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Professional credentials for Pearsall Tatham McGrath Pty Ltd.
Your commercialisation partners

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Ptm credentials

  1. 1. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath m a n a g e m e n t a d v i s o r y - c o r p o r a t e s e r v i c e s
  2. 2. Our services...Market research Business planning Marketing planningFinancial planning Capital raising Commercialisation The p t m team pearsall|tatham|mcgrath
  3. 3. Our services Market research • A clear and concise understanding of the nature, scope and dynamics of the market is a fundamental building block of any commercialisation project. • With access to the broadest range of commercially available research and a highly skilled team of hands on analysts, ptm is uniquely equipped to provide insightful analysis of the market opportunity including the market trends, dynamics, revenue potential and any developing competitive threats. • Additionally our research projects outline the most attractive strategic options for pricing, distribution and market entry. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  4. 4. Our services Business planning • At ptm, business planning projects go way beyond the development of a document. Typical projects encompass a broad range of activity, from a critical and constructive review of existing plans to the deconstruction and rebuilding of a business model to meet changing market environments. • And although most clients understand the importance of business planning, many early stage businesses are short on experienced resources to work on the business rather than in the business. • A ptm business planning project delivers sound advice, implementable strategies and, of course, a plan that will serve not only the business but will stand up to the rigorous interrogation of professional investors. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  5. 5. Our services Marketing planning • Marketing planning at ptm begins by helping our clients to establish clear and concise insights into the needs, wants and behaviours of their target market. • Detailed reviews of the brand and product positioning; segmentation strategies and appropriate value propositions are developed with one aim, to attract customers. • Detailed and actionable ‘go to market strategies’ are developed to help drive efficient marketing plans and effective communications initiatives. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  6. 6. Our services Financial planning • From astute cash flow analysis to rigorous capital planning strategies, from statutory reporting to the development of detailed financial models and tailored historical/forecast financials for Bank, investor and IPO documentation, ptm provides strategic advice and hands-on financial planning support to a broad range of new start and well established clients. • In addition, we help our clients evaluate and gain access to the many Government and other sources of grant assistance programs. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  7. 7. Our services Capital raising • At ptm we have more than 20 years experience in developing appropriate investment strategies for our clients and in putting good ideas in front of the right investors. • Whether its debt or capital, ongoing involvement or exit, ptm helps to structure the most appropriate deal for the business and its shareholders, current and prospective. • ptm is affiliated with Transformation Capital Pty Ltd, an ASIC licensed financial advisory firm with a strong history of providing financial structuring advice and investment advisory services to superannuation funds. • ptm is an authorised representative of Transformation Capital under the Australian Financial Services Regulations as administered by ASIC. • ptm is also affiliated with Macarthur Capital and Finance a boutique advisory firm specialising in debt capital and, leasing, commercial and consumer mortgage and finance. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  8. 8. The capital raising process Capital raising 1. Evaluate the business opportunity. 2. Prepare any historical financials. 3. Market research. 4. Prepare a sales and marketing plan. 5. Prepare a Business Plan & financial forecasts. 6. Complete a valuation analysis. 7. Prepare investor documents. 8. Identify & qualify potential investors (strategic & financial). 9. Present the business to potential investors. 10. Follow up & investor Due Diligence. 11. Negotiate the transaction structure. 12. Finalise the term sheet. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  9. 9. Commercialisation• To bring a technology or idea to market profitably involves a long and complex journey which many don’t survive.• We are talking about the path from “invention to innovation”.• The purpose of this presentation is to present an outline of a commercialisation strategy that will increase the probability of success. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  10. 10. The three steps to survival... Identify the obstacles Plan the strategy Develop the Business Plan• The major obstacles to commercialisation fall into definable categories.• We can break these obstacles down into components and translate them into sets of sequenced tasks.• Completion of this process provides the foundation for step 3..... systematic, professional planning and execution. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  11. 11. The three steps to survival... Identify the obstacles Plan the strategy Develop the Business Plan• To get an innovation to market, you have to do more than just develop something that works!!• You need to match technical development to a sophisticated assessment of both your market and the channels through which your product may reach it.• You must also set up an appropriate business structure to meet the future.• At the very least, the business structure must meet the needs for market research, requirements for capital, statutory requirements and the protection of your investment in the technology. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  12. 12. The three steps to survival... Identify the obstacles Plan the strategy Develop the Business Plan• To reach the market, somebody has to produce the product and somebody has to sell it.• Moving a product towards the market will involve many things including business skills, time and money.• At the very simplest, the commercialisation strategy needs to be based on: • Establishment of a proper business structure • Proof of concept • Market analysis • Formal business plan • 5 Year financial model • Adequate capital being available pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  13. 13. The three steps to survival... Identify the obstacles Plan the strategy Develop the Business Plan Technical Steps Market Steps Business Steps Define the product. Preliminary market definition. - Define IP strategy. - Establish corporate entity. Working model. (alpha test) Market Analysis. - File patents. - Buying keys - Initial capital. - Differentiators - Define commercialisation strategy. Prototype .(beta test) Identify market barriers. - Confirm Business Model. Finalise production & delivery model. Marketing & Sales Plan. - Complete Business Plan & Financial Forecasts. Establish sales force. - Price production & delivery system. Contact potential customers. - Additional capital. Commence distribution. - Forecasting. Follow up sales. - Longer term planning Advertising & promotion Expand distribution. - Expand management team. Analyse competitor response. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  14. 14. The three steps to survival... Identify the obstacles Plan the strategy Develop the Business Plan1. The Company 5. Financial Plan a) Purpose of the Business a) Amount of Finance Required b) History to Date b) Forecast Sales c) Genesis of the Business & Developments to c) Other Sources of Income Date d) Projected Financial Statements d) Current Status e) Assumptions and Projected Financial Statements e) Overall Business Strategy & Objectives 6. Risk Analysis2. The Product a) Technical Risk a) Products and Services b) Financial Risk b) Operational benefits to customers c) Market Risk c) Financial benefits to customers d) Pricing Model 7. The Investment Proposition e) Proprietary Position a) Amount of Investment required b) Use of Proceeds and Timing3. The Market and Marketing Strategy c) Pre Money Valuation and Justification a) Market Description/Segmentation/Market Size d) Expected Return on Investment b) The Competitive Environment e) Future Investment Rounds & Timing f) Exit Strategy4. Operational Plan g) Benefits to an Investor a) Business Model b) Management c) Proposed Management Structure d) Key Skill Gaps and Manpower Plan pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  15. 15. Our team... • A hands-on operational executive with over 25 years experience in Chris Pearsall management and marketing in a variety of industry sectors. His key Practice leader, business strategy and capital skills lie in strategic planning, business plan development and formation execution and international marketing. • Extensive experience in negotiating partnership alliances, joint ventures, labour contracts and general commercial negotiations. • 17 years in investment banking where he has been the driving force behind a number of start-up companies with active roles in leading and managing merger, acquisition and divestiture projects and numerous debt and equity capital raisings, including IPOs. • COO and CEO positions in several companies where he improved economic performance through the implementation of proper planning and controls, significantly increasing the value of the businesses. • Chris has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from Macquarie University in Sydney and a Certificate in Information Technology Management from Melbourne University. Chris also undertook an MBA program in Technology Management at the University of Phoenix (USA). pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  16. 16. Our team... • Involved in banking, corporate finance and management advisory Stuart Tatham services in Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region for the Practice leader, finance past 30 years. and financial planning • First class financial analytical skills to projects requiring interpretation of both the business plans and the aspirations of clients seeking to expand their business potential. • Previously with a major Australian mining services organisation which underwent a very successful IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange; his role included active participation in the preparation of the prospectus for this listing. • Responsible for the preparation of investment proposals including financial spreadsheet analysis, forecasts and recommendations for major new initiatives in accommodation property, transport, aquaculture, manufacturing and other service industries. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  17. 17. Our team... • More than 15 years experience as a principal consultant leading local Paul McGrath and international brand marketing planning assignments for major Practice leader, market research, brand planning corporations and small businesses throughout the Asia Pacific region. and marketing • Originally an industrial chemist moved into advertising and marketing in the early mid 80’s and worked internationally with a number of the world’s leading advertising groups including Euro RSGC, George Patterson and Lowe. • Moving to Australia in the mid 90’s Paul opened his own Marketing consultancy, dialogue m c, advising corporate businesses, entrepreneurs and start up businesses, in the fields of market research and analysis and the development of value propositions, pricing models, distribution strategies, channel marketing strategies and communications planning. • Develops and delivers a range of market validation due diligence assessments for venture capital funds and professional investors across a range of sectors including: automotive, financial services, medical and healthcare, technology and travel. • Paul is a Founder and Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing and a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  18. 18. Our team... • Over 25 years’ experience in financial services and investment management. Simon Romijn (Associate) • Managing Director of Transcap Investments Pty Ltd, providing advice to superannuation funds regarding economic, environmental and social issues in respect to investments. • Substantial experience in fixed income and credit research, asset allocation and provision of advice to institutional clients. • Previously managed a number of high yield and emerging market debt funds, working in Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Boston and London. • Currently chairs FINSIA’s Managed Funds and Superannuation Policy Advisory Committee. • Simon has a BSc (Chemistry) degree, Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting, Post Graduate Diploma from the Securities Institute of Australia, Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and is a Certified Investment Management Analyst. He is also a senior fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA). pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME
  19. 19. Our team... • Ray has 30 + years experience in Banking & Finance having spent 25 years in Westpac as a Senior Commercial Manager. Ray’s experience Ray Slack (Associate) during this time was looking after clients in all industry . • In 2001 Ray joined one of the largest Financial Services Group’s in South Western Sydney where he established a finance broking business and managed a team of loan writers and support staff in Business Finance, Commercial / Property Finance, Residential Finance & Equipment Finance. • Ray is now Director of Macarthur Finance & Capital Pty Ltd providing specialist broking services for commercial & business debt placement. • In the past few years and through his experience, Ray has been appointed chair of the State & National Commercial & Equipment Finance Committees of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). Ray has recently been elected to the Board of the MFAA and provides direction in developing the commercial broking sector. • Ray has a Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance) and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia. pearsall|tatham|mcgrath HOME