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Ccc 21 marts

  1. 1. HvordanCopenhagen CO2 ud af KBH? får vi vandet og Resilient City Jan Rasmussen, City of Copenhagen
  2. 2. Measures and visions for climate
  3. 3. New process for municipal planningReport from IPCC National working Municipalabout future of IPCC-report climateclimate change adaptation plan Incorporation in Demand in local Incorporation in Municipality municipality plan development other planning administration plan (safty plan, wastewater)
  4. 4. Choice of scenario - what are we protecting us against? • High uncertainty - both regarding prognoses and technology • We have chosen to aim towards the upper estimates in the IPCC scenarios • Will only matter after about 50 years - until then the scenarios follow more or less the same path. • Continuous revision of the plan allows for adjustments.
  5. 5. Main challengesCloud burst Flooding from the sea
  6. 6. Urban Heat Island
  7. 7. Risk calculation Probability * cost
  8. 8. Risk calculation
  9. 9. Risk mapStormwater Flooding from the sea
  10. 10. ”Reality check”
  11. 11. Model og reality
  12. 12. New possibilitys
  13. 13. Reduction of owerflow from the sewer
  14. 14. A green and blue city - adapted to afuture climate = more quality of life• Adaptation is not just a negative measure• We can increase the recreational area and create more quality of life for copenhageners• We can help make copenhageners more healthy• We can create synergy with other planning• We can increase biodiversity.
  15. 15. Harbour baths - a huge improvement of thequality of life
  16. 16. Cloudburst Plan
  17. 17. Protecting against sea level raise
  18. 18. Areas for green growth and innovation • Technical solutions - eg. cleaning of run off from roads • Technical solutions with high design quality. • Adaption in the existing city - development and testing of methods in the existing city
  19. 19. City of Copenhagen as front runner onclimate adaptationStrategic planningLongterm planning embedded in the city’splanning systemGreat potential, locally, nationally andinternationallyGlobal investment needPartnershipCopenhagen Municipality will partneruniversities, foundations and privatecompanies in the development of solutionsInnovationCopenhagen will create new solutionsregarding adaptation that can be attatched tothe Copenhagen brand on high quality of life
  20. 20. Adaptation is a new precondition in urbandevelopment • Will influence the way we utilise and plan urban spaces • Will influence the use and development of recreative areas in the city • In the future we have to make sure that we can manage and control water when we develop the city, and we will actively use water as a ressource to improve the urban life
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention Jan Rasmussen City of Copenhagen
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