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Noodletools in the neighborhood

  1. 1. Presented by K Covintree Noodletools
  2. 2. Revised by K Covintree, Nov ‘10 NoodleBib Create a Works Cited 21st Century Skills @ your library
  3. 3. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 What is NoodleBib? Create, organize and store • Create a bibliography • Take notes online • Organize your ideas • Create a finished product with proper documentation
  4. 4. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 Choose MLA for History & English Projects
  5. 5. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 Your dashboard helps you track and organize your work
  6. 6. And keep your focus
  7. 7. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 What’s your source? Choose the best match from the drop-down menu
  8. 8. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 Not just print choices Citation info for… •Advertisements •Blogs •Cartoons •Interviews •Letters •Maps and Charts •Speeches •TV and Video •Wikis
  9. 9. Fill in the form Do the best you can with the information you have With web sources, you can cut-and-paste to avoid spelling errors
  10. 10. Get help on each field
  11. 11. Help pops up!
  12. 12. When you’re done, check for errors…
  13. 13. …and make changes
  14. 14. Compile your working list
  15. 15. Choose “Edit” to revise what you’ve already done
  16. 16. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 If you’re confused
  17. 17. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 When you’re ready to print Choose one of these options No need to cut and paste into another document.
  18. 18. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 Before you hit Open and Print – Check your formatting: – Do you have the right List Title? – Are you including the annotations? – Do you need a Page Header? – Double Check your work (when a pop up box asks you if you should open a Word Document, choose OK)
  19. 19. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 A final Works Cited Your finished list should appear alphabetized, with proper margins and spacing. •Save the document. •Triple check your work & make any needed changes •Save again and Print! You’re done!
  20. 20. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 Works Cited & PowerPoint Azari, Julia R. “Presidential Elections.” Encyclopedia of American Political Parties and Elections. Ed. Larry J Sabato and Howard R Ernst. New York: Facts on File, 2006. Facts on File. Bishop Feehan HS Lib., Attleboro, MA. 31 Mar. 2008. The Bible, New King James Version. Lexington: Asbury, 1978. Diagram Group. “Buddhism.” Comparitive Religions on File. New York: Facts on File, 2000. 4.10-4.11. Green, Richard J., and Wil Lepkowski. “Forestalling Disaster: Energy policy for an uncertain age.” America 31 Mar. 2008: 9-12. Hubert, Jennifer. “Watership Down by Richard Adams.” Weblog entry. 3 May 2007. Reading Rants! 31 Mar. 2008 < adams/>. Lee, Harper. To Kill a Mockingbird. N.p.: n.p., n.d. 121-156. Rpt. in The Language of Literature. Ed. John Addos, Sering Glove, and Arthuer N Applebee. Boston: McDougal-Little, 2000. Rogers, Laura, and World Book. “Taiwan.” CultureGrams: World Editions. Italy: Children’s, 1998. 65-77. Schmo, Joe. “MySpace Goes to College.” Newsweek 30 Aug. 2007: 16-19. You can save a Non-annotated Works Cited from your Noodletools list to Copy and Paste into the final slide of your history PowerPoint!
  21. 21. Revised by K Covintree Time for a few Extras! What makes Noodletools better than some of the rest   
  22. 22. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 In-text citation pop-up help! Examples customized for each source 
  23. 23. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 Annotate a Bibliography "An annotated bibliography is just like a regular bibliography [. . .] except that each entry adds a description or summary of the work's aim, purpose, or contents. Annotations are usually a paragraph” ( Items for the paragraph: • a clear description or summary of the text cited • accurate quotes or paraphrases from the source text with page numbers listed • Explanation of why this text matters and will be useful for the researcher’s purposes 
  24. 24. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 Write 5 complete sentences about the source and why you plan to use it …Thomas Becket was praying in Canterbury Cathedral when the murder occurred. “The cathedral was a holy place for him, part of the reason they killed him there” (55). The book tells us Becket was very religious… 
  25. 25. Keep a project portfolio All your lists in one place 
  26. 26. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 Your dashboard helps you track and organize your work Share projects with your teachers 
  27. 27. Use teacher comments to make corrections 
  28. 28. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 Check here first  Submit questions, but…
  29. 29. Created by K Covintree, Jan ‘09 Search your question here 
  30. 30. Revised by K Covintree, Create an account! • At the “New User Registration” choose the option that says your account is linked to a school. • Enter the school username and the school password (Check with library staff for this info) • Create your personal ID and password – Store these in a safe place so you remember them in the future • When you use NoodleBib after that, login only with your personal ID and password
  31. 31. Revised by K Covintree One final note… • Cite as you go (books, websites, databases,…) • Add notes and annotations as you read (you can always revise) • Share your working list with your teacher – Get feedback as you go
  32. 32. Credit where it’s due Most of this information comes direct from Debbie Abilock’s Noodletools presentation dex.php?action=file_library&folder=1 Revised by K Covintree, Nov ‘10
  33. 33. Revised by K Covintree NoodleBib Start your source list! Questions? Contact the Library staff!