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    1. 1. HSTW Session Strand for ACTE Session 7: Increasing Achievement with Effective Career and Technical Programs in an Urban High School Presenters: Linda Kakish, Akron Firestone High School Christopher Pashke, Akron Firestone High School Ann Rose, Akron Ellet High School Howard Lawson, Akron Public Schools December 14, 2007 1:00 – 2:00 pm N238 Las Vegas, Nevada
    2. 2. Firestone High School Campus for International Baccalaureate and Visual & Performing Arts 333 Rampart Avenue Akron, Ohio44313 Phone: (330) 873-3315 Fax: (330) 873-3318 “Success Is Our Tradition”
    3. 3. Firestone Mission Statement It is the mission of the Firestone High School learning community to prepare our students to attain their highest degree of academic success.
    4. 4. Akron Public Schools Background School District: Akron Public Schools District Rating: Continuous Improvement Number of Students: Approx. 25,000 AYP Status: Not Met School Improvement Status: Improvement Year 3 Number of Middle Schools: 11 MMGW Sites: 6 Number of High Schools: 7 HSTW Sites: 7
    5. 5. Firestone HS BackgroundNumber of Students by Grade: Ninth: 366 Tenth: 328 Eleventh: 302 Twelfth: 297 Total: 1293School Type: UrbanRegion: NEPerformance Rating: ExcellentAYP Status: METSchool Improvement Status: OKJoined HSTW/MMGW: 2003Feeder middle schools: Litchfield Miller South
    6. 6. Highly Qualified StatusNumber of faculty: 74Faculty middle school certified: All (7-12)Faculty high school certified: AllAreas where teachers arenot highly qualified: NoneHold Master’s Degree or Higher: 77%
    7. 7. What makes Firestone special?  Firestone was selected as one of "Americas Best High Schools" by Newsweek magazine (2003,2005,2006) for its International Baccalaureate & Advanced Placement programs.  Exceptionally strong Visual & Performing Arts program: dance, music (band, orchestra, vocal), visual & theater arts.  Strong Career Education Programs: CBE, DECA, IT, PLTW, CBI  2006 graduates earned $7.8 million in college scholarships.  Firestones attendance rate of 96.3 percent far exceeds the state mandate.
    8. 8. Career Education Programs Students enrolled in Career Education Programs have opportunities to develop academic, technical, and leadership skills.  Cooperative Business Education: AOT/CBE Business Professionals of America  Pre-Engineering: PLTW (Project Lead The Way)  Information Technology  Marketing Education: DECA (Distributive Education Club of America)  CBI Career Based Intervention
    9. 9. CBE Cooperative Business Education This program is designed for the student who plans to enroll in a business field in college, or one who plans to won their own business. Students learn the basics of keeping track of business transactions involving the exchange of money for goods or services.  Business management  Accounting  Business Finance I & II  Administrative Office Technology I & II (Employment)
    10. 10. PLTW Project Lead the Way PLTW is a standards-based pre-engineering 4 year program. The curriculum challenges students to solve real-world engineering problems by applying their knowledge and skills in mathematics, science, and technology.  Introduction to Engineering Design  Principles of Engineering  Digital Electronics  Computer Integrated Manufacturing  Engineering Design & Development
    11. 11. IT Information Technology Information Technology (IT) is a 4 year challenging, highly technical, hands-on program. This program provides students with the essential competencies to pursue further study in information technology. Students develop skills & knowledge to succeed in the areas of Network Systems, Interactive Media, Information Support and Services, Programming, & Software Development.  Web Page Design  Digital Video Production  Graphics & Animation  Digital Sound/Photography  Network Administration  Computer Troubleshooting & Programming
    12. 12. DECA Distributive Education Clubs of America This program is designed to help college bound & career oriented students prepare for careers in marketing and management. All marketing education students are members of DECA, which enhances the curriculum by providing students with the opportunity to develop interpersonal communication and leadership skills through managing the DECA store, chapter projects, competition, and leadership conferences. The DECA program is driven by four points of the DECA diamond. Leadership Social Responsibility Civic Consciousness Vocational Understanding
    13. 13. International Baccalaureate School The International Baccalaureate program is designed to meet the highest standards required of any high school student in the world. The IB Program is committed to the full development of power of the mind and integration of learning with service.  There are only 2,121 schools in 125 countries throughout the world offering this program to students. Firestone is one of only 555 member schools in the United States and one of 13 in the state of Ohio.  Firestone is in its 11th year of the International Baccalaureate program.  During that time, 82% of students earned the prestigious IB diploma.  The world average for this period was 79%.
    14. 14. Visual & Performing Arts The Visual and Performing Arts Program is designed for students who have a strong interest and talent in any of the following arts areas: dance, drama, visual art, or vocal/instrumental music. This program prepares students to pursue an arts career or to enhance their creative abilities no matter what area they choose.
    15. 15. Advanced Placement Courses Offered Advanced Placement courses offered:  English Literature  French & Spanish  American & European History  Biology, Chemistry, & Physics  Calculus & Statistics  Studio Art/Design & Photography
    16. 16. Firestone Site DemographicGrade Total Female Male African White Other ED SWD American 9 366 198 168 194 152 19 34.5% 47 10 328 170 158 175 140 13 28.6% 46 11 302 161 141 134 155 13 22.5% 38 12 297 159 138 116 174 7 14.4% 26Total 1293 688 605 619 621 52 100 157 Key: ED = Economically Disadvantaged SWD = Students with Disabilities
    17. 17. AYP/School Improvement Status
    18. 18. Overriding GoalThe most important goal for FHS andAPS is to close the achievement gaps and raise student achievement tomeet district, state, HSTW/MMGW and federal targets by 2014. To achievethis goal, FHS must continue to create a culture of high expectations and provide extra help.
    19. 19. HSTW 10 Key Practices1. High expectations 6. Teachers working2. Program of study together (Ohio Core) 7. Students actively3. Rigorous academic engaged studies 8. Guidance4. Rigorous career- technical studies 9. Extra help5. Work-based 10. Culture of learning continuous improvement
    20. 20. Student Academic Performance Subjects Where Our Students are Not Performing Well Mathematics Science Social Studies
    21. 21. Indicators for Mathematics2006/2007 OGT : 95.9%2004/2006 HSTW : 2004 = 80% 2006 = 80%Progress: ImprovingGaps: African American Economically Disadvantaged Students with Disabilities
    22. 22. Indicators for Science2006/2007 OGT : 89.8%2004/2006 HSTW : 2004 = 64% 2006 = 56%Progress: Needs ImprovementGaps: African American Economically Disadvantaged Students with Disabilities
    23. 23. Indicators for Social Studies2006/2007 OGT : 94.9%2004/2006 HSTW : NAProgress: Needs ImprovementGaps: African American Economically Disadvantaged Students with Disabilities
    24. 24. What Firestone Has Done !High Expectations Adopted a SIX point writing rubric modeled after OGT scoring. Maintained rigorous academic IB Program. Adopted district wide Honors grading scale. Adopted uniform classroom rules school wide known as the “Firestone Four”.
    25. 25. What Firestone Has Done!Extra HelpPrograms include: After-school Tutoring Program Lunch-time Intervention Program Plato Before School Individual Teacher Tutoring Peer Tutoring by National Honors Society Credit Recovery Program newly implemented
    26. 26. Goal #1 Provide all students with the opportunity to complete the new Ohio Core and increase to 85 percent the high school graduates who complete the HSTW- recommended curriculum , including an academic, career-technical (C-T) or blended concentration.
    27. 27. What the School Has DoneGoal 1 – Take the Right Courses Firestone requires: 2008 graduates to earn 21 credits  4 CP English  3 Mathematics: Algebra 1, Geometry  3 Science: Physical Science, Life Science, Biology or Honors  3 Social Studies: World History, US History, American Government or Honors  Physical Education/Health  Electives: Foreign Language, Fine Arts  Concentration: Project Lead the Way Information Technology
    28. 28. Goal #21) Strengthen the curriculum by aligning the written, taught and assessed curriculum to Ohio and national standards, or2) Strengthen the curriculum by aligning the career-technical and academic curriculum to Ohio, industry and national standards or3) Strengthen the curriculum by making instruction the focus of the school.(only choose #3 if #1 & #2 are completed)
    29. 29. What the School Has DoneGoal 2 – Strengthen theCurriculum The district/school has:  All core subjects taught through use of pacing guide designed to include all state standards.  All 9-10 th grade core courses give district assessments specifically designed to cover and resemble state standards.  Social Studies, Math, & Science teachers will present published items from the OGT two times each week in place of SSR.  Power Algebra in 5 out of 7 Algebra I classes  Adopted a Six point writing rubric modeled after OGT scoring.
    30. 30. Goal #3 Engage students in their learning through relevant, student-centered instructional strategies resulting in a deeper understanding and higher demonstrated achievement of standards.
    31. 31. What the School Has DoneGoal 3 – Student Engagement The school has:  Recommended more student based projects and to discuss projects upon completion.  Cooperative learning techniques used in all core courses.  Students work with other classes on projects across the curriculum.
    32. 32. Goal #4 Establish a comprehensive guidance and advisement system, including a strong academic transition , to better prepare students for successful transition to postsecondary education and careers.
    33. 33. What the School Has DoneGoal 4 – Guidance/Advisement The school has:  Student & counselor/teacher meetings throughout the year to discuss course sequences.  One on one discussions with counselor/teacher on recommended courses for chosen pathway.  College & Financial Aid Night  Junior/Senior Parent Night  College Knowledge  ACT Preparation  NCAA Presentation
    34. 34. What the School Has DoneGoal 4 – Transitions The school has:  Orientation for Litchfield 8 th graders in May  Orientation for Miller South (visit classrooms & programs)  Open Enrollment Meetings for new VPA and IB students  Parent Meetings  Firestone Showcase/Community Open House  HSTW Initiatives
    35. 35. Goal #5Continue to support a cultureof continuous improvement with:• strong leadership• actively involved-school improvement teams• effective use of data• aligned professional development• engagement of parents and familiesas part of a seamless schoolimprovement process.
    36. 36. What the School Has DoneGoal 5 – Continuous Improvement The school has:  Three waiver days provide us with an opportunity to address standard based professional development to support our buildings goals.  Departmental meetings to discuss relevant topics such as state testing & data from state testing.  Recommend that the SIP and Faculty Advisory Committee team discuss goals & important issues with staff, students, and parents.  We share SIP news in the PTSA newsletter.
    37. 37. Awards/Recognitions• SREB Pacesetter Site• SREB Top 100 School• Newsweeks Top 1,200 High School in the nation (4 straight years)• 31 of FHS students who earned the HSTW Award of Educational Achievement based upon the 2006 HSTW Assessment• National Merit Scholars (Last 3 years) • 7 Finalists • 8 Commended Scholars• National Achievement Scholarship Program for Outstanding Black and Hispanic Students • 4 Finalists (Last 2 years)
    38. 38. Leadership Team Contact Information• Larry Petry: Educational Leader • Email: • Phone: 330.873-3315• Linda Kakish: Site Coordinator • Email: • Phone: 330.873-3315/330.256.6536• Christopher Pashke: Site Coordinator • Email: • Phone: 330.873-3315