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Coupler Pdf 8.10.09

  1. 1. 2527 n. san fernando road los angeles, ca 90065 tele323.482.6888
  2. 2. experiential spaces art installations retail environments event management photography graphic design
  3. 3. Coupler Creative, Inc. is an independent design firm, specializing in the conceptualization and execution of retail installations and guerrilla marketing for the past six years. While working with multiple clients like NIKE, Converse, Adidas, RDF Media as well as individual retailers and marketing agencies, Coupler Creative is housed in a well-equipped 5,000 square foot shop near downtown Los Angeles and now includes a large in-house design space. Additional clients they have partnered with include OBE, NRG, Ignited Minds, Imaginary Forces, Merisel, Flux, Here Now, Nemo, Radar, Jelly, Gallagher and Blueprint Collective. Coupler Creative produces anything from design itself to heavy logistical construction and fabrication for installation in boutiques across the nation. Now with increased studio and shop space, Coupler Creative can easily support the logistics of monthly installations at various locations. Coupler Creative has custom built regulation basketball courts, indoor soccer fields and completely transformed the famed Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood to support NIKE’s involvement in the Beijing Olympics and the installation still remains as a center for local commerce. With the owner’s background in TV & Film Production, and creating environments & art direction on Discovery Channel shows like Junkyard Wars, Zak Hawthorne has honed his ability to react quickly to tough assignments at multiple locations. Coupler Creative has an introduction expandable, hard working crew, most of who have been together since founding the company. With their expertise, Coupler Creative has collaborated with designers, artists, and agencies to create a compelling story tailored to the needs of each client. Clients can rely upon Coupler Creative for a strong, hip taste level utilizing clean and relevant design, delivered repeatedly on budget and on tight deadlines. Coupler Creative provides marketing solutions & strategies for high-profile installations. They manage each project from the beginning to end, from the planning and design, to the execution and management of each brand. They have partners lined up to manage events, and will act as a production manager in making sure their clients goals are met. Coupler houses their own insurance, providing a sense of security for those they work with and look forward to continued business with NIKE.
  4. 4. Nike’s Football Club was an experiential space built in a storefront on Melrose Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA. The concept was to launch 3 different exhibits with complete transformation over a 3-month period set around the 2006 World Cup. The first space, “Futureopolis” was an art gallery with photography from CR Stecyk III, highlighting Los Angeles and the soccer culture within. After a week of construction we debuted Joga Bonito, featuring soccer-inspired artwork from various international artists (Boogie, Kress, Yamandu Roos, Cuprien Gaillard, Tim & Barry and Tanino Liberatore). The centerpiece of each room (8 rooms total) was a 1000% Bearbrick painted in his team jersey colors, hung from the ceiling with walls covered in each of the Nike team graphic. Art Direction/Construction/Print/Installation phase 1 phase 2 experiential spaces football club los angeles
  5. 5. After another week of construction, the World Cup viewing room opened! Featuring bi-weekly viewings of the 2006 World Cup, hundreds of supporters showed up to cheer for their team during the broadcast. The space featured 5 rows of aluminum benches and tons of standing room. Photos of players from the 8 Nike National Teams were enlarged and printed on walls. Art Direction/Construction/Print/Installation phase 3 experiential spaces football club los angeles
  6. 6. BE TRUE at 144lab was designed to support the release of the Vintage Nike Dunk High. Working off creative elements from the Nike Brand Design Team, we put our own finishing touches on this space creating it a hit! A classic basketball court floor was removed from a local middle school and repurposed for the install to create texture and provide a vintage look. Art Direction/Construction/Mural Painting Print/Installation experiential spaces 144lab/be true los angeles
  7. 7. Art Direction/Mural Painting/Installation huf san francisco sportie la huf san francisco undftd silverlake retail support be true los angeles/san francisco
  8. 8. The second stop on a 2008 cross-country tour featured 144Lab. The show, under curator Aaron Rose, showcased 22 photos shot from 22 artists over the past 22 years. When Aaron was looking for a new substrate to use for exhibiting these prints we recommended face mounting a print to a polished piece of acrylic. It made for a very clean installation and created a strong juxtaposition to the gritty photos. Art Direction/Construction/Installation experiential spaces 144lab/being true los angeles
  9. 9. The Nike City Dunk was released to 7 locations worldwide, accenting different colors at each location. The Los Angeles sneaker featured a fitting burnt orange color. After speaking with Nike, they recommended that a bright Southern California sunset would compliment the shoe perfectly. Upon completion of the sunset mural, we installed a telephone pole and telephone lines to hang the footwear, creating a perfect look to display LA’s City Dunk. Boneyards was collaboration between Stussy/Neighborhood/Nike and featured the Blazer. The task was to build a seedy carnival atmosphere and we delivered fire breathing carnies, other circus freaks, a live heavy metal band and circus games. In addition, we built a silent movie theatre projecting the movie “Carnival of Souls”. Art Direction/Construction/Installation Photography city dunk boneyards experiential spaces 144lab/city dunk/boneyards los angeles
  10. 10. The popular Venice Beach was a stop on the world tour of “Ginga”, celebrating the soul of Brazilian football. Working closely with Brazilian artists OS Gemeos, we produced 8 houses for them to use as a canvas for their original artwork. After the houses were completed we placed them in the Blu House for a month long installation. Art Direction/Construction/Installation/Logistics experiential spaces blu house/ginga venice beach
  11. 11. With the Stussy World Tour making a stop at the Venice Blu House, we worked with curator Aaron Rose to create an exhibit. In collaboration, we installed over 20 pieces of art inside the space, created a working drycleaner conveyor in a separate room, and simultaneously prepped the house for artist KRINK to do his work outside. We needed a solution for displaying different elements from the tour. The answer was a raised acrylic floor with 15 boxes showcasing Nike product, artists’ work and collateral. Art Direction/Construction/Installation event photos by angela daves-haley experiential spaces blu house/stussy world tour venice beach
  12. 12. Nike teamed up with NYC based artist WK INTERACT to create an exhibit focused on Kobe Bryant. Along with construction, we worked closely with WK to install all his art pieces throughout the house. Installation/Construction/Logistics experiential spaces blu house/wk interact venice beach
  13. 13. The REC was designed as a retail pop-up shop based at the Venice Blu House to support Nike’s Run Hit Remix. Working closely with Ignited Minds, Coupler Creative was hired to bring their illustrations to life. Art Direction/Construction Mural Painting/Logistics experiential spaces blu house/the rec venice beach
  14. 14. 08.08.08 was the day the Summer Olympics in Beijing kicked off and The Montalban opened its doors to consumers globally, with tourists and Nike fans alike. We teamed up with Nike on another experiential pop-up space to celebrate the launch of the NSW line. The dream was a highly visible theater in Hollywood and after a few months, Nike found the Montalban and collaborated with Coupler Creative to make this dream come true. Art Direction/Construction Fixture Design/Retail Installation experiential spaces the montalban hollywood
  15. 15. space photography by jonas lara experiential spaces the montalban hollywood
  16. 16. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nike Air Force 1, we built The Point. An art gallery, retail and event space. From previous work with Nike on experiential spaces, Coupler Creative was the perfect fit. The space was a very rough building, taking it down to the studs and bringing it back to life within two months. In addition to construction we built the only Nike ID space on the west coast and erected an 8,000 square foot climate-controlled tent with a custom, regulation, black Nike basketball court housed inside. The Point was open for 14 months offering programming virtually 7 days a week. Art Direction/Construction Art Installation/Fixture Design/Logistics experiential spaces the point hollywood
  17. 17. experiential spaces the point/nike id space hollywood
  18. 18. Nike wanted a DNA strand sculpture for the first installation at The Point. The idea was to connect the DNA with the Air Force 1, which is essential to the fabric of Nike. We answered with a twenty-foot sculpture of acrylic tubes to simulate the DNA strand. Housed inside the sculpture were 200 AF1’s borrowed from local collectors for events. Art Direction/Installation experiential spaces the point/art installiations hollywood
  19. 19. 1Love Art Installation Air Force 1 Barkley Launch experiential spaces the point/art installations hollywood
  20. 20. Nike Re-Run was a traveling art installation by curator Aaron Rose. This exhibit was centered on the launch of the Vintage Nike running footwear line, a product that replicated the first shoe released by Nike’s Founder, Bill Bowerman. The show included stops at Ford-Brady Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, Audio Cinema/MFNW in Portland, OR and Art Nada in Miami, FL. Art Direction/Installation/Logistics art installations re-run los angeles/portland/miami
  21. 21. In conjunction with RE-RUN art installations, Coupler Creative worked closely with Nike to build excitement and buzz around Los Angeles. We utilized a 1972 VW Nike themed bus to schedule mobile events at high traffic areas, such as the Rose Bowl and local retail venues. A mural was also put up in the heart of Melrose Boulevard. In addition, we displayed parts of the VW bus as design elements in eight stores across the West Coast to support the launch. Art Direction/Retail Installation/Logistics art installations re-run/retail support los angeles/san francisco/portland
  22. 22. Once again, we worked with curator Aaron Rose to launch Being True in NYC and traveled west to LA. With stops at 144Lab in Los Angeles, Hamburger Eyes Gallery in San Francisco, Wonder Ballroom in Portland, and the last stop at the after party for Art Nada in Miami. Art Direction/Installation/Logistics art installations being true los angeles/san francisco/portland/miami
  23. 23. art installations being true los angeles/san francisco/portland/miami
  24. 24. Collaborating with Italian Design Studio Satoria, Coupler Creative was brought in for installation and logistics on this massive world tour. After the installation at LACE Gallery in Los Angeles, we traveled down the road for a more intimate install at the Blu House on Venice Beach. Art Direction/Installation/Logistics art installations white dunk los angeles
  25. 25. art installations blu house/idunk venice beach
  26. 26. With the release of the UNDFTD Air Force 1 in 2006, Nike wanted to fully focus on the distribution of their signature footwear. With that in mind, we closed off the entire store and installed themed graphics from the sneaker in front of footwear walls to create a corridor. The result was a very intimate setting, with consumers expressing emotional ties to the product. Art Direction/Installation/Logistics retail environments undftd air force 1 los angeles/santa monica
  27. 27. To support the Nike Sportswear launch and the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, we collaborated with Denton-Cardew Design to conceptualize, build and install two rolling kiosks at the Opening Ceremony in LA and NYC. The kiosks were handmade in aluminum and powder coated white. It was built to showcase Nike Olympic inspired products and be the focal point in each retail space. Art Direction/Fabrication/Installation/Logistics retail environments opening ceremony kiosk los angeles/nyc
  28. 28. With the retail launch of the “One Time Only” Pack, Coupler Creative was tapped by Nike to install in eight stores across the West Coast. We took elements from the design and custom- tailored the creative to fit each location and venue, in both Los Angeles and San Diego. Art Direction/Installation/Logistics retail environments one time only los angeles/san francisco/san diego
  29. 29. To celebrate Brazilian soccer culture, Nike asked Coupler Creative to design and install custom displays highlighting the history of the Brazilian National Team and their 5 World Cup wins. Art Direction/Installation retail environments brasil soccer collection los angeles/san francisco
  30. 30. For an installation supporting the NSW Collection at 21 Mercer, we had a great time working with photography from Rob Abyeta, supplied by Nike. We installed tiles to create a 3D sculpture of the photographs, and produced this with a tight deadline. Art Direction/Print/Installation retail environments 21 mercer/nsw collection nyc
  31. 31. The goal of this project was to highlight the Nike “All Black” Pack from NSW. After consulting with Nike on Christmas Eve, we decided to take a black sample color palette from the Pantone book and enlarging it on tile. This created a very clean and simple in-store execution. Art Direction/Installation retail installations 21 mercer/nsw black collection nyc
  32. 32. We picked the brains of some of the Nations Leading Army Surplus Collectors to get direction for this 21 MERCER installation. Each box above the timeline houses a different version of the M Series Field Jacket, leading up to the NSW packable M65 in the front window. Art Direction/Installation retail environments 21 mercer/nsw collection nyc
  33. 33. We utilized nature as inspiration for the in-store design, launching the Nike Firefly Gradient jacket. In the front window we installed an interpretation of an entomology case with the jacket placed prominently around bugs and other natural elements. Art Direction/Installation retail environments 21 mercer/firefly gradient nyc
  34. 34. With the launch of the Vintage Nike Dunk line, we collaborated with Nike to design and install at ROOM72, a Nike Entertainment Marketing space in Los Angeles. Each color represents the colorway from each footwear. Art Direction/Installation art installations room72/nike dunk los angeles
  35. 35. dunk nike+ kobe tech pack grammy dunk art installations room72 los angeles
  36. 36. With simultaneous installs in LA and NYC, the Cutters “CTRS” was a project based around two designers from each city. We utilized the logo as the staple of this installation. Art Direction/Installation/Logistics retail environments ctrs los angeles/nyc
  37. 37. While seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong competed in the Alps, Nike dropped the final of four new shoes of the LIVESTRONGxNSW Greatest Hits release in the US market. Utilizing laser engraved bike saddles with Mister Cartoon’s “LA” icon, Coupler Creative made use of an integrated design for each shoe in the series. Next came the FLOM Dunk release, and then the Hideout Footscape, with the final drop designed by French DJ Busy P. Art Direction/Installation Collateral Layout/Logistics Retail Environments livestrong x nsw greatest hits los angeles
  38. 38. This marketing effort took place during the 2008 NCAA basketball tournament. Located inside the front window of an antique shop in the heart of Hollywood, this 4-day event engaged thousands of people walking down the sidewalk. It looked like an out of place frat house, which drew attention to the space and to our clients’ product. Art Direction/Installation experiential spaces nike dunk live window los angeles
  39. 39. In 2006, we teamed up with Nike for a series of private Nike iD events with stops in LA, Long Beach and San Diego. At the time, these private events were a one-of-a-kind production on the West Coast. Coupler Creative Nike iD themed each retail space to make it a special night for those in attendance. Art Direction/Installation/Event Management experiential spaces nike id pop-up events los angeles/long beach/san diego
  40. 40. retail installations nike 6.0 los angeles/san francisco/san diego Collaborating with Nemo Design on this nationwide installation, we produced and managed installs across the country with two custom 3D installations in the Los Angeles area. Art Direction/Installation/Logistics retail environments nike 6.0 los angeles/westwood/san diego
  41. 41. retail Environments nike 6.0 valencia/mission viejo/riverside/orange/costa mesa
  42. 42. art direction junkyard wars tlc/the discovery channel
  43. 43. art direction operation junkyard tlc/discovery kids
  44. 44. retail environments
  45. 45. retail environments
  46. 46. photography
  47. 47. photography
  48. 48. Collaborating with worldwide renown artists, Dr. Romanelli and Megan Whitmarsh, we designed and built the event space for the Converse 1HUND(RED) event in Los Angeles. Each artist was given a space and a budget to work with. The event also showcased the entire Converse 1HUND(RED) sneaker line highlighting each artist’s design. Art Direction/Installation/Logistics art installations converse 1hund(red) los angeles
  49. 49. art installations converse 1hund(red) los angeles
  50. 50. The Nike Liberty Dunk was a special limited edition sneaker in need of a truly unique installation. When Nike wanted an old country floral shop inside the Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles, they came to Coupler Creative. Much research and time was needed to locate specific flowers relevant to the installation. During the length of the exhibit a colorful bouquet was given away to each customer. Art Direction/Installation/Logistics retail environments liberty dunk los angeles
  51. 51. retail environments liberty dunk los angeles
  52. 52. experiential spaces art installations retail environments event management photography graphic design