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Maintenance Support Brochure 3 16 09

  2. 2. Secure your Investment... Secure your Future Superior customer service and effective communication are the standards by which a business succeeds in today’s competitive marketplace. Downtime from network failures result in lost sales and lost customers. These are losses that no company can afford. Carousel Industries understands that your communications system is vital to your business success. Your mission-critical communication solutions require a comprehensive portfolio of services and support for converged environments of all sizes. Carousel has the resources and support to enable you to focus on running your business, not your network. The Carousel Support Agreement was created to provide the total protection you need to support maximum uptime and reliability of your Avaya system. Our commitment is to provide you with the best service and support in the industry. We’ll keep you in touch with your customers so you can serve them best. Contrary to general thinking, all business partners are NOT created equal. Carousel Industries has been recognized as Avaya’s only 3-Time Business Partner of the Year. Our Platinum Certified service organization is the largest of all Avaya’s Global Business Partners, with access to over 4500 Technicians and Convergence Engineers worldwide, including direct access to Avaya Engineering. Our clients get the best of both worlds by leveraging Carousel’s expertise and flexibility with Avaya’s back end Support. Emergency Response: 2 to 4 hours On-Site Technician with Intelligent Dispatch Troubles that cannot be resolved remotely (e.g. a part is needed) are addressed with 2-hour or 4-hour response With the information gathered via remote monitoring for major troubles and next business day for minor and diagnostics, the correct part and Carousel troubles, utilizing our nationwide network of Avaya technician arrives on site ready to resolve the problem Certified technicians. the first time, minimizing return visits and downtime. 24x7 Remote Alarm Monitoring FREE Parts Replacement & Labor Continuous, 7-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day monitoring of Replacement parts and the labor to install them are your systems. Any alarm on your system is thoroughly included in your Carousel Support Agreement. Avaya checked by an Engineer the moment it occurs, products are supported by a national distribution whenever it occurs. system designed to provide the correct part in the shortest interval possible. Unlimited Helpdesk Support Preventive Maintenance Visits Call Carousel during normal business hours and get the answers you need on products, features/functions and Annual on-site visits by a technician, to perform a interoperability. Basic Help Line and application support 17 point check on your Avaya systems, including services are included and are available as often as you replacements of cabinet filters, system error checks, need them. environmental conditions, review of backup performance and reboot schedules. A final report with results and Access to Tier 3 and Tier 4 Engineers recommendations will be provided for your records. You have access to Carousel’s Network Operations Emergency Service Center and Field Technicians, supported by Tiers of product and service engineers, including Carousel’s Carousel is committed to restoring basic phone service direct access to Avaya Engineering. within 24 hours of notification. You’ll also receive priority queuing for a permanent replacement system. FOR MORE INFO CALL 800.401.0760
  3. 3. MAINTENANCE SUPPORT Platinum Support Gold Support Support Plans for Enterprise Class Systems Total System Protection Standard Protection • • Priority Queuing for Service Requests • • Emergency Response – 2 to 4 Hours* • • Non-Emergency Response – Next Business Day • • 24x7 Remote Alarm Monitoring & Resolution • • Unlimited Helpdesk Support • • Remote Diagnostics & Troubleshooting • • Access to Tier 3 and Tier 4 Engineers • • On-Site Technician Dispatch • • FREE Parts Replacement • • Preventive Maintenance performed annually • SmartPoint VoIP Network Monitoring • Carrier Interface Support • Voice / Data Integration Support • Training Support • Discounted Rates on moves, adds and changes. • Obsolescence guarantee** *2 Hour response time available in Metropolitan areas only. **Must be financed with the “Carousel Shield” SmartPoint VoIP Network Monitoring Obsolescence Guarantee Smartpoint monitoring services provides real-time Carousel not only commits to sourcing the finest fault monitoring of the voice platforms and the technology solutions available in the industry, but underlying data network infrastructure. Allowing also commits to providing our customers the right customer’s to receive maximum performance from their technology at all times. At any point during a lease term, communication platforms, endpoints, applications and the customer can return all equipment and replace it, entire network, Smartpoint combined with Carousel with a Carousel provided technology solution that better Voice Support delivers unparalleled total coverage for serves the customer’s needs. Carousel will provide this converged network environments. obsolescence protection to customers that are leasing their current communications system with the Carousel Shield Plan and have a Platinum Support Agreement. Carrier Interface Support Carousel will work with your carriers to ensure a Voice/Data Integration Support seamless installation and continue support throughout the contract, including vendor meets. Your business Carousel converged engineers will work closely with needs will most likely change from time to time. For your IT staff throughout the installation and provide these reasons, Carousel will conduct an annual carrier remote integrated VoIP network support and monitoring audit to ensure that your organization has the correct during the entire contract period. Carousel has extensive quantity and appropriate type of network services. capabilities in the area of Data, Data Security and Networking. Carousel can leverage vast resources both internally and through our partner relationships Training Support including: If a customer is not completely satisfied at the end of the project training period, additional sessions will • Cisco Systems be scheduled free of charge. Ongoing training is an • Extreme Networks important aspect of high quality support. Employee • Juniper Networks promotions and turnover create the need for training. • Microsoft Access to training sessions is included with a Platinum • Avaya Developer Partners Support Agreement.
  4. 4. Managed Services Program Managed Services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method to improve effective and efficient operations, with reduced overall costs. Managed Services ensure a fixed monthly cost devoted to your communication systems, which allows for financial management and planning. Without a fixed budget, proper management can become very expensive, very quickly. Outsourcing on a fixed basis can mitigate risk, and save money. Carousel has a wide variety of Managed Services and we can tailor the perfect fit for your needs. Software Release Management (SRM) Vendor Agency SRM reduces the total cost of support by eliminating the time Agency provides you a centralized point of spent by customer’s internal resources to manage the update contact for trouble reporting and resolution of process. SRM provides a solution for Carousel expertise to network, facilities, telco carriers, and 3rd party pro-actively identify, assess, and implement recommended applications. We’ll be one number for you to call updates that maximize performance of applications and and we will case manage your vendors and report minimize the risk of potential service disruptions. back to you. Moves, Adds, and Changes Including MACs in an agreement reduces costs and eliminates “per incident” vendor invoices for moves, adds and changes. This service provides a fixed price for delivery of remote software MACs and/or on site hardware MACs that are currently performed by internal staff or outsourced on a T&M basis. Backup Storage Data Backup Storage from Carousel can help you implement enterprise-wide disaster recovery routines with minimal cost and efforts. Carousel provides a uniform process, available 24X7, for the storage and retrieval of critical backup files. In the event Help Desk of serious system failure, the most recent backup file may be quickly retrieved from an encrypted, password-protected web Help Desk provides answers to general usability or software portal and uploaded to your system - restoring service in just application specific questions from your end users. Our staff minutes. The Data Backup Storage program is only available for will provide advice on best practices, provide or clarify Avaya Avaya Version 13 or higher. documentation, and enhance customer understanding of the use, features and programming of Avaya supported Products. Voice Mail password resets are also included in Help Desk Support. Single Point of Contact SPOC provides you a designated customer service team that is familiar with your business in order to provide you fast and personalized service. SPOC provides you a team that knows your systems, your network, your staff and your expectations. Maintenance issues are managed to ensure that each case is handled efficiently and effectively. Activity Reports Activity reporting provides comprehensive detailed reports Security Audit on all service activity, including break/fix and/or MAC tickets, designated by location. Reports include data such as ticket Security Audit is an annual consultative system audit that opened date, work requested, work performed, and ticket identifies every conceivable “hole” or weak spot in your PBX and completed date. Mail Systems. The Carousel Security Audit also analyzes your data against manufacturer security best practices and provides specific solutions that you can implement today to prevent For more information call 800.401.0760 future security breaches and costly toll fraud. No additional or email engineering support is required - everything is presented in jargon-free, customer-friendly language that both casual users and novice technicians can work with.