Exercise Equipment


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What Exercise Equipment is right for you?

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Exercise Equipment

  1. 1. ==== ====Get more kettlercise informationhttp://www.weightlosstipsforyoungwomen.com/weight-loss/kettlercise-just-for-women-2-set-dvd-ultimate-kettlebell-fat-loss-program/==== ====It is estimated that 80% of home exercise equipment is not used after the first year.So, youre planning to buy a piece of home exercise equipment... and you have promised yourselfthat this time you are really going to use it!Maybe you already have a collection of different exercise devices... but you are convinced thatwith this new contraption you will definitely reach your fitness goals.Or you keep saying to yourself... "If I only had that fitness machine I would be motivated to workout".Around 80% of home exercise equipment buyers said the same thing... and the equipment theybought is gathering dust in the corner somewhere along with their dreams of muscle tone, moreenergy, weight control and feeling great.Dont part with your hard earned money before you make sure you will be one of the 20% thatbuys home exercise equipment and actually uses it, because as we all know... you are only goingto get the physical benefits from the home exercise equipment you buy if you actually do theexercise.Who Buys Home Exercise Equipment And Then Doesnt Use It?According to Consumers Union, it is the beginner, or inexperienced, exercisers that are mostlikely to purchase home exercise equipment and then not use it.As a matter of fact... beginner exercisers dont use 2/3 of the home exercise equipment they buy.Although buying home exercise equipment seems like the logical first step to improved fitness... itis the beginners that give up using the equipment more than people who already enjoy an activelifestyle.Lets see why this happens...Using Home Exercise Equipment Is An Exercise In Self ControlMost people over estimate their self control.
  2. 2. Even though they exhibit determination and enthusiasm when researching the home exerciseequipment to buy, seeking out the best price, purchasing and installing the equipment in theirhome... most people just dont have enough self control to use the equipment in the necessarymanner to reap the rewards.Thinking about exercise, talking about exercise, researching exercise and purchasing homeexercise equipment is not exercise.There is no home exercise equipment that will completely transform you and help you reach allyour fitness goals without an investment of time and energy.As a matter of fact... the costs of seeking fitness are immediate, while the benefits are delayed.Most beginners get frustrated putting in the time and energy necessary to reap the long termphysical rewards using the home exercise equipment .As a result, 2/3 of the home exercise equipment finds its way into garages, closets and basementswith the closing comments... "That thing didnt work."Prove Yourself Worthy Before Buying Home Exercise EquipmentMost beginners buy home exercise equipment because they took a good hard look in the mirrorand didnt like what they saw... or they assessed their physical abilities and found them lacking.Next step... buy a piece of home exercise equipment!Well, hold on there... not so fast.As Im fond of saying... Fitness is a journey, not a destination.The bodily changes and improvement of physical abilities you seek can only be obtained for thelong term by incorporating consistent physical activity into your lifestyle.Prove yourself worthy of the purchase of home exercise equipment by first adding physical activityto your lifestyle by using the effective, versatile and efficient piece of home exercise equipmentthat you already have... your own body!If you are really serious about improving muscle tone and energy levels while controlling weightand feeling great... start by performing a workout program of bodyweight calisthenics exercises.Bodyweight calisthenics exercise is the perfect method to use for the beginner, as well asexperienced, fitness enthusiast when starting a physical fitness training program... and shouldremain part of a well balanced fitness training regime.As a matter of fact... you should not start using home exercise equipment of any kind until you firsthave developed the ability to control the movement of your own body.Once you have effectively added physical activity into your lifestyle... you can buy that piece of
  3. 3. home exercise equipment to augment, vary and diversify your physical training with the confidencethat you will actually use it.In conclusion...Bodyweight calisthenics exercise is the perfect place to start your physical fitness trainingprogram.Properly done... bodyweight calisthenics exercise will develop a strong, lean and athletic body thatactually performs as good as it looks.Once physical training has become a habit... buy home exercise equipment to improve youralready effective training.The body and physical abilities you seek are not determined by the equipment you have at yourdisposal... but rather by your desire to improve and incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle!Save yourself a lot of time and money by proving to yourself that you are not overestimating yourself control... because if you fail to successfully add bodyweight calisthenics exercise into yourlifestyle, you will most likely fail to use the home exercise equipment you buy.So what are you waiting for?Use your own body as your gym... and get started on your own personal fitness journey today!Coach Lomax invites you to explore bodyweight calisthenics on Bodyweight Calisthenics Exercise[http://www.bodyweight-calisthenics-exercise.com]. Learn how to use the "gym you were bornwith", and perform, feel and look better than ever before... without costly equipment or expensivegym memberships. We recommend Workout Without Weights: Bodyweight Calisthenics WorkoutProgression System.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Eddie_Lomax==== ====Get more kettlercise information
  4. 4. http://www.weightlosstipsforyoungwomen.com/weight-loss/kettlercise-just-for-women-2-set-dvd-ultimate-kettlebell-fat-loss-program/==== ====