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Return tothedarkside

Return tothedarkside






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    Return tothedarkside Return tothedarkside Document Transcript

    • Return To The Darkside by Kennie KayozCopyright 2012 Coyotes Publishing Smashwords Edition
    • Return To Tha Dark Side Axez & HoezThese fuckin hoez deserve to get the fuckin Axe.Grab tha fucka and lay tha axe to there backs.I cant take this any longer Ive been fuckd wit too long.Apparently there aint nothin fo out there its been too long.Things just happen but who the fuck am I suspose to say what goes onJust dropem as is and letem go on alone.JoopitrSlaughterin BitchWho really cares where you came from or what your doin.The way I see it is youve had yo chance wit me and you are gone from hittin itwit this.Chop da fuckin bitch on up and let her try and get revenge wit a diss.You actually think that a diss will work fuck nah bitch.Go back to where you came from you want him anyways cause hes rich.I dont want nothin to do wit you anymore so get the fuck out.You come back Ill be knockin your bitch ass out.Joopitr
    • Bak 2 Knife Im goin to be resortin back to my life.If things change any more Ill be checkin out wit a knife.Who cares bout me anyways I know you dont.You wouldnt have done anythin that you did, Dont look back cause I know youwont.Ive had it with these bitches who wanna be rich.I got somethin yall can have, yall can be layin dead in tha fuckin ditch.Never needed you before and wont need you.Get the fuck outta my life cause you aint got no clue.Joopitr
    • Quick Rhyme For A Short Time Resortin back to tha knife.I cant handle my own life.I wont be alive long enough to have a wife.If I dont get this done you can say I died due to a knife.Im sick of this, I dont want nothin do with you.Leave me the fuck alone, cause we arent ment fo each other in case you had noclue.Joopitr
    • Feelin Scrubby Today we went to a highclass mall, I never knew it was one.Everyone walkin round with there noses in the air lookin down at this son.My scrubby ass self portrayed to these highclass types.Its as if they didnt care bout my freedom or rights.Feelin scrubby as I wonder this mall, damn its expensive.I could barely afford anythin let alone bein passive.Feelin scrubby in this fancy ass place.I stood out cause of my scrubby ass face.It may have put me in my place in society.But I was glad when we left, I felt free.Never would I go back into that place.I felt like the lowest person in the human race.Now that Im back home I feel like myself.My scrubby ass self with poetry flowin from my mouth.I know Im a scrub.But my poetry hits ya like THUD !Kennie Kayoz
    • Fuck The Rules Ever since I started to write.It has been nothin but a fuckin fight.Publishing companies have constantly told.Me that in order to sell I gotta turn things into book formats.Now Im here to say, fuck them doormats.No way am I payin cash I cant afford.Just for some bitch ass to rewrite under his own accord.Tellin me that only way to sell is to pay.Dont know bout yall but that shit sounds gay.If yall want to buy my shit, than buy the ebook.Thats all it took.I dont need no ritchy ass bitch hoes.Tellin me it wont sell, when they foamin at generic joes.Generic Joes is all yall cause its all been done.Sappy ass romance, sex. Be a whore ya would have more fun.A matter of fact yall nothin but prostitues.When your lettin a corperation drag you by the roots.So fuck what they got to tell me.They can get down an fuckin blow me.Kennie Kayoz
    • Nobody Wants Me Look at me, Im hidious.Nobody wants me, Im serious.Who would want someone this fucking ugly.Never been touch, always been casted aside.Pushed to the back of societys line, too many rules to abide.23 an single, been so all my life, I dont understand.I know yall dont want me, dont give me a hand.Why should I even continue to look.Its like flippin pages in a book.As I got nothin but faults.I get blamed for any result.Why should I have confident.Got no one to talk to or even romance.Guess I might as well quit talkin.Since ya females claim Im stalkin.No one wants to hear whats on my mind.Since my email inbox is empty most of the time.Kennie Kayoz
    • Burn -n- Learn You use your sexuality to get noticed.Pathetic wanna be shit is what you wrote us.When were you going to get it.You had to get someone else to pay for you, so you aint shit.Its time to learn since you have just been burned.Using your body to get noticed, bout time you learned.The only ones who make money from that are sluts.The street walkin kind who take it in there butts.Bitch its time for you to learn.That you had to pay to get notice, so time to burn.Relax ya freaky bitch get ya ass up off it.Any bitch can get published, if shes willin to take dick for a bit.Thats how many have managed to do so.Just a bunch of cockhounds lookin to trade a published book for a blow.Kennie Kayoz
    • Pray An Pray For My Downfall When I Rise Like The Sun I Aint Fn Wit Yall As much as you want to tell me my dream is dead.Itll never die even if I gotta start over in a scrubby tool shed.Workin my way from bottom to top.Through the thick an thin never give up.You can pray an pray for my downfall when I rise like the sun I aint fucking wit yall.You can pray an pray for my downfall when I rise like the sun I aint fucking wit yall.Watch as the storm begins to brew.Rain or shine Ill never be through.A legend of my time.A legend of my mind.William Shakespeare of the millenium.Look at my as I shine, see the ice round my neck, not titanium.Silver as it sparkles in the light.Strollin the streets most feared at night.As the storm consumes.You wish you could persume.What shall happen next.Never shall I be part of whats next.Im part of whats now.So dont be wishin upon my downfall.You can pray an pray for my downfall when I rise like the sun I aint fucking wit yall.You can pray an pray for my downfall when I rise like the sun I aint fucking wit yall.Imma keep on gettin tougher.My poetry will continue to get rougher.By the end of my time this world is gonna suffer.The wrath of the lyrix of a new generation.The generation of a dragon.Kennie Kayoz
    • Whichyaditchya As redneckish sysphocated as I am.Im guilty of usin the redneckish talk, damn.Be hangin out wit my friends, my bro walks in an I asked.Did you bring the game whichyaditchya, he laughed.The redneck is in us all even if we dont know it your guilty.Might as well show it while Im young an fun other than old an wilty.So as you read this remember what ya read an who wrote it.Next time I see ya Ill be sure to ask.Did you bring the tunes whichyaditchyaJust so that you would laugh.Laugh so hard youll turn purple an gasp.So shout whichyaditchya out loud.Say it cause ya proud.Ya got the word stuck in ya head.Youll be sure to use it before ya dead.Kennie Kayoz
    • Know My Name How many bitches need to know my name.-kayoz-Check my profile, cause im certifibly deranged.-kennie-All you poets better learn it real quick.While no one goes to your poetic shows they be suckin my dick.Spendin money livin the life that few could.Ya see my name up on everythin so come write witme cause ya should.Donate ya cents an dollars to me.Cause bitch you wanna get ya name up an runnin along side of me.What am I gonna do with these poetic hoes.Letem fade away, they dont deserve me I suspose.I know many of you poetic hoes wont change.Cause yall seen more dick than hanes.How many bitches need to know my name.-kayoz-Check my profile, cause im certifibly deranged.-kennie-Even ask the ghost of the ouiji board.Youll find out im the one with the high score.So bitch if you a new poetc an wanna try to pull a trick.Ya best believe youll be down on ya knees suckin my dick.Kennie Kayoz
    • Raising All Hell Kennie Kayoz on authorsden.com raising all hell.Im the one who lit the fuse to cause the bang to cause yall to fell.Now you see all the hype that truly isnt a tall tale.You get runnin against me I know for a fact that you will fail.Dont try to take my name in vain.Otherwise Ill be raising hell all over your game.It takes no time for yall to know.Without Kennie Kayoz this site would fall face down an die in the snow.So you better look at the Coyote an respect us.Cause Ill be the same one who disses ya while your girls blush.Wantin to get with me is the only thing on the ladies mind.Just drop me a message ladies im sure wed flow together like a nice wine.Kennie Kayoz
    • In His Heart Thinking of the day.That you went away.You caused your husband so much pain.Now he remains in vain.A lost wife due to cancer.If they would have found a cure you may still have her.What a life to take.The only bond that marriage can break.I know shes still livin her life after death.With you in mind as you were there till her last breath.Its hard for him when your not around.But Im sure your in heaven smiling down.Watching him as he thinks bout you , he thinks bout you.Till the day your together again.In his heart is where hell keep ya nancy.Kennie Kayoz
    • You Expect Me To Pay You expect me to pay to transform my poetry into a book.No average person can afford that, so look.The only way I would is if I would make more than that back.But since you cant promise me that you can kiss my nut sack.Sometimes you choose not to publish my shit.All ya do is family shit when Im writing platinum poetic hits.Who cares about swearing, you need to so you can get the point across.I dont plan on changing for anyone cause Im Coyotes Publishing boss.You expect me to pay.Did you hear waht I say.Look above and tell me again before I bust you in your lips.I can get by just fine selling the files while hoes wiggle there hips.Your just scared to buy some.Cause itll hit you like a stun gun dumb dumb.This is the way that I choose to express myself.So Ill run with the gold an diamonds while you play with yourself.When will people learn Im here to do it my way.No matter if you choose to support me Ill leave you in dismayKennie Kayoz
    • You Aint Got It You aint got it.So I wish you would stop it.Your making yourself look like a retard.As you write your elementary school rhymes lookin to be heard.Ive been doin this for three years and you claim your better.When it gets right down to it you havent even read my letter.Get use to workin a deadend job.It suits you since your a brain dead slob.You aint got it, so quit actin like your all that.Cause when I see your style your a mainstream cocksucker with a hat.My style will hit you with reality like a bat to the head.If you dont then your gonna weake up brain dead.Since it already has done so.You just havent realized it yet cause ya slow.So dont tell me you got it cause you dont.Dont tell me your the best cause you wont.Get your chance to pass.Me as I give these writinz out to the mass.Of fans who read an feel every word I say.they have yet to feel what I have to say today.Kennie Kayoz
    • Kayoz = Contraversy Im the same quiet mutha fucka who got you scared to walk the halls.Your just a target for my loaded mouth as I drill you into the walls.No more shall I be just a product.Packed like one of you, I have even been thought of.When I sit down to write Its like a pipe bomb with a lite fuse.The shrappenel is my words that will mentally bruise.Think of the shit I can say to totally fuck you up beyond belief.Im the same kid who was picked on, only cause you didnt want me to breath relief.My mouth would fucking fire off like nothing you have seen before.Leavin all the assholes dead an the bitches wantin me to fuckem on the floor.Thinkin Im playin games you better think twice.I may even look nice.But whats on my mind is another story.Ive read most of these poets poetry an they bore the fuck outta me.Weve seen it all before, flowers an dogs.FUCK THEM, FUCK THE MAINSTREAM TOO !.When I write your mouth fills up with glue.Cause you aint got nothin to say.Think Im pushin the limits I have yet to really unleash.So watch out if you cross my path youll be beggin for peace.Kennie Kayoz
    • How Its Done This is how its done.Watch us were all about the fun.The platinum rhymes come through my pen onto paper for yall to read.No matter what ya say bout me Im Quality, Quantity an Speed.Top notch shit is what got ya droolin.Tryin to get me to write for ya, boy ya gotta be foolin.This is how its done.I posted shit up so fast it made ya head spun.Hardcore violence, if you want it I can produce it like no other.Ill chop bitches heads an kickem like soccerballs without a bother.Cuttin throats like goats as if no one else see it coming.I look so innocent as I stand with my back to the wall humming.This is how its done.Bein as slick as shit with everyone.This is how its done.Doin what I gotta to make sure Im number 1.Kennie Kayoz