Analysis of Front Cover Music Magazine


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A.S Level Media Research

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Analysis of Front Cover Music Magazine

  1. 1. Chart Music Magazines Front Cover Analysis
  2. 2. The company publishing the magazine have their main logo in the same place and same colours on all magazines to make it recognisable. Top of the Pops front cover analysis The masthead in this issue of the top of the pops magazine has the background of orange and font of white which contrast well together to stand out so customers would be able to see what magazine it was. There are also three subhead lines based on three different artists or celebrities which attract customers from the variety of people on the front cover. They also use the consistent colours throughout the heading and a simple black font for a basic line of information on the article in the magazine which contrasts well with the orange and white. They have placed another article heading in opposite corners to another one which stands with the yellow bright background. They also use a photograph to make customers interested and use the main colours of orange and black on it some how. Other articles within the magazine are displayed with orange black and white and with pictures so younger people of the target audience can just see what its about without having to read a lot about it before they purchase the magazine. For another article heading within the magazine they don't use the main consistent colours however they use a similar colour which stands out bold for readers to automatically draw to read. The fact there is main word of ‘win’ in different colour and background to the rest of the magazine makes it appeal to people easily draw to it and stand out as they can be involved in something the magazine is offering. The main photo of the magazine stands out central of the magazine. It is also a well recognised celebrity who is popular with the target audience of teenage girls so it influences them to purchase the magazine. The fact he is only wearing a vest makes him look more appealing to people. The background colour for the front cover of this magazine is white which makes it look simple yet all the pictures and article headline stand out. It also makes the main image look more important without unnecessary things in the background to distract the readers The main headline on this magazine issue also uses the contrasting colours that are used in the masthead. These colours are the consistent colours used throughout the cover of the magazine to attract the readers. The use of a quote from the celebrity used as the main headline will also attract the readers as they will want to read more about it with such a surprising headline. The main colours have also been used on the barcode, magazine details and information to keep it consistent and appealing throughout even on the minor things on the magazine.
  3. 3. Top of the Pops target audience is based at young teenager girls who are interested in chart music and the latest celebrity interests and gossip. They attract the audience through the use of bright bold colours which stand out. They have used an attract male as the centre picture of this issue so girls would be more interested in purchasing it. They offer people posters and pictures which appeal to the young girls who would want these to place around their bedrooms. They also use celebrity advice as an article on the front cover, this would appeal to the target audience as it is what the celebrities do and their idols in which they look up to and they want to be like them so they would take a keen interest into reading into the article. The use of slang words is used on the front cover for example ‘buff’ which connects the reader through this formal way as the target audience of teenage girls may use words such as these and they would know what they mean in comparison to older people who may not know what these words mean so it wouldn't appeal to them.
  4. 4. The title for this magazine is barely visible on this issue of the magazine due to the prominent picture which is taking control to stand out. However due to this magazine being a well known international magazine it is easily recognisable to people. It keeps the same colours for the title throughout each magazine. The background for this magazine cover is a very pale pink this is a good colour to use as it is very simple and basic and contrasts well with the black and bright blue font on the rest of the cover. It also contrasts well with the main image of Katy Perry with her dark hair and bright lipstick and eye shadow. The main image on this magazine cover is Katy Perry who is well known popular person in the music industry which appeals to the audience and customers purchasing the magazine. She is very central on the page with her skin and body looking very simple but perfect. You can barely see any clothes on her so it attracts you more to her face. The use of bright blue/green eye shadow and bright pink lipstick makes her face stand out a lot showing how attractive she is and that the main article will be focused on her. Billboard magazine front cover analysis The information of this issue of magazine is very tiny in comparison to the rest of the magazine showing its a minor thing and doesn't need to be standing out much. There isn't even a bar code located at the front of the magazine like many magazines normally have, showing how little it means in perspective to the rest of the magazine and it will be probably be found elsewhere on a not so important page of the magazine like the back. The main headline of this magazine isn't even relatively large as a normal main headline would be. It only has basic words and shows who the main person is and why she is so important for this magazine putting everything else down to not meaning much throughout the magazine. The subheadings for other articles in the magazine are very limited to there only being 2 other articles which stand out showing in comparison they aren't and may not necessarily be important. They also have limited information based on the article showing that if you want to know more you have to read into it and not giving much away of what the magazine is offering.
  5. 5. The target audience for the Billboard magazine is a variety from teenagers aged 16 to people aged 28 of both genders. This is because it includes a variety of genres of music in it. They attract the audience by the use of simple colours to make the main image stand out. They use an attractive woman, Katy Perry as the main image to get the attention of the readers. This image is suitable for both genders as males would find her attractive to look at and woman see her as a role model of someone to be like; especially as the headline is Woman of the Year so therefore more of reason to look up to her. The use of only pink and blue generally is known as a boy and girl colour so the use of those colours shows that the magazine is both aimed at girls and boys. It is a very formal and basic magazine with no use of slang so it is suitable for the correct audience. There is no over-crowding on the front cover and its kept very mature. Throughout the magazine they have advice from the celebrities which would want people who idolise them to read into.
  6. 6. Other Genres - Front Cover Analysis
  7. 7. Through the writing at the header of the magazine cover you can also tell that the magazine is only suitable for certain ages of the older age. This is because words such as ‘cocaine’ ‘heroin’ ‘prison’ and ‘HIV’ are inappropriate for younger ages and set a bad example. The title of this magazine is very basic and bold with a large font so it is easy to notice, like the previous analyzed front covers they too have simple titles for their magazines so it is easily recognized. Through the main headline of the magazine you can immediately tell that it is aimed at a more of an adult age through the word ‘virgin’ as younger people would not be able to tell what this meant in that context. The word virgin also stands out in a bright red colour to attract the reader. Like many magazines this magazine has got a simple barcode and magazine information laid out near the bottle of the page, the use of black and white colour scheme for this makes it fit in for the rest of the magazine. The main image on the background is Chris Brown, he is a suitable person for this type of magazine as he fits the genre well of hip-hop and RnB. The way he is standing and posing and his hand positions show this as stereotypical that’s what people who like RnB music look like and idolise to. The rest of the headlines for the magazine are laid out in a very simple basic colour scheme of green and white which contrast well against the basic patterned background in which the headlines and main image is placed upon. One other article in which this magazine ha, has been presented out in a different way to the others with the bright red and yellow been used, this will attract the readers of the magazine as it stands out in comparison to the rest of the writing on the magazine, similar to the affect that the ‘virgin’ word has in the bright red colour.
  8. 8. This magazine vibe has a lot of comparison for this genre of magazine and who the target audience is focused on compared to the pop/chart magazines in which I have also analysed. The layout however is very similar with the variety of main a headline and subheadings for other articles, with other ones standing out in comparison to other ones on the front cover. However when it comes to the language used there is a different, in the more RnB/ Hip-hop magazines there is more stereotypical chav like words including ‘swizz beatz’ this is very informal but addressed in a suitable way for the people the magazine is aimed at, however in the first analysis of the magazine I done there was also slang like words suitable for the more younger audience. In similarity to the other chart magazine they use a more sophisticated way of writing with no slang or abbreviation words. The way the images or person in the picture is displayed is also different in the way they are presented as with the RnB one is styled in a typical way suitable for the target audience in a poser like way, however they have used an attractive person to appeal for the target audience. However the chart style magazine are more pretty/attractive and smiling rather than posing in the stereotypical way.
  9. 9. Other than the main image of the front cover there are also a lot of other smaller pictures to endear the customers to the magazine so they can decide if they want the magazine with some relative pictures to the genre of the magazine to influence them to purchase them. The title for this magazine is bold and red which stands out in block like font which is quite a rock like style which is the genre for this magazine. The main image for this magazine is of a man of suitable relevance to the genre of the magazine which would probably appeal to the the target audience. He is very central of the cover with the hand gesture he is doing relating to the ‘rock’ theme. The rest of the headlines used throughout the magazine front cover are very short and snappy and a lot of them being one word titles to attract the reader to be intrigued with the use of exclamation marks to emphasis them. The background of the magazine is a very simple and quite plain with the only colours used being white and yellow which link into the colour scheme and the contrasting colours used throughout this magazine front cover. It is very simple and basic to contrast well with the picture/image t make them stand out more. As predicted they have the basic information and barcode for the magazine located at the bottle of the page in a simple black and white colour. Other headlines are placed round the bottom of the front cover to put as many things to draw the readers. These headings like the others are very basic with little writing or none at all to explain extra information on the article.
  10. 10. Kerrang magazine has a lot of comparisons to the chart magazines that are out there. This is mainly because the genre of the music and what is presented on the magazine is difference. The headline is very different on the two as the kerrang one is more blocky and bold to suit the genre of music. They both however are similar in the fact they have a main headline, subheadings and images for other articles. The language is very different on both the magazines as the chart magazine has more information for each of the articles and the words are more slang and abbreviated. Whereas on the rock magazine the words are very short and snappy and seem to be made up ‘Dillinger!’. However each of the language used on both of the articles is suitable and fits well for the genre and audience of the magazine. The pictures on the front cover are also related to the genre/target audience of rock music with like the smashing/fist clenched picture of the person which is more suitable for the target audience which is different for the chart magazines which they have more suitable for their target audience of a more of a plain and simple style.