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  1. 1. welcome to we bring partners together through professional web meeting services
  2. 2. professional web meeting services multiple solutions/ flexibility/ easy to use open to any web enabled device tools for online collaborationHyperTalk is a web based platform for professional web meeting services. Our system offersmultiple solutions, that support activities such as video meeting, webinar and online training.HyperTalk was designed as a flexible solution that may be easily customized and integrated as aservice (CaaS) within your company portal. The system is open to any system that has a minimumamount of browsing capabilities. It also supports mobile devices, that may access the applicationby means of web browsers or dedicated HyperTalk mobile applications (iOS, Android andBlackBerry platforms). HyperTalk offers state of the art communication and interaction tools.
  3. 3. multiple solutions/ flexibility/ easy to use Video meeting Webinar TrainingOne system – multiple solutions. People have different needs even if we are talking about videocommunication. What sets us apart is that we tried to envisage your needs and to customize threedifferent solutions so that HyperTalk will suit your line of work. For this, we have created a flexibleand easy to use video meeting solution, a solution including video, chat, document sharing, screensharing, etc., that is dedicated to be used in your everyday meetings. HyperTalk Webinar is to beused by those in the need of an effective and state of the art webinar application. HyperTalkTraining is designed to meet the requirements of individual trainers, training companies andacademics, by providing various advanced e-learning / training tools. All those are easily accessiblefrom any place in the word without the need to install not even a single application.
  4. 4. open to any web enabled device PC/Mac, tablet & mobile devices Accessible with any web browser Dedicated applications for iOS and Android Anyone is able to participate. No downloads/ installsBe it a video meeting, a webinar or a training session, anyone with a web enabled device is able toparticipate. HyperTalk system was designed to be accessible from any platform(Windows, Linux, OS) without the need to install any dedicated applications, simply by means ofthe ubiquitous web browser. Even more, HyperTalk is accessible from mobile platforms as well. Beit iOS, Android or BlackBerry OS, there are free applications that enables you to participate inHyperTalk session or to manage your HyperTalk activity. Share your screen instantly to any devicewith a browser. No downloads and installs. No sign ups, it’s free for anyone that you invite to yourHyperTalk session.
  5. 5. tools for online collaboration Video, Audio & Chat WhiteBoard, Document Sharing & Desktop Sharing Notification, Calendar, Agenda & Meeting playbackHyperTalk is one of the best solutions for web meetings, incorporating video, audio and chatcapabilities, but it’s so much more than this. HyperTalk enables you to collaborate with yourpartners, clients or students located miles away. A high degree of interactivity is supported byuser-user interaction and user-digital resource interaction. HyperTalk comes with tools forWhiteBoard so that you can sketch and share your vision, for Document Sharing so that you canpresent your work and for Desktop Sharing to enable others to join your effort. There is even anonline applications that allows you to manage your activity by means of an flexible Agenda andCalendar. HyperTalk uses a notification system that is compatible with major calendar application.Any collaborative session may be recorder so that it may be reviewed later in time.
  6. 6. Web based accessto HyperTalk services
  7. 7. • Mobile access to HyperTalk services iOS Android BlackBerry
  8. 8. Web MeetingOnline collaborative meetings with up to 20 attendees Multipoint HD video conferencing Shared whiteboard Application and desktop sharing Document and presentation sharing Annotation tools Compliant with: iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, … IM features Mobility: iOS, Android, BlackBerry platforms
  9. 9. Web Meeting. How it works
  10. 10. WebinarWebinars with up to 1000 attendees Customized registration form, as well as invitations via email Modern virtual collaboration tools Virtual aula & attendance management Q&A, feedback & polling Real time statistics HD video conferencing and webcasting Recording and streaming Mobility: iOS, Android, BlackBerry
  11. 11. Webinar. How it works
  12. 12. TrainingAsynchronous/ synchronous collaborative learning Blended learning support Interactive tutorials Project- and problem-based learning Interactive educational resources Online assessment High degree of interaction: student-student, student- tutor, or user-educational resources interaction Mobility: iOS, Android, BlackBerry
  13. 13. Training. How it works
  14. 14. HyperCAT (Course Authoring Tool)
  15. 15. Interactive Course/Tutorial
  16. 16. technical specsWAN Access Video transmission Response time: 10 - 50 ms SD / HD quality Network throughtput: 160 - 512 Compression standard: H264 kbitsAcces 3G (Vodafone/Orange) Audio transmission Response time: 60 - 300 ms Sample rate: 22.1 kHz Network throughtput: 32 - 220 8 bits/sample kbitsImplemented approach Virtual shared space Multi-point video conferencing Vertical scrolling features Hourly traffic 64 MB Suported formats: MS Office, pdf, txt, ps, html, jpg, gif, sw f, avi, flv, etc.
  17. 17. HyperTalk Systems SRL 22 Heltai Gaspar, 400427, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Romania HyperTalk.net contact@hypertalk.net