State Of The Art - Part 2 Products Projects


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State Of The Art - Part 2 Products Projects

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State Of The Art - Part 2 Products Projects

  1. 1. Pascal COTTEREAU /   Data, Text & Web Mining : A State of The Art Part B : Products / Projects Vendor Product/Project Status Purpose & Functionnality Markets concerned Authors information Main competitors Kryloff Subject Search Commercial Multi-lingual full-text fuzzy search, Sutable for All kinds of Developed by Sergey Kryloff Google Desktop Technologies Sleuth information retrieval and data knowledge workers and summarization engine with an API for small/medium size software developers. companies. Research Corpus knowledge and terminology Nicolas Turenne, researcher in computer science INRA Beluga prototype processing over time Marc Barbier, researcher in social sciences Wisconsin David K. Woods, Ph.D. Wisconsin Center for Conversation Analysis, Center for GNU/Open Transcription and qualitative analysis of Education Research University of Wisconsin, Atlas ti, Transana Qualitative Analysis of Education Source video and audio data Madison Hyperresearch video and audio Research Text analysis - VBPro is an aging piece Distributed via personal of freeware that I wrote to accomdate website. still gets research by my stuents and me. It's occoasional use by alphabizise and frequency sorts words, graduate students and M. Mark Miller, Ph.D. retired journalism professor M. Mark Miller VBPro Freeware find and tags key terms in context, and researchers from liveing in Bozeman, Montana, USA code for frequency of terms by development countries. sentence, paragraph and case. I and researchers from development countries. Storyspace is a hypertext writing environment for crafting complex nonlinear argumentation and hypertext Eastgate Storyspace and Commercial narrative. Tinderbox is a hypertext tool System Inc Tinderbox for making, analyzing, and sharing notes. argumentation and hypertext narrative. Tinderbox is a hypertext too Designed for Semantic Classification, Keyword Extraction, Linguistic and Qualitative Analysis, Tropes software is Semantic- Qualitative and Semantic Tropes Commercial a perfect tool for Information Science, Semantic-Knowledge Knowledge analysis Market Research, Sociological Analysis, Scientific and Medical studies, and more.. Analysis, Tropes s Fast Natural Language Information Retrieval system, Integrated Web Spider, built-in Semantic Networks and Document Management, Semantic- on-the-fly Semantic classifications. Competitive Intelligence, Zoom Commercial Semantic-Knowledge Knowledge Zoom is a powerful Windows Search Press Analysis, Web Engine designed for Document Mining and Text Mining Management, Competitive Intelligence, Press Analy Semantic- Overtext Overtext Index is a classification system Customer Relationship Autonomy, Commercial Semantic-Knowledge Knowledge IndexSemantic designed for large-scale Customer Management (CRM), Convera All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Page 1  
  2. 2. Pascal COTTEREAU /   Indexing Relationship Management (CRM), Natural Language Third Natural Language Third Party Party Information Information Retrieval, Knowledge Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence and Management, Business Strategic Watch systems Relationship Intelligence and Strategic Management Watch systems Covers a very broad spectrum, including applications as disparate as Competitive Intelligence, Press Semantic- Web Module for Semantic Repository publication Analysis and Text DMOZ, Commercial Semantic-Knowledge Knowledge Tropes Zoom software Mining, Technological Wikipedia Watch, monitoring of changes to brand image, analysis of clinical interviews, behavioral studies, or analysis of l Originally designed for the analysis of open ended questions in surveys, TEXTPACK has been extended over Research ZUMA - Centre for Survey Research and Zuma Textpack the years to cope with many aspects of prototype Methodology PO Box 12 21 55 68072 Mannheim computer aided text analysis and most of content analysis. The process of text classification is the goal of TE Research Perl modules for statistical analysis of Coderead Andrew Perrin prototype text Solution associant classement automatisée et recherche sémantique. Principales fonctionnalités : Veille et moteur de Arisem Kaliwatch Server Commercial Surveillance, collecte, organisation, recherche analyse et diffusion de l'information. fonctionnalités : Surveillance, collecte, organisation, analyse et diffusion de l Outil de collecte, classement et valorisation de l'information. Principales Veilleurs et analyste, fonctionnalités : collecte d'information à Knowledge Manager, Kaliwatch Arisem Commercial partir de sources web, classement et Responsable Marketing, Professional recherche sémantique. fonctionnalités : Responsable de la collecte d'information à partir de Communication sources web, classement Fast and easy to use, the Matheo Analyzer application offers you a world of information processing, bibliometrics Matheo Matheo Analyzer Commercial and information mapping, etc. When Bruno Mannina Director R & D Software working on a database, Matheo Analyzer enables you to synthesize, create indicators, map sets, etc. Thus y All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Page 2  
  3. 3. Pascal COTTEREAU /   Founded in 1999 by veteran scientists Child abuse of MIT, Oxford and INRIA, LTU Counterfeiting and Technologies provides mission-critical computer forensics software for search, retrieval and Defense related LTU classification of images and videos. intelligence Stolen Art Image-Seeker Commercial Technologies LTU’s technology is patented worldwide. Tracking and Monitoring LTU’s clients include government org of illegal/confidential materials Photo banks MMS filtering ISP filtering etc… Portail d'organisation de l'information stratégique, orientation territoriale forte, Research eZePortal eZePortal surveillance client, fournisseurs et prototype environnement. Alertes et workflow de veille Sourcing, indexing, monitoring open corporate intelligence & datops datops Monitor Commercial datops SA BIZ 360 source, mining, publishing, analyzing homeland security ICAR Serge Heiden http://w3.ens- Lexico, UMR5191 Research Textometry, enriched textual data Weblew hyperbase, CNRS/ENS- prototype analysis. rubrique=192 sphinx, spad-t LSH Shallow semantic analysis of free text in Katrin Erk, Sebastian Pado - Saarland University The Salsa Research Fred, Rosy the FrameNet paradigm (see Project prototype de/projects/salsa Univ de la Salem, Lamalle, Fleury, Martinez Sorbonne Lexico3 Bêta Exploration of textual data nouvelle - WW/ Paris 3 Solution d'indexation, de recherche et Recherche en entreprise Sinequa Intuition Commercial de navigation sémantique pour ou sur sites Web, Technologie brevetee par Sinequa Autonomy, Fast l'entreprise catalogues en ligne Moteur de recherche en Intranet et site Web. Fonctionnalités d'indexation automatique, en arrière plan et planifiable, Indexation différentielle. Multimedia Windex Server Commercial Multimédia SOLUTIONS Site de Marticot Intégration du moteur de recherche Solutions dans votre serveur Web (HTTP), Indexation des documents au format HTML, PD publishing, ITM, Intelligent Ontologies management, information Mondeca Commercial manufacturing, tourism Topic Manager and knowledge management and culture Outil de veille personnalisée et de Alogic Select.INT Commercial Peggy Cadel gestion de contenu NVivo 7 is qualitative research software. Anyone who needs to QSR It helps you to work with unstructured examine or make sense Nvivo 7 Commercial QSR International International information like case notes, interviews of text-based information and focus group transcripts. It’s different including researchers, All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Page 3  
  4. 4. Pascal COTTEREAU /   to quantitative research software, which forensic scientists, works with numbers. NVivo 7 is your psychologists, tourism answer if you managers, sociologists, academics, consultants and students. XSight is qualitative research software. Market researchers, It helps you to work with unstructured qualitative researchers, information like case notes, interviews or anyone working with and focus group transcripts. It’s different unstructured textbased to quantitative research software, which information, including QSR Xsight Commercial works with numbers. XSight is your those tracking customer QSR International International solution if you satisfaction, testing an advertising campaign, researching new packaging or involved in community consultation. Targeted audience: Columbia analysts, journalisls, Newsblaster media professionals, and NewsInEssence Power Text NewsFeed Automatic generation of comprehensive general public - Commercial Power Text Solutions, Ltd. Solutions Researcher multi-source multi-document summaries everybody wishing to keep abreast of the latest issues, developments and trends Automatic generation of reports Agencies focusing on the providing overview of threats and prevention, early Power Text HLS FreeText incidents in law enforcement, warning, response and Commercial Power Text Solutions, Ltd. Solutions Reporter transportation, public health, etc. investigation of natural, accidental, and intentional disasters Workflow engine for : Astefo Calliope Commercial terminologyextraction and indexation, Mathilde de Saint-Léger thematics mapping and trends analysis Analyse and index multimedia (text, image, and video) information using advanced algorithms in linguistics, Autonomy, Fast, NewPhenix semantics and image analysis. KM, CRM, BI, Security, NewPhenix Commercial CEA List Convera, LTU, Server Applications include: search, extraction, DAM, eBusiness Inxight classification and clustering of information in a multilingual environment. Pattern detection in behavioral data. Theme is based on a probabilistic model Psychology, Human Noldus which is applied to raw behavioral data. Factors Research, Information Theme Commercial The result is a set of time patterns. The Animal Behavior, Magnus S. Magnusson, PatternVision Inc., Iceland Technology patterns reflect the structure and Consumer Research, organization of behavior in terms of Neuroscience recurring time relatio All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Page 4  
  5. 5. Pascal COTTEREAU /   Behavioral studies & video analysis. Advanced event coding, live or video Psychology, Human Noldus based. Synchronized video recording Factors Research, Information The Observer XT Commercial from multiple cameras and computer Animal Behavior, Noldus development team Technology screens. Robust synchronization of Consumer Research, video with behavioral and physiological Neuroscience data. Statistical analysis of behav Digimind Evolution is a global competitive intelligence platform. It is capable of managing the entire Digimind Evolution Commercial competitive intelligence requirements of an organisation, from sourcing data through to collecting, processing, and analysing and finally sending out re Autonomy's products are built on the IDOL infrastructure. IDOL Server is Autonomy's flagship product. It is a platform for understanding the meaning Autonomy Idol Server Commercial and significance of information: additional functionality can be seamlessly integrated with IDOL Server in i2 Commercial Capitalizing information. Sharing OWL Watch & knowledge. Dissemination of CEIS Commercial OWL Desk Informations. Help to edition of thematic report. Built in workflow and automation mean you get the details you need, when you need them. It organizes all of your Cipher Cipher Suite Commercial information sources in a single searchable, secure relational database with browser-based access. Design of the questionnaire, entering Soft Concept Ethnos Commercial responses and, analyses and suite presentation Spirit Server, Spirit Collector, Spirit Spirit Suite Spirit Commercial Categorizer SPSS Lexiquest Commercial SPSS Tafs Commercial Iscope All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Page 5