Test Taking Strategies


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Test Taking Strategies

  1. 1. + Certified Nursing Exam Preparing for success on taking this test.
  2. 2. + Three keys to success on the exam Experience Preparation Strategy
  3. 3. + La Rabida Nurses will succeed Experience Preparation  We all have over the required 1800 hours of Pediatric  We have months of broken down experience! content, lectures and to study as a team  Some of us have way more.  We will focus on areas where we feel  We see a variety of kids that is unlike any other unit. weak and target what we need to study Strategy  We know the outline of the test, the numbers of the questions on each area  We are making you study by simply attending sessions and talking with your coworkers.
  4. 4. +Comforting facts…*There is a 90% pass rate for the CPN exam*We have all the resources in the educationdepartment to help you pass (course content,outline study guide, flashcards and videos)
  5. 5. + Take a moment to consider… What obstacles What is your do you face goal for this when going to test? take the CPN exam?
  6. 6. + Barriers to testing well  Common barriers include…  Testing anxiety  We will have extensive knowledge when we are done with our lectures, reading, notecards, and power points  Practicing the practice questions relieves stress and assists in doing better through experiencing similar test content and testing rationale  I’m going to teach you test skills to succeed  Time constraints  We have full time lives … when will we study?!  We will study a ton with our group  Failure  Do not doubt your self. Take a moment to journal- Concerns, and positive affirmations.  We can study publicly and test privately (tell no one when you test, no need to worry about disappointing others)
  7. 7. + Goals  Identify areas of content weakness  Strategic study  Be a role model in studying and quizzing your coworkers  Achieve certification  BE POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING
  8. 8. + For your information there are two tests…  Pediatric Nurse Certification  Nurse Credentialing Board  www.nursecredentaling.org  www.pncb.org  2000 hours of practice needed  1800 hours practice needed  Computer ONLY  Paper and pencil or Computer  www.prometric.com  www.goamp.com  BSN, RN, BC *board certified  BSN, RN, CPN
  9. 9. + The test  175 questions with only 150 counting toward the pass/fail score. 25 questions are being tested for reliability like on the NCLEX.  3 hours to take the test  Breaks are permitted (and recommended).  No testing shutting off early  No questions are all of the above, none of the above or, mixed answer choices (ex. A, B or C, D).
  10. 10. + Why certify?  Validate your knowledge  Prove to all organizations- your knowledge base  Related to improved care  Overall, noted to increase salary  But seriously- your sitting here so I am quite sure were past they why certify at this point…
  11. 11. + Exam anatomy  Basic concept of…  Assessing  Diagnose  Implementing  Evaluating
  12. 12. + General test taking reminders..  Dress for success- wear something comfortable and that has a ton of layers to adjust to hot or cold.  Have a positive attitude  Try and take about 1 minute a question (even when practicing)  You will not know the answer to every question- keep moving  Sleep well before testing  Bring snacks  Know where your testing site is before hand & be early  Only go with others if they are positive enforcement
  13. 13. + General test taking reminders..  Listen to calming music, meditate or read before test taking- no more studying!  Bring pencils, a drivers license, and another ID with name and signature  Know the directions of the test prior to starting  Positive think some more  Manage your anxiety- take deep breaths  Take potty breaks  Read each question carefully – Pick up on important words  Questions can be marked skipped and reviewed at the end of the exam  Test is not over until you select submit
  14. 14. +
  15. 15. +10 tips to eliminating the wronganswers
  16. 16. 1. Answer every question there is no penalty for educated guesses and eliminating distracting2. Read each question carefully – pull out key words – do not read into the question3. Identify negative polarity in the stem (Not, except… )4. Identify key priority words (First, best, most… ) Remember ABC’s come first, Life threatening considerations and pain5. Physiological need and emotional need questions are asking about development and emotion- so look for an answer that accordingly fits6. Patient family centered questions generally promote choices, asking questions and participation in their answers7. Identify absolutes in the answer (always, never, none…) typically absolutes do NOT exist in nursing8. Identify opposites in the answer options, generally one is correct9. Identify answer options that are similar10. Identify duplicate facts in the answerExample questions…
  17. 17. + You will succeed! As the saying goes - "we dont want to get rid of our butterflies in the stomach, we just want them to fly in formation!"  ~~FOCUS~~