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10 Tips for Growing Your Startup Globally
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10 Tips for Growing Your Startup Globally


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10 Tips for Growing Your Startup Globally

10 Tips for Growing Your Startup Globally

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  • 1. Hello Apps World! 1 0 T i p s Fo r Growing Globally 23:10:13 Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 2. Who are you? Courtney Boyd Myers (@CBM) Founder of + 3460 Miles Working with Makeshift, Fueled, SHADOW, Ignite100, Artsy, REQQI, YPlan + Qriously Forbes, The Huffington Post, PC Mag, IEEE Spectrum, The Next Web, Wired UK Former Director of Audience Development, General Assembly Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 3. Packing List 1. Funding: • Growing internationally is expensive • You only get one shot at launching in a new city • Raise money from connected angels or VCs in the city you want to launch in • Or have really thick bootstraps... Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 4. Packing List 2. Pick a technology and business model that scales and makes sense in new markets Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 5. Packing List 3. Landscape Analysis •Potential Partners •Target Demographics •Companies that failed/succeeded before Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 6. Packing List 4. Your Messaging + Company Mission Need to Translate •Moms vs. Mums + a Jumble Sale? •Humor doesn’t always translate! •Does your startup name translate? Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 7. Packing List 5. Yourself (time + travel=money) •Events, Speaking Opportunities •CEO Face Time with local partners and customers Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 8. Planning 6. Boots on the Ground •Rise of the mobile workforce •Community Support + Evangelism •Local support •Government support? •Get Plugged In! Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 9. Planning 7. Pick Your Partners + Evangelists Wisely • Partners are crucial • Reputation by association will make or break you • Worth the time + money to choose the right ones Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 10. Planning 8. Social Media + Online Marketing •The World is Global, Baby •Media Partnerships + Email Marketing Partnerships •Online marketing: Facebook + Twitter + Media •SEM: Local SEO + AdWords campaign Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 11. Landing 9. Logistics •Office space •Taxes •Legal •Hiring •Procurement Companies Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 12. 10. Embrace the local culture! Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 13. CONCLUSION You’re not going to be able to grow globally without: A Great Product Money in the Bank Knowing How to Market ...SO! Wednesday, October 23, 13
  • 14. CONCLUSION How can I make better Internet? How can I finance a company? How can I market? Introducing Nat, Nico and Kevin! Wednesday, October 23, 13