BHL-Africa Workshop - Digitization Survey Feedback responses


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Responses about digitization capacity and scanning content from BHL-Africa members, presented by Lawrence Monda (National Museums of Kenya) and the BHL-Africa Workshop, May 16, 2013.

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BHL-Africa Workshop - Digitization Survey Feedback responses

  1. 1. Survey Feedback
  2. 2. 1. Do you have a collection of books or journals about biodiversity thatyou would like to digitizeYes 10No 2Not Sure(a) Collection DescriptionYes 8No 4Books Journals Artworks Reports BulletinsCoelacanth DiscoveriesBooks describing Insects
  3. 3. () How Many items are includedKyambogo University >1000UNCST >500KWS >100(b) When was the Material Published and who published it10 ResponsesUP >1600’s ?SAIAB >1900’s VariousNMK Various Dates VariousMauretania 1932 IFAN DAKARNEMA Uganda 1980-2013
  4. 4. Center for NationalResearch, MadagascarBefore 1972 OstromFaculty of AgriculturalScience, Benin1970-2013 ?Kyambogo University 1940-2013KWS 30 Years Ago KWS Staff(C) What aspects make this a unique collection6 ResponsesUP Valuable ResearchConsists of Early Published works. WorkBy UPSAIAB Grey LiteratureNEMA Pictorial Info with CaptionsARCOS Albertine Rift Conservation Status
  5. 5. Faculty of AgriculturalScience BeninGrey LiteratureKWS Grey Literature2 Do you have a Catalogue for your collectionResponsesYes 8No 2Partly/Manual 2
  6. 6. If so, what computer program do you use for managing yourcatalogue,What Standard Format do you have for MetadataDo you have MARC Records for your contentUP ? Dublin Core YesSAIAB Sierra Dublin YesNMK CDS ISIS/KOHA AACR2 YesMauritania RIHA ? NoNEMA CustomisedSoftwareBibliographic data NoUNCST KOHA None NoLVBC KOHA AACR2 YesARCOS ? ? ?Centre Nationalde Research forEnvironmentParadox ? ?
  7. 7. Faculty ofAgricultureSciences Benin? ? NoKyambogoUniversityKOHA ? YesKWS Excel ? No3 Have you had some of your collections digitized?ResponsesYes 8No 3Not Sure 1
  8. 8. 3 What type of Materials have already been scanned, When werethey digitized by whom and formats of archivalUP Book, Journals,Artworks2009 UP Staff TiFFJPEGPDFSAIAB JLB institutePublications2009-2010 Maggie Shaw andInformation ConversionServicesTIFFPDFNMK Books, Journals 2007-2009,2012NMK Staff and contractedassistantPDFMauritania Herbs 2010 Staff of Herbie Nationalde MauritaniePDFNEMA ? ? ? ?UNCST ? ? ? ?LVBC LVBC Reports ? Staff of LVBC PDF
  9. 9. ARCOS ? ? ? PDFCentre NationalDe Research forEnvironment,MadagascarStaff of thecentreJPEGFaculty ofAgriculturesciences, BeninStudent Thesis FacultyStudentsTIFFPDFKyambogoUniversity? ? ? ?KWS ResearchPapers,Strategic &ManagementPlans? KWS Staff JPEGPDF
  10. 10. 3 What are the characteristics of the images (Size, DPI, Colour, B/W)4 ResponsesUP 100% of OriginalFull ClourSAIAB 300 Text600 imagesColour & GrayscaleNMK 600 imagesColour and B/WKWS Colour & B/W4 Do you have a repository of digitized documents11 responsesYes 6No 5Not Sure1
  11. 11. 5 Are you or your institutions currently digitizing any contentIf so how many items, Formats of archival and characteristics of the imagesUP Yes Biodiversity UP Staff TIFF 100%Original, FullcolourSAIAB Yes Special digitalcollectionsArticle 1160Book Section 43Monograph 11Conf & Wksopitems 116Book 14Thesis 2562Show Exhibition 7Performance 3Image 153Video 2Other 27ReRR ? ?
  12. 12. NMK PDF 600Colour &B/WMauretania Yes 2238 Staff of theHerbariumPDFKWS JPEGPDF6 Do you have dedicated equipment to scan your own material, If sodescribe equipment. Could you scan other BHL Africa members materialUP Yes DigibookDedicated FlatbedMicrofilm/SlideScannerYesSAIAB No ? ?
  13. 13. NMK Yes Atiz Tower BookScanner 2007Muztek A3 FlatbedScanner 2009HP Auto A4 and SlidescannerYesMauretania Yes Epson GT 2500 YesNEMA No ? ?UNCST No ? ?VBC Yes HP Scanjet 8270 Yes with conditionsRCOS ? HP ?entre National deesearch fornvironmentMadagascarNo ? ?aculty of Agriculture,eninYes ? ?yambogo University No ? ?
  14. 14. 7 Technical skills, Availability of IT Support, Bandwidth in yourinstitution, will there be a problem connecting to BHL, Time period foruploadingUP Yes Good Good 10MB NoEveningSAIAB Yes Own IT Manager 2MB NoPossibleNMK Yes Good 20MB,8MB,3MB NoEveningMauretania Yes 1MB ?NEMA Yes 2MB YesUNCST 1 staff/Outsource ? YesLVBC Yes 2MB NoNoARCOS ? ? Not SureCentre National ? Low YesFaculty of Agriculture Limited 6MB No but Energyshortage can be anobstacle
  15. 15. 8 List of 10 most Important titles to add to 1000 books from AfricaUP Ondersteport journal of Vetinary ScienceBurchals TravelsScience ReportsThesisDissertationsSouthern African BotanicalBibliography of South West African BotanyBibliography of South African BotanyJournal of South African BotanyMemoirs of the botanical survey of south AfricaFlowering plants of AfricaSAIAB Annals of SA MuseumsSouth African Quarterly JournalBooks by Barrow, Le Valliant, Spaarman, Thunberg,Thompson, Burchell, Sir Andrew SmithArtworksReports of cape of Good Hope, Forests, Marine Bilogistinland water surveys.
  16. 16. NMK ?Mauretania ?NEMA Trees of UgandaUseful Trees and shrubs for UgandaFishes of UgandaButterflies of UgandaUgandan BirdsThe Ugandan WildlifeUNCST LV Research Initiative proceedingsConference and workshop proceedingsTechnical reports on Uganda Biomass StudyConvention on International Trade in endangered species ofWild Fauna and FloraChimpanzee and Large animal survey of Bugom and Kagombe-Matiri reserveBooks on Biological diversity and GeneticsConservation BilogyConservation managementNational systems of conservation and innovation in AfricaTechniques & Methods of EthnobotanyGuidelines on conservation of medicinal plantsResearch and management of African WildlifeBIOTA East Africa; Biodiversity monitor transect analysis inAfrica
  17. 17. Faculty of Agriculture Sciences,BeninStructural characteristics and ecology offorestsPlant communitiesStudy of wildlife in Northern BeninAre you aware of the copyright Law in your countryYes 8No 2Partly Aware 1None 1
  18. 18. Conclusion90% have have collections of biodiversity information for digitizationModerate IT Support and Infrastructure available for most institutionsMost Institutions have titles to be added to 1000 African BooksCatalogue for Collections exist in most institutions however knowledge ofstandards and MARC records is minimalDifferent formats for archiving being used and little knowledge on imagingrequirements