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Ccc profile

  1. 1. Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster be part of copenhagen cleantech cluster THE EUROPEAN UNION Gammel KonGevej 1 The European Regional 1610 CopenhaGen v Development Fund DenmarK Investing in your future T: +45 22 0222 F: +45 22 0211 inFo@CphCleanTeCh.Com CphCleanTeCh.Com
  2. 2. clean technologIes are all about collaboratIng. so let’s MInD each others busIness
  3. 3. 0 0 Welcome to Copenhagen 2 The right facilities at Welcome to Copenhagen That is why companies, universi- Cleantech Cluster the right time ties and public institutions have Cleantech Cluster joined forces in a concerted 05 What is Copenhagen 26 Funding the gap effort to sustain and expand our Cleantech Cluster? As Chairman of the Board of world-class cleantech compe- 27 Spin-off your technologies Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, I tencies. 06 Who are Copenhagen am proud to introduce you to our Cleantech Cluster? 29 A network of clusters cluster. I hereby invite you to be part of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster 10 What do we do? 1 One stop shop Since the world’s first Minister of the Environment was appointed Anders Eldrup 1 Test demonstration 4 Copenhagen Cleantech in 1971, Denmark has been Chairman of the Board and CEO Cluster’s stakeholders at the forefront of the global of Dong Energy A/S 14 Copenhagen Cleantech cleantech agenda. Throughout Park 6 Whom to contact? the 1980s, our government invested heavily in wind energy, 15 Demonstratorium producing world-class research and fostering a highly successful 18 Creating business networks industry. Today, Danish clean- tech export accounts for the 19 Research-To-Business highest percentage of national partnerships GDP in the world. 21 Innovation It is a well-known fact that entrepreneurship mankind now faces one of the largest threats to our continued 22 Boost your cleantech existence – global warming – and start-up what is unique about the Danish approach to this threat is our ability to turn environmental concerns into business ventures.
  4. 4. 05 For the past 40 years, Denmark has been devel- Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster is an Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster oping renewable sources initiative launched by Danish cleantech work to meet the following of energy. The cleantech objectives: sector is the fastest grow- companies, research institutions and ing sector in Denmark, which today counts 720 public organisations to sustain and - Creation of 1,000 new jobs companies, employing develop world-class cleantech compe- - Attraction of 25 foreign com- 120,000 people and ac- counts for a turnover of tencies. panies to the cluster 40 billion Euros. - Creation of 30 new research- and innovation collaborations What is Copenhagen Cleantech between companies and Cluster research institutions, for exam- ple start-ups or joint research vision applications/projects Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster’s - Establishment of collabora- vision is to develop one of tions with 15 international the world’s leading and most cleantech clusters renowned cleantech clusters, - Creation of a unifying and self- Copenhagen creating superior value for the supporting organisation with cluster companies and research minimum 200 members environments and to differenti- - Securing the growth and mo- ate itself by tying cleantech mentum of 25 entrepreneurs technologies and communities - Hosting a minimum of 200 together across sectors and events value chains. mission – To create continuous growth for existing cleantech companies – To support and assist new cleantech companies – To attract more foreign clean- tech companies to the region
  5. 5. Copenhagen 07 Cleantech Cluster Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster is research institutions based on a triple helix model. This DHI | Risø DTU | University of Copenhagen | Copenhagen model focuses on university-industry- Resource Institute | GEUS government interactions and it has been recognised as a key to innovation industry in knowledge-based societies. Siemens | Novozymes | Haldor Topsøe | Better Place | Vestas | Ernst Young | Oland | Seas-NVE | Deloitte | Dong Energy Who are Copenhagen RESEARCH INDUSTRY INSTITUTIONS Cleantech Cluster? Governmental institutions and nGos A unique group of partners are Copenhagen Capacity | Confed- behind Copenhagen Cleantech eration of Danish Industry | Cluster. The partners represent Scion DTU | Symbion Science the entire value chain of the Park | | Business Danish cleantech industry Frederikssund | Municipality of Roskilde | Municipality of Kalund- GOVERNMENTAL Ris INSTITUTIONS GE ø D borg | Business Link Greater AND NGO’S Un US TU Copenhagen | Business Link Co ive pe rsi Zealand nh ty DH ag of en Co Si I B em zym us Re pen No Bu ine s Lin Ha en so vo h M sin ur age Be as s s un ldo Mu Ves sL ce es n Bus tte Erns icip Ener rT Olan In ink nic Seas-N Symbio es Deloitte Scion DTU t st Confederation of Danish Dong Energy Copenhagen Capacity rP op ines alit itu Ze ipa t k lac g sø d t al e yo yMa Gr li an sF e You ty o e ea VE f n Scien d rede Ka te ng f Ro r lun Co riks ski db pe ce Park org lde nh sun ge a d n Industry
  6. 6. Copenhagen 11 Cleantech Cluster Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster carries Innovation Entrepreneurship out projects within five focus areas, – turning green ideas into successful business each specifically designed to meet the ventures needs of an ever-changing cleantech MATCHMAKING industry. Partnerships Networks Facilitation – communicating the projects and keeping members of CCC What do we do? up-to-date on cleantech news INTERNATIONAL The focus areas are: OUTREACH Knowledge transfer All the projects mentioned in this Collaboration Test Demonstration folder are constantly being de- – access to comprehensive veloped, and we hope that your research and full scale demon- organisation will get involved in stration facilities one of them. On the following pages you can FACILITATION Matchmaking read about our current projects Communication Coordination – facilitating connections and what our partners are doing between organisations and within each focus area. people INNOVATION ENTREPRENEURSHIP International Outreach Support for start-ups – connecting Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster with clusters around the world to ensure knowledge transfer and col- laboration TEST DEMONSTRATION Proof of Concept
  7. 7. Copenhagen 1 Cleantech Cluster The ability to thoroughly test and dem- copenhagen onstrate new cleantech technologies and products all the way from the initial cleantech idea to a full scale demonstration is cen- tral to our cluster. Our projects within cluster this focus area aim to link the research community with relevant partners from the industry. wIll be the nuMber one Test demonstration locatIon for In Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, the projects aiming at supporting and building better coMpanIes test and demonstration facilities are highly diverse. They range to test anD from the construction of Copen- hagen Cleantech Park to Risø DTU, where full scale commercial Develop theIr demonstration plants and new technologies can be displayed and tested. cleantech Our main objective is to create a IDeas framework for testing and demonstration, which is attrac- tive to both foreign and national cleantech companies.
  8. 8. Copenhagen 15 Cleantech Cluster Analyses suggest that the cleantech Copenhagen Cleantech Park Risø DTU will be opening a large The demonstratorium is sup- industry lack full scale demonstration offers several advantages to “demonstratorium” where companies plemented with a mapping stakeholders in the cluster: of relevant research facilities, projects and sites to test and showcase can test and develop their cleantech equipment and skills at DTU and new technologies to interested parties. – A possibility for the Danish ideas and take advantage of the broad the University of Copenhagen. industry to showcase clean- range of research activities that Risø tech products and solutions DTU undertakes. The demonstratorium is de- – Gather knowledge about the signed in close dialogue with challenges of implementation the Municipality of Roskilde, Copenhagen Cleantech park and deployment of cleantech which will establish Risø Park, technologies in an urban devel- a business park designed to Focus area: The Copenhagen Cleantech opment project Demonstratorium complement Risø DTU’s facilities Test Demonstration Park is a new city development – Gain practical knowledge of in general and the demonstrato- Responsible partner: project in Northern Zealand. The funding models, including pub- Focus area: Risø DTU is the Danish National rium in particular. Business Frederikssund Test Demonstration future city is expected to have lic private partnerships Laboratory for Sustainable En- 14,000 inhabitants, 6,000 jobs Responsible partners: ergy of Denmark and possesses The demonstratorium offers risø DTU and University and 6,000 homes. The Cleantech world class competencies within several advantages: of Copenhagen Park’s buildings and infrastruc- the field of cleantech. Risø DTU ture will be positioned to make is currently working on establish- – Physical link between the the best possible use of state- ing a physical platform where research community and the of-the-art energy and environ- companies, in close collabora- companies and thus the basis mental technologies. tion with the research staff, can for further, joint research and set up and thoroughly test new development projects The power supply of the estate technologies. Technologies can – Increased visibility such as a will be based on renewable be tested both as standalone as showroom for potential or cur- energy such as thermal heat well as integrated systems. rent customers systems, wind power, solar cells – Products will, after profession- etc. Businesses are to reutilize al testing and documentation waste products in other local in the demonstratorium, enjoy processes minimizing the overall higher credibility energy consumption as much as – Linkage to students and possible. thus better opportunities for recruiting qualified employees
  9. 9. Copenhagen 19 Cleantech Cluster Introducing you to the right people and The ability to see competitors Cutting edge cleantech companies The goal for the matchmaking projects is a cornerstone of Copen- as partners and create strong need the latest and most specialised activities is to develop innovative networks is central to advancing partnerships between research- hagen Cleantech Cluster. Over the research to stay ahead and the research more innovative solutions from ers and companies, which build next five years the cluster will facilitate the cleantech industry. institutions need a close link to the on existing competencies within matchmaking between research industry to stay in touch with market the companies. The specific institutions and companies and build The business networks aim to trends and product partnerships. The themes and framework for the networks with relevant stakeholders. introduce businesses that work Research-To-Business project aims at matchmaking activities are within the same fields as each facilitating this interdependent need planned and implemented in other and to provide them with close dialogue with the relevant for sharing knowledge. the benefits of being part of a stakeholders. matching cleantech cluster including access to a competencies pool of tacit knowledge. Focus area: The competitiveness of the research-To-Business matchmaking cleantech industry depends on Responsible partner: companies’ ability to be innova- Focus area: Increased interaction between Copenhagen Capacity matchmaking tive and productive. Analyses knowledge institutions and the have shown that companies in Responsible partners: industry can increase the pro- networks and clusters are more risø DTU, Scion DTU portion of research developed and University of likely to be successful com- Copenhagen into actual products. The new pared to those outside a cluster. technological and commercial Presence of several companies opportunities that businesses within the same industry at the gain from the relationship will same place creates a number of enhance their global competi- spill-over effects, for example in tiveness and growth potential. terms of knowledge sharing, use of research-based knowledge as Whether companies need a con- well as access to highly skilled tinuous dialogue with research labour. institutes or a full scale partner- ship this initiative aims to bridge the gap between research institutes and companies.
  10. 10. Copenhagen 21 Cleantech Cluster A key part of Copenhagen Cleantech brIngIng new Cluster’s objectives is to create the best conditions for fostering new business solutIons to ventures by supporting new ideas within existing companies as well as start-ups. the global Market Is innovation entrepreneurship of upMost To facilitate this process, four projects are currently underway: IMportance Cleantech Accelerator – Helps bring ideas to market to copenhagen more quickly cleantech Facilities – Establishing the best possible facilities for cleantech compa- cluster nies Tech Trans – Helping university ideas over- come the dreaded “valley of death” Spin-Offs – Assisting existing companies commercialising new ideas in spin-offs
  11. 11. 2 The Cleantech Accelerator aims to Business modelling The right facilities are paramount to provide much needed assistance to – Assistance in modelling a prof- cleantech companies of all sizes and itable business newly established companies. products, but the need for research Resources facilities differs from one company to – Aiding companies in effec- another. Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster tive ways to manage scarce aims to gain more knowledge about the Boost your resources specific needs of cleantech companies cleantech start-up and provide the right facilities to cover Start-ups are assisted in es- every business need. Focus area: The Cleantech Accelerator pro- tablishing a strong cleantech innovation entrepreneurship gramme ensures that start-ups network as well as in testing get on the fast track to knowl- their products. Responsible partners: edge, skills and relevant players. Symbion Scion DTU Interested parties looking to The right facilities There are four focus areas of establish a cleantech company at the right time the Cleantech Accelerator are invited to “start-up camps”, programme: where these topics are taught. Focus area: Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster is innovation Furthermore, companies are entrepreneurship constantly monitoring the needs Products technology provided with a contact person of start-ups, small businesses – Helping companies identify to help put camp lessons into Responsible partner: and global companies. This Scion DTU customer value and ways of action. information is used to create differentiation specialised environments with relevant services and network Market insights offerings. – Providing the start-up with relevant knowledge and an Thus, Copenhagen Cleantech overview of the market Cluster aims to help companies find the right location whether looking for test facilities, re- search facilities, offices or one place to do it all.
  12. 12. Copenhagen 27 Cleantech Cluster Many of the best cleantech solutions This “gap” between research Existing companies are a hotbed for are developed at universities and funding and commercial new ideas. Due to their established funding is often referred to as research institutes. Copenhagen resources they are often a great sup- “Death Valley”. Because of the Cleantech Cluster’s Tech Trans initiative gap, many of the, potentially port for new ventures. However, a new aims to help these ideas pass the steep groundbreaking, solutions are idea from an established company “Death Valley”, primarily by gap funding. never picked up by the industry might be best accommodated for out- or get to form the basis for a side of the parent company in the form new promising business venture. of a spin-off company. Funding the gap The gap funding initiative – from research to The purpose of the gap funding commercialisation initiative in Copenhagen Clean- Spin-off your technologies tech Cluster is to timely identify Focus area: A large proportion of university potential projects and aid the Focus area: Analyses have shown that spin- innovation innovation entrepreneurship research is never picked up by process of commercialisation. entrepreneurship offs are more likely to survive the industry and transformed compared to entrepreneurial Responsible partners: into actual products to be As such, the funding is ear- Responsible partners: firms that are not backed by a University of Copenhagen Dhi and Scion DTU risø DTU marketed. marked for university research parent company. projects, and allows for re- The research conducted at uni- searchers from the University of If supported properly, spin-offs versities usually centres around Copenhagen and DTU to apply can enjoy the help of their early stage technologies, and for additional funding to further parent company as well as the the government funding is often develop promising research flexibility of being a small player. limited to this stage. Typically, projects until these are ready to Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster funding comes to a halt when be adopted by the industry, may is devoted to help companies a research project reaches a it be as a spin-off, spin-out, or a and start-ups strike this balance point of commercial, potential as a new start-up. This also en- and support them through as industry partners and venture tails forming a closer relationship their transition from start-up to funds frequently find technolo- between research institutions success. This is done through gies at this stage too risky to and the cleantech industry. workshops and the development take on. of a platform for communication amont others.
  13. 13. 29 Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster’s vision The International Cleantech the purpose is to be a highly connected international cluster. Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster Network is focused on giving and sharing knowledge, competen- of the cies and best practice guidelines establishes real working relationships between the clusters. The net- with leading cleantech clusters around work also focuses on creating InternatIonal the world. visits and matchmaking for key stakeholders, joint conferences, and access to demonstration cleantech a network of clusters facilities. network Is Shared characteristics of the Focus area: International outreach means clusters participating in the international outreach doing business and collaborat- International Cleantech Network to attract Responsible partner: ing with cutting edge clusters are that they all possess world Copenhagen Capacity and their members and research leading competencies within the institutes abroad. fields of cleantech. The Inter- skIlls anD In order to develop international national Cleantech Network will have a strong focus on visu- knowleDge to collaborations between clean- alising business opportunities tech clusters around the world, across stakeholders from the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster different clusters. the cluster has initiated the International Cleantech Network. through IncreaseD DIalogue
  14. 14. Copenhagen 1 Cleantech Cluster Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster oper- – Establishment of partnerships the one stop ates a “One Stop Shop” where you can gain an overview and access to the – RD projects – Identification and start-up of shop Is the new partnerships cleantech cluster. Public Private Partnerships knowleDge The Danish economy is charac- one Stop Shop terised by a strong public and – our center of knowledge private sector, both of which are centre that Focus area: The One Stop Shop is the centre highly focused on cleantech. To ensure that the distance tIes all the Facilitation of knowledge in Copenhagen between the public and private Responsible partners: Cleantech Cluster. The know- organisations is never too far, Copenhagen Capacity, ledge centre ensures that the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster projects Confederation of Danish industry energymap cluster’s stakeholders have assist the dialogue between the access to relevant information, public and private sector. advice, materials and activities. anD partners The One Stop Shop provides an overview of players and Assisting in this dialogue also includes mapping of the public together initiatives and generate analyses sector’s needs for new solutions that identify new opportunities, and technologies and making challenges and needs within the these needs visible via an elec- cleantech sector. tronic portal, EnergyMap offers an overview of the cluster with Connecting all of the players regards to companies, research in the cleantech cluster across institutions, public stakeholders, value chains, projects and initiatives and events within the competencies means increased cleantech sector. productivity and innovation – but most of all it ensures quality. The One Stop Shop will have a lot to offer. For example: – Analyses of barriers – Surveillance of framework conditions
  15. 15. Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster is a network of International partners and projects, all Outreach linked to form a strong cluster. Scion DTU Facilitation Your organisation can also be a part of Copenhagen International Accelerator Cluster Network Cleantech Cluster! Symbion Secretariat Facilities Risø DTU Innovation Entrepreneurship COPENHAGEN CLEANTECH CLUSTER Tech-trans Scion DTU Copenhagen Capacity University of Copenhagen Spin-off DHI One Stop Shop Confederation of Test Copenhagen Danish Industry Demonstration Cleantech Park Copenhagen Business Scion DTU Energy- Capacity Frederikssund map Business Demonstratorium network Risø DTU University of Copenhagen Scion DTU Research- To-Business partnerships Focus areas Activities within focus areas Responsible partners Matchmaking
  16. 16. Copenhagen 5 Cleantech Cluster Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster has a Di the Confederation of Danish Industry. Dhi An independent, international consulting GeUS Independent sector research institute large and diverse body of partners and Premier lobbying organisation for Danish and research organization focused within under the Danish Ministry of Climate and businesses on national and international the fields of water, environment and Energy. stakeholders. They all contribute to the issues. health. development of the cluster and to oeland ensure that the initiative reaches the Scion DTU Siemens Danmark Scandinavia’s leading vendor of com- Scion DTU Science Park helps innovative One of the world’s largest electronics plete ventilation components. goals set out. individuals and companies realise and and engineering conglomerates. commercialise their high-tech ideas. SeaS-nve novozymes Denmark’s largest consumer-owned risø DTU World leading biotech company within energy company. the Danish National Laboratory for Sus- enzymes and microorganisms. Copenhagen Cleantech tainable Energy. Cluster’s stakeholders Business link Greater Copenhagen haldor Topsoe Portal for entrepreneurs and start-ups in University of Copenhagen Topsoe is market leading in heterogene- the Capital Region. One of Copenhagen Cleantech The largest institution of research and ous catalysis. Cluster’s goals is to build a education in Denmark. Business link Zealand strong network of stakeholders Better place Portal for entrepreneurs and start-ups in within the cleantech industry in Copenhagen Capacity US-based transportation infrastructure the Region of Zealand. Denmark. Therefore, we are con- The Danish Capital Region’s official company for electric vehicles. inward investment agency. stantly adding new stakehold- roskilde municipality ers to Copenhagen Cleantech vestas energymap The world’s largest manufacturer, seller, Cluster. EnergyMap is the national Danish inter- installer, and servicer of wind turbines. Kalundborg municipality net portal for energy and climate related Be part of Copenhagen solutions. DonG energy region of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster at The largest Danish utility company. Business Frederikssund The organisation for businesses and region of Zealand tourism in Frederikssund. Copenhagen resource institute A non-profit consultancy within the field of sustainable consumption and Symbion production. The largest science park in Denmark creating the framework for a dynamic environment where research meets ernst Young business. Global professional services firm. Deloitte Global professional services firm.
  17. 17. Copenhagen Design: 1508 A/S Cleantech Cluster Whom to contact? The Secretariat handles the daily operations, drive the development of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster and act as a unifying coordinator and com- municator for actors engaged in Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster. Please contact us for further information about Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster.