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Workshop for Development Workers in Swindon, 11th December 2008

Workshop for Development Workers in Swindon, 11th December 2008



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Skildict4 Dev Workers Skildict4 Dev Workers Presentation Transcript

  • ICT for Development Workers Julie Harris, COSMIC ICT Champion for South West
  • About me
    • Worked in third sector for 10 years, with COSMIC
    • Trustee for local organisations and charity
    • Communications and information
    • Helping VCOs make best use of ICT
    • Devon-based, work across region/UK
    • Chair of RISE – regional body for social enterprises
  • ICT for Development Workers
    • SkilD found the same 4 needs arose when talking to development workers about ICT:
    • Awareness of the increasing potential for ICT
    • Information on issues groups should consider when using ICT (planning, policies, support contracts)
    • Information on sources of funding and local support
    • Ability to explore the barriers created by ICT for some members
  • Outline of what we’ll cover
    • Your questions about ICT
    • Benefits of ICT
    • Total Cost of Ownership
    • Funding for ICT
    • ICT Planning
    • ICT Health Check
    • Who can help?
    • Net:Gain
    • Rounding Up
  • Your role
    • Questions your clients ask about IT
      • How you answer those questions
      • Where you can get help
      • Supporting the sector
    • How to help groups make better use of IT
      • Planning
      • Tools
      • Services
  • About you
    • Who are you and where do you come from?
    • What questions do you have about ICT?
    • What questions do your clients have about ICT?
  • Benefits of ICT
    • Individuals + Organisations + Communities
    • Efficiency
      • Do the same things better
    • Effectiveness
      • Do better things
  • Benefits of ICT
    • Information
    • Communications
    • Administration
    • Involvement
    • Engagement
    • Empowerment
  • Potential benefits of ICT
    • Effective communications and trust
    • Happy, productive staff & volunteers
    • Increased likelihood of funding
    • Happy, well-served clients
    • More effective delivery
    • Good quality, readily available information
  • Exercise: Benefits and Costs of ICT
    • In pairs:
    • An example of how ICT is used by the groups you work with
    • Lessons that can learned by others
  • Funding and budgeting
    • Be realistic
      • Fit for purpose
      • Full cost recovery
      • Appropriate budget
    • ICT Hub ‘How to Cost and Fund’
      • Available to download or from ICT Champion
  • Total Cost of Ownership
    • It’s not just a box
    • It’s like buying a car and not budgeting for petrol, an MOT and insurance
    • Some technical knowledge may be needed
    • Must be linked to overall organisational budget
    • Must reflect overall goals of organisation, eg
      • Growth or new services
      • Key strengths or weakness
  • Exercise: Costing IT
    • "Happy to Help”: advocacy and support organisation based in MiddleTown
    • You are general manager preparing a budget for the coming year.
    • You have 4 staff (2 of whom are part time) and they manage 60 volunteers who provide advocacy to about 80 people as well as run an annual awareness-raising event.
    • You are reviewing your IT needs.
    • You have been told it's a good idea to get a server, and want to get everyone using email properly.
    • Staff are using a mixture of computers and some complain that theirs is too slow.
    • They are using different versions of windows and office software. You're not sure if software is licensed.
    • What should their budget be and what should it include?
    • Estimate figures for each item on worksheet
  • Budgeting: What to include
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Installation
    • Maintenance
    • Backup
    • Consumables
    • Insurance
    • Broadband
    • Web hosting
    • Training
    • Break
  • Funding for ICT
    • Some funders are more positive about ICT than others
    • Research published on NCVO website
    • Be realistic about total costs
    • Identify benefits of investing in ICT
  • Planning in VCOs
    • What happens in the groups you work with?
    • How much time is spent?
    • What support do you offer?
    • Any examples of ICT planning?
    • Think about
      • Methodologies
      • What works
      • What doesn’t
  • ICT Planning
    • Good practice for all areas of work
    • Different methods
    • Where are we now?
      • ICT Health Check
      • Not just about IT
    • Where are we going?
    • How can ICT help us get there?
  • Exercise: DIY ICT Health Check
    • For your organisation:
    • Use headings on page 17
    • Spend 10 minutes reading and answering these questions
    • Then…
    • Switch your answers with someone else
  • Exercise: DIY ICT Health Check
    • Reviewing:
    • What does this tell you about development needs of the organisation?
    • Are there specific short-term needs?
    • Is there someone clearly responsible for ICT?
    • Are budgets realistic?
    • Have skills and training needs been considered?
    • What else?
    • Feedback to the group
  • Where to get help
    • What type of help do you need?
    • Who currently provides that help?
    • Where can you get more help?
    • What can you get for free?
    • What do you need to pay for?
  • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Project Proposals
    • Fundraising
    • Project Management
    • Purchasing
    • Installation
    • Maintenance
    • Training
    • Review/evaluation
    • Legal Requirements
  • Types of help for groups
    • Volunteers - one off projects + ongoing
    • Accidental Techies
    • IT Support Companies
    • Web Designers
    • Database Consultants
    • Circuit Riders
    • Net:gain Centres
    • UK Online Centres
  • Working with volunteers
    • Job description and recruitment process
    • Do they have the technical skills they claim?
    • Do they have people skills you need?
    • What support and training do you need to offer?
    • How do they link to other staff?
    • Passwords and security issues
  • Choosing suppliers
    • Concentrate on what you require
      • We want a website to support our fundraising campaign
      • We want to be able to update the content ourselves
    • Research suppliers
      • Online and in local networks
      • Ask your peer group for feedback
    • Always take up references
  • Where to get help
    • National
      • NCVO/ICT Hub, AbilityNet, NAVCA
    • Regional
      • South West Forum, your ICT Champion
    • Local/sub-regional
      • CVS, IT support orgs, volunteer bureau, university, private companies
  • Who can help you?
    • ICT Hub:
      • Knowledgebase
      • Suppliers Directory
      • Publications
    • IT4Communities:
      • Volunteers
    • AbilityNet:
      • Accessibility
  • Review/discussion
    • Using the web for support
      • What are the most useful websites you use when you need help?
      • What questions do they answer?
      • What sites do you find unhelpful?
      • How do you find out about useful sites?
      • List them and share them
  • Who can help you?
    • Email lists
      • VCANet
      • UK Riders - ICT specialists
      • Local community networks
    • What do you use?
      • Your top tips
  • Net:Gain
    • National programme
    • Local centres
    • Pay a fee + get subsidised consultancy support
    • Linked to other discounts
    • Any other questions?
      • Julie Harris
      • COSMIC
      • 01404 813226
      • [email_address]