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Upper school annual rpt 1112
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Upper school annual rpt 1112



Summary highlights and data of the Prescott Library's Upper School programs at The Wheeler School.

Summary highlights and data of the Prescott Library's Upper School programs at The Wheeler School.



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Upper school annual rpt 1112 Upper school annual rpt 1112 Document Transcript

  •  Prescott Library 2011‐2012 Report 1  Upper School Library 2011-2012 School Year At-a-Glance Program Highlights: In June of 2011, Kate Covintree attended the national ALAconference in New Orleans, Louisiana where she participated in a day ofservice at a local library, heard Dan Savage speak on the “It Gets Better”campaign, learned about upcoming titles and materials, and connectedwith other librarians who serve teens and independent schools. Throughout the school year various databases from vendorsincluding EBSCO, ABC-Clio, Facts on File, Gale and Proquest were triedand a spreadsheet of results was maintained to help us determine thebest choices of resources for our students. It was decided that two moreABC-Clio databases should be purchased through our EBSCO vendor. In the fall of 2011, four iPads were added into on-site circulation for use by students in thelibrary and faculty on a day-by-day basis. Apps and library resources were added to the devices tohelp users with their research and reading needs in the Middle/Upper school. During the 10th grade Fall project, instead of large group instruction, Ms. Covintree met witheach student one-on-one for at least 10 minutes to assist them in their personal research needsand provide more individualized attention. Ninth graders were surveyed using the TRAILS program during their opening orientation toreview the skill set that exists before any research learningtook place. Knowledge of information literacy terms like“currency” was found to be one of this class’s weaker areas. 292 total class sessions occurred in the Upper Schoolspace, and there were times when space limitations requiredthe Upper School to use the Middle School space. With the success of the Kindles already in circulation,the MS/US library added twelve additional Kindles (FourKindle touches) to our circulating collection. Most frequentlyborrowed by faculty, some students also took advantage ofthis reading format. Kate Covintree continued her work with the RhodeIsland Teen Book Award (RITBA) committee, reading for theHigh School age this year. She also became a member of theYALSA Blog Advisory Board, and the YALS editorial advisoryboard. As this was her second year, she also went through theteacher evaluation process including reflections, observations, and a survey.
  •  Prescott Library 2011‐2012 Report 2  Library collection records for Middle & Upper School3,267 total items circulated from the Middle &Upper School LibraryAdded a large number of aspergers and autismresources thanks to a generous donation by Mr.and Mrs. Paul775 print Titles to the Middle & Upper Schoolcollection and 133 ebooks added to the collectionMaintained a Kindle LibGuide as a way to recordall ebook titles added to our KindlesInvestigated iPad book apps including specifictitles like On the Road and Frankenstein.925 items removed by the end of May with weeding continuing to the end of the year.Upper School LibGuides48 Total LibGuides are available forUpper School use with 14 Guides for History 10 Guides for Languages 7 Guides for SciencePeak months of usage: November (2,551 hits) May (1,862 hits) December (1,686 hits)  Continued Banned Books week displays National Library Week trivia questionsfor faculty (added trivia for students aswell) including prizes Facebook and Twitter posts Senior Book Bundles display in May Serving on Rhode Island Teen BookAward (RITBA) committee Adding titles to the Kindle eReaders Supporting curricular researchprojects in History, Science, Englishand World Languages throughcollaboration, cooperation, LibGuides,and other resources Using faculty suggestions andrecommendations to add materials tothe collection
  •  Prescott Library 2011‐2012 Report 3   On DisplayBook displays for Best Sellers, Award Winning books, Banned Books Week, Books into Films, BeachReads, Gardens, Cookbooks, Scary titles, Senior picks, New books, Faculty recommendationsSigns and posters using Comic Life and online tools to instruct students on printers (including theirnames), location of graphic novel collection (all moved to the same location this year), and more.Prescott Library  Upper School Statistical Snapshot   2011‐2012 School YearTotal Number of Class visits   292  Total LibGuides for Upper School   48 Class Visits 1st Semester  141  NEW Upper School LibGuides Created  12 Class Visits 2nd Semester  151  Total Hits to Upper School LibGuides  12,317   Total Hits to All School LibGuides  21,340 Total Circulation  3,267    Sessions  Searches  Hits Grade 12  132  History Study Center  206  348  225,461 Grade 11  198  ProQuest    468  539 Grade 10  112  Science Online  444  796  1891 Grade 9  143  Biomes … Earth Online  6  18   Grade 8  140         Grade 7  156  Global Exploration Online  43  27    Grade 6  300  EBSCOHost Mobile  2  3   Faculty  2,010  EBSCOHost Res. Database  1,843  25,363  6,616   History Reference Center   292  1,162  639 Facebook Followers  91  Science Reference Center   582  2,152  1,378 Twitter Followers  13  Student Research Center   513  3,039  1,438  Looking Forward – Goals for 2012-2013 Continue to build eReading options for faculty and students Continue to investigate and implement various ways to highlight new materials for facultyand staff as well as students Investigate and implement ways to highlight and use existing mobile application options forthe Library, and make sure they all remain working Continue to evaluate current database services and investigate best practice options Institute more direct and intentional Noodletools instruction for 9th graders on and beforetheir Renaissance art project. Perhaps even offering small skill tutorials throughout theresearch project Revisit and revise the curriculum map for Upper School