incidents, etc.   http://www. globalincidentmap .com/home. php
    • 44. Communities of Practice
      • “ The process of social learning that occurs when people who have a common interest in some subject or problem collaborate over an extended period to share ideas, find solutions and build innovation.”
        • Wikipedia
    • 45. Practice Area Communities (PAC)
    • 46. Measuring Social Media
      • Intranets and Social Media Survey - July 2008, Melcrum Publishing
    • 47. Measuring Social Media
      • Intranets and Social Media Survey - July 2008, Melcrum Publishing
    • 48. Measuring Social Media
      • Intranets and Social Media Survey - July 2008, Melcrum Publishing
      • My organization is fearful of the unregulated content that underlies much social media
      • My organization fears that social media will lead to time-wasting
    • 49. Measuring Social Media
      • Intranets and Social Media Survey - July 2008, Melcrum Publishing
      • Social media is the latest fad, but really is just a new set of tools
      • I feel out of my depth when it comes to social media
      • Organizations will never give up enough control for social media to be useful
    • 50. Who’s talking about / blogging you?
      • Search the blog services:
        • Technorati
        • Bloglines
        • MySpace
      • Search the message boards:
        • Yahoo!
        • AOL
        • MSN
        • CNET
      • Search the bookmarking sites:
        • Digg
        • Slashdot
    • 51. Who’s monitoring the discussion?
      • If you don’t have the staff to monitor these services, how do you know what’s being said?
    • 52. Best-in-Class Performance Firms
      • 65% of Best-in-Class companies have a formalized process in place for monitoring consumer-generated content
      • 52% of Best-in-Class companies have dedicated personnel, such as a director of digital communications or director of social media monitoring, devoted to social media monitoring
      • 42% of Best-in-Class companies have a formalized process for detecting potential threats to the brand (I.e. and early warning system)
    • 53. Why Monitor Social Media?
    • 54. Why Invest in Social Media?
    • 55. Social Media Spend
    • 56. Social Media Marketing/Monitoring Tools
      • Hitwise's search term analysis - type a phrase and it will list the sites that receive the most traffic and their percentage share of the total traffic generated by the phrase
      • WordTracker – competitive analysis tool to seek out the best keywords for your products and services based on over 300 million keyword phrases
      • BlogSquirrel – CyberAlert's BlogSquirrel service monitors and "clips" more than 5 million+ blogs, containing over 1 million posting per day (free 14-day trial at )
      • CNW – tracking services
    • 57. Tools
      • Google Keyword tool – type a keyword and find out the traffic and other related keywords and their traffic volumes and patterns ( )
    • 58. Google Keyword Tool
    • 59. Type in your URL and find out what websites link to your website
    • 60. Other Tools
      • MediaVantage – Online media & Internet monitoring for 20,000 media sources + 3 million+ blogs ( )
    • 61.  
    • 62.  
    • 63.  
    • 64.  
    • 65. Monitoring savings
      • “ We’ve not only reduced our communications
      • costs by 35-40%, we’ve also improved the quality of our communications – it’s clearly been a solid investment. ”
        • -Alexander Christian Blackbelt , Continuous Improvement, Alcan Inc.
      • Significantly reducing the amount of time and effort previously spent researching, searching, clipping, formatting and revising reports & printing
    • 66. Web 2.0 Theory Greater Than Budget More than three-quarters of US marketing professionals surveyed think that social media marketing can give them a competitive edge, according to Coremetrics ' "Face of the New Marketer" study. The same respondents said that only 7.75% of their online marketing spending went to such tactics. 37% of those surveyed don’t use any Social Software Tools. (Sector/Grey/Reid Kmworld)
    • 67. Realizing Web 2.0’s Benefits
      • McKinsey global survey findings suggest that after an initial period of promise and trial, companies are coming to understand the difficulty of realizing some of Web 2.0’s benefits.
      • Only 21% of the respondents say they are satisfied overall with Web 2.0 tools, while 22% voice clear dissatisfaction.
      • Further, some disappointed companies have stopped using certain technologies altogether.
    • 68. Best Practices
      • Planning – the essential requisite
      • Leadership sets the tone
      • Engaging the audience
      • Evolution, not revolution (pilot)
      • Benchmark and cherry-pick from the leaders
      • Monitor the conversation
      • Know the links between your website, sales and customer service
      • Keep pace with the trends and best practices
      • Measure, measure, measure
    • 69. Crawl Before You Walk
      • RSS:
        • Implement RSS feeds for media releases, by category.
        • Implement RSS feeds for speeches.
        • Implement RSS feeds for podcast events.
      • Executive Blog:
        • Establish an industry related and focused blog to be co-authored and contributed to by a number of contributing executives and senior managers (including an occasional or annual entry by CEO). The blog should allow user comments, trackbacks, and RSS subscription (using a tool similar to Blogware or another common blogging tool).
      • Audio:
        • Use and archive all event audio as podcast files (MPG3) for subscription by RSS and downloading.
      • Miscellaneous:
        • Provide cross-links including Webcasts and Annual Reports.
    • 70. Project Methodology
    • 71. Round Table Discussion
      • 1.Employees: How can employees within your organization utilize these tools?
      • 2.Leadership team: How can the leadership team within your organization utilize these tools?
      • 3.Attraction and recruiting: How can these tools be utilized to better attract and recruit new employees?
      • 4.Customers/Clients: How can these tools delight your present customers and attract new potentials?
      • 5.Vendors: How can these tools be used to assist with vendor relations?
      • 6.Community Relations: How can community relations be enhanced utilizing these tools?
      • 7.Sales: How can sales be increasing using these tools?
      • 8.Environment: How can these tools assist your company with environmental programs?
      • 9.Research: Can these tools assist in your research efforts?
      • 10.Training: How can these tools be utilized to assist in training within your company?
      • 11.Onboarding: How can these tools be utilized to better onboard new employees
      • 12. Employee feedback: How can these tools enhance employee feedback?
    • 72. Carmine Porco Prescient Digital Media 416.728.2226 [email_address]