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Cpa Detective - Brochure






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    Cpa Detective - Brochure Cpa Detective - Brochure Document Transcript

    • CPA Detective is the most sophisticated fraud detection solution specifically designed for theperformance marketing industry. We offer cutting-edge solutions for advertisers, networks, andmarketing service companies where data quality is essential for achieving optimal campaignW HY F RAUD T RACKING ?performance and building trusted relationships.Based on our findings, between 7-30% of all affiliate traffic is fraudulent. This introduces multipleinefficiencies to an affiliate marketing program and creates a growing demand for a suite of frauddetection solutions.  Advertisers are unnecessarily paying for form-filled leads that are either fake, have diluted quality, or originate from unwanted sources and are not achieving the optimal ROI for their advertising dollar.  Networks face a high risk of advertiser chargebacks after they have paid their affiliates for the traffic. Fraud makes it even harder for networks to find trusted partners and scale their offers.  Lead Buyers & Call Centers incur additional costs to manually verify fraudulent leads. These leads have very low success per dial and contact rates that dramatically decrease a call center’s efficiency. Our fraud audits demonstrate that most companies are not detecting the increasinglysophisticated tactics and can immediately optimize their campaign efficiency by implementing our fraudtracking and real-time scoring solutions.
    • T ESTIMONIALS FROM O UR C LIENTSHear what our clients are saying about CPA Detective: We implemented CPA Detective on all of our proprietary campaigns and are rolling it out as a value added service to all of our clients. It’s a great service to detect early warning signs of fraudulent traffic – pretty much the Norton AntiVirus™ of lead generation! - Peter Klein SVP, MediaWhiz CPA Detective is a great tool because it provides us with immediate insight into questionable traffic sources. Catching fraud after the fact might allow for financial remedies, but the damage to a client’s reputation may have already been done. - Michael Jacobs CSO, iMarketing LTD. CPA Detectives predictive scoring allows us to increase our efficiency and ROI by not paying for fraudulent leads or wasting our call center resources on low quality data. - Michael Rowell CEO, Efinancial
    • S OLUTIONS FOR A DVERTISERSThe Problem CPA Detective found that bad leads are approximately 7 times less likely to convert into paying clients. Fraudulent data from low-reputation lead sources decreases the efficiency of each advertising dollar spent. Advertisers end up spending valuable time and resources to validate those leads and resolve complex disputes. Fraud also lowers the price that the advertiser can ask from lead buyers and decreases the efficiency of the entire marketing campaign.How can we help?Real-time fraud detection eliminates bad leads at the point of entry – the advertiser’s sign-up forms. Itallows for a proactive response to a complex problem that has so far stayed under the radar due to thelack of effective tools that evaluate the impact of fraud on affiliate campaigns.Our fraud detection has been specifically designed to fit the needs of advertisers in the affiliatemarketing space and uncover the latest tactics employed by fraudsters to generate leads. We provideadvertisers with transparency into each lead source down to the sub affiliate level through our onlineinterface and alert system.What are the benefits for your business?  Increased Return On Investment (ROI) and lower Costs Per Acquisition (CPA)  Higher payout from buyers  Improved efficiency with lead validation  Rapidly scale campaigns without compromising quality Eliminate Fraud in Real-Time. Visit www.cpadetective.com or call 877.449.1854
    • S OLUTIONS FOR N ETWORKSThe Problem Networks face the risk of the advertiser’s monthly scrubs and chargebacks after payments for fraudulent leads have been sent to their affiliate partners. This often results in significant financial loss. In addition, longer term risks such as loss of allocation, lower pricing and loss of the advertiser all pose a threat to the profitability of the entire business. Increasing industry restrictions have introduced the need for more control and transparency into affiliate traffic as high lead quality standards have become the rule for advertisers and lead buyers.How can we help?CPA Detective empowers a network’s compliance team and management with a powerful tool to verifythe lead quality from all traffic sources in real time and quickly identify and shut down fraudulentaffiliates before they emerge on the advertiser’s radar.Fraud detection allows networks to quickly discover who their best publishers are and provide betterpayment terms and more competitive payouts without the risk of chargebacks.What are the benefits for your business?  Confidently scale network offers without putting profitability and reputation at stake  Higher allocations with advertisers and lead buyers  Competitive payouts to affiliate partners  Strengthened relationships with clients Scale Your Offers Without Risking Your Reputation. Visit www.cpadetective.com or call 877.449.1854
    • S OLUTIONS FOR L EAD B UYERS & C ALL C ENTERSThe Problem Fraudulent leads take longer to verify and have been linked with at least 2 times the number of “do not call requests” and 7 times fewer conversions when compared to regular traffic. Lower contact rates and fewer successes per dial decrease the efficiency of call centers and waste resources that could be allocated to higher quality data. Call centers are limited in their ability to track the quality of their data sources. While Data Validation can be useful to ensure accuracy or to remove some fraud, fraudsters can compromise these systems by form filling real user information that is irrelevant or has been recycled from other campaigns.How can we help?CPA Detective for lead buyers & call centers assigns a score to each lead by evaluating the datacharacteristics against our real-time Fraud Intelligence Database. This allows us to accurately predict theoutcome of a call based on suspicious activity seen among our network of clients.Call centers using our service experience a 10-20% increase in the success-per-dial due to improvedefficiency.In addition, CPA Detective stands a step ahead of data validation services because it allows advertisersto identify fraudulent traffic based on a multi-dimensional set of characteristics related to the datasource.What are the benefits for your business?  Increase contact rates and successes per dial  Detect fraudulently submitted data from low-quality sources  Make smarter data buying decisions Minimize Fraud. Maximize Profit. Visit www.cpadetective.com or call 877.449.1854
    • W HAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY ?Fraudsters use a variety of tactics to submit leads, and fraudulent activity can fall into a number ofcategories, including:  Form-Filled Leads - Leads manually submitted from one location with real user information which can compromise data validation systems and call center verification.  Spoofed Traffic - Traffic in which the location and header information was manipulated in order to form-fill leads that appear to be coming from numerous visitors.  Unauthorized Sources - Traffic generated outside of the agreed upon terms set by the advertiser.  Incentivized Traffic - Traffic driven to a campaign where incentives were offered in exchange for a user’s information. PMA M EMBER S POTLIGHT : CPA D ETECTIVE What are some of the biggest hurdles facing the overall performance marketing space over the next 12 months? I think we need to be wary of complacency. We simply must set a new standard over the next 12-18 months. Without a proactive mentality focused on measuring quality in a rigorous way, the overall performance marketing space will experience a drag that ultimately pulls down the mileage we collectively get for our efforts. When quality increases are measurable by a scoring system, the value of a legitimate, quality lead increases. Fraud is the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Complacency was a natural result of pioneering new profits in the frontier of a young performance space. The market has matured now. To retain a competitive edge, advertisers, ad agencies and networks, will no longer be able to afford to ignore the impact of fraud on their business. Every company risks losing out on the biggest business opportunities to their direct competitors if they don’t change now. - David Sendroff (performancemarketingassociation.com)
    • M ETHODOLOGY : W HAT ’ S UNDER THE HOOD ? CPA Detective works by leveraging the data trace left behind by millions of visitors to verify the accuracy of their online identity and predict the likelihood they will convert. Behind the scenes, we use a complex system of algorithms and a Fraud Intelligence Database which process and analyze all data points and variables that we collect. Your Traffic Data Processing R&D Scoring Engine Constant Learning Fraud Detection Real-Time Fraud & Improvement Algorithms Likelihood Score Reporting & Feedback 30-70ms Online Interface Data Exports Email Alerts Real-time APIThe Process Companies Digital forensics of Fraudulent leads A probability score experience a boost each visitor are are proactively is generated in efficiency and captured filtered ROI Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology. Visit www.cpadetective.com or call 877.449.1854
    • G ETTING S TARTED Phase 1: Phase 3: Free Consultation Evaluation* Phase 2: Pixel Phase 4: Fraud Placement Impact AnalysisG ET IN T OUCH Give us a call: 877.449.1854 Email us: info@cpadetective.com WWW .CPAD ETECTIVE . COM CPA D ETECTIVE 185 Madison Avenue, 5th FL New York, NY 10016*For qualifying businesses only