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Australian client presentation

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Client Presentation

  1. 1. HELPING YOU GROW June 2012
  2. 2. 8.4  MillionAuto  Club  MembersMotoring,  Travel,  Insurance,  Finance Where  to  Go? Where  to  Stay? What  to  See  and  Do?
  3. 3. 8.4  MillionAuto  Club  MembersMotoring,  Travel,  Insurance,  Finance Our Clients
  4. 4. How We Engage With Members Tools Inspire Motivate Directory, Search Me Me Mapping (Dream) (Interest) Deals Booking EngineShare Inform Media It Me(Opinion) (Plan) Club Channels Print Help Me Make It Website Enjoy It Easy Email (Tools) (Book) General/Social Media
  5. 5. Our Members Can & Do Travel• Nearly5,000 RACV members responded by email in an April 2012 travel accommodation survey• Holiday within the last 12 months• At least one night accommodation
  6. 6. They Travel Frequently• 65% had travelled two or more times for short holidays (1-2 nights)• 57% had travelled two or more times for longer holidays (3 or more nights)• There was a growing preference for long weekend and week-long trips
  7. 7. Members Travel For Many Reasons 50%• 64%involved more than one person in planning 38%• 46% were couples 25%• 48% were 3+ people 13%• “To Relax” was most common reason Special Occasion Enhance Health & Well Being New Experience Visit Family & Friends Something Nice For Me/Us 0% To Holiday With Loved Ones To Relax
  8. 8. Our Members Travel Domestically Melbourne Victoria NSW QLD Other Aus State Overseas• 42% travelled more than 50km to outer Melbourne or Regional Victoria 7% 18%• 20% travelled overseas 14%• 20% travelled to NSW or 35% Queensland 13% 13%
  9. 9. Members Prefer Direct Contact Property by Phone Property Direct Online• 88% prefer to book Property via Email Property Direct in Person directly with the Booking Website Travel Agent Other accommodation property (phone, email, online or in person)! 7%4% 27%• Convenience (61%) 19%• Ease (45%) 4%• Cost (32%) 13%• Accuracy (18%) 26%
  10. 10. Members Influenced By Several Things• 90%were influenced by a property’s Star rating• 43% use printed travel guides to plan or book travel• Print helps to drive or reinforce online actions• 11% went on holiday as a result of seeing a good deal advertised
  11. 11. Star-ratings Are Trusted
  12. 12. Star-ratings Are Known
  13. 13. Our Online Reach
  14. 14. Why Drive Tourism Matters• 66% of visitors travel within their state• Domestic tourism is larger than international tourism• Private car represents over 80% of domestic tourism• Launch of the "Drive Australia" national drive tourism initiative later this year by all Australian Auto Clubs• Our reach is unique. Our story is compelling.
  15. 15. Why Star Ratings Are Important• Independent, trusted, official, supported• Guest ratings are not consistent• Self ratings dont have the same credibility
  16. 16. Star Ratings Refresh THE  CHAMPION OF  ACCOMMODATION
  17. 17. Strong Visual Identity
  18. 18. Key Client Support
  19. 19. What Some Clients Believe• “Print is in decline”• “I get no bookings from guides”• “Only want to do online”• “I get most of my business online”• “I have a website”• “It doesn’t cost me anything upfront”• “No-one uses guides anymore”
  20. 20. Online Travel Agents $400 $40 $360 (invisible cost) 200 bookings p/m 200x$40x12=$96,000 per annum High Volume, Low Margin, Hidden Huge Discounting Cost (10% - 20%) Competes with Property Website Blocks Interface With Customer
  21. 21. Search Engines $400$400 Highly competitive, Website Investment, Good for Branding, Direct Contact Builds Loyalty, Needs Mobile Investment Requires Continual Online Investment
  22. 22. Our Print Media Advertising $400 $400 1m Guides & eBooks Is Used In The Early Stages Of Planning Good for Branding & Awareness Perception Of Quality & Reputation Direct Contact With Customer Evolution To eBooks
  23. 23. Our Digital Media Advertising $400 8.4m Members $400 Good For After Hours Support Good for Branding & Awareness Direct Contact With Customer Leverages Images & Video - Key Influences No Commission, No Discounting
  24. 24. Our Points Of Difference• Immediate branding • Richimagery & video of (STAR-rating) your business• Onlinecommission-free • Unique access to 8.4 bookings million Auto Club• We make your phone members ring • Destination marketing• We send travellers to • Face-to-face relationship your websites
  25. 25. NEED MORE INFO...• AAA Tourism is a subsidiary of the Australian and NZ Auto Clubs• We work with accommodation and leisure clients to maximize their exposure to Australia’s 7.1 million auto club members• We make your phone ring with enquiries and we send people to your website• We provide online, live, commission-free bookings direct to your accommodation property•• Email us at• Call us on +613 8601 2200