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My Friends My Friends Presentation Transcript

  • The friends of mine.
    Mis Amigos
    Emma and I have had three year long mutual friendship. Emma is important to me because she’s always there to help me, and listen to whatever I have to say. She’s an important, positive influence on my life and I absolutely enjoy her company.
    I hope to continue my friendship with Emma for many years to come.
    Erica and I met when she
    came to Gray Stone in the
    middle of sophomore year.
    She was put into my Algebra
    2 class, which consisted of
    only six peers. She and I
    became better friends at the
    beginning of junior year.
    She’s someone I can always have fun with, and I’m looking forward to our memories in the future.
    Kacey never has a dull moment. Her and I became close friends the end of sophomore year, and beginning of junior year. She’s always on the same page as me, and I never expect anything less than phenomenal from her.
    She’s the type of person that I would wander around aimlessly with, just for the fun of it. Even though we wouldn’t really be doing anything productive, I know it’d be the most fun I’ve had in a while. Kacey keeps me sane.
    Raelynn and I became friends my freshman year. She’s always been there for me, and I know I can always rely on her to help me through whatever hardships I may be subject to.
    She’s important to me because no matter what, she’s always going to have fun, and live her life to the best of her ability.
    Amanda Burris. The most fun-loving, compassionate, whole-hearted girl you’ll ever meet. Although we’ve become distanced during my junior year, she’s the reason I’m still in one piece. We’ve been through it all. . . literally. She’s always going to mean the most to me.
    We’ve never had a fight. She’s been there since “hello,” and for that I have the utmost appreciation.
  • KierstynMccoy
    The first time I met Kierstyn, aka “Kiki,” was freshman year. She was a sophomore in my PE class. The beginning of our friendship stemmed from, “I like your neon nail polish.” From then on, we’ve had geometry, Algebra II, and pre-cal.
    Kiki brightens my days. She’s always happy, and it never fails that she can bring me up when I’m down. For that, she is muy importante to me.
  • Brandi coyle
    Brandi and I have had a semi-long friendship since freshman year. I always thought she had the coolest clothes, and the prettiest makeup. We’d occasionally walk to the library together for English I.
    Since then, Brandi and I have become much better friends, especially in junior year. She’s the person that I can always share my stories with, without the fear of being judged. She’s always there for me, and I know I can trust her with anything.
  • Sierra shepherd
    Although Sierra and I haven’t had that long of a relationship, she’s one of the most respectful people I’ve ever come in contact with. She’s never judgmental, and she’s always well-organized.
    If I ever need someone neutral to talk to about some type of happening, Sierra’s always going to be that person.
  • Patrick Snyder
    Patrick and I met my freshman year. Every time I saw him, I thought he was just the cutest thing ever. He became the friend I never had, the person I could always talk to. He could almost finish my sentences. It was crazy.
    I have to confess that he is one of the most important influences in my life. He’s taught me so much about me, that I didn’t even know I had. He’s opened my eyes to a different outlook on love and life. He’s definitely a philosopher.
  • Sydney Safrit
    Sydney’s new to “the group.” She moved here our junior year. When I first talked to her, I thought she was the sweetest and most country person I’d ever met. My instincts were right. She’s always that person I can rely on, and talk to. She has my back no matter the circumstance.
    I would absolutely love to be friends with Sydney for my entire life. She’s that person that I just know I’ll have a continuous friendship with.
  • Kalebmedlin
    It’s nearly impossible to even begin to describe the kind of friend Kaleb is to me. He’s absolutely, positively magnificent. He never judges me, and any time I tell him a story, he actually listens. He doesn’t just stare blankly at me, he listens, and responds with an adequate remark based upon the story.
    Kaleb’s the guy that I would never ever let go of. I want to keep him in my pocket, and take him with me everywhere. He’s so important to me. We always laugh and have a good time. With him and I, there is never a dull moment.
  • Wes hubbard
    Wes: a.k.a. “the wild one.” Wes and I literally talk about EVERYTHING. There’s not much to use to describe him; he’s funny, and never ever quiet. He’s always the conversation starter, and it never fails that he always picks on me.
    Wes always has, and always will do anything humanly possible to have fun. He’s taught me how to live, and to accept who I am, and how things are.
  • Joseph streble
    Joe is the epitome of friendship. He’s always got my back, I never have to worry about that. I honestly can’t remember how we met, but I’m really glad we did. He’s the best friend I could ever ask for. He’s there to take care of me, and I know he’ll never let me down.
    Joe is not afraid to “tell me like it is.” He’s so blunt, and straight up; always honest. He has all the character to make up the perfect best friend ever. I love him ‘til death and after. He’s one of the most influential, important people in my life. He’s the equivalent of my “protector.” I wouldn’t be able to survive a day without him.
  • FINITO.The end, for now.