A Rookie's Perspective: FRC Judging 101


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A Rookie's Perspective: FRC Judging 101

  1. 1. Orlando Regionals - A Rookie’s Perspective: FRC Judging 101 Original Presentation by Jenny Beatty Original Title: FRC Judging and Awards 101, Baltimore Area Alliance Workshop Day Presentation http://www.mdfirst.org/images/stories/documents2011/2012_Judging_101.pdf
  2. 2. Judges wear blue Polo shirts
  3. 3.  Usually Technical Judges &  Non-technical/Attributes Judges Yet many different types of awards
  4. 4. If you’re wearing an InZombiacsTeam Shirt, be prepared to answer Judges’ questions…
  5. 5. Technical Judge Technical Judge asks…  Tell me about the design of your robot.  What are the special features of your robot?  Tell me about programming your robot.  What obstacles did you encounter when building, (wiring, programing, designing, etc.) your robot?  How did you overcome the obstacles you encountered when building (wiring, programing, designing, etc.) the robot?
  6. 6. Non-Technical Judge Non-Technical Judge asks…  Tell me about your business plan.  How did you handle Fundraising?  What obstacles did you have to overcome as a team?  What is your Mission Statement?  How did you find your sponsors?  What type of outreach have you done?  How did or do you recruit team members? Non-technical Judges will also be observing how you interact as a team (team members and other teams)
  7. 7.  Help the Judges understand what your team is all about - Tell YOUR unique story. How you may ask? Everyone should read and be familiar with the team Chairman’s Essay/Executive Summary
  8. 8. Executive Summary & Chairman’s Essay1. Know Team Name and Number2. Know Your Corporate Sponsors3. Briefly describe the impact of the FIRST program on team participants4. Provide Examples of role model characteristics of your team5. Describe the impact of the FIRST program on your team and community6. Innovative methods used to spread the FIRST message7. Describe the strength of your partnership8. Describe the Team’s communication methods and results9. Other matters of interest to the FIRST judges – Your unique story…
  9. 9. Often the judges willonly have 5 minutes to spend in the pitwith the team. Havethe students jump inand “sell” the team. Learn to do the “Elevator Pitch”
  10. 10. Everyone should Practice anElevator Pitch  Chairman’s Essay  about FIRST,  the drive system,  the control system,  your community,  your partners,  your appreciation for engineering,  why you designed something the way you did,  your biggest challenge this year,  your fundraising strategies,  etc.
  11. 11. Specializebefore youarrive…
  12. 12. Remember… Judges will also observe your team in the stands or walking through the venue. Judges will watch your interaction with other teams on and off the field. Generally, judges want to wrap up most of their team duties by lunch on Saturday so that they can deliberate which team should be given an award.
  13. 13.  Judges work under a very tight time schedule. If there is a minor crisis going on (something needs to be fixed fast), be polite and ask the judges if they can stop back after the next match. If the judges want to ask technical questions, and your technical spokesperson is not in the pit, ask the judges if they can return in xx minutes and go get this person. Judges will not expect that every member of the team know everything.
  14. 14.  Practice speaking up. When a judge enters the pit, stand up. Get rid of the gum. Eye contact. Offer to shake hands (some judges may not want to). Smile. Wait for the judges to ask the leading questions and then answer in short answers, allowing time for the judges to ask follow-up questions. Introduce yourself and speak enthusiastically. Be honest about the challenges - but even better - if you can talk about how you figured out how to overcome certain challenges. Don’t forget the “Judging Packet” and point out the “Chairman’s Essay”!
  15. 15. Know Your Judging Packet! Marketing Packet  Sponsors Packet  Chairman’s Essay  Promotional Brochure  OutReach Forms Engineering Packet  Sub-Team Reports?  Robot Attributes Form?  CAD Drawing?  Blueprints?  Robot Index Card?
  16. 16.  There are field judges watching both performance and attitude on the field. What the team members say in the halls, stands, and restrooms will reflect back on the team. Judges may also ask the other volunteers, such as the referees, field crew, and team queuers for their input. Gracious Professionalism” - means all the time!
  17. 17. Gracious Professionalism knowledge, competition, and empathy blended together compete like crazy, but treat one another with respect and kindness during the process go up to other teams and talk to them help other teams be personable with the judges be “a presence in the stands” no tough talk, no sticky-sweet platitudes
  18. 18. “Coopertition” displaying unqualified kindness and respect in the face of fierce competition concept and a philosophy that teams can and should help and cooperate with each other even as they compete involves learning from teammates it is teaching teammates it is learning from mentors it is managing and being managed competing always, but assisting and enabling others when you can
  19. 19. Review the FRC Manual http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/co mpetition-manual-and-related-documents Know the Rules of the Game Some examples:  How do we score points...  What could we be penalized for...  How do you form alliances…
  20. 20. InZombiacs Are Here! Giving Away Team Buttons  Buttons per team member  If some one ask for a button have them…  Walk like a Zombie? Team Cheer Pit Area  Mr. Egitto’s InZombiacs Stand-up  InZombiacs Team Flag  Judging Packets Audience Participation  Invite Friends and Family  Bring Signs  Mascot? T-Shirts and Pajama Bottoms  Jeans only when working in Pit Area
  21. 21. Final Word… Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Network, Network, Network Specialize before you arrive (including Pit Area Spokepeople) Always scout your competition and alliances. Scout teams, not matches. Sometimes very good teams run into very bad luck. Scout early rather than late Be enthusiastic. Yell, cheer, chant, and dance! Don’t be afraid to ask for help Make sure everyone knows about the robot. Being able to have any team member speak eloquently to the judges is a huge plus! Safety First! Keep Pit Area neat and organized http://www.firstnemo.org/PDF/first_competition_tips.pdf
  22. 22. Load In…
  23. 23. Pit Area…
  24. 24. Cheering Section…
  25. 25. Announcing…
  26. 26. Matches…
  27. 27. Alliance…
  28. 28. Teams…