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The Blackboard Quest

The Blackboard Quest



In this presentation I discuss the so-called "Blackboard Quest" that is used to introduce Engineers at Swansea to Blackboard VLE and Oremi (ELGG) Shared Space

In this presentation I discuss the so-called "Blackboard Quest" that is used to introduce Engineers at Swansea to Blackboard VLE and Oremi (ELGG) Shared Space



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    The Blackboard Quest The Blackboard Quest Presentation Transcript

    • The Blackboard Quest E-Learning Show Case Chris Jobling
    • What?
      • Introducing Blackboard and Oremi
      • Using Blackboard and Oremi
      • Encouraging Exploration
      • Learn by Doing
      • Serious in Purpose but Fun in Practice
      • Could Be Adapted for any Course Group
    • When and Who?
      • Start of Week 3 of First Semester
      • All First Year Engineers
    • Why?
      • Need to introduce Blackboard to all first year engineering students
      • Desire to encourage use of Oremi
      • Part of School’s Commitment to ICT and LEAP
      • Forms a Component of “Personal and Professional Development” module (1 credit).
    • [Hidden Agenda]
      • Taught by a Guest Lecturer (me!)
      • Minimum Supervision
      • Some Credit Desired but …
      • Ideally No Marking!
    • How?
      • A Quest
      • Exploration
      • Treasure
      • Challenges
      • Rewards
    • Technically
      • In Blackboard and Oremi
      • Read
      • “ Review”
      • “ Selective Release”
      • Quizzes
      • Treasure
      • Automatic Grading
    • The Quest
      • The Gatekeeper’s Challenge
      • The Treasure Hunt
      • The Second Challenge
      • Exploring Oremi
      • The Final Challenge
      • The Reward
    • The Gatekeeper’s Challenge
      • Questors must be worthy!
      • Provide some introductory information in Course Documents
      • Quiz them on the content
      • Demand more than 40% effort (I demand 80%)!
      • Reveal “Treasure Hunt” only when they have achieved this minimum level of performance.
    • The Treasure Hunt
      • A tour around your Blackboard site.
      • Try to ensure site is “typical”
        • Module Information
        • Staff Information
        • Course Documents
        • Assignments
        • Books
        • Communication
        • Discussion Board
        • External Links
        • Tools
    • The Treasure – Typical Questions
      • “ Treasure” is module resources
        • How many credits does the module have?
        • Who is the principle lecturer?
        • Where does “wizard” Jobling live?
        • List the Learning Outcomes
        • What is the ISBN and Voyager Call number of the module textbook?
        • Which professional body is responsible for accrediting Aerospace degrees?
        • Who said “Thermodynamics is a funny subject?”
      • Key is that all answers should be discoverable in the Blackboard site or by reviewing the resources provided.
    • The Hunt
      • Blackboard allows virtually any form of content item , folder , external link , course link or test to be subject to selective release.
      • Use “Manage item” to add review control to resources you want your students to read.
      • Use reviewed setting to control selective release of the next item in the quest.
      • Release items only when the previous item(s) have been reviewed.
      • Sophisticated rules possible but keep it simple!
    • The Second Challenge
      • Another blackboard quiz
      • Answers should be discoverable in the treasure hunt
      • Try to ensure that questions can only be answered if the materials have been properly reviewed.
      • Set a “pass mark” or not as you wish
    • Exploring Oremi
      • Oremi – Swansea’s new PLE
      • All students should be able to login
      • Create a new community for your students
      • Encourage them to join the community as part of the quest
      • Hide some treasure in the community
      • Aim to get a critical mass so that students are into Oremi when it’s used later for academic purposes!
    • The Final Challenge
      • Students must find a key in the Oremi community site
      • Key used to “unlock” final challenge
      • When final challenge is unlocked quest ends.
      • May want to offer a reward!
    • The Reward
      • My reward is access to a Matlab tutorial that used to be part of the PPD module!
      • Didn’t want to throw it away, and it’s useful to students.
      • You might want to give them a useful document, access to a video, link to a useful web site, a voucher to spend in the tuck shop, or simply the satisfaction of a job well done.
    • Adapting to Other Courses
      • Build a quest into a module that all students take.
      • Give credit – students like credit!
      • Make documents to be reviewed relevant to your course
      • Use quizzes to ensure proper review of materials
      • Use selective release “hurdles” to force more than 40% effort!
      • Give examples of real teaching and learning materials from your courses
      • If you use Blackboard quizzes, give examples of as many question types as you can.
      • Allow retries – possibility of 100% scores is a good motivator!
    • Finding Out More
      • I have put copies of this presentation, handouts that I use, keys and grading information onto the Oremi site as a presentation.
      • You’ll need to join the “Blackboard Quest” community for access.
      • Once there, you’ll find the materials under Chris Jobling’s presentations.
      • The quest itself is implemented in EG-168 (guest access is enabled)
      • This could be made into a template module perhaps but would need customizing.
    • Summary
      • This has been the “Blackboard Quest”
      • A presentation made by Chris Jobling
      • For the first E-Learning Showcase, October 2007.
      • Thanks for your Time!