Writing a Book Review, Revised ed.


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2013 Update of Book Review PowerPoint

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  • Non-fiction Content Guidelines-Use these guidelines if you use a reference or nonfiction book.pThesis: What is the author’s main idea? Does the introduction or preface inform you of the author’s intent? pOrganization: How does the author develop the main idea? How is the information organized? List some of the topics that are included, particularly topics that interest you. Explain why you liked or did not like the way in which the material was presented. Was there enough information? ...too much information?
  • If it’s non fiction, did you book was about? One know when the book took interesting part? place? Is it 1800s, or• Could you tell whether it 1900s? was fiction or non-fiction? i.e., is it about magic • Did the reviewer make it tricks, biography or a clear to you why you fiction book? would like the book?• If it was fiction – what • Did you actually get any genre was it? Was it sense of the book at all? Adventure? Humor? • Of course you didn’t! Suspense? Mystery???
  • Writing a Book Review, Revised ed.

    1. 1. Writing aBook ReviewThe BasicsRev.May2013CreatedbyK.Covintree
    2. 2. A Book Review is An Essay—Not A Book Report• It does not just tell a reader the synopsisof a plot• It includes the reviewer’s analysis andopinion of the bookReviewer’sOpinionEssay’sThesis
    3. 3. A book review answers What is the book’s main idea/ argument? What is the book about? What is the author trying to convey? Who are the characters involved? What is the central narrative? Is the book successful? Who is the author? Does he/she know enough to write this? How does this book fit in relation to other bookson this topic? Does the author convince you of the argument?
    4. 4. Plus these questions What is memorable about this book? Quotes – Topics – Style of writing – Form Was it a good book? What are the books strengths / weaknesses? What stood out for you about the book? Would you recommend it to others?
    5. 5. How To Write a Review• Write with authority• Write in a present tense style and withconfidence• Have a thesis or main idea• The author skillfully argues…• Ultimately the author fails to…• Make sure book summation is spoiler free• Include examples from the text• Bibliographic information should precede(come before) the review
    6. 6. What Does Reviewer Need toConvey?Info on theBook(Summary, etc)Info on theAuthor(inc. Intent)Author’sArgument(with Analysis)Opinion of book(Review’sThesis)Evidence tosupport claimsmadeQuotes fromtext (with pagenumbers)
    7. 7. Example Review:Let’s Roll by K H., Carmel, INLet’s Roll! Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage is a biography written by Lisa Beamer with Ken Abraham.Beamer’s husband, Todd, was one of the brave heroes on United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. This is notthe typical 9/11 story, though. Already the mother of two boys, Lisa was pregnant when Todd died. Unlikesome Americans who dealt with the tragedy simply by despising the terrorists and seeking vengeance, Lisarelied on her faith in God to help her through this horrific experience.This memoir not only features the life of the Beamer family, it gives shocking details of all the events of thatday. Looking back, I never knew what actually happened. Now, after reading Let’s Roll!, I have deeper empathyfor those lost lives. This book has made me question my faith, and what my actions would be in a similarsituation.You might be curious as to how the title of the book connects with the story. Throughout Todd’s life, “Let’s roll”was his personal phrase. His sons knew when Daddy said “Let’s roll,” they better be ready to head out thedoor. “Let’s roll” also happened to be Todd’s last words as he followed through with the plan to attack theterrorists aboard his plane.I read this book when a friend recommended it, and now I know why she did! You become addicted to it frompage one. Beamer uses language that is easy to comprehend yet creates vivid images. You too will return towhat you were doing in the moments the terrorists attacked.All Americans could benefit from reading this book. Too many of us stay hooked on the past, yet Lisa is usingthis tragedy as a way to move forward. This book taught me to always move on, yet never forget.from Teen Ink.com
    8. 8. For more examplesand information, visit:http://wheelerschool.libguides.com/bookrevieworhttp://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/bookrev/index.htm