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Cb driver slide-showpresentation-recruiters

  1. 1. The Website Exclusively For Driver Recruiting Helping You Find The Best Drivers …Efficiently Please click arrow to move to next page
  2. 2. What is CBDriver?CBDriver was founded in 2008CBDriver is the only online recruiting site dedicated solelyto recruiting courier industry driversCBDriver provides an advertising facility for driverrecruiters to place targeted ads designed just for driversCBDriver has over 40,000 registered Courier Drivermembers with online profiles…growing every day
  3. 3. How Can You Recruit Drivers Using CBDriver? CBDriver Allows You to Post Driver Wanted Ads in Any City from a Single Dedicated Recruiting Dashboard CBDriver Allows You to Search our Database In Any Zip Code Area for Registered Courier Driver Members with In-Depth Profiles
  4. 4. What MakesCBDriver Unique?The target market of CBDriver is drivers who are temporaryand/or independent contractor drivers looking fortemporary, on demand, or regular route opportunities usingtheir own delivery vehicle or a company provided vehicleCars, Minivans, SUVs, Cargo Vans, Pick-ups, and Box trucks…with experience driving these vehicle typesCBDriver’s driver members receive instant email alertsnotifying them when new driver ads are posted in their area
  5. 5. How Can CBDriver Simplify YourRecruiting Efforts?CBDriver recruiters receive driver responses thatinclude our custom CBDriver driver profileDriver profiles greatly simplifies the job of gatheringand “vetting” driver info to identify qualifiedcandidates
  6. 6. What Information Do I Receive in the Driver Profile When A Driver Responds to My Ad?Driver’s Phone & Email Prior Experience ReferencesAmount of Driving ExperienceNew, 0- 6 months, 7-12 , 1 -2 years, etc. Type of Courier Delivery Vehicle (for Owner Operators: Car, Minivan, SUV,EIN number? Yes or No Cargo Van, Box Truck, etc. )DBA name, if any Vehicle Make – i.e. Isuzu NRR Box TruckCity Location of DriverDriver Answers to Pre-screening Current Mileage - Delivery VehicleBackground Questions(Accidents?, DUI’s? , Felonies? Etc. ) Insurance Co. NameMust be verified by recruiter with formalbackground check and MVR
  7. 7. CBDriver Profile Views
  8. 8. Personal Information
  9. 9. Driver Record & License
  10. 10. Vehicle Information
  11. 11. Experience
  12. 12. What Recruiter Tools Does CBDriver Offer? Post Driver Wanted Ads in Single or Multiple Cities Custom Driver Ad Posting Form Clone Ads for Easy Copying/Posting Instant Online Editing & Deleting of Posted Ads Recruiter Receives Email Alert When a Driver Responds to Ad
  13. 13. What Other Benefits Does CBDriver Offer? Tracking - Print and Export to Excel Functions Driver Responses with attached profiles can be printed individually and all responses can be exported into an excel format for simplified reviewing/sorting of candidate responses and profile information Enhanced Visibility of Ads Posted on CBDriver CBDriver extends online visibility of the majority of ads posted on its system by placing similar ads on Monster, Indeed and other sites to attract more drivers Disclaimer: CBDriver’s use of Monster and other sites to enhance visibility of ads posted on CBDriver is at the discretion of CBDriver and is not a guaranteed benefit
  14. 14. What is CBDriver Pre-Screening? % of Drivers Responding with Background Problems is Reduced Drivers registering with CBDriver begin by creating their online profile and are required to answer pre-screening questions about driving accidents, DUI’s, drugs, arrests, etc. This discourages drivers who do not have satisfactory records from completing the process and results in a higher quality candidate pool Saves Recruiter Time and Money Recruiters save valuable time reviewing candidates by receiving fewer responses from drivers with background problems due to CBDriver pre-screening questions Increases the likelihood of driver having satisfactory background check when ordered by recruiting company - another cost saving element
  15. 15. What Makes CBDriver Stand Apart FromOther Job Posting Sites?CBDriver is a “driving opportunity” site - not a typical job siteCBDriver was built specifically for companies that use temporary andindependent contractor drivers. The site was carefully designed without anywords or references to employee, job, work, etc. All postings are calledDriver Wanted ads, contracts, or opportunities, not jobsWhen drivers see an ad they are interested in they click a button that says“Respond” - not ApplyCBDriver’s goal is for there to be nothing on the site which implies any “job”arrangement or commitment other than the description and contentprovided by recruiters in their ads
  16. 16. What Else Do You Need to Know about CBDriver?Driver Ad slots and/or DriverSearch @ $99 each with discounts for purchasing multiple ad slot orsearch packages (discount varies based on # of ad slots purchased)Driver slots run for 30 days once activated and ads can be changed to different locations during thattime periodPurchasing a DriverSearch provides access to searching driver database of Drivers (with profiles) –30 days for $99 per single zip code area (= 50 mile radius)Contact Info: CBDriver: 1800-660-2110 or info@cbdriver.com for an online demonstrationCBDriver is affiliated with Courierboard LLC - an affiliate member in good standing of the followingmajor trade associations in the same day delivery industry: Messenger Courier Association of America (MCAA) Express Carriers Association (ECA) California Delivery Association (CDA) Florida Messenger Association (FMA) New York State Messenger Courier Association (NYSMCA) Texas Courier and Logistics Association (TCLA) CBDriver.com  Courierboard LLC  301 W. Atlantic Ave.  Suite 0-5  Delray Beach Florida 33444  `(800) 660-2110