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Poolesville | College Apps & Interviews


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  • 1. CompassPoint
  • 2. FACTORS TO CONSIDER FACTORS TO AVOID Size  A significant other Public/Private  Following friends Location  Parental pressure Price Majors offered
  • 3.  Start with list of 15 and narrow down 3 Reach schools  Highly selective schools that will be your top choice 3 Match schools  Schools at which your stats stack up favorably 2 Safety schools  Schools which you are very likely to get into
  • 4.  Your application and scores already show how smart you are and how hard you work so this is not the purpose of your essay Essays need to reveal something about your character If there is no word limit, 500 is the rule of thumb Keep your focus narrow and personal  Stay in line with your topic Be specific, use vivid details, and avoid clichés
  • 5.  Picking a topic is one of the hardest components of writing a college essay Easy ways to start:  Significant interest or experience  Where do you see yourself, career wise, 10 years from now?  Describe your most rewarding experience  Evaluate a specific experience or risk you have taken and its impact on you  Whatever the topic is write about something you can write with passionate about
  • 6.  Many top tier schools include interviews in their application (including both 1 on 1 & group interviews)  If interview is optional, definitely request for one to bolster your application You will likely receive an interview request via email from a school alumni  Have an appropriate email address (i.e.  Respond promptly to interview invitations and use proper email etiquette  Appear as professional as possible
  • 7.  Do research about the school & your interviewer (if possible) Prepare specific questions for your interviewer about classes/campus clubs/intended field of study Ask questions about your interviewer’s school experience Don’t hesitate to email interviewer questions if anything is unclear about the time/location
  • 8.  Arrive 10 min. early Introduce yourself with a firm handshake Relax! The interview should be a conversation Maintain eye contact Don’t chew gum Smile/ Show positive emotion throughout Attire: Business Casual (Better to be overdressed than underdressed)
  • 9.  Why do you want to attend XYZ university? What are you passionate about? What are some activities you do in your spare time? What separates you from other applicants? How will you contribute to the diversity of the student body of XYZ university if you’re accepted?
  • 10.  Prepare a 30 sec. elevator pitch that would set you apart from other potential candidates  This pitch should highlight your interests and accomplishments as well as what you are looking for in the school. Memorize the speech by heart and learn to deliver it with confidence. Don’t be overly aggressive in asking questions to the interviewer, let other applicants have their time too Establish rapport with your mentor by finding commonalities Stay after to thank your interviewer and ask any additional questions if necessary
  • 11.  One day post-interview, follow up with a thank you email & mention something you learned /thought was interesting Email your interviewer after college decisions come out to let him/her know your final choice
  • 12.  Michael Gao ( UMD-CP, 2015 David Guhl ( Cornell University, 2014 Asheel Kakkad ( UMD-CP, 2014 Fay Yu ( UMD-CP, 2014