Social Media Strategy For Business

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  • This is interesting as it shows the age of particaption against what peoepl are doing online


  • 1.
  • 2. Know the tools
    Blog - Wordpress
    Microblog – Twitter
    Video Sharing – YouTube
    Photo Sharing - Flickr
    Social Networks – LinkedIn, Facebook
    (There are more but lets not get ahead of ourselves)
  • 3. Typical Social Media journey
    Sign up
    Mess around
    Leave it for a while
    Have another go
    Get the technology working
    How can we use it effectively?
  • 4. Old style
    New style
  • 5. Gain new customers
    Add value to existing customers
    Social media can help you; connect with customers (new and old), gain
    referrals from current customers, communicate instantly with impact, get
    publicity for events, gain or give advice, create advocates for your
    brand, help your search ranking, and much more!
  • 6. Check out your audience
    Current audience - who is online?
    Is there a new audience?
    Practitioners – Other Professionals
    Customers – critics and fans
  • 7. Current audience
    What is the general age/gender
    What time of the day/week would they use SM?
    What are they plugged into now?
    Search for a few of your audience members (unique names)
    Are they showing up on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook?
  • 8. Current audience?
  • 9.
  • 10. What about you?
  • 11. How much time have you got?
    Remember social media is not free
  • 12. More time
    Less time
  • 13. Listening….Monitoring
    People still talk about you even when you have left the party
    Check for critics, fans, conversations about you
    Opportunity to become a guide – answering questions
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17. Google Alerts – Blogs, websites, news
    “query”, “brand name” “generic”
    As it happens
    Set up mentions
    Search for brand/name
  • 18. Participate
    Search any phrase on Twitter
    Reply to them – start a conversation
    Re-tweet too
  • 19.
  • 20. Facebook
    Join Facebook
    Use it personally –follow brands/organisations/mentors
  • 21. Look at Forums
    Answer questions (Alerts, Yahoo Answers)
    Make comments
  • 22. Creating content
    Don’t tell people you are funny
    Tell them a joke
    …What’s your joke?
  • 23. Creating content
    Write your own content – new blog, news, events
    Publish unique content
    Broadcast new content
    Link back to your website (SEO)
  • 24. Create content that is….
  • 25. Share it amongst your media
    Write a blog post
    Tweet about the blog post
    Link to it from Facebook – enhance it on Facebook
  • 26. Making it easy
    Blog  Twitter
    Facebook  Twitter
    Blog  e-newsletter
    Tweetdeck – spread out your tweets
  • 27. Community building
    Your community participate in your conversation
    Facebook groups/pages
    Forums – Mums net
    Trip Advisor/Gum Tree
  • 28.
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33. Community building
    What’s your aim?
    Is there an existing community you can attach to?
    Core of committed members before you begin
  • 34. Building a community
    Recruit key ‘founding’ members
    Build slowly
    Actively recruit
    Listen to other people’s conversations
    Reply, they will follow
  • 35. Summary
    Start small and grow slowly
    Listen, participate, create content, build communities
    Decide what makes you special
  • 36. Evaluation
    What do you want to measure
    It’s not a straight ROI exercise
    Campaign penetration/success
    Emotional responses
    Web analytics
  • 37. Evaluation Tools
    Penetration - Campaign success
    Hashtag logging
  • 38.
  • 39.
  • 40.
  • 41.
  • 42. Emotional responses
  • 43.
  • 44.
  • 45. Web analytics
    Keep a log of your social media campaigns
    Cross reference to Web statistics
    Plug in to Analytics - - type in your URL
  • 46.
  • 47. Any questions?
  • 48. Old style
    New style