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  • 1. ==== ====Improve your health for freehttp://goodhealthinanutshell.com/2011/05/31/improve-your-health-for-free-tips-set-1/==== ====What are the 6 essentials you need to improve your health? This question is the focus of thisarticle where you can also learn how to have fun in a healthy and relaxing way. Below are thedetails:Keep in mind that you need to enjoy life for it is so short. Maintain a healthy and positive outlook inlife for it promotes positive effects. If you have an optimistic attitude emotions, and feelings, youare most likely enhancing yourself to live longer and happier. The 6 essentials you need toimprove your health are as follows:1. Minerals and Vitamins: This has the capacity to help your body become nourished andequipped with antioxidants. It will serve as shield and protection of your body against diseases.2. Antioxidants: They can help you in fighting the free radicals that battle against wrinkles,cataracts, cancer, and other bad effects of aging. Other sources of foods rich in antioxidants arecoffee, chocolate, wine, and green tea.3. Exercise: Try to enroll yourself with exercise program or you can do yoga, play badminton,basketball, swimming, or any sports of your choice to aid in fast metabolic burning of calories.4. Personal Relationships: It can give you purpose and a meaningful life where you can relate andwork well with others. You can also make yourself busy by volunteering yourself to some civic andcharitable movements that can enhance not only your social well-being but also your spiritual life.5. Mental Brain Exercise: Harness and challenge your brain with tasks and activities like reading,extra curricular projects, and the like.6. Rest and Relaxation: Search and apply for relaxation and meditation techniques such as yogato develop your sense of love to oneself. Give yourself the chance to enjoy simple things in life likemassage, spa, makeover, etc.Life is so short for us not to take care of ourselves. Love and live your life to the fullest.Now you want to live longer, look younger, and be healthy, right?Do this with Dr. Ozs Extreme Life Extension through Resveratrol by Clicking Here Now[http://www.droz-resveratrol.com]!
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