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Question 7 eval

  1. 1. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Question 7
  3. 3. Preliminary Task For my preliminary task I had to make a college magazine front cover. The reason for this was to help me become familiar with the process of making a magazine. I learnt about conventions which was very important as it helped make my magazine look realistic and create a house style throughout. I also learnt how to use and develop my skills on photoshop. I also became familiar with the language, institution, ideology and representation of magazines which was important in finding out the basics of a particular magazine. All of this was useful as it informed me of what I need to include in my magazine while developing my skills further which became useful and saved time when creating my music magazine.
  4. 4. Things I learnt from my preliminary task Terminology Photography Photoshop Research Process • Masthead • Cover Lines • Features • Plugs • Pull Quote • Stand First • Tag Line • Base Line • Extreme Close up • Close up • Medium Close up • Medium Shot • Long Shot • Extreme Long Shot • Quick Selection • Selective Colour • Magnetic Lasso Tool • Layers • Free Transform Tool • Levels • Stroke • Drop Shadow • Conventions • LIIAR Analysis • Existing Products Research • Examples of Shot Types • Mood Board • Box Drafts • Sky line
  5. 5. Preliminary Task When looking back on my preliminary task I now realise how unprofessional it looks at where it could be improved. It looks very unrealistic and unlike any existing products. I did follow many conventions, however I did not consider stylistic value.
  6. 6. The masthead on my preliminary task isn’t too bad. It is in the correct place and looks bold which makes it stand out. The colour also matches the rest of the colour scheme. The price of my magazine is not placed in the correct area. It should be near the barcode and in a much smaller font. The skyline on my magazine is placed in the correct area. I think it looks effective. The cover lines of my magazine are not edited very well. If I was to do them now I would take the stroke effect off and add a drop shadow instead as the text would still stand out but look more crisp, clean and realistic. My main cover story does not look effective. The writing is obstructing the girls folders and the stroke effect looks very unnatural. If I was to do this again I would use the drop shadow effect instead of stroke and re-position the text. This would make it look more professional My main image is very hit and miss. The image itself is good, the framing is correct (medium close up) and the mise-en-scene creates realism, however I have made it look very unprofessional by adding an outline to the image and creating the zig-zag background. This makes the magazine look very unprofessional and I could not image this as an existing magazine. The background would look better if it was a college environment which would make the mise-en-scene even stronger. The barcode is placed in the correct area, however I would make it a tiny bit smaller and move the price, issue, date, and edition near it. The website featured in the sky line is very effective. It makes the magazine appear more reliable as it has a real source on it. The colour scheme is very bad. Although the colours contrast each other which makes it stand out, it does not look professional. If I was to do this again I would have the main colour as white instead of blue and incorporate elements of orange and blue. This would make it look more realistic and less tacky. The issue, date and edition of my magazine would look more conventional if they were placed near the barcode.
  7. 7. Comparing Preliminary and Music Magazine Conventions College Magazine Music Magazine Masthead Yes Yes Features Yes, Layout not effective Yes Barcode Yes, not effective Yes Plug No Yes Sub-line Yes Yes Conventional Image Yes, Not effective Yes Issue, Date, Edition Yes, not effective layout Yes
  8. 8. Peer Feedback I asked a few peers about my music magazine front cover for their honest opinion on what they like and don’t like about my front cover.
  9. 9. Tara Becky Lauren I like the look of the brush stroke underneath the cover story. It makes the front cover and makes it so that the text is readable. It looks very realistic. I like how your front cover looks simplistic because of the limited use of colours. I really like the front cover. The colour scheme is my favourite element as it looks very subtle and not overpowering or tacky.