Beginner Tips: Seasonal Sale Cycles


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Beginner Tips: Seasonal Sale Cycles

  1. 1. Beginner Tips:Seasonal Sale Cycles
  2. 2.  In general, most products, just like fruits and vegetables, have “in seasons”. Periods of time you’ll find lower prices and better and more abundant sales. I’ve put together the following list as a guideline for the seasonal sale cycles. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule but these cycles are helpful in knowing when to wait and when to buy certain products.
  3. 3. January Diet Food, Health Products, Weight Loss Supplements Protein Bars, Oatmeal, Yogurt Soups, Chili, Hot Chocolate, Coffee Gym/Weight Loss Equipment White Sales – Linens Winter Clothing Organization Products Such as Tupperware, Planners, Cabinets Diapers and Baby products – (look for the annual P&G Diaper & Wipe catalina sale!) Cold/Flu Medicine and Treatments Superbowl Foods, Party Supplies
  4. 4. February American Heart Month (Aspirin, Low Cholesterol Products, Vitamins) National Canned Food Month, Hot Breakfast Month Continuation of most January items Candy and Chocolates Underthings & Sexual Health Products Floor Coverings Furniture Dog Food
  5. 5. March Official Frozen Food Month Items from January in clearance Gardening Spring Clothing Pre-Sales Cleaning Products (more so in April) Easter – Ham, Eggs & Candy Jewish Foods
  6. 6. April Cleaners Galore – think spring cleaning! Paint Winter Clothing Clearance Easter products (if applicable) Earth Day Stuff – Eco-Friendly Items (light bulbs, reusable shopping bags)
  7. 7. May Summer time! All things BBQ! Sauce, Hot Dogs, Beef, Buns, Condiments, Charcoal, etc… Paper products Soda, Juice, & Bottled Water Popsicles, Chips, Fruits, & Salads Insect/Bug Repellent Camping Gear Sunscreen Summer Clothing (swim suites) Pre-Sales Allergy Products Pet Foods (National Pet Week) Pools, Outdoor Toys
  8. 8. June Continuation of May National Dairy Month – All things Dairy (Ice cream, butter, cream, creamer, yogurt) Building Materials Pain Relievers (National Headache Month)
  9. 9. July Continuation of May Sports Equipment and Clothing Semi-Annual Target Toy Clearance Back to School Sales Start
  10. 10. August White Sale (linens) Back to School Supplies & Office Supplies Backpacks Fall Clothing Pre-Sales Breakfast Foods Snack Foods Juice Lunch Meat (anything that goes in a lunch box) Patio & BBQ Clearance Potato Products (through the fall) Baby Products
  11. 11. September Lots of Back to School (Continued from August) Gardening Supplies Bicycles Back to School & Sports Clothing Canned Goods Housewares, Appliances Frozen Pizza Clearance Summer Clothing, Swim Suites
  12. 12. October Baking Goods and Supplies Ice Cream Holiday Foods (Pies, Marshmallows, Pudding Mixes, Stuffing, Turkey, Ham, Mashed Potatoes, etc..) All things Kraft! Candy (Halloween) Serving-wear Cars & Automotive Products Frozen Pizza & Other Pre-packaged Meals National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – All things “Pink”
  13. 13. November Continuation of October Clearance Halloween Candy Post Halloween Clearance – candy and decorations Canned Goods Thanksgiving Foods Crock-pots and other Cooking & Baking Items Winter Clothing, Snow Suites Pre-Sales Black Friday – electronics, furniture, toys, clothing, housewares – everything!
  14. 14. December Toys Electronics Clothing Anything that could be a Christmas present or wrap a present! Canned Goods & Soups Baking Supplies Holiday Foods (continued from October) Party Foods (trays, finger foods, meats, cheeses) After Holiday sales and Clearance
  15. 15.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment or visit our site to check out some printable coupons.By: