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Ibps clerical banking awareness

  1. 1. IBPS CLERICAL Banking Awareness Paper - 1 On the 6th anniversary of Tsunami, a Genetic Garden In which of the following states is the Pagladia Dam 71 and a Sea Water Farming Project was launched in which Project Located ? of the following states ? 1) Arunachal Pradesh 2) Sikkim 1) Kerala 2) Tamil Nadu 3) Assam 4) West Bengal 3) Andhra Pradesh 4) Karnataka 5) None of these S 5) None of these Consider the following statements about SABLA 8 National Housing Bank (NHB) the apex institution of housing scheme.2 finance in India, provides loan to A) It replaces Kishori Shakti Yojana(KSY) in all districts. (A) Housing finance companies B) It is being implemented in 200 districts at present. (B) Co-operative sector banks C) it is a scheme for empowerment of adolescent girls. M Choose the correct option. Which of the above statemenets is/are correct ? 1) Only A 2) Only A and B 1) Only A 2) Only B 3) Only A and B 3) All A,B and C 4) Only A and C 4) Only B and C 5) None of these 5) None of these Prior to Census 2011, in which of the following 9 Consider the following statements about the progress of censuses was the highest sex ratio recorded in India ?3 MGNREGA for the year ending 2010-11. 1) Census 1971 2) Census 1961 A) In around 3/4 of the panchayats, social audit has 3) Census 1951 4) Census 1941 been done. 5) None of these B) Approximately half of the workers are women. Which of the following is NOT an Alternative4 C) 1) Only A and B 3) All A,B and C 5) None of these XA The average wage per day is nearly Rs.100. Which of the above statements is/are correct ? 2) Only B and C 4) Only C and A Kandaghat, a heritage railway station made entirely of wood and built by the British in 1903, was destroyed in a fire recently, In which of the following states was it located ? 1) Gujarat 3) Himachal Pradesh 2) Maharashtra 4) Jammu and Kashmir 10 11 Investment Fund ? 1) Private Investment in Public Equity Funds 2) Infrasturcture Equity Fund 3) Venture Capital Fund 4) Mutual Fund 5) None of these At present, marginal standing facility (MSF) stands at 1) 1% above Repo Rate 2) 2% below Reverse Repo Rate 3) 2% above Reverse Repo Rate 4) 1% below Reverse Repo Rate SE 5) None of these 5) None of these Recently, PRINT ( particle Replication in Non-wetting The objective of the perform, Achieve and Trade 125 Templates ) technology was in news. What is PRINT scheme is to achieve Technology ? 1) Export Efficiency 2) Investment Efficiency Its a technology related to genetic engineering and 3) Energy Efficiency 4) Trade Efficiency 1) refers to duplication of DNA codes. 5) None of these Its a technology related to climate change and 13 All countires from the Cotton-4 group belong to 2) refers to a new technique of combating air 1) Asia 2) America pollution. 3) Europe 4) Africa Its a new technology related to synthesis of 5) None of these 3) artificial blood. Who among the following famous authors was an 14 Investment Banker prior to turning become columnist, 4) Its a new technology for printing currency notes. author and speaker ?IBP 5) None of these 1) Aravind Adiga 2) Chetan Bhagat Consider the following statements regarding Rashtriya 3) jhumpa Lahiri 4) Kiran Desai6 Swathya Bima Yojana. 5) None of these A) The scheme started rolling from 1st April 2008. Which of the following are the features of Exchange 15 Earners Foreign Currency Accounts ? The beneficiaries under RSBY are entitled to A) They are opened with RBI. B) hospitalisation coverage up to Rs. 50,000 for most B) They earn interests on deposits. of the diseases that require hospitalisation. They need a minimum balance to be maintained C) The maximum age limit to be enrolled into RSBY is by the account holder. C) 65 years, Choose the correct option. Which of the above statements is /are correct ? 1) Only A 2) Only A and B 1) Only A 2) Only A and B 3) Only B and C 4) Only B 3) Only A and C 4) All A, B and C 5) None of these 5) None of these
  2. 2. Collateralised Borrowing and Lending Obligation Which of the following schemes was redisigned and16 23 (CBLO) is a restructured into National Livelihood Mission (NLM)? 1) Money Market Instrument 1) National Rural Employment Gurantee Scheme 2) Monetary Policy Instrument 2) National Food for Work Programme 3) Investment Fund 3) Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana(SGSY) 4) Capital Market Instrument 4) Jawahar Rozgar Yojana S 5) None of these 5) None of these The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment In India, the RBI has mandated the banks to hold 24 24 Guarantee Act mandtes at least what fraction of the17 percent of their net demand and time liabilities (NDTL) beneficiaries to be women ? in a liquid portfolio under the statutory liquidity ratio 1) 25% 2) 30% 3) 40% 4) 50% M (SLR) regime. What are the benfits of this system ? The purchase of shares and bonds of Indian companies 25 A) It provides strength to the financial system. by Foreign Institutional Investors is called B) It increases flow of credit to productive sectors. 1) FDI C) It provides growth to Indian economy. 2) Portflio Investment Which of the above statements is /are correct.? 3) NRI Investment 1) Only A and B 2) Only B and C 4) Foreign Indirect Investment 3) Only A 4) All A, B and C 5) None of these 5) None of these Name the state where at the Geological Survey of If the Reserve Bank of India wants to block/hinder 26 India (GSI) has rcently found huge deposits of rare1819 action? 1) Increase Interest Rates 2) Decrease Intrest Rates 3) Purchaese Government Bonds 4) Decreae Statutory Liquidity Ratio 5) None of these XA capital outflows and contain currency depreciation, which of the following would be the most possible The power of the commercial banks to expand deposits through expanding their loans and advances is known as which of the following ? 1) Capital Expansion 2) Credit Expansion 27 platinum group of elements (PGE). 1) Rajasthan 3) West Bengal 5) None of these present collegium of 31 judges ? 1) Justice Gyan sudha Misra 2) 3) 4) 5) Justice Ranjana Desai Justice Sujata Manohar Justice Fatima Bibi None of these 2) Orissa 4) Karnataka Who among the following is to be sworn in as the second woman judge of the Supreme Court in the SE 3) Credit Control 4) Credit Creation From which of the following countries has one of the 5) None of these 28 most wanted gangsters, Santosh Shetty has recently Consider the following: been deported to India ? A) Short Term Funds 1) Portugal 2) Thailand B) Medium Term Funds 3) Malaysia 4) Saudi Arabia20 C) Long Term Funds 5) UAE Which of the above is/are dealt in the Indian capital Which country has recently put into orbit Pakistans 29 market? first communications satellite PAKSAT -1R ? 1) Both A and B 2) Both B and C 1) US 2) Italy 3) Both A and C 4) All A, B and C 3) china 4) Britain 5) None of these 5) Japan The export promotion scheme "Focus: LAC" was Who among the following is the new chairman and 30IBP21 launched to leverage the potential market in which of managing director of Air India ? the following regions ? 1) Arvind Jadhav 2) Rohit Nandan 1) South America 2) South Africa 3) Ali Ghandour 4) Cyrus Guzder 3) Australia and Pacific 4) Europe and CIS 5) None of these 5) None of these Billionaire entrepreneur Ajay Piramal has purchased The implementation of which of the following 31 5.5% stake in which of the following mobile service22 programmes is/was based on the concept of Self Help providers for $640 million recently ? Groups (SHGs) ? 1) Idea Cellular 2) Vodafone Essar 1) National Rural Employment Gurantee Act 3) Bharti Airtel 4) MTNL 2) Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojna 5) None of these 3) Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojna 4) National Food for Work Programme 5) None of these
  3. 3. Name the director whose film Not a Love Story, based Which of the following recommendations made by on the gruesome murder of television executive Neeraj 40 the RBI panel on efficent management of public32 Grover, has been given green signal by the Bombay expenditure, headed by C Rangarajan, is not true ? high Court for release ? 1) The planning Commission should stop deciding 1) Kevin Smith 2) Prakash jha the allocations to central ministries. 3) Anurag Kashyap 4) Ram Gopal Verma 2) The current system of classifying government 5) None of these expenditure into plan and non-lan should be S What has been the growth rate of agriculture in the first abolished.33 four years of the 11 th Five-Year Plan ? 3) Rural and urban local bodies should be included 1) 5.60% 2) 4% as part of state plans. 3) 4.50% 4) 3.2% 4) Plan allocation should be the primary domain of 5) None of these the finance ministry. M Name the promoter of the 1200-MW Tori power plant 5) None of these in Latehar district of Jharkand which has entered into a For which of the following UN treaties has the34 power purchase agreement with the Bihar Government 41 Calcutta High Court sought affidavit from the Centre to supply 300 MW of contracted capacity to Bihar. about what it is doing to sign it, in the absence of 1) Damodar Valley Corporation which India is unable to extradite many wanted 2) National Thermal Power Corporation 1) The Convention on the Rights of the Child 3) Essar Energy 2) International Humanitarian Law 4) Reliance Power 3) UN Convetion on International Refugees 5) None of these 4) UN Convention against Torture35 judgements was not delivered by him? XA Justice VS Sirpurkar has retired from the post of Supreme Court judge. Which of the following landmark 1) Confirmation of death sentence to the pakistani 42 national Mohd Arif in the 2000 Delhi Red fort attac case 2) Inclusion of PF scheme subscriber as a consumer 4) under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 3) Confirmation of life sentence to Manu Sharma in the jessica Lal murder case Politician-official-liquor mafia nexus in Kerala 43 5) None of these After being vanquished by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation(NATO) air strikes under the leadership of the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya. The reign of Col Muamar Gaddaffi collapsed and he took political asylum in 1) Saudi Arabia 3) Egypt 5) France 2) Burkina Faso 4) Britain The justice peace Foundation, which is spearheading an agitation for the last several years against the SE 5) None of these highhanded approach of the Indian Army in some states under special Acts, is headed by According to the national Manufacturing Policy 1) Anna Hazare 2) Irom sharmila36 unveiled recently, what is the perentage share of target 3) Manindarjeet Singh Bitta 4) GR Khairnar set for the manufacturing sector in Indias GDP by 2020? 5) Baba Amte 1) 15% 2) 20% Which of the following countries along with India 3) 25% 4) 30% 44 have decided to build customs network by2012 on the 5) None of these lines of US, japan, South Korea and China ? What is the average growth rate target of the Gross 1) China and japan 2) US and China37 Domestic Product (GDP) that has been set by the 3) China and Brazil 4) Belgium and South Africa Planning Commission for the 12th Five-Year plan? 5) Germany and Russia 1) 8% 2) 8.5% 3) 9% 4) 9.5% Farmers in the irce belt of which of the followingIBP38 MK Pandhe, who passed away recently, was a/an 45 states have declared a "crop holiday" this season after 1) Trade union leader 2) Diplomat they suffered losses despite a bumper crop last year ? 3) Industrialist 4) Philanthropist 1) Uttar Pradesh 2) Maharashtra 5) None of these 3) madhya Pradesh 4) Andhra Pradesh In which of the following countries has the government 5) Bihar decided to repeal all emergency laws which have been Who has written the book An Appeal from Death Row ?39 in force in one form or the other in the country for the 46 1) Davinder Singh Bhullar 2) Dhananjoy Chatterjee last three decades ? 3) Afzal Gure 4) Meesekar Madaiah 1) Libya 2) Myanmar 5) AG Perarivalam 3) Sri Lanka 4) Pakistan 5) None of these
  4. 4. Which of the following public sector banks has won the Steve jobs, under whose stewardship a digital "Best Risk Master Award" for its outstanding record in company started in a garage became the worlds most 4947 loan appraisal standards, loan portfolio valuable company overtaking Exxon Mobile, has management,NPAs and restructured loan book resigned as the CEO of management ? 1) Apple 2) IBM 1) Indian Bank 2) UCO Bank 3) Samsung 4) Sony S 3) Syndicate Bank 4) Bank of Baroda 5) None of these 5) Oriental Bank of Commerce Which of the folloiwng countries of the Arab world is Name the Indian company which has bought coal the third country after Russia and Egypt to overthrow 50 mines in Galilee Basin in australia for $ 2.2 billion48 the ruling autocratic establishment in the wave of the recently, M Arab Spring democratic wave sweeping this part of the 1) Adani Group 2) Vedanta India world ? 3) Steel Authority of India Limited 1) Syria 2) Yemen 4) GVK Power & Infrastructure 3) Libya 4) Algeria 5) None of these 5) None of these XA SEIBP
  5. 5. Banking Awareness Paper - 2 A major Public Sector Bank raised interest rates on loans Where are you likely to find an embedded operating 8 by 25 basis points - was news in some major financial system ?1 newspapers recently. This means the bank has raised 1) on a desktop operating system interest by 25 basis pints of 2) on a networked PC 1) Savings Bank Interest Rate 3) on a network server S 2) Base Lending Rate 4) on a PDA 3) Repo Rates 5) on a mainframe 4) Present Rates on Deposits An online discussion group that allows direct "live 9 5) Discount Rates of Interest communication is known as The Finance Minister of India in one of his press 1) Webcrawler 2) chat group M conferences said that inflationary pressure is likely to 3) hyperlind 4) e-mail continue following recent increase in rates of some 5) regional service provider2 commodities in international markets. Which of the Which of the following is program that uses a variety o 10 following commodities was he referring to as it gets different approaches to identify and eliminate spam? frequent increase at international levels and disturbs our 1) Directory search 2)Anti-spam program Home Economy substantially ? 3) Web server 4) Virus 1) Gold and Silver 2) Petroleum Products 5) Web storefront creation package 3) Tea and Coffee 4) Sugar Connection or link to other documents or Web Pages 11 5) Jute and jute products that contain related information is called4 for measuring it ? 1) Wholesale Price Index 2) Consumer Price Index 4) Sensex and Nifty 5) None of these XA Immediately prior to change in the measure of Food3 Inflation, which of the following indexes was being used 3) Interest Rates offered by banks on deposits What is the full form of FINO a term we see frequently in financial newspapers ? 1) Financial Investment network and Operations 12 13 1) Dail-up 3) hyperlink 5) domain name 4) Net The system unit 2) cable 5) COBOL 2) Electronic commerce 4) e-cash Which of the following is a programming language for creating special programs like applets ? 1) java 3) domain name 1) coordinates input and output devices 2) is the container that houses electronic components 3) is a combination of hardware and software SE 2) Farmers Investment in national Organisation 4) controls and manipulates data 3) Farmers Inclusion News and Operations 5) does the arithmetic operations 4) Financial Inclusion Network and Operations 14 System software 5) None of these allows the user to diagnose and troubleshoot the 1) Which of the following is/are commodity/ies on which device5 subsidy is given to farmers/poor in India ? 2) is a programming language (A) Fertilizer (B) Kerosene 3) LPG 3) is part of a productivity suite 1) Only (A) 2) Only (B) 4) is an optional form of software 3) Only © 4) Only (A) and © 5) helps the computer manage internal resources 5) All (A),(B) and © Computer and communication technology, such as Bhagyam Oilfields, which were recently in news, are15 communication links to the Internet, that provide help6 located in which of the following states in India ? and understanding to the end user is known as 1) Rajastan 2) Gujarat 3) Assam 1) presentation file 2) information technologyIBP 4) Maharashtra 5)Karnataka 3) program 4) worksheet file The Finance Minister of India recently decided to 5) FTP review the postion of Bad Debts in priority sector. Which of the following is contained on chips connected7 Which of the following is/are the reasons(s) owing to to the system board and is a holding area for data 16 which FM took this decision ? instructions and information? (processed data waiting to (A) Bad Debt in agriculture is still rising substantially be output to secondary storage ) every year despite special treatment to it. 1) program 2) Mouse (B) Bad Debt in other areas of priority sector is almost 3) Internet 4) memory nil now. 5) Modem ( C ) govt is planning to disburse another instalment of 17 The main circuit -board of the system unit is the : Rs. 1,60,000 crore, which will bring Bad Debts 1) computer program 2) control unit almost at Nil level and no special treatment will 3) mother board 4) RAM be needed in next fiscal year. 5) None of these 1) A 2) B 3) C 4) A and B 5) All A,B and C
  6. 6. Which amongest the following countries is NOT a 27 Microsofts Messenger allows uses to:18 member of the TAPI pipeline project, which was in 1) bypass a browser to surf the Web news recently? 2) create a blog 1) India 2) Afghanistan 3) Portugal 3) communicate via direct live communication 4) Pakistan 5)Turkmenistan 4) identify and eliminate spam An agreement on Arms Reduction popularly known as 5) make graphic presentations START is one of the major issues in the way of smooth Portable computer, also known as laptop computer,19 28 S relations between which of the following two countries weighing between 4 and 10 punds is called ? 1) Internet 2) Scanner 1) India-Pakistan 2) India - China 3) Printer 4) notebook computer 3) China - Japan 4) USA - Russia 5) general-purpose application 5) Russia - Iran 29 which of the following is billionth of a second? M The international WWW Conference -2011 was 1) Gigabyte 2) Terabyte20 organized in which of the following places in March 3) Nanosecond 4) Microsecond 2011? 5) Terasecond 1) London 2) Paris 3) Vienna Online Marketing is the function of which of the 30 4) Manila 5) Hyderbad following ? Which of the following international 1) Purchase Section agencies/organizations had initiated an International 2) Production Department21 convention for the Protection of All person from 3) IT Department Enforced Disapperance, which came into effect recently 4) Designs Section ? 1) World Health Organisation (WHO) 2) International Court of Justice 3) International Maritime Organisation 4) International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) 5) United Nations Organisation (UNO) XA BRIC which was the organisation of 4 nations, namely Brazil,22 Russia, India and China, has now become BRICS which is the fifth nation included in it? 1) South Korea 2) Sri Lanka 4) Spain 5) South Africa 3) Singapore The process of acquisition of agricultural land and its 31 32 5) 5) A collective function af all staff Customisation is useful for 1) Designing customer specific products 2) 3) 4) Call centres Publicity Motivating the staff Cold calls The key challenge to market-driven strategy is 1) Selling maximum products 2) Employing maximum DSAs 3) Delivering superior value to customers 4) Being rigid to changes SE compensation to farmers recently came up as a major 5) Adopting short-term vision23 issue in which of the following states ?(It also created 33 Effective selling skills depends on law and order problem in the State.) 1) Size of the sales team 1) Haryana 2) Gujarat 3) Uttar Pradesh 2) Age of the slaes team 4) Rajastan 5) Punjab 3) Peer strength What does the letter L denote in the term LAF as 4) Knowledge level of the sales team24 referred every now and then in relation to monetary 5) Educational level of the sales team policy of the RBI ? 34 Generation of sales leads can be improved by 1) Liquidity 2) Liability 3) Leveraged 1) Being very talktive 4) Longitudinal 5) Linear 2) Increasing personal and professional contacts25 BP Plc, which was in news recently, is a major 3) Being passive international company in the field of 4) Engaging Recovery AgentsIBP 1) Heavy Machinery 5) Product designs 2) Oil exploration and processing 35 A Market Plan is : 3) Atomic Energy 1) Performance Appraisal of marketing staff 4) Information Technology 2) Company Prospectus 5) None of these 3) Documented marketing strategies Who amongst the following has been appointed the 4) Business targets26 new coach of the Indian Cricket team for a period of 5) Call centres two years? 36 Marketing channels mean 1) Stuart Law 2) Allan Border 1) Delivery objects 2) Sales targets 3) Gary Kirsten 4) Duncan Fletcher 3) Delivery outlets 4) Delivery boys 5) Allan Donald 5) Sales teams
  7. 7. 43 Personal Loans can be canvassed among37 Why was Kanishtha Dhankhars name in news recently? 1) Salaried persons 2) Pensioners 1) She was crowned Femina Miss India 2011. 3) Foreign Nationals 4) NRI customers 2) She was adjudged Best Actress 2010 by Film fare 5) Non- customers 3) She is the new captain of Indias woman cricket 44 Innovation in marketing is same as : team 1) Motivation 2) Perspiration S 4) She has become the new Dy Minister of Textile in 3) Aspiration 4) Creativity place of Dayanidhi Maran 5) Team work 5) None of these 45 Service Marketing is the same as K Balachander, who was awarded prestigious Dada 1) Internet Marketing 2) Telemarketing38 Saheb Phalke Award 2010, is basically a/an 3) Internal Marketing 4) Relationship Marketing M 1) Actor 2) Director 5) Transaction Marketing 3) Photographer 4) Music Director 46 Social Markeing means : 5) Choreo grapher 1) Share market prices Banks and other financial institutions in India are 2) Marketing by the entire society required to maintain a certain amount of liquid assets 3) Internet Marketing39 like cash, precious metals and other short-term securiteis 4) Marketing for a social cause as a reserve all the time. In Banking World this is known 5) Society bye-laws as 47 Market-driven stragegies include 1) CRR 2) Fixed Asset 3) SLR 1) Identifying problems4041 4) three mean? PLR satellites ISRO 5) None of these and Synchronous Orbit successfully? 1) NASA 4) 5) JAXA placed 2) ROSCOSMOS XA Which of the following space agencies recently launched them into 3) CNSA As per the decision taken by the Govt of India recently, "Bomboo is a liberated item now", What does it really (A) "Bamboo, henceforth, will be treated as a minor forest produce only. (B) Now villagers are free to sell bamboo in their polar sun 48 49 2) Planning marketing tactics of peers 3) Positioning the Organisation and its brands in the 5) marketplace 4) Internal Marketing Selling old products As per estimates of the Planning Commission of India, the target growth rate of 12th five year Plan is set at 1) 7 to 8% 4) 11% Goodluck President of 2) 8.0 to 8.5% 5) 10% to 10.5% Jonathan was recently 3) 9%to9.5% re-elected the SE community forest areas. 1) Nigeria 2) South Africa 3) Kosovo © Gram Sabha has been given right to issue transport 4) Haiti 5) None of these passes to legally transport the produce. Which of the following schemes has NOT ben launched by 50 1) Only (A) 2) Only (B) the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt of India ? 3) Only ( C ) 4) All (A),(B) and ( C ) 1) National Old Age Pension Scheme 5) None of these 2) National Maternity Benefit Scheme 3) National Family Benefit Scheme Union Cabinet recently Passed a Rs. 7000-crore project to 4) Mid-Day meal Scheme42 clean up which of the following rivers in Indai ? 5) All are launched by Ministry of Rural Development 1) Narmada 2) Ravi 3) Ganga 4) Chambal 5) KrishnaIBP
  8. 8. Banking Awareness Paper - 3 Ad Valorem Tax is levied on the basis of which of the Consider the following :1 (A) Foreign exchange following ? (B) Gold 1) Volume 2) Value 10 ( C ) Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) S 3) Production 4) Export (D) International Monetary Fund(IMF) reserve 5) None of these postion the RBI counts which among the above in A systematic record of all economic transactions "Foreign exchange reserves" of India ?2 between residents of a country and the rest of the 1) Only A 2) Both A and B world in a year is known as 3) Both A,B and C 4) All A, C and D M 1) Net Capital Flow 2) Balance of Payments 5) None of these 3) Balance of Trade 4) Absolute Flow Where is the headquarters of the United nations 11 5) None of these conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)? Consider the following : 1) Geneva 2) Paris (A) Balance of trade 3) Frankfurt 4) London (B) Net factor income 5) None of these3 Which of the following states in north-eastern India is © Net transer payments Which among the above is/are a part of the "Capital running its Power Sector Enhancement Investment Account "? programme in which investment worth $ 764 million 124 1) Only A 3) Both B and C 5) None of these as wages and prices continue to rise ? 1) Inflation 3) Skewflation 5) None of these Consider the following taxes. 2) Delfation XA 2) Both A and B 4) All A, B and C Which of the following is a suitable term for the state of economy in which economic activity slows down, even 4) Stagflation (A) VAT paid during the purchase of a tyre tube for a vehicle 13 would be made by 2014 and for which Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved $200 Million recently ? 1) Assam 3) Arunachal Pradesh 5) Nagaland 2) Meghalaya 4) Manipur CASA ratio is used in which of the following industries? 1) Merchandise Trade 2) Banking and Finance 3) Software Industry 4) Travel and Tourism 5) None of them SE5 (B) Service Tax paid while making payments of dinner who among the following is the chairman of public 14 in a restaurent Private Partnership Appraisal Committee in India ? © Duty paid while importing a machinery from abroad 1) Ashok Chawla 2) SK Jain 1) Only A 2) Both A and B 3) Pranab Mukherjee 4) Usha Thorat 3) Both B and C 4) All A, B and C 5) None of them 5) None of these Husk Power Systems(HPS), a rural electrification Birth rate is the number of births per ____ of the company which makes electricity out of paddy husk,6 15 population during one year. is providing electricicty to 50 villages in which of the 1) 100 2) 1000 3) 10000 following states of India ? 4) 100000 5) None of these 1) Chattisgadh 2) Andhra Pradesh Capitalism is based upon"Laissez-faire system". What is 3) Bihar 4) None of these7 "Laissez-faire system"? 16 Which of the following is a function of SCARDB?IBP 1) No governmental intervention 1) Financial assistance to warehousing 2) Maxinum governmental intervention 2) Refinancing agricultural credit 3) Role of market forces is minimum 3) Inter-state sale of agricultural products 4) Limited government intervention 4) Land development 5) None of these 5) None of them Goods which have positive relationship between price The minimum support prices (MSP) for major8 and quantity demanded are called as agricultural products are fixed by the government 17 1) Valuable goods 2) Essential Goods each year after taking into account the 3) Giffen Goods 4) Capital Goods recommendations of which of the following 5) None of these 1) Planning Commission of India Which of the following is an activity opposite of 2) Finance Commission of India9 hedging in share/currency/future markets? 3) Farmerss Commission of India 1) Arbitrage 2) Speculation 3) Spread 4) Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices 4) Short 5) Tall 5) None of these
  9. 9. At present, the number of recognised Central trade 26 Who has won the US open mens singles 2011 title ? unions is 12. Which of the following trade unions 1) Rafael Nadal 2) Roger Federer18 continues to be the largest among all the trade 12 3) Novak Djokovic 4) Andy Murray unions ? 5) None of these 1) Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS) Celebrity Gautam Rajyadhyakshsa has passed away S 27 2) Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) recently. He was a famous 3) CITU 1) Choreographer 2) Lyricist 4) INTUC 3) Photographer 4) Film-maker 5) None of these 5) Singer In Union Budget 2011-12, which of the following deficits has 28 Who has been recently crowned as Miss Universe ? M19 been estimated above four percent of GDP? 1) Ximena Navarrete 2) Olesia Stefanko 1) Fiscal Deficit 2) Primary Deficit 3) Leila Lopes 4) Vivica Fox 3) Revenue Deficit 4) Budgetary Deficit 5) None of these 5) None of these Which of the following universities of India has decided to Which of the following ratio correctly denotes Insurance29 honour the Prime Minister of Bangladesh with an honorary20 Penetration ? D Litt ? 1) Premium underwritten: Population 1) Tripura University 2) Premium Underwrittern: GDP 2) West Khasi Hills University 3) Insured Population: Total Population 3) Kolkata University2122 4) 5) 3) 4) 5) Premium underwritten: Ploicy Holders None of these Which of the following correctly Borrowing and Lending Obligation? 1) 2) A market operation A Money market instrument A clearing system A scheme of Reserve Bank of India A policy initiative of Government of India XA categorises Collateralised In context of the insurance industry, which of the following is a correct term for per capita premium? 30 31 4) Jawaharlal Nehru University 5) Gauhati university With which of the following countries is India going to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on manpower to ensure welfare of Indian workers in that country ? 1) Oman 4) Iran 2) Saudi Arabia 5) Kuwait Who has been given this years Appan Menon Award 3) UAE for young journalists covering international affairs? 1) Rohit Viswanath 2) P Sainath SE 1) Insurance Penetration 2) Insurance Density 3) Anita Joshua 4) Srinivasan Ramani 3) Insurance Intensity 4) Insurance Reach 5) None of these 5) Insurance Depth Which of the following chief ministers of India has Which of the following markets is independently regulated by been praised by the US Congressional Research23 32 Forward Market Commission? Service report for his administrative prowess and 1) Mutual funds projected to be the future Prime Minister of India ? 2) Commodity Exchanges 1) Nitish Kumar 2) Narendra Modi 3) Stock Markets 3) Sheila Dikshit 4) Mayawati 4) Foreign Exchange markets 5) Mamta Banerjee 5) None of these Which of the following is the first state to offer air 33 taxi sevices in India ?24 Which of the following measures comes under quantitative 1) Bihar 2) Himachal Pradesh credit controls adopted by the Reserve Bank of India ? 3) Madhya Pradesh 4) MaharashtraIBP 1) Bank Rate 2) Open Market Operations 5) Tamil Nadu 3) Cash Reserve Ratio 4) Repo Rate 34 Ganapati Sthapati, who died recently, was a famous 5) All of these 1) Architect 2) Sculptor 3)Numismatist 4) Astrologer 5) Historian Which of the following amendments of the Sri Lankan Which of the following North-Eastern state government, brought about after Indo-Sri Lanka Accord 35 governments has ordered an inquiry into the alleged25 in 1987, devolves powers to the Tamil-dominated mass graves in some areas in West Garo Hills districts northern provinces ? The Amendment has become 1) Meghalaya Government relevant after the end of civil war in Sri Lanka. 2) Arunachal Pradesh Government 1) 10th Amendment 2) 12th amendment 3) Nagaland Government 3) 13th Amendment 4) 15th amendment 4) Manipur Government 5) 20th Amendment 5) None of these
  10. 10. 36 Who is the leader of the rebel forces in Libya ? The supreme court has recently issued a notice to the 1) Mohammed al-Fortiya 2) Muammar Gaddafi government on a plea challenging the appointment 3) Hosni Mubarak 4) Abdel-Hafiz Ghoga 44 of atul Kumar Rai as the chief executive officer and 5) None of these managing director of which of the following bodies Russian and US scientists have launched an expedition despite his alleged involvement in corrupt practices ? S37 to study emission of ____ gas in the eastern Arctic. 1) Industrial Finance corporation of India(IFCI) 1) Methane 2) Carbon dioxide 2) FICCI 3) Sulfur dioxide 4) Ozone 3) Chamber of Commerce 5) Ammonia 4) Competition Commission of India Haryana Vidhan Sabha speaker, Kuldeep Sharma, on 27 M 5) Comptroller & Auditor august 2011, announced the constitution of a seven UNCTADs Trade and Development Report 2011, member committee to look into the irregularities in launched in New Delhi in the first week of September38 45 giving away land to various trusts and societies during 2011, projected an econmic growth of what per cent the regime of which of the following former Haryana for India in 2011 ? chief ministers ? 1) 8% 2) 8.1% 3) 9.2% 1) Om prakash Chautala 2) Bansi Lal 4) 8.60% 5) None of these 3) Bhajan Lal 4) Hukam Singh Which of the following countries has topped the list 5) Bhupinder Singh hooda 46 of medals in the World Athletics Championships in Which of the following former Andhra Pradesh chief Nadu in August ? 1) Kotla Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy 2) Nara Chandrababu Naidu 3) Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao 4) K Rosaiah 5) None of these XA39 ministers was appointed as the new Governor of Tamil The chhattisgarh State Government has filed a petition40 in the Supreme Court over Polavaram Dam, which is being constructed by the 1) Andhra Pradesh Govrnment 47 48 Daegu, South Korea ? 1) USA 4) South Africa 2) Kenya 5) South Korea billion in which of the following currencies ? 1) Yen 4) Euro 2) German Deutsche 5) Pound 3) Jamaica The government has recently allowed corporates to raise external commercial borrowings (ECBs) equivalent 3) Yuan Which of the following countries are Indian oil and gas exploration companies cooperating with in South China sea, which China has strongly objected to ? 1) South Korea 2) Indonesia to $1 SE 2) Orissa Government 3) Philippines 4) Laos 3) Maharashtra Government 5) Vietnam 4) Chhatiisgarh Government Which of the following countries has approached the 5) Madhya pradesh government 49 United Nations recently to seek full membership for The Madhya Pradesh government has announced a itself ?41 reward of ______ for those who inform the state 1) South Sudan 2) Switzerland administration about female foeticide. 3) Vatican 4) Palestine 1) Rs.10000 2) Rs.15000 3) Rs.12000 5) Kosovo 4) Rs.20000 5) Rs.20000 Which of the following countries has proposed the Which of the following companies has signed a Buffet Rule which refers to Warren Buffets idea to memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Japan 50 force the wealthiest to pay the same share of income42 based Nippon Life Insurance for collaboration in taxes is being paid by middle-class families ?IBP opportunities, including strategic partnership, across all 1) Greece 2) Italy 3) US 4) France financial services businesses ? 5) Germany 1) Reliance Capital 2) Life Insurance Corporation 3) Max New york Life Insurance 4) bharti AXA Life Insurance 5) None of these Which of the following companies launcheditself 43 branded mobile phone in the Indian market, known as the Facebook phone, in September 2011? 1) HTC 2) Vodafone India 3) Nokia 4) Bharti Airtel 5) IDEA
  11. 11. Banking Awareness Paper - 4 In Union Budget 2011-12, the 20% income tax sab has Mileap is a laptop of the lowest price. It has been1 12 been placed for the income between launched by 1) Rs.3lakh to Rs. 5 lakh 2) Rs. 4 Lakh to Rs. 6 lakh 1) Satyam Computers 2) Infosys 3) Rs. 5lakh to Rs. 7 lakh 4) Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh 3) Microsoft Corporation 4) HCL 5) None of these 5) None of these S2 What was the aim of the antyodaya Programme ? 13 corporate Tax is imposed by 1) Elimination of urban poverty 1) State Government 2) Local Governemt 2) Improving the standards of Scheduled Castes 3) Central Government 3) Upliftment of minorities 4) Both Centre and State Government M 4) Helping the poorest of the poor 5) None of these 5) None of these 14 Which of the following is considered as "White goods? First Export Promotion Zone (EPZ) in private sector was 1) Gems and jewellary 2) construction materials3 established at 3) Domestic electronic goods 1) Kandla 2) Vishakhapatanam 4) Dairy products 5) None of these 3) Noida 4) Surat 15 Scheduled Bank is a bank which is 5) None of these 1) Nationalised 2) Not nationalised The government has formed a high-level infra-finance 3) Based in a foreign country4 committee under the chairmanship of 4) Included in the Second Schedule of RBI5 1) YV Reddy 3) C Ramgarajan 5) Kushik Basu 3) USA 5) Russia 1) Universal Postal Union(UPU) 4) YK Alagh 4) Germany XA 2) Rakesh Mohan Durgapur Steel Plant was constructed in collaboration with 1) Britain 2) France6 Which agency/organisation is not related to UNO ? 2) International Finance Corporation (IFC) 3) Workd Meteorological Organisation(WMO) 16 17 18 5) 1) RBI 5) None of these Which of the following banks is limited to the needs of agriculture and rural finance ? Axis Bank 2) SBI 3)IFC 4) NABARD What is true about sevice Tax in Union Budget 2011-12? 1) Retained at 10% 3) Reduced to 10% 5) None of these 2) Retained at 12% 4) Increased to 12% The Food for Work programme was renamed as 1) RLEGP 5) NREGA 2) IRDP 3)NREP 4) MNP SE 4) International Confederation of Free Trade AS ON September 16, which of the following key rates of 19 Union(ICFTU) RBI is the highest among all ? 5) None of these 1) Repo Rate 2) Reverse Repo Rate In Union Budget 2011-12, the surcharge on domestic 3) bank Rate 4) Cash Reserve Ratio7 companies has been reduced/raised from 7.5% to 5) Statutory Liquidity Rati 1) 10% 2) 11% 3) 6% 4) 5% 20 Which of the following is a credit rating agency in India ?8 Income Tax was introduced in India by 1) CRISIL 2) CARE 3) ICRA 4) All of these 1) Sir Charles Wood 2) Lord Macaulay 5) None of these 3) james Wilson 4) William Jones Which of the following committees is related ot 21 5) None of these infrastructure financing ? National Renewal Fund was constituted with the 1) Deepak parekh 2) T Shankar Lingam9 objective of 3) TS Vijayan 4) OP GargIBP 1) Renwal of mines 5) None of these 2) Modernisation of industries 22 Tax information Network is associated with 3) Establishment of small units 1) Sales Tax 2) Excise Tax 4) Rehabilitation of displaced labourers due to 3) Income Tax 4) Corporation Tax modernisation of industires 5) Goods and Services Tax 5) None of these 23 Plan expenditure in India is met by10 Which of the following is not a member of SAARC? 1) Internal debt and other resources 1) Nepal 2) Pakistan 2) Debt from RBI against government securities 3) Bangladesh 4) Myanmar 3) Assistance from IMF 5) Maldives 4) Annual assistance package of the World Bank Indian rupee has got its new symbol, This symbol has 5) Assistance from OECD countries11 been designed by 24 TK Govinda Rao was a maestro of 1) D Udai Kumar 2) D Kumar Raju 1) Hindustani music 2) Carnatic music 3) Udai D Raj 4) D Udai Reddy 3) Qawwali 4) Tribal music 5) None of these 5) folk music
  12. 12. Focus Product and Focus Market are the two schemes From january 2011, payment of wages under NREGA has25 34 related to been modified. What is the change ? 1) Industrial diversification 1) The amount has been increased to Rs. 150 per month. 2) control of inflation 2) There will be payment for more than 100 days p y 3) Export Promotion 3) Payment is linked to Consumer Price Index. 4) Technological upgradation 4) Now, more than one member per family can get 5) None of these work every month. S Which of the following countries will the Kapilvastu 5) None of these relics of Lord Buddha be carried to in january with all What was the total additional power generation target26 35 protocal extended to a head of state granted to the set for the 11th Five-Year Plan ? relics ? 1) 50,000MW 2) 55,000MW 1) China 2) japan 3) Thailand 3) 65,000MW 4) 70,000MW M 4) Sri Lanka 5) Vietnam 5) 78,700MW Bollywood mega star Amitabh Bachchan is making his belated which of the following terrorist organisations operating27 international debut in Hollywood with which of the 36 against India is the latest to be designated as a Foreign following films directed by Baz Wolfsheim ? Terrorist Organisation (FTO) by the US? 1) Mission Impossible TV 2) The Amazing Spiderman 1) Lashkar-e-Taiba 2) jaish-e-Mohammad 3) Planet of the Apes 4) The Great Gatsby 3) harkat-ul-jihad Islami(HuJI) 5) Life of Pie 4) Indian Mujahideen 5) None of these The export of which of the following commodities has been Name the bank of China which is the largest lender in the28 banned by the Union Government recently in apprehension 37 world in terms of market capitalisation and which has set2930 5) Tea 1) Karnataka 3) Orissa 5) Goa 2) Wheat XA of price escalation in domestic market ? 1) Apple 3) Sugar 2) jharkhand 4) Chattisgarh 4) Onion Which state of india has registered the highest ever export of iron ore during the financial year 2010-11 ? In which of the following countries has the National Transitional Council (NTC) taken over the powers of an interim government after sucessful international action 38 up its operations in India recently. 1) Peoples Bank of China 2) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 3) Hua Xia Bank 4) China Development Bank 5) Shanghai Commercial Bank In view of recurrent rail accidents, the Railway Ministry has constituted a safety peanel to give views and suggestions to improve railway safety. The panel is headed by 1) E Sreedharan 2) Sanjay Dhandhe SE against decades-old dictatorship? 3) Anil Kakodkar 4) Dinesh Trivedi 1) Egypt 2) Tunisia 5) N Vedachalam 3) Yeman 4) Libya Who among the following has been elected as the first 39 5) Syria woman Prime Minister of Denmark ? There was reported an explosion at Marcoule nuclear 1) Jytte Andersen 2) Helle Thorning Schmidt31 reprocessing plant recently. In which of the following 3) Anne Kristine Axelsson 4) Dinesh Trivedi countries is this nuclear plant located ? 5) None of these 1) Japan 2) france Name the film in which a hypthetical planet "Tatooine" 3) Germany 4) Russia was shown having two sunsets and two sunrises in a day. 40 5) Sweden This has been found true by astronomers using NASAs Which of the following countries has a 120-personnel kepler planet-hunting spacecraft. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) contingent been 1) Total Recall 2) Sunshine32 sent to join the Indian forces involved in UN Peace 3) Star Wars 4) District 9IBP Keeping Mission in the country ? 5) Children of Men 1) Rwanda 2) Sierra Leone What is La Tomatina, originally celebrated in Spai, which was 3) Libria 4) Sudan 41 contemplated to be organised in Bangalore but the Karntaka 5) Congo government moved to stop the reverly ? Which of the following Indian cricketers has won the 1) A festival of bull fighting Spirit of Cricket Award at the annual International 2) A tomato-hurling festival33 Cricket Council (ICC) awards function in London 3) A festival of fighting with swords recently ? 4) A mud-throwing festival 1) MS Dhoni 2) Suresh Raina 5) None of these 3) Sachin Tendulkar 4) Ravi Shastri 5) None of these
  13. 13. In which of the following countries of Europe have the In which of the following cities the Formula One (FI)42 Muslim communitys Friday prayers on streets been Grand Prix, considered to be the second biggest sporting 47 banned recently ? event in India after Delhis commonwealth Games, is to 1) Italy 2) france be held in October ? 3) Germany 4) Belgium 1) hyderabad 2) Bangalore 5) Britain 3) Delhi 4) Chandigarh 5) Noida S Name the country where GVK power and Infrastructure Who has been conferred the 44th Jnanpith Award 4843 has acquired a strategic part of Hancock Coal for $1.26 recently ? billiont. This is one of the largest overseas infrastructure 1) Javed Akhtar 2) Akhlaq Shahryar acquisitions by an Indian infrastructure entity. 3) Shabana Azmi 4) Anu Malik 1) Germany 2) Indonesia 5) Ram Gopal Verma M 3) Chile 4) Australia 49 TK Govinda Rao was a maestro of 5) Russia 1) Hindustani Music 2) Carnatic Music44 BNP Paribas is 3) Qawwali 4) Tribal Music 1) an insurance player of India 5) Folk Music 2) the biggest mutual fund company in Britain 3) the biggest bank of France In which of the following states of India has 4) a financial institution of Indonesia 50 Archeological survey of India (ASI) unearthed a 5) an infrastructure company of India hemispherical Buddhist stupa belonging to the Vajrayana The world-famous credit rating agency, Standard & period dating back to 6th and 7th century AD recently ?45 business and education services ? 1) Learning Tree International Ltd 2) Berkshire Hathaway 3) Career Education corporation 4) The princeton Review 5) McGraw-Hill XA poors,is part of which of the following educational companies which is all set to separate its marketsWhich of the following state assembly has passed a resolution calling upon the Centre to commute the life 46 sentence of the main convict in the Parliament attack case, 1) West Bengal 3) Jharkhand 5) Andhra Pradesh 2) Orissa 4) Sikkim SE Afzal Guru ? 1) Tamil Nadu 2) Nagaland 3) Jammu & Kashmir 4) Punjab 5) None of theseIBP
  14. 14. BANKING AWARENESS PAPER - 5 We read in the newpapers about the deregulation of the The Securities and Exchange Board of India has decided to1 pricing of petroleum products by the Government of India. 10 allow ___ to visit SEBI Bhavan to help them learn about the Consider the following outcomes of the above step: capital market regulator. a) This will make petroleum products prices cheaper and the 1. Tourists 2. Foreign investors 3. Students 4. Press S pricing system will become more transparent. b) This will imprve the financial health of the countrys Oil Which of the following is the percentage up to which FDI in 11 Marketing Companies (OMCs) and contribute to fiscal defence secor is allowed ? conslidation. 1) 41% 2)31% 3) 26% 4) 49% 5) None c) This will end the subsidy on petroleum products. 1. Only A 2. Only B 3. B & C 4. A & C 5. None The Maximum amount of the toal revenue earned by the M 12 Government of India comes form Which of the following committees has given 2. I. T 3. Excise Duty 4. VAT2 its recommendatio Which public sector bank celebrated its Platinumns on "Financial Inclusion 1. Custom Duty 4. Corporate Tax Jubilee in"? 13 2. Raghuram Rajan Committee 4. Rakesh Mohan late 2010 ? Committee it is generally believed that the main objective In economics, 1. Dena Bank 2. Canara Bank1. Vaghul Committee3 of a public sector financial company, like bank, it to 3. Bank of Baroda 4. Bank of Maharashtra3. Kelkar Committee and more people 1. Employe more4 2. Maximise total profits 3. Maximise total production 5. Sell goods at subsidised cost The agricultual census intervals ? 1. There is no fixed term 3. Once in 3 years 5. Once in 5 years is done at XA 4.Provide financial services to the people across the country which of 2) Every Year the following 4. Once in 10 years Development of watershed and dryland farming is the part 14 15 16 Which of the following is not among the six infrastructure industries that comprise the "core Sector" ? 1. Coal 2.Crude oil 3. Chemicals and fertilizers 4. Petroleum refinery products 5. All of the above Who among the following was the chaiperson of the committee set up by the RBI on "customer Services in Banks" 1) Deepak Parekh 4) M Damodaran 2)D Subbarao 5) None of these 3)YV Reddy Which of the following is the full form of BRA as used in banking industry ? SE5 of which of the following points of the Twenty- point 1) Brazilian and Rusian association Programme of the Government of India ? 2) Banking Restructuring Act 1. Kisan Mitra 2) Khadya Suraksha 3) Borrowing Risk assessment 3. Garibi Hatao 4) Jan Shakti 4) Banking Regulation Act 5) None of these6 The high rate of growth of economy certainly reduces The Central Government has revised wages of agricultural 1. Gender inequalities 2)Poverty labourers under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural 17 3. population of a country 4) Flow of FDI Employment Guarantee Scheme. The base wage is revised once in Very often we read about Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in 1) 2 Yrs 2) 3 Yrs 3) 4 Yrs 4) 5 Yrs 5) None7 newspapers What is the purpose of promoting SEZs in India? Telecom Commission, the apex decision-making body of the a) They are established to promote exports. 18 Department of Telecom has permitted imposition of aIBP b) They are established to attract investments from foreign uniform licence fee of _____on all telecom operators. countries. 1) 6% 2) 6.6% 3) 8.5% 4) 10% 5) None They are established to help the poorest of the poor in india as the activaities of these Zones are reserved only ofr the NASA scientists have recently announced that they have poor and those living below the poverty line. 19 found the first evidence of flowing water on which of the 1. Only A 2. Only B 3. C 4. A & B 5. None following planets. 1)Mercury 2) Mars 3) Jupiter 4) Venus 5) None Which state government has announced to undertake a8 detailed census of cancer patients in the state ? Italy approved a draft law banning women from wearing 1. Punjab 2)Orissa 3) Haryana 4. Delhi 5. None 20 veils in public. Besides italy, which of the following nations have banned women from wearing veil in public ?9 PC Alexander, who died recently, was a veteran 1) India and Pakistan 2) China and Afghanistan 1) Bureaucrat 2) Nuclear Scientist 3) Belgium and France 4) Bangladesh and Bhutan 3) Educationist 4) Environmentalist 5) None 5) None of these