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Emergency Backpack
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Information on what to pack in your emergency backpack

Information on what to pack in your emergency backpack

Published in Education , Health & Medicine
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  • 1. YOUR EMERGENCY BACKPACK… Learn about what should go into your child’s emergency backpack.
  • 2. INFORMATION CARD A 3x5 card listing your child's name, birth date, address, phone number names and numbers of relatives and friends to be contacted, and an out-of-state contact person and number. Include information regarding allergies.
  • 3. CHANGE OF CLOTHING A complete change of clothing (i.e. oversized sweatsuit) and a sweater or jacket – appropriate for 2 weathers (hot and cold)
  • 4. TOILETRIES One roll of toilet paper, or wipes and a maximum of 12 diapers, if used
  • 5. MEDICATION Any necessary medication for 24 hours * note: chocolate chip cookies are not recognized by the AMA or FDA as a “necessary medication” but what do they know.
  • 6. LETTER FROM MOM & DAD A letter from Mom and Dad that would comfort or reassure your child (and a picture of the entire family, if possible)
  • 7. A SNACK Any small snack food that won't spoil or harm the other contents of the pack for one school year (or be harmed by excessive temperature) such as granola bars. * note: Penne Pasta (with or without meatballs) might not be the most practical snack in an emergency.
  • 8. WHAT ELSE?  Be sure that the backpack is light enough for your child to carry it without assistance.  Be sure to write your child’s name and class on the outside of the backpack.  Bring your backpack with you to the first day of school.