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Your Ultimate Website checklist
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Your Ultimate Website checklist


Published on Beyond building your WordPress website, there are a lot of other things to do to be sure that it's ready to … Beyond building your WordPress website, there are a lot of other things to do to be sure that it's ready to get found and make it accessible for visitors.

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Your Ultimate WordPress Website ChecklistCourtney Engle Robertson
  • 2. Check Yourself 1.Accessibility 2.Mobile 3.Measuring Traffic 4.Markup & Snippets 5.Performance, Backups, and Security
  • 3. Logins, Passwords, and Sharing I ask my clients to make a Gmail account that they are willing to share with me for their project All accounts created are tied to that shared account Document passwords and always give the client account master access as well as my own
  • 4. WordPress Tools
  • 5. Accessibility
  • 6. Basic User Interface Identity Company logo is prominently placed Tagline makes company's purpose clear Home-page is digestible in 5 seconds Clear path to company information Clear path to contact information Custom Favicon Site has custom not-found/404 page Social media and email opt-in prominently displayed Navigation Main navigation is easily identifiable Navigation labels are clear & concise Number of buttons/links is reasonable Company logo is linked to home-page Links are consistent & easy to identify Site search is easy to access Content Major headings are clear & descriptive Critical content is above the "fold" Styles & colors are consistent Emphasis (bold, etc.) is used sparingly Ads & pop-ups are unobtrusive Main copy is concise & explanatory URLs are meaningful & user-friendlY HTML page titles are explanatory Spelling & grammar Capitalization consistency Tense/style of writing Check how pages print
  • 7. Check Browsers
  • 8. Accessibility Checker
  • 9. Accessibility Testing Tools Color Contrast Analyzer contrast- analyzer/dagdlcijhfbmgkjokkjicnnfimlebcll?utm_source= chrome-ntp-icon Accessibility Analyzer developer- t/fpkknkljclfencbdbgkenhalefipecmb?utm_source=chro me-ntp-icon
  • 10. Link Titles JAWS and other screen readers no “CLICK HERE” t/links.html#h-12.1
  • 11. Image Alt Tags <img alt="YOUR IMAGE ALT TEXT" src="image source link”/> Matters for SEO as well search engines see the ALT Applies for other media as well Default text for Pinterest captions. Use hashtags.
  • 12. Post Categories & Tags Helpful when providing navigation to posts of same topic or media
  • 13. Post Categories & Tags Not exactly meta keywords (but can be done via Yoast WP SEO) Helpful when users search your site More specific
  • 14. Excerpts Displays on your site
  • 15. Featured Image Displays as a thumbnail on your site and social media sharing -thumbnail-plus/ e-featured-image/
  • 16. Mobile
  • 17. What Do You Need? Responsive: full site scales for thumb browsing Mobile stand alone site: Might be full site or only a few key pages Mobile Landing Page: like any other landing page but optimized for mobile. Distraction free, limited navigation App - do something beyond the scope of loading your website in a mobile browser
  • 18. Mobile Solutions Look for mobile responsive theme frameworks (some Genesis themes are, I like Headway). WP Touch Pro - finally and highly customizable JetPack - ok for free and basic needs Apps:
  • 19. Test Your Website
  • 20. Image Compression - compress image data Enable Photon in JetPack Save as jpg maximum progressive
  • 21. Click to Call/SMS <a href=“tel:[PHONE-NUMBER]">[PHONE- NUMBER]</a> Use International Code ALWAYS <a href=“tel:+1-555-867-5309“>555-867-5309</a> SMS: <a href="sms:[PHONE- NUMBER]?body=[MESSAGE]">[PHONE- NUMBER]</a>
  • 22. Click to Navigate Make your address link to Google Maps
  • 23. Social Sharing •
  • 24. Measuring Traffic
  • 25. Google Analytics • • How people are moving around on your website
  • 26. Google Analytics Admin, Property, Tracking Info, Tracking Code UA-XXXXX-XX
  • 27. Tracking via Plugin or Theme? Keep amount of plugins low vs. when themes change loosing settings. Your choice, just know where it is. gle-analyticator/
  • 28. Google Webmaster Tools
  • 29. Google Webmaster Tools Meta value to claim Theme scripts area OR WordPress SEO by Yoast OR Google Publisher
  • 30. Google Webmaster Tools
  • 31. Setting Your Address Settings —> General
  • 32. Bing Webmaster Tools
  • 33. Google Authorship (must compare with anything but top level domain)
  • 34. Google Authorship (about) (multi-author sites)
  • 35. Google Publisher
  • 36. Google & Bing Places
  • 37. Facebook Insights
  • 38. Twitter Analytics Analytics, Websites
  • 39. Pinterest Analytics
  • 40. AddThis get/smart-layers
  • 41. WordPress (JetPack) Site Stats com-stats/ Uses your account
  • 42. Markup & Snippets
  • 43. Schema Lots of types: ull.html com/webmasters/answe r/1211158?hl=en
  • 44. Schema
  • 45. Schema (also works for emails —> events, reservations, etc.)
  • 46. Schema Plugins one-schemaorg-rich-snippets/ events-calendar/ and customer-reviews/
  • 47. Ecommerce mmerce/ or mmerce/
  • 48. Facebook OG g/
  • 49. Pinterest Rich Pins validator/
  • 50. Social Media Optimization
  • 51. WordPress SEO on Posts Always fill it out Review your score
  • 52. Performance, Backups, & Security
  • 53. Site Speed (mobile)
  • 54. Other Performance Issues
  • 55. Broken Link Checker
  • 56. Backlink Checker
  • 57. Domain Rank
  • 58. Duplicate Content
  • 59. Scan for Viruses
  • 60. Backups Content Full site (including media, themes, etc) backup-to-dropbox
  • 61. Database Clean up post revisions, spam/unapproved native comments, unused plugins or themes, empty trash optimize/
  • 62. Cache total-cache/
  • 63. CDN ms/wordpress-cdn/ ers-guide/why-you-need-a-cdn-for- your-wordpress-blog- infographic/?display=wide
  • 64.