The New Air Cosmic . Newslette r                                                     Cosmic Awareness Communication s     ...
(From a C.A .C. General Reading ,       December 4, 1980)            A CHANCE TO REWRITE THE SCRIP T                      ...
r        This Awareness indicates that : if thought: moves to recogmiae the absolute horror and devastation an d     the r...
This Awareness indicates that entities who do not have time or interest in writing a letter may also help ,    to some deg...
COSMIC AWARENESS :   This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that this had been schedu...
This Awareness indicates this action has generally in the past been left to those of higher understanding  ton the inner p...
"COME TOGETHE R   OVER ME "    ( I read the news today, Oh boy ) A personal note from your editor  regarding John Lennon :...
There are even special programs . special sections of newspapers being devoted to this entity . A planned world-wide silen...
COSMI C                                                          HO T AWARENES S           Cosmic Awareness Communication ...
COSMIC AWARENESS :   This Awareness indicates the time approaching whereby that which was warned of* may soon become a rea...
This Awareness indicates that in the event the earthquake occurs and totally destroys Manha,, .,an Island ,         which ...
CC 31.IIC 4WARENESS :   This Awareness indicates that it appears that these areas will not be hit with such devastation as...
QUESTION :If these quakes do, indeed, (nasal- in i series, is there going to be some clear sign so that weIl know which on...
`innocent persons who lose their lives in a major catastrophe . This Awareness indicates that these, however ,while innoce...
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Cosmic Awareness 1980-33: Help Save Manhattan - C.A.C. Membership Energies Can Help In The "Cosmic Intercession"


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  • Quite informative presentation.But the letters are so hazy and it seems to be so old that very seldom somebody will get interest to go through it.It looks like an ancient historical document .Hope to see some information with some good presentation.
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Cosmic Awareness 1980-33: Help Save Manhattan - C.A.C. Membership Energies Can Help In The "Cosmic Intercession"

  1. 1. The New Air Cosmic . Newslette r Cosmic Awareness Communication s P.U . llox 116, Olympia, Washington 9850 7 $3 .00 80-33 A (Hotline) ,COSMIC AWARCNSSS is the f orce that expressed !tacit through Jesus of who weeks again today Knxi :u :,, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and Nazareth . the Buddha . other great avatast who served a* Channels for the Beat enly Father and as the world begins to enter the New Age , . Sine. 1%I Cosmic Awatencw has been communicating through carefully-trained channels. The utfor-of spiritual consciousness and awareness w with C .A .C . Thiseration contained herein was eecciv d from deep super-conscious ranee Throughout the thousands an entity affiliated through these channels . levels and mterpr ted byInformation is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age . of ltcadinsa givenCosmic Awareness tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover foriournelf though your own channel , what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and suggest . Neither C .A .C . . the Aquarian Church of l Jniverssl Service. or the Interpreter .Paul Shockley is responsible for anything. Connie Awareness may state in any of these readings, nor does C .A .C . or Paul Shockley necessaril ybelieve or agree with the itatatnents of Connie Awareness . Fein :atcrpreti the enemies as he sees them in trance levels and is pot personallyresponsible for what Is vald .Members of C .A .C . arc invited to send in questions of general interest to ask Awareness for possible publication . Pail Shockley, Intcrnrete r TIME IS RUNNING Ok .{-I HELP SA VE MAW, TTA N C .A .C . MEMBERSHIP ENERGIES GAN HELP IN THE "COSMIC INTERCESSION " COPYillGIlT 1980 I :•. Cosmic ,wntcut e, Cun,nnmirat :ons 6 . the cpigrtan Church of Universal Sc i - ir .• . it . ; ru,. ;u•ttion however is permit :
  2. 2. (From a C.A .C. General Reading , December 4, 1980) A CHANCE TO REWRITE THE SCRIP T (Where thought goes--energy follows)ilal)s Note :The entity asking the following cluestioe is Bill S ., an entity who wrote us a few months ago and whom we asked to dro pby. and see us when his pilgrimage led him in this direction . You will be tnt . :°oduced to bill in `Revelations of Awareness o . 81-2 ( A Search for God), forthcoming soon in 1981, which goes into more details on his `writings and the Cosmi cexperiences which predicted the destruction of New York City six years ago– a prediction almost identical to that mad eby Edgar Cayce 40 years previo sly . Other information eomerning the potential destruction of Manhattan will be foun din `Revelations of Awareness No . 80-1 (Whats Ahead in 1981) which was mailee to the membership Dec . 10, 1980 .QUESTION :Awareness, this entity has written a couple of letters previously describing a Cosmic experience that happ-end to this entity six years ago in which there was a vision of the destruction of New York City by nuclea rholocaust, and this vision was given in very vivid detail and it was claimed to he the beginning of the Battl eof Armageddon . Then the vision backtracked and gave a second scenario . This second scenario was an inter -cession or intervention by a group of en .titiee who stepped in with prayer and Light energies which coul ddefuse the impending cataclysm . This eleventh-hour intercession is still possible, and-the people out therewho are receiving this message can still do this intercession . The forces of Armageddon can still be trans-muted and the earth cleared for transition into the New Age if entities will fervently pray and interced ewith the Higher Self . With such an intercession, the vision of the nuclear holocaust can still be averted an dmany entities preserved from destruction . This is the essence of that vision of six years ago which cam ecompletely independent from any connection with any organization or any esoteric group or teaching .Does Awareness see this as having been a valid vision, and is this the correct interpretation of the vision ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this vision as that which was given to you by this Awareness through you rown channel . This Awareness indicates that this as having been correctly received . This Awareness indicatesthat the action of receiving this information and other parallel information to that which has come throug hthis channel [Paul Shockley] as that which has been of significance in assisting in levels of verification fo rnot only your own channel being given verification from this channel, but also this channel being givenverification from those writings and messages which you have received which parallel information throug hthis channel . This Awareness indicates that these two channels being totally independent of each other ,without any communication or knowledge in a physical sense of each other, bringing forth informatio nwhich is essentially parallel, as that which assists in verifying the information presented by each of th echannels. This Awareness indicates in regards to your earlier vision wherein you were given the two tracts of th escript, wherein that which has been written and which has been put into motion in the biocomputer of th eearth mass-mind consciousness . wherein New York City is to be sacrificed :----this Awareness indicate sthat this as one script of future scenario . This Awareness indicates that the re-scripting or rewriting of th escript is that which also can be accomplished, whereby enough entities are made aware of the potentia ldevastation and danger, but who are of high enough consciousness to rearrange in their visualization th eimages and pictures to bring forth a change in the image or script, so that the destruction does not occur .This Awareness indicates that this kind of action requires a special type of consciousness, and cannot occu rsimply by entities being unaware of the potential danger of such an occurrence, but must occur after a nentity is aware of the chaotic script, but of such consciousness as to still overcome that image of the dar kscript, to bring about the change in the script to allow that script to be rewritten. This Awareness indicates that wherein consciousness gees, wherein thought goes, energy follows . Thi s Awareness wishes entities to look at that very carefully : W` . n thou ght oes eneew .` • Wherei n thought goes, energy follows . That wherein the thought as been used to place cobalt bombs around th e island of Manhattan, (and other places), the energy has followed and these bombs have been set . This Awareness indicates that wherein thought goes toward the destruction of Manhattan island, energy follows . This Awareness indicates that therefore, if entities follow through on the thought and image of this occur- ence, the energy for its occurrence will follow . 2.
  3. 3. r This Awareness indicates that : if thought: moves to recogmiae the absolute horror and devastation an d the regret of having allowed this to happen . then energy can also follow to energize the regret of havin g allowed that to happen, and this Awareness suggests that if this regret is felt before the occurrence, entitie s may have time to change the scrip, and think along different lines, thinking rather along lines of some for m of reconciliation between the super-powers, a kind of enlightenment or catalyst which occurs in a differen t way, so that the Manhattan island need not be devastated, but may remain intact, so that the causes fo r such occurrence would be changed, so that peace could in some way come about to make this action un- necessary, so that entities may visualize a different course of action . This Awareness indicates that in rescripting or rewriting the future events, there must be a thought lin e that runs from what is to what may be, but this thought line must move in a different direction, away fro m the chaotic event, toward one which is an avoidance of that event . This Awareness su rests therefore th t entities may wish to consider writing letters for example, to the Russians, a kin ; that they remove these cobalt bombs from New York City . This Awareness indicates that entities, in asking this, may also *uggest that the leaders of both maior powers, and of the European nations consider meeting inconstantS.iunmit_ for peaceful settlement to all international affairs, and remain in summit until a peaceful solution is found . This Awareness indicates that entities also may consider writing letters to newspapers and to variou s leaders of this nation, asking that the policy of `First Strike against the Soviet Union he re-examined,and suggesting that this is counter to the American way of]i ,phis Awareness indicates that it counters th e principles upon which this nation was built and founded . This Awareness indicates that wherein the Sovie t Union, at present, has as a policy that of defense rather a `First Strike policy, and whereas the presen t Bolshevik administration of the United States has the `First Strike policy as its primary foreign relation s policy in terms of military approach to the Soviet Union, this makes for a difficult situation, so that peac e cannot be easily obtained between these super-powers ; and therefore . wherein entities can, in some way, send forth their messages, asking for reconciliation regarding these conflicting approaches, wherein th e Russians are creating threats for retaliation or secret attacks, and wherein the American forces, unde r Bolshevik influence, are preparing for First Strike attacks, the energies need desperately to be reconciled . This Awareness indicates that the letters themselves do not particularly have any great impact in th e affairs, although they do have some effect . This Awareness i ndicates that the real magic occurs by the energy which follows the thought . This energy is that which occurs in the bio-computer of the earth s mass-consciousness, the mass-mind of the planet, which is recording and playing out all of the energies an d thought-forms which entities create in regard to the events which will occur on this plane, for these ar e triggered by the mass-mind, which receives its collective energy from individuals who have directed though t toward particular events and actions of the future . This Awareness indicates that therefore, when a mass of people collectively energize their thoughts toward one particular action, and in focusing on that particular action, give suggestions for rewriting th e script of the future events ; those energies of that collective group move into the collective mass-mind o f the consciousness which surrounds the planet, and this has its influence on the minds of all others an d creates the influencing factors for their behavior . This Awareness indicates that the Ietters themselves ar e simply grounding actions, physical in nature, which bring these thoughts/energies into physical manifestation . This Awareness indicates this much on the order of a ritual, wherein the concept is expressed in conscious- ness and acted out in physical action, such as the breaking of ground with a shovel before starting the proces s of building a temple . This Awareness indicates that the physical action, the ground-breaking, is a grounding action which allows the concept which has been in consciousness of entities and planners to actually be grounded and begin t o take form in the physical world . This Awareness indicates that likewise . wherein entities visualize and imag e changes coming in future events, and wherein entities visualize these future events, it is necessary tha t these events become grounded in some ritualistic action, rather than simply remaining as imaginary events o f the future . This Awareness indicates that wherein such images are not grounded, these images are nothin g but daydreams, having no substance or value . This Awareness indicates therefore, if entities can image future events of value and then wish f :o take a n action to ground these events, then the energies of that image or thought will be manifested into the phy- sical, to some degree . This Awareness indicates that again, this is the principle that energy follows thought : If an entitiy visualizes and thinks along a certain line, energy will follow . But if the entity wants this vision t o become manifested in physical reality, the entity must take this vision in some symbolic sense and groun d this action by thinking it down into the physical plane . Therefore, the grounding action is that which thinks toward the physical and the energy of the concept then follows into physical reality . 3.
  4. 4. This Awareness indicates that entities who do not have time or interest in writing a letter may also help , to some degree, in grounding their images by taking some physical action . This Awareness indicates this ma y be nothing more than imaging a harmonious resolution and reconciliation to the problem of the cobalt bomb s being placed around New York City, visualizing a harmonious resolution, and then grounding this action b y stamping ones foot, by hitting ones fist upon the table or floor, or by any other physical action which, t o you . symbolizes the grounding of your concept and image . This Awareness suggests that you never ground this image if you have any negative images included tha t you do not wish to allow . This Awareness suggests that you perfect the image as much as is possible befor e grounding this . This Awareness suggests this also be done through deep breathing, so that the oxygen fill s your lungs and fills the blood to allow you to have the opportunity for better imaging ; and then, when th e image is clear, then you may ground the action with your physical movement . `Phis Awareness indicates onc e this has been finished, the grounding action completes the ritual, and it is best to forget the work until yo u are ready to again run through the imaging and grounding process at a later time. This Awareness indicates that if entities have the understanding and wisdom to look at the potential dange r without projecting that image in the future as a reality, but if they can look at this potential danger as but a fiction story of what could be, and recognize instead that the truth will be something entirely different, an d if entities can realize that they have an influence in writing the future history, by simply thinking and allow- ing the energies to follow those thoughts so that the thinking toward that which is ideal carries energies toward that which is ideal, and is grounded in reality , This Awareness indicates there can be an intercession in the events which come . This Awareness indicates that this requires that entities have control of their minds and not be influenced by fear, by nrejudism, by critical self-evaluation, or by confused efforts to try to understand, rather than simply understanding . This Awareness indicates that if entities can understand what has been given in this message, can read th e handwriting on the wall in terms of the old script which may be played out in terms of the destruction o f Manhattan island, but looking at this ::,c :dij .t; can say, "No, I will not have it like this . I will have it this wa y instead." And it entities " , oz1 Grp 1 ;; eh -ol crhits low; c i i { so that these chaotiT ci conflicts which plague humanity at this time can be changed, then these things need not come about . Thi s Awareness indicates that it is up to each individual to do what each is capable of doing . This Awareness indicates there are some individuals who . in looking at this, will say to themselves, "What: a do I care about New York City? I know no one there . Maybe this would be the best thing for the world ; There are other individuals who will say, "I wish I could do something, but I am so small and I really don t understand ; and I have no power" . There are other individuals who will say . "I can understand writin g letters . It seems somewhat futile, but I could do this, if this is what is required, but the other informatio n about thought, and energy following thought is too confusing to me, so Ill just forget that" . This Awareness indicates there are some others who will understand and will think clearly, allow th e energy to follow their thinking, and will conduct a grounding action, and it is this thinking that will ente r into the mass-mind, the bio-computer which surrounds this planet and feeds the consciousness of the man y entities upon this planet, to think along different lines ; and it is this programming which comes from thes e entities who think along different lines who program the mass-mind to think along different lines ; and the mass-mind, then, spreads this concept to others who are connected with the situation around Manhatta n island, so that these others are compelled by the mass-mind to follow through in the programming whic h you have given the mass-mind, which, in turn, has compelled those responsible to change the script . This Awareness indicates that this CAN be an intercession . It requires understanding of this situation an d action by a number of highly intelligent and aware entities to act as indicated in this message . DESTRUCTION OF MANHATTAN COULD HAVE OCCURRED EARLIE R QUESTION : Awareness, the course of action as just outlined requires a certain amount of time in order to make thi s manifest . The information given at the time of the `Hot Line in October gave us the feeling, at least a t that time, that there wouldnt be time for this action . Obviously something has changed between tha t time and this. Is it true that the turning point on November 17th was allowed by an action of the Skoptsi s showing mercy and with-holding their action to allow this intercession ? EDS Note : the October reading just referred to follows this reading . 4.
  5. 5. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that this had been scheduled ,or intended to have occurred at an earlier time, particularly if there had been any action in the Middle Eas tprior to election as had been planned by the present administration, but which was cancelled at the Elevent hhour . This Awareness indicates that this reprieve by the Skoptsis for a time, now allows certain other energie sto clarify, so that if consciousness is clear enough in a number of entities, this can have an influence of som edegree in preventing the chaotic event from ever occurring . This Awareness indicates there is some danger in releasing this information in that entities who are hung-u pon the image of the destruction and chaotic experience may, through fear and misunderstanding, groun dthose images in some kind of action such as slamming their foot down or pounding on the table, thus helpin gto bring about that particular scenario . This Awareness indicates therefore, this Awareness has gone to grea tlengths to explain how entities may intercede with positive action to program the mass-mind and to re-writethe script . This Awareness indicates that some of this has already occurred from previous actions of a fe wentities through their own instinctive reactions and images . This Awareness indicates that many entities ins-tinctively act in such a manner to assist in such reprogramming, even though they may not always know th emethod or effects of their thinking and the power of such thinking . The October, 22nd Reading now to be Release dQUESTION :Awareness, would the release of this reading just given, along with the reading of October that Awarenes sinstructed us to release only if the event took place would this explain and emphasize how urgent an dhow critical and how imminent at the time that reading was given, and the scenario Awareness outline dthat the government would possibly take,----would combining these two readings allow the members to se ehow serious this was, coupled with the fact that now they can do something about it to intercede ; or woul dthat reading, with the negative picture of the statue of liberty falling into the sea etc . only add to energizin gthe possibility of the event?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that with this particular message sent as a cover on top of the other message ,so that entities read this message first, and therefore, are prepared to read the other message with a differen tattitude--this can be beneficial . This Awareness indicates that had entities received that message at that time ,without having the clear understanding of how to avoid sending negative images, or grounding the action ,without having any ability to change the situation, they would have added to the energizing of its destruction ,even if dreading and fearing such destruction . This Awareness indicates that now it is possible for this to be averted, and entities in understanding ho wthese energies can intercede in events, may also assist in the interceding to prevent this occurrence . Thi sAwareness indicates these actions of entities are needed to assist in interceding and preventing this even tfrom occurring . This Awareness indicates there are others on the inner plane, and others on the physica lplane who are presently interceding in a similar way through their own natural instinctive thinking process .QUESTION :Would Awareness indicate if this should be given top priority of if those publications now in motion fo rcoming out in the near future should continue, or if it looks like there might be two, three or possibly fou rmonths before another point could be reached where this event could actually take place? In other words . . .COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that it now appears that early February as being a highly charged time . Thi sAwareness suggests that this message may be given a priority to some degree, that it be released as soon afte rChristmas as is convenient . This Awareness indicates that it appears the extra time for such energizing ca nbe valuable . This Awareness indicates that this not intended to place undue hardship on you to release thi sinformation, but that it is of some value wherein entities can be of assistance in understanding how to inter -cede in future events . 5
  6. 6. This Awareness indicates this action has generally in the past been left to those of higher understanding ton the inner planes to think events through, through the imaging process upon the physical plane, guidin ghuman affairs with their mentalimages . This Awareness indicates this as similar to certain Russian eexperim ents wherein an entity focuses through a window at a dog within a room, and with his mind, directs the do gto move from one place to another, and the dog so moving, without realizing that he is being directed by a nentity outside the room. This Awareness indicates that there are such beings on the inner plane who give their time and energie sin focusing and directing entities to move from place to place, to take upon themselves some act, or involv ethemselves in some circumstance . This Awareness indicates these entities often lead entities to meet eac hother by chance, to form alliances and marriages and agreements which all seem to have come about b ycircumstance or coincidence . This Awareness indicates that the action of interceding as that which has, in the past, been left to thos eon the inner planes, those guides . This Awareness indicates that now, entities on the physicai plane can alsoparticipate in directing the affairs of their world through mental imagery and through the action of program-ming the collective mass-mind of humanity, to bring about the future events which are desirable for all .QUESTION :The general nature of these letters that entities are being encouraged to write as part of the grounding action ,is (in general) the same essential message of reconciliation that the Awareness campaign has been expressin gfor those members who have been motivated thus far . It would be helpful to have a little more informatio non how the same type of letters with the New York potential in mind will be enhanced or modified as far as ,their effect.COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that wherein the Kremlin begins receiving letters from American citizens pro -testing the cobalt bombs placed around Manhattan island . it will have an effect: for this is an action whic his intended to be secret, if it is used, and the fact that many American citizens know about this, will tend t oinfluence the Kremlin to avoid using this unless absolutely necessary in their evaluation of the future cond-itions. WHO TO WRITE TO ?QUESTION :In addition to writing Premier I ;rezhnev about the cobalt bombs, would Awareness, in light of the administ-ration changing, indicate the names of entities in the American government other than the President, tha tthe members should write to in reference to the `First Strike information which we are against because i tis not in the American tradition?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness suggests that this he directed to the incoming and to the present President . That this b edirected also the Secretary of State ; to the Secretary of Defense . This Awareness indicates that those variou sdepartments dealing with military affairs be Iisted . [This Awareness indicates that the Interpreter as slippin gout of trance . This Awareness suggests the Law of Gratitude be given . ] *L**s***p * Seattle Pant fntfalls er~eer IMon . . Dec. 8 l,a4 R Address your letter to : The Honorable Edmund S . M.uslci e Americans Need a Shock The Honorable Jimmy Carte r Secretary of State (outgoing ) (or Ronald Reagan ) The White Hous e NEW YORK (A.P) --- President-elect Ronald . Reaga n President of the United State s Washington DC 2050 0 should declare a national economic emergency as soon a s The White Hous e Washington DC, 20500 General Ale : :ander Haig (incoming ) he takes office and then follow up with concrete action The Honorable Leonid Brcrhnev , Defense Secretary, Harald Ernw, t "to really shock the American people," Republican Sen . Premier of Russia Dept . of Defense, the Pentago n Robert pole said yesterday . "in my view he need s The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, U .S .S .R . W : :.n4ington DC 20301 (outgoing) something to dramatize the problem we have in America . Defense See, Casper Weinberger Maybe he can declare an economic emergency on th e (Airmail postage : 40 cents) (incoming) 20th of January," Dole said . The Kansas Republican, wh o will become chairman of the Senate Finance Committee (Also write to all other Cabinet members) when the GOP gains control of the chamber next year , was interviewed on NBC-TVs "Meet The Press." REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications , PLO. Box 115, Olympia, Washington, 08507 (A non-profit organization) . Subscription rates upon request .
  7. 7. "COME TOGETHE R OVER ME " ( I read the news today, Oh boy ) A personal note from your editor regarding John Lennon :As I was sitting at the typewriter the night of December 8th, putting this reading together ! the FM radio solemnly announce dthat ex-Beatle, John Lennon, had just been assassinated in Manhattan . Like it was for millions, there was shock, disbelie fanger, followed by shameless weeping for this gentle entity whose words and music and activities shaped the thinking anc~ life -style of a generation of New Age beings who had incarnated on this plane, only to feel, We must have landed on the wron gplanet . He was a symbol that stood for revolution--musical, mental and personal revolution . John Lennon had the uncann yability to say what the rest of us were thinking about politics, war, social values we had found obsolete ; and when the Beatlessaid the way to cure the problems of the world was with love and peace, it was exactly what : we all wanted to hear . Everyon elistened even big business for these minstrels were as much an economic force as they were a political and social force . Th eBeatles led us inside ourselves to help us to discover Who, In Fact, We Really Are . As this new awareness grew, the murmur t o`Stop the slaughter grew into a shout, and suddenly those in power were removed, the slaughter stopped . Some of the lyric swritten by John sounded like themes from a Cosmic Awareness reading : "Imagine theres no heaven No need for greed or hunge rIts easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky ; A brotherhood of man ;Imagine all the people living for today ; imagine theres no countries, Imagine all the people, sharing all the world .. ;It isnt hard to do ; nothing to kill or die for, and no religions too ; You may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one ;Imagine all the people living life in peace . . . I hope someday youll join u sImagine no possessions, I wonder if you can ; And the world will be as ono" His lyrics were full of deep and profound esoteric statements, laced in a poetry that shall long endure . Future historians, lookin gfor the Beethovens and Mozarts of the 60s, cant help but recognize the Beatles as the spokesmen and movers of consciousnes sof that time . Paul McCartney was the shaft of the sword, John Lennon the creative force, the cutting edge that slashed throug hconsciousness to move the masses up another stair in cosmic evolution . John had many faces : he :was the Walrus, the Egg Man ,the kid in Strawberry Fields, the philosopher, the renegade, the Fool on the Hill ; his songs like "Instant Karma", "Give Peac ea Chance", "Come Together", "Across the Universe", (the list is endless) telegraphed his message to the masses, millions seein gmany other mystic levels of these songs while under the influence of the `devil weed and other substances used to expand th emind in those chaotic days . His inspiring paean to peace, "Give Peace a Chance " became the anthem of the `Flower Children "and helped to bring about that `Revolution which eventually ended the slaughter in Vietnam . John Lennon was the true creativ eforce behind the Beatles and his words and music uplifted the spirits of young and old alike ; he made one feel happy ; if yo uwanted to feel, good, you Iisteried to the Beatles and the expression of love and joy formulated in their songs by John Lennon .But the main reason for bringing up this entity, whose death has rocked and shocked and stunned the consciousness of th eworld, is to share with you some insights which your editor and Vikki T . arrived at, trying to answer the question, "Why Joh nLennon"? How could the higher forces allow this gentle entity to be violated in such a manner? Why did not the Higher Sel fof John lead him from that area of crucifixion? After we wept, we talked about it, searching for the answer in the Cosmi cAwareness philosophy . What we arrived at and what set our hearts at peace on this issue was that there is much more tha nmeets the eye in this apparently senseless murder of a Beatle--who many of us cherish as an international treasure . We believ ethe entity John Lennon sacrificed himself so that the world could focus on his message : love, peace, the brotherhood of man ,at a time when mankind itself was facing extinction . In addition we feel he could well have sacrificed himself to save hi sbeloved island of Manhattan from destruction by the Skoptsis, and for this reason we feel this theory is pertinent to thi sparticular reading enclosed .Awareness has indicated there needs to be a shock in consciousness that could defuse the n e g ative energies of the .J}east, an dparticularly those energies now focused on the destruction of Manhattan . What: one man could shock consciousness in suc ha manner? What one man could produce in his death such a world-wide outpouring df grief and a relistening to his statement ?Even the death of John Kennedy was not so heavy . What one man could be sacrificed that would put headlines around th eworld : "All you need is love ?What one man could produce a silent vigil in every city of the world, with thousands chanting ,"Give peace a chance"? What one man could produce such an outpouring of love and response at his death? I can think of n oother. Certainly not Carter, Kissinger or any other world politician . Certainly not any of the popular rock super-stars lik eSpringsteen or Bob Seeger etc ., who are all deserving in their own right, No, only the sacrifice of a Beetle could stop the worl dfor a moment to allow millions to grieve and question and re-examine the message of this entity . This incredible outpourin gof love and emotion around the world, given a channel of expression thorough thousands of radio and TV outlets, allowe dthousands to telephone these stations who put the messages on the air--messages of tribute and respect, messages which mad eus all once more review the message of John Lennon, hear his songs round the clock for several days . These songs, thes estatements, all this fantastic energy released from the mass-mind into consciousness must surely have defused the dark energ ythat would obliterate Manhattan Island from the face of the earth . ( i am not suggesting that you not write the letter sAwareness suggest ; you write in this reading enclosed, for this is still necessary . Manhattan may have been saved, perhapsonly temporarily by Johns sacrifice ; but. these same energies could still erase humanity from the face of our globe) .
  8. 8. There are even special programs . special sections of newspapers being devoted to this entity . A planned world-wide silenceof 10 minutes, a meditation on his memory and his concepts of world peace and the brotherhood of man . Is this not magic ?Will not Awareness use this energy of consciousness to help defuse the hostilities in our world that now are heading towar dnuclear annihilation? We think so . We believe true alchemy is involved in this tragic event .There were just too many weird coincidences to dismiss in this matter : After reviewing some of John Lennons lyrics, ther eseems to run an almost premonitory scenario of what was to come :From the Ballad of John & Yoko, "Christ you know it .aint easy ; You know how hard it can be ; The way things are going, theyre going to crucify me" .And other lines such as"Once there was a way to get back home", and "Boy, youre going to carry that weight a long time." to the culminatio nof that dark day in Manhattan, "Come together right now, over me ." Certainly humanity has cometogether over Joh nLennon, if only for a moment .Secondly, we know from previous Awareness readings that the Beatles were Wanderers who came to this plane on a specia l`mission. It told us that Wanderers are karma-free, and even if they fail their mission, they reap no karma . We know, o fcourse, the Beatles did not blow their mission, that these entities were vanguards of the 1000 entities Awareness tells u sreincarnated in various places around the world at a time their combined energies would confront the Beast energies ,transmute these energies and herald the coming of the New Age of peace and enlightenment for humanity on this plane .Awareness also tells us that there are no accidents . It tells us also that the Higher Self, along with those guides and mastersof the inner plane, protect. those entities of the Light . We know from the personal experience of Edgar Cayce that th esoul-stuff withdraws before an entity is about to die . (His experience in the skyscraper wherein he was about to step int oan elevator, but declined because he saw no auras around the entities )ricked into that elevator . A moment later th eelevator cable broke and they all crashed to their death .) No. John Lennons Higher Self knew be was about to die an dagreements had been made right down the line, except possibly to the conscious mind . Perhaps this was even part of th escenario John had set up before he came to this plane . The whole thing appears to me like a Passion Play of Jesus, wit hJohn Lennon taking on the karma of New York, similar to Jesus accepting the karma of the world, Even the character o fJudas appeared in the form of the entity who pulled the trigger . Ah,hough reviled by a world who is crying for vengeance ,the entity David Chapman needs to be looked at from a cosmic viewpoint . (The last thing John Lennon would decry woul dbe the death of his assassin, for John lived his message : violence only begets violence) . Chapman, the papers claim, was no tcrazy ; had in fact been a Beetle fan and a Lennon fan in particular for 15 years . He was a born-again Christian . He set ou tdeliberately to stalk and slay Lennon, his only excuse being that he did not like the way John inscribed his autograph o nhis phonograph record . Like Judas kissing Jesus just before be slipped away to betray him, Chapman looked into the eye sof John Lennon as John wrote his name on the album, just hours before slayin g him. From our knowledge of what Aware-ness has told us about the Higher Self, this contact HAD to register on Johns Higher Self . John simply had to know, a sJesus had known : "Go swiftly now, and do what you must do" . Awareness tellsus Judas action was planned as part o fthe cosmic passion play, that Judas created no karma by his betrayal . Perhaps the entity Chapman was being driven o nsome level to act out his part in a modern passion play and he, too . may not have created karma for this action . This isa possibility, perhaps not the correct one . But it seems to us that this entity has also sacrificed his life, along with th elife of John Lennon, in order that the energies about to destroy Manhattan could be released in a symbolic manner wherei none entity gave up his life instead of two or three million New Yorkers having to give up their lives . This symbolic `shock inconsciousness may indeed have all been planned eons ago so that entities today might think again about world peace, love ,and an end to violence which both Jesus and John Lennon spent . their lives trying to implement upon the consciousnessof humanity.This was our conclusion on this tragedy and whether right or wrong, it. put our souls at peace . (Paul Shockley will no tbe up here until January, so there is no way we can ask Awareness about this at this time . Maybe later) . We believe tha tJohn Lennon was a true solder of the Light, whose life and music raised the consciousness of the masses, for everyon ewho has ever heard his music has an Akka-cord connection tc that entity . John died in the `heart of the Beast--th eManhattan stronghold of the bankers and the war machine . Awareness has indicated the artery carrying the life-bloo dof the Beast had been severed . The life-blood of John Lennon was severed at his heart artery---symbology all too clos e eto be just `accidental in my opinion . The recent earthquake in Italy, alt .hcuh given wor ld-wide coverage, did not shakthe consciousness of the world (even though 5000 died) like the death of this one entity, John Lennon--soldier of the Light .John Lennon `loved New York and called it his home . Was he aware of the 80 cobalt bombs placed around that island? If so ,it was probably on a higher level and he decided to do something about it . Millions on Manhattan could well owe their verylives to this gentle being and never be aware of it . For after touching the lives of millions with his music, John Lennon ma yhave been impelled by destiny to leave his justly-earned retirement after a job well done, and answer one last call to duty-- acall to re-alert the masses to his message, a call to introduce his message of peace and love to a whole new generation o fentities nodding off to sleep, feeding their senses, boozing, listening to scatological, low-level lyrics of much of present da yrock and roll, ignoring the juggernaut approaching which could blast them off their planet ; a call perhaps to rekindle tha tdivine spark in every human face ; and that final call perhaps to even sacrifice himself that millions of innocent beings migh tnot be sacrificed. Yes, John has been called, probably to an even bigger assignment, but his legacy to entities on this plan eare etched into the very soul of everyone who ever heard his music .John Lennons death was a restatement of his life and philosophy : violence is not the answer--`Give Peace a Chance . Hismurder was showing the world that if it could he stunned for a moment by the death of a single man, how would it reac tif millions were the victims of a single act of violence---the nuclear holocaust now being planned by those behind the scenes .Well done, john Lennon, Soldier of the Light . We salute you and grieve no longer, for we re beginning to understand . Wehave all `Come Together Over You and we will indeed `Give Peace a Chance . John Lennon--Wanderer, pied piper, you hav eleft the world a rich legacy and you may have possibly helped , ..p deliver millions from destruction and from the sorrow an dtragedy that would follow . "Let us all shine on" . The world has lost another avatar, the sons and daughters of the Ligh thave lost a beloved Brother : you will be sorely missed, but as you have stated : `The love you make is equal to the love yo utake . We pray the world has got your message this time : "All I am saying, is Give Peace a Chance" . "Let it Be " Avaton " The wild and windy night that the rain washed awa y has left a pool of tears crying for the Day . . . " (From The Long mid Winding (toad by John Lennon)
  9. 9. COSMI C HO T AWARENES S Cosmic Awareness Communication s P . 0. Box 115 . OlymplI, Washington 9850 7 REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS LIN E DATEDMATERIA L AFTER TH E FALL . . . THE SACRIFIC E OF MANHATTA N and What you Need to do NO W ( C.A .C . General Reading ) Given October 22, 198 0EDITORs Note :It is the fervent hope and prayer of this editor, the staff of C .A .C . and the Interpreter, Paul Shockley, tha tthis particular reading will never have to be mailed to you . This reading was given on the afternoon of Wed -nesday, October 22, 1980, and upon instructions from Cosmic Awareness, we started putting it togethe rthe following day, to release it to the membership ONLY if the events mentioned in this reading wer eactually to occur . (Avaton )QUESTION :Does Awareness have an opening message ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness suggests the date be given .ENERGIZER :October 22, 1980 . . Reproduction however is permitted .COPYRIGHT 1980 by Cosmic Awareness Communications & the Aqua rian Church of Universal Service
  10. 10. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates the time approaching whereby that which was warned of* may soon become a reality . EDs Note : Awareness is referring to information Oven in a reading of October 13, 1980 (not yet published) where it warne dthat the Skopsis behind the scenes were planning todestroy Manhattan Island if the Bolshevik plans for nuclear war continued .This Awareness indicates there is but a very unlikely possibility that the earthquake in New York City shall no toccur . This Awareness indicates that the greater uncertainty is the degree of the intensity of the event . This Awareness suggests that this message, the warnings given, as being unlikely to have any beneficial effectson the outcome of the event . This Awareness suggests therefore, that this message not be released until the occ-urrence of the event, if indeed itdoes transpire . This Awareness indicates that when and if the event occurs, thi sAwareness suggests this message then be released quickly to your membership . This Awareness indicates that those entities in the area who have had communication with this organizatio nhave received warnings . This Awareness indicates that others have received warnings from the Dr . Beter AudioLetter . (ED S Note : When we released the Hot Line Newsletter No . 80-32 concerning David and Goliath, we inserted a specialletter to our New York City area members, warning them of this planned earthquake) . This Awareness indicates the majority of entities prior to this event would scoff at such information or becom efrustrated and hostile at such information . This Awareness indicates that those who have taken the informatio nseriously and acted upon the information and have taken steps to avoid the event, are gambling on the outcom eof information which may or which may not be valid . This Awareness indicates that only the event will verify thevalidity of the information, and many entities do not wish to act until the news media tells them which way to go . This Awareness indicates that essentially, the event as one which will, if it occurs, not allow time for the newsmedia to inform the masses . Therefore, there is great danger that many will not survive the event . This Awareness indicates that this message, being given prior to the event, but to be released in the event th eevent occurs, as that which is not intended as a forewarning, for such has already been given ; this message rathe rbeing to indicate to entities what may be expected to follow the event, that entities may better prepare themselve sthrough greater awareness . This Awareness indicates that depending on the intensity of the earthquake and its effect on surrounding areas ,this may determine to a large degree, the degree of reaction throughout the nation to the event . This Awarenes sindicates that assuming the event as a relatively minor earthquake, serving as a warning, the action will not creat egreat, immediate changes throughout society or through the policies of banking and government procedures i na way which is strongly apparent to the masses ; but rather, will be of a more subtle nature---a change which occur swithout great attention . This Awareness indicates that assuming, however, that the event is of a great magnitude, whereby warning i signored or is not given (this being a strong likelihood), then entities may expect major changes and reactions i nthe monetary system and the government reaction to the event . This Awareness indicates that the potential prepared for this event is such that it could affect states and citie son the Eastern seaboard to such a degree as to shatter the economies of these states and cities for approximatel y400 miles around . This Awareness indicates that it appears that Boston will be greatly shaken if the magnitude of this event i sreleased in its full potential . That also Washington D .C . and that area and Baltimore may also feel the intensitie sof this energy . This Awareness indicates that the greatest devastation would be to the Manhattan Island and th elow-lying areas nearby . This Awareness reminds entities that this event, to a degree, was previously prophesied in the Edgar Cayc ereadings regarding earthquakes on the Eastern seaboard . This Awareness indicates again, that the area of Virgini aBeach appears to be a safety-zone and that areas inland appear to be untouched by the event . That the greates tpotential damage being that of Manhattan Island and the local islands and cities in the area within a 25-mile radiu sand particularly those on the coastal areas----this largely from tidal waves . This Awareness indicates that also the fault-lines running to Boston as having strong effects on those snearby . This Awareness indicates that other fault-lines stemming from that area also shall serve as energyarea points ,carrying this vibration along these lines . This Awareness indicates that the potential for great devastation is that which cannot be ignored or minimized ;and that were it possible to avoid this action, it would be of great urgency that members of C .A .C . put forth vastamounts of energy to change and prevent the occurrence . This Awareness indicates however, that it is beyond th econtrol of the members of Cosmic .awareness Communic,.,rions ; it is beyond the control of any who are in touc hwith this message . This Awareness indicates that there are more powerful forces working in regards to this action ,and it is too late at this stage, to avoid the potential for this action . This Awareness indicates that there are other forces which could, by choice, prevent this from occurring ; yetit does not appear to be the likelihood that this will be averted, at least to some degree . This Awareness indicate sthat it appears that the best entities can pray for is that it be of minimal destructive force . This Awareness indic-ates that this does not mean there cannot be a total reprieve, but rather that it is is highly unlikely . This Aware-ness wishes this clarified so that entities who have received information regarding this will not tend to energiz efeelings of guilt for not having taken greater actions or efforts to prevent the event after it has occurred . Thi sAwareness indicates that the concern should be not of heaping guilt upon oneself, but rather of looking forwar dto events which follow . This Awareness indicates that preparing; for the potential results of the event become anew concern, which may be of extreme urgency or of lesser urgency, depending upon the degree of the potentia ldevastation caused by the event .
  11. 11. This Awareness indicates that in the event the earthquake occurs and totally destroys Manha,, .,an Island , which is a very strong probability at the time of this reading, then entities may expect the collapse of the econ- omic system to occur in a form of ripple, whereby it spreads slowly across the nation, from bank to bank to ban k to bank, and whereby entities begin quickly extracting their savings from the banks, and whereby the hank s fail . This Awareness indicates this could occur within a matter of days, or, if the devastation is not so great, with -eh _ in a matter of weeks . This Awareness indicates that in the event the devastation is light and the buildings remain intact and busines s continues as usual, then entities may consider their savings to remain relatively safe within their banks, and a panic may be avoided . This Awareness indicates that even a minor earthquake could, however, greatly affect th e stock market for a period . This Awareness indicates that in the event the devastation is great, entities may expect the government to de- clare National Emergency Powers, particularly if this entire island is basically destroyed . That the government could easily declare .a `National Emergency , suspend the elections, and attempt to set up the Executive Order s to deal with emergencies, so that the Consti .ution is suspended and entities are essentially under dictatorial con- trols . This Awareness indicates that this could prevent entities from leaving the country, from withdrawing their money from the banks, from traveling without permission . This could result in collapse of economy, with con- trols placed on economy, wages, and on production . This could result ; in a kind of intensified national scramble to attempt to reestablish order . In the event the economy collapses, entities could expect possible and probable rioting or demonstrations , looting in certain areas, and in many cases, violence and civil strife until order is restored . This Awareness ind- icates that entities may also expect corruption and black-market activities among officials in the event that orde r is curtailed by the confusion which might ensue . This Awareness indicates also, that in the event of a major disaster in the New York area whereby the bankin g system. which is headquartered on Manhattan Island is destroyed, then entities may expect that the actions o f the Russian Skoptsis would not simply end there, but would spill over and follow through in different areas . This Awareness indicates likewise, the activities of the Bolsheviks could well become frantic, and an effort t o react with a nuclear strike against Russia---this also could be triggered by the event ; and the Russians, recognizin g this potential, would be properly prepared to deal with any efforts by these Bolsheviks . Therefore, entities, soo n after the earthquake on Manhattan Island, could possibly witness the destruction of certain military weapons if the Bolsheviks attempt to launch these into a strike against Russia . This Awareness indicates that this could occur in various places throughout the United States wherein entities are nearby these military installations . This Awareness indicates that this particularly in terms of those missiles and weapons which could rain devast- ation upon the Soviet Union . This Awareness indicates that this appears to be somewhat more unlikely, for ther e is the possibility that the Bolsheviks will not be organized enough to have the impetus to initiate a strike agains t Russia . This Awareness indicates however, that in the event they attempt this, the Russians will be completely prep- ared, being already apprised of the trigger in Manhattan Island, knowing that it could trigger reactions from th e remaining Bolsheviks ; and therefore having their weapons at ready in event the Bolsheviks attempt to respond . This Awareness indicates that likewise, entities may expect sudden changes to occur within government level s in t is nation . This may occur in secret without entities being aware, whereby the Synthetic leaders are replace d by Robotoid leaders, and the country appears to be moving in a National Emergency state with an effort to retur n to normal in relation to the national emergency conditions ; and it may appear that the leadership remains in th e same hands of the Bolshevik powers, while in fact, the faces may appear the same, the leadership may be switche d to create again that which is controlled by the Skoptsis, making this a Russian satellite . This Awareness indicates that there is also the possibility of a struggle occurring between the remaining Bolsh- eviks and the Skoptsis, whereby the change will surface and become apparent and entities may recognize that there is, indeed, a struggle occurring for the leader : hip of this nation between two factions . This Awareness indicates that the more likely direction will be that whereby this change in leadership is kep t relatively quiet, without entities being given the opportunity of knowing what has transpired until some tim e later, when the word leaks out . This Awareness indicates that the events of the earthquake at such a devastating level would indeed be followe d by increased activities in the United States by Skoptsi agents and their friends and associates in the United State s to assist in transforming the nation into a Russian satellite . This Awareness indicates that this may also take plac e under the guise of a national emergency, wherein the leaders of the country are serving this purpose, keeping th e masses under control through the National Emergency Act while transforming the nation into a Russian satellite . This Awareness indicates that this as a strong possibility in the event that the Bolsheviks are basically destroye d by the Manhattan Island event . This Awareness indicates that in the event this does not occur to such a degree as to destroy the Bolshevi k powea in this country, then entities can expect that such an earthquake will serve as a warning to the Bolsheviks , and that they may gradually and carefully begin to back down from their intense plans for global warfare an d nuclear strike against Russia . This Awareness indicates that these entities then may begin to back-pedal, and ther e is a possibility of continued struggle while jockeying for position ; and there is then a possibility for eventua l agreements or reconciliations between the Skoptsis and Bolsheviks . This Awareness indicates however, this doe s not appear to be the probable directions of events at this time ; this appears to be a possible direction . This Aware- ness indicates that any questions relating to anything mentioned may be asked at this time . QUESTION : Id like to ask Awareness if the letter we sent out the other day to the members in the immediate area of Ne w York and Manhattan should also be sent to those entities in a 200-mile surrounding area? It occurred to me w e have members in New Jersey etc . who didnt get the letter .
  12. 12. CC 31.IIC 4WARENESS : This Awareness indicates that it appears that these areas will not be hit with such devastation as to warren tthe need for such forewarning . This Awareness indicates that those which are on the coast in low areas, particul-arly in the New York City area, are most vulnerable . This Awareness indicates that those 25 miles away, whil elikely experiencing a strong quake if the full potential is used, will not he in such danger as to warrant over-con-cern for the event . This Awareness indicates that in any case, there is little that could be done for these entities, even if they wer eexpecting an earthquake ; for they would not be inclined to leave the area, even if recognizing the type of earth -quake that would likely occur . This Awareness indicates that the likelihood is that they would prefer to si tthrough the experience, as the damages in those areas would be slight enough that it would not merit entitie sleaving . This Awareness indicates that there is, of course, a possibility that such an earthquake given full potent-ial, could trigger off great, massive earth changes in the area, which could have heavy results . This Awareness ind-icates however, this does not appear to be that which is to occur . This Awareness indicates this would not be of value to the Skoptsis and would serve as a terrible propagand aevent against them if it ever were discovered that they had caused such an event . This Awareness indicates there -fore, the probability is that it will be confined to the target area, but will have some unavoidable repercussion sin other areas nearby .QUESTION :Awareness, surely neutron bombs that would set off this earthquake would have some radiation or sound o rsomething that survivors could testifty to, leading entities to finding out that it was not a natural earthquake .Isnt that possible?COSMIC AWARENESS :[This Awareness indicates that these being cobalt bombs .] This Awareness indicates that eventually, entities wil ldiscover that it is unnatural---or a form of geophysical warfare . This Awareness indicates that by the time it occurs ,even if entities discover, it will be too late for entities to voice objections for any purpose that would change th ecourse of history . This Awareness indicates that the Skoptsis realize that entities will eventually realize the truth ,but also they recognize that most entities would not believe the information even if told, unless it were told o nthe daily news broadcast. This Awareness indicates that most entities believe only what they read in the paper o rwitness from the television broadcasts . This Awareness indicates that therefore, as long as they are told it was a nearthquake, they are not inclined to believe others who say it was brought on by cobalt bombs placed by Russia nSkoptsis .QUESTION :Then there is no radiation threat from the cobalt bombs ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this as quickly dispersed ; that this not lingering or of great hazard in compariso nto other types . THERE COULD BE A SERIES OF EARTHQUAKE S (Each •i stronger warning to the Bolsheviks )QUESTION :Does Awareness see a more specific date or perhaps day the event will occur ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that it appears these may be released in a series of events . This Awareness indicate sthat there was indicated a possible energy on the 23rd, 27th, 31st, November 4th, 7th, 12th and 17th . ThisAwareness indicates the 8th as also having been a number This Awareness indicates this as possibly havin g been energy associated with the Interpreters birthdate . This Awareness indicates that the 4th and 31st also a shaving previously been energized as Halloween and election day . This Awareness indicates that the 23rd as app-earing to be a relatively weak energy, not likely to be strong enough to indicate an earthquake of any magnitude , but perhaps an event associated with possible earthquake concerns . This Awareness indicates that the 17th o fNovember appeared to be a strong energy . This may indicate an energy associated with after-effects or a second ,or some after-shocks of a high magnitude ; or this may also indicate the major event after preliminary, smalle r events . This Awareness indicates that it appeared that after November 21st, there was no further energy on th e quake . This Awareness indicates that this appeared to indicate the major events would be at an end by that tim e in relation to the earthquake . This Awareness indicates however, after that, other events could be just beginning .EDs Note : After the question was asked, (Could Awareness give a specific date for the event?) the mind of the Interpreter got int othe way and finally Awareness indicated that the energizers present start counting out loud the dates, starting with the 22nd . TheInterpreter, still in trance, raised his arms into the air . As the numbers were counted and those days when the energies indicated apossible earthquake were called out, the Interpreters arms would suddenly jerk . In this manner the days when the earthquake weremost likely to occur were indicated by Awareness . It is very difficult for Awareness (or any psychic for that matter) to give exactdates from the energies given by the question asked . This being very heavy information, a part of Pauls mind was reluctant to takethe responsibility for verbalizing an exact date for the event in question and therefore Awareness came up with the method described . 4.
  13. 13. QUESTION :If these quakes do, indeed, (nasal- in i series, is there going to be some clear sign so that weIl know which one i sthe big one and therefore release the information to the membership ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness suggests that when you read of an earthquake in New York, you may release the information .This Awareness suggests particularly this in relation to an earthquake centered near Manhattan Island . This Aware-ness suggests that when this makes news, that you then release this information . This Awareness indicates tha tyou may also release information regarding the possibility of a series of further earthquakes occurring if the firs tnews is such as being a mild earthquake, rather than a strong earthquake, which does not have great repercussio non the business of the Manhattan Island banking establishment . This Awareness indicates that if the event appear sto be only a warning to the banking establishment rather than as something which curtails their activities, thi sAwareness suggests that then, it is likely that further and more devasting earthquakes are ready to be released ;except, if these events do occur as a series, this can also imply that the Skoptsis are open to some form of negot-iation, along with the `big stick which will be used if negotiations are not properly related by the Bolsheviks . EDs Note : in a reading the following day, Awareness indicated that another sign indicating Manhattan was about to go was tha t there was a strong possibility that Mt . St . Helens in Washington State would have a massive eruption, this time with lava flow s possibly creating much havoc . This was probably what Awareness was referring to in this reading when It referred to an `even t possibly associated with earthquake concerns . QUESTION : Once this occurs, if this does occur, would follow-up events and their ramifications going to supercede the poss- ible beneficial effects of the letter-writing campaign in relation to the gold theft from Ft . Knox ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that it may overshadow this for some time . This Awareness indicates however, tha tit also appears to he an action which will be compatible to the necessary changes which would occur . This Aware-ness indicates that this letter-writing campaign can assist in informing the masses through its effect of bringin gthe information out into the open through the pro p er investigation of the gold theft in Fort Knox, of informin gthe masses so that they begin to understand what, indeed, has happened during the past years---how their countr yhas been overtaken by these Bolshevik powers, and how it now is being resolved, and how entities can take bac kgreater control of the economy through clearer communication and controls to govern the economy . This Aware-ness indicates this can coincide with the new, reestablishment of order in this country, if and when it occurs . Thi sAwareness indicates that also, wherein the Skoptsis see the American people actually taking responsibility fo rtheir rights, they will be less inclined to dictate behavior to the American people, and more inclined to allo wthem a certain amount of self-government . WILL LIGHT WORKERS SURVIVE ? (Moro on QUESTION : One question in regard to this potential event : In the past, Awareness has indicated that there are no accident s and it also has indicated that entities who are working for the Forces of Light often are protected or are i n a state of grace, and can move in and through these intensities unscathed . 1 would like to know in the event of a massive earthquake such as predicted for Manhattan Island, if those entities working for the Forces of Light--an d there must be a lot of them--are either being directed now out of the area or will be protected as this intensit y occurs and they remain ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the events, in terms of catastrophic occurrences, reflect not only personal karma , but also cultural karma and group karma,. This Awareness indicates that wherein a major event of catastrophi c proportions falls upon a people, this often is, in fact, a group karma or cultural karma, rather than the individuals , involved in that situation . This Awareness indicates there were a lot of good people in Nagasaki . There were a lot of good people i n Berlin . There were a lot of good people in various places wherein major events occurred that destroyed towns an d villages, such as Pompeii, such as in Atlantis---wherein several cities were destroyed . Wherein there are storms , tornadoes, cold spells, or other types of physical occurrences, entities often find themselves in a state of disaster , along with their neighbors . This Awareness indicates that likewise, these individuals may have a family karma or an occupational karma . This Awareness indicates that many entities in certain areas of business : in the banking business, in the computer business, in the manufacturing business, or in any other type of occupation, may suffer a similar type of karm a for the occupation . This may be termed occupational benefits or occupational hazards--or both . This Awarenes s indicates that while there are many good people in Manhattan Island, there can be an event which destroys th e occupations and the occupiers along with it . This Awareness indicates however, that wherein the entity has bee n operating in levels of light and has been a good person, the entity s personal ka> ma shall be that which bring s forth the rewards of a good life, and the entity will return or carry with him or her, the rewards for having live d a good, servicing or serviceable life . This Awareness indicates that therefore, there may be what one would ter m 5.
  14. 14. `innocent persons who lose their lives in a major catastrophe . This Awareness indicates that these, however ,while innocent as individuals, are suffering from the karma of the culture or occupation or place which the ychoose to be . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entitys purpose is such as to merit a change, each entity upon thi splane has guides who watch over the general development and expression of individuals ; and whereby the guiderecognizes that the entity would be better off leaving a particular area for a time, to preserve the life and to be -come safe from an impending event, the guide will set up events for that entitys life to move the entity out . This Awareness indicates however, when ones guide recognizes that an entity is stuck in a particular rut and i snot likely to change, or whereby the guide recognizes that the entitys life is but an action of self-serving, o rwhereby the guide recognizes that the entity is not about to do anything other than what he or she is presentl ydoing, and the life is a waste at present time--then the guide does not necessarily take action to move the entit yaway from the cultural event, the group event, the occupational event, or the hazard which might take the entity slife . This Awareness indicates that likewise, guides can also assist entities during a time of crisis to move into a saf eplace, if that appears to be the experience which the entity needs and if the entity is open to inner guidance . ThisAwareness indicates that many entities do not heed the guidance given them by these inner beings from the inne rplane ; and therefore, not heeding inner guidance and heeding false guidance from the exterior world, these entit-ies may simply continue in their action until the event which occurs removes them from the activity and termin-ates their being or changes their occupational experiences . OTHER EVENTS OCCURRING NO W (Closing Message ) This Awareness indicates that there are many other events which are also occurring on this plane at this time .This Awareness indicates particularly in the area of. China, whereby great changes are occurring in the leadershi pthere . This Awareness indicates that likewise, in other arena of the world, changes have intensified ; the force sare becoming more defined and the activities more intense, as these forces struggle for control . This Awareness indicates this may be likened unto a mopping up by the Forces of Light on the battlefied .This Awareness indicates these are mop-up battles . This Awareness indicates that it appears that the major battle ,having taken place approximately .18 months ago, as that which served as a turning point ; and this present even tas that which is a major battle, but which will (if it meves as it appears to be moving), will be the last great battl ebetween the Forces of Light and; the Forces of Darkness upon this plane . This Awareness indicates however, that this particular action of the earthquake in New York and the powe rstruggle in China---these as but focal points of this last, great battle and are not to be confused with the entir ebattle ; for there will be continued struggle, even after these areas have been de-energized . This Awareness indicate shovaeaer,that these do appear to be of tremendous power releases in the consciousness levels, so that great changescan begin to occur at a much more rapid pace to bring about light and greater harmony upon this plane . This Awareness indicates that all of this, of course, is yet to be determined by the events which are in th emaking and have not yet occurred at the time of this reading . (The Law of Gratitude is recited ) EDs Note : for more information on what to expect if the National Emergency Executive Orders go into effect, please refer t o `The Gathering Storm and related `Revelations of Awareness newsletters released the following months. Also please review th e Dr. Beter material regarding the Cobalt bombs placed in earth-faults and other information relatine to geophysical warfare . For more information on disasters and big events, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness No .78-5 (The 747 Collision) $1 .00 . For more on the turning point baffle, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness No .79-17 (Apocalypse Averted) :$2 .00 from CAC .RE-VELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications .P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington, 98607 (A Non-Profit Organization) .Rates and membership information upon request .