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Search engines coh m

  1. 1. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.01.5 Search EnginesInstructions: Read through the document completely, you are to complete 1.4Practice Exercises in the document. Before asking questions follow thisprocess:1) Re-read the notes2) Ask the two people sitting next to you!3) Ask Mr. CardinaleWhat are search engines? They are programs that search documents for specific keywords and return a list of the documents where the keywords were found (Webopedia). It is a general form of program but the term has more recently been used to describe systems like Google and Yahoo that enable us to search on the World Wide Web.What are some examples?How do they work? Web based search engines are able to function by sending out what is known as a spider to locate as many documents as possible. A separate program called an indexer the reads these documents and creates an index or list based on the words in each document. Each engine then uses a certain algorithm or mathematical process to create its final listing so that only meaningful results are returned for each search. (Webopedia)
  2. 2. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.0Search Suggestions when using Google: Google is not case sensitive (capitals don’t matter) Put quotes around groups of words (e.g. “google tips”) this will indicate that you want to search together and in that order Use “~” to search for all synonyms of a word (e.g. ~affordable) Use Googles define command to create a glossary of definitions for that word. To use this command type define: followed by the word to be defined (e.g. define calculus) Try the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on the main Google page when you want to save time and you are confident that your keywords will produce the number one search result. Use the cached feature for broken search results links or sites that are very slow in downloading. Cached allows you to see a picture of the site as it was viewed on the last visit by the GoogleBot. This can be done by clicking on the arrows to the right of the page name.Google has some incredible features such as: CalculatorSimply type calculator in your search boxand a calculator similar to the image onthe right will appear and is fullyfunctional and expandable.
  3. 3. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.0 Conversion Tool (5 km conver to miles) In the search box type in the value that you want to convert from (include units) and the unit that you want to convert to. Clock (time England) Get the Weather (Weather Oshawa) Tracking Flight Status (Air Canada flight 566) Q & A Resource (population of Canada Business Finder with Google Maps (Home Depot in Toronto) Movie Showtime Finder (movie: dark knight rises, Toronto)
  4. 4. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.0 Performing a site searchLet’s say that in your spare time you are trying to find resources for division on the website You notice that the website does not have a search engine soyou need to perform a site search.Open up google and put the command: site: divisionThis command indicates you want Google to pull up all resources that have the keyworddivision from the website. You are essentially performing your own search of a uniquewebsite. Your results should resemble the following:
  5. 5. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.0Using the Google Advanced Search Page:This page provides a one stop shopping for all of your searching needs. You do notneed to know special characters to make use of this page There are a few key ideasthat I would be familiar with when searching with the advanced search page. Search by File Format (PDF, PowerPoint, MS Word Doc, swf Flash Files) Search by Keyword Occurrence Locations (title, URL) Search by Domain (.edu – education, .ca – Canada, – Ontario, .gov – government, .org – organization, .com – company)
  6. 6. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.01.5Practice Exercises1. Perform the following tasks using GOOGLE, use the notes as reference for theseactivities. a) Find out the address to Crestwood Preparatory College. 217 Brookbanks Drive b) Determine the closest time to go and see Dark Knight rises in the closest theatre to Crestwood. List the location and time. c) Convert 50 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit. 122 d) Convert 5 Canadian dollars to British pounds. 3.1886 e) What time is it in Tokyo? 2:46 am friday f) Who won the gold medal in Mens tennis singles at the London Olympics?Andy murray won the gold medal at the London Olympics 2012 g) What is the name of the Captain of the Canadian womens soccer team that played in the Olympics?Christine Sinclair h) What is the current population of Germany? 81,844,000 i) Where is the closest Tim Hortons to the school?1309 Lawrence Ave E j) What is the temperature going to be tomorrow in Toronto? ____10°c_ k) What is the temperature in Los Angeles today?20°c
  7. 7. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.02. Perform a Google Search that will generate a list of definitions for the termpolygon. Copy and paste the first 5 definitions in the space below and be sure toinclude the command that you used.Google Search Command: ___definition of polygon____Polygon Definitions:A plane figure with at least three straight sides andangles, and typically five or more.Polygons are 2-dimensional shapes.A closed plane figure bounded by three or more line segments.A polygon is comprised of an unspecified number of non-crossing straightline segments that connect in pairs at their endpoints A closed shapeconsisting of line segments that has at least ...angle3. Perform a site search on the Crestwood website for all occurrences of thekeyword pagano. Copy and paste the first 5 search results in the space below.Pagano occurrences on Crestwood website Use the Advanced Google search page to locate web sites from Ontario, Canadathat contain the exact phrase Medieval Times. Take a screenshot of the Advanced
  8. 8. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.0Search interface (with your inputted criteria) and copy and paste it here. Copy andpaste the first three links generated in the search in the space below.Screenshot goes here!Medieval Times Search Results
  9. 9. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.04. Use the Advanced Google Search page to locate PowerPoint presentation filesthat contain the word magnets in their URL (web address). Copy and paste the first4 results below.Magnets search results Use the Advanced Google search to search for websites from educational websitesthat contain the word electricity in their title. You also do not want the word staticto be found on the website page. Take a screenshot of the Advanced Search interface(with your inputted criteria) and copy and paste it here. Copy and paste the firstthree links generated in the search in the space below.Screenshot goes here!
  10. 10. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.0
  11. 11. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.0Electricity search results
  12. 12. TGJ2O Introduction and Web 2.0Homework: Complete the 1.5 Search Engines practice questions if not done in class.These will be checked for completion at the beginning of class.