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“Cost per hire is industry’s first online solution exclusively specializing in recruitment cost per hire calculation, hiring cost metrics, Recruitment dashboard, Advanced hiring function performance analytics, Recruitment cost performance measurement, Recruitment business performance analysis, Quality of hire metrics, Recruitment effectiveness statistics & reporting solutions for the entire HR & Recruiting industry across all types of organization.

Calculate Recruiting cost per hire , Gain complete recruitment control, Improve recruitment performance, Generate comprehensive recruitment score card,online hiring cost calculation,Recruitment metrics,Quality of hire analysis,Recruitment effectiveness statistics,Hiring process controls & Advanced recruitment reporting analytics solutions

We are offering one month free trial. HR / Recruiting team can register, start using cost per hire solutions immediately, capture all the Recruitment metrics, process, costing, reporting analytics and gain accurate staffing intelligence for greater performance, client management, benchmarking, cost control, competitiveness & effective decision making.

For more information about our organization, products, services,free trial and sign up, please visit us at

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    • Online hiring cost calculation
    • Recruitment function control
    • Recruitment performance & hiring management analysis
    • Recruitment function operations optimization
    • Recruitment process & business controls analytics
    • Qualitative cost per hire values.
    • Numerical & multivariate cost per hire & recruitment statistics computation
    • Recruitment cost & finance multi dimensional analytical metrics
    • Recruitment metrics calculation analyzer
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    • Advanced recruitment reporting data analysis
    • Quality of hire metrics score card
    • Capture recruitment record to report data metrics
    • In depth cost per hire reporting data
    • Accurate recruitment processing cost analysis
    • Real time statistical hiring cost values
    • Recruitment process management in PMBOK framework
    • Hiring cost ROI Analysis
    • Multi dimensional graphical reports
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    • Robust recruitment reporting analytics
    • Drill down cost per hire reporting
    • 100% customer satisfaction
    • Value added solutions
    • Comprehensive hiring cost metrics
    • Recruitment reporting dashboard
    • Global cost per hire metrics management
    • Global industry cost per hire benchmark analytics
    • Recruitment effectiveness & controls score card
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    • Cost per hire comprehensive Recruitment analytics, Hiring cost metrics sample reports are from next page.
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    • “ Many more additional reports, recruitment analytics, cost per hire metrics, recruitment performance measurement & business intelligence analytics are part of cost per hire solutions offering”
    • For more information about our organization, products, services, Free trial & sign up, please visit us at
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    • Cost per hire