Senior Wake Up Call


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This presentation was given on Sept. 10th to the parents of senior students. Our goal was to inform parents of the detailed college application process, important deadlines, and the logistics of requesting transcripts and recommendations through Naviance.

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Senior Wake Up Call

  1. 1. College Application Procedures Wissahickon High School Guidance Department Fall 2013
  2. 2. COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT Transcript Counselor Rec Teacher Rec Application SATs/ACTs AP Scores* Outside Rec
  3. 3. GENERAL TIMELINE 1. Create final list of colleges to apply to 2. Send ACT/SAT scores via Collegeboard/ACT 3. NAVIANCE - Request teacher/counselor recs (if needed) 4. Complete application and supplements 5. NAVIANCE - Request transcripts and recs to be sent 6. Hand in Information Release (yellow) and Transcript payment form (purple) to guidance
  4. 4. COMMON APPLICATION • Makes your life easier • 450+ schools accept it • Make sure to complete supplements •
  5. 5.
  6. 6. COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVES Over 100 College Reps visit WHS per year Might be person who reads your application They talk about their school, but they also expect questions from YOU!
  7. 7. How to Sign Up for College Visits
  8. 8. RECOMMENDATIONS • Counselors will write you a rec if needed by school • Fill out the Senior Questionnaire on NAVIANCE for the counselor rec • Ask one or two teachers – Etiquette – Teachers in HS will complete on Naviance – Other people will have to mail them in
  9. 9. Senior Questionnaire in “About Me” used for counselor recommendations and WHS scholarships
  10. 10. Waiving your Rights “waive” = give up
  11. 11. Requesting Recommendations
  12. 12. Yes, add your counselor as a request
  13. 13. Matching Common App Account
  14. 14. How to Request Transcripts/Recs
  15. 15. How to Request Transcripts/Recs
  16. 16. How to Request Transcripts/Recs 3. Submit requests
  17. 17. IMPORTANT FORMS INFORMATION RELEASE FORM (yellow full sheet) TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM (purple half sheet)
  18. 18. DATES/DEADLINES • Sept. 13th – requests open • 10 day processing time from time of PAYMENT (sending transcripts via Edocs, snail mail; writing recommendations) • Pre-holiday deadline for requests: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 • Resume: Jan. 2, 2014
  19. 19. DEADLINE EXAMPLES Application College Deadline WHS Deadline Early Action/Early Decision Nov. 1 Oct. 18 EA/ED Nov. 15 Nov. 1 Rolling (state schools) ASAP ASAP – latest Halloween Regular Depends on school 10 school days before college deadline
  20. 20. NEW BEST FRIENDS Guidance Secretaries • Mrs. Lawver A-Ki – • Mrs. Glennon Kj-Z – • Process and mail all of your transcripts • Keep track of all college info – can check to see if colleges received your information • Treat with respect!
  21. 21. Senior Grades -Mid-year report -Final Grades sent -Letters from colleges Bottom line = senior grades matter!
  22. 22. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? • NAVIANCE –research, scholarships, rep visits, resume building…everything college! • Financial Aid: Naviance (scholarship list),,, Guidance website • NCAA: ( – For Division I and II sports, must be cleared by NCAA to play – Transcript request is sent through NCAA website, not Naviance
  23. 23. Guidance Website: For Naviance, use your student ID# (parents use P+student ID#): “Wissahickon High School Guidance”