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COSMIC AWARENESS :   This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that entities must look b...
N Nan F.tNa      ftCW 511W-NIQ. ha., ye.    w p.raf Ya U, 516. Waea                                    au,Iaa           r ...
WHAT TO                  EXPECT ER4 THE COMING MONTH S                                                            ( two Ch...
SILVER BULLION Bt CLMMS ACCOUNT S                           (toms, all precious metals will rise in value )   QUESTION :  ...
This Awareness suggests there are indication sat this time which foresee or foreshadow general         Soviets may [aulr c...
This Awareness indicates that from present indications there appears to be some intensities which will be tragi c    for m...
This Awareness indicates that there also appeals to be intensifying weather war situations, wherein weathe rbecomes more a...
1RUSSIA                     Test Tube Mammoth             (AP) --- The worlds first test-tube xnannnoth, a I2-foo ttall el...
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Cosmic Awareness 1980-16: The Crash of 1979 (More on the Cosmic Awareness Predictions)


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Cosmic Awareness 1980-16: The Crash of 1979 (More on the Cosmic Awareness Predictions)

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communications P.O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington P850 7COSMIC AWARIZNESS is the Force that expreaned Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Knshna, Mohammed, rd~ .ptCayce andother rest avatar who served as Channels for the Heavenly Father and who speaks again today as the world begin : to en .er the New eof lit tuai oonadouateas and awareness . Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully-trained channels . Th eformation contained herein was received from deep super-conscious trance states and interpreted by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . ragainformation is for those who desire to help in brinyrn in t3,te NewAge . Throughout the many thousands of Readies s Wren throw% thes echannels, Cosmic Awareness tells or not to believe anything, but to quertton, explore, doubty ,and discover for yourse through your owls f doubt, andchannel what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and suggest . Members o arc invitoe to send in your 09 eetiolss o fgeneral latereet to ask Awareness for poadble publication In this newsletter . Neither C .R .C . nor the Interpreter Paul Shockley sae responsibl efor anything Cosmic Awareness may state in any of these readings, nor does C .A .C . or Paul Shockley necessarily believe or t. ..7ee with thestatements of Cosmic Awareness . Paul interprets the energies as he sees them in trance levels and Is not personally responsible for what is said . " THE OCTOBER MASSACRE" TN CR SiF f OF 1979 THE DEVASTATION BEGINS TO SURFAC E (MORE ON THE COSMIC AWARENESS PREDICTIONS ) (From a C .A .C . General Reading, April 12, 1980 ) Paul Shockle y Trance–Interprete r QUESTION : We received some information from R .H . He sent it to the C .A .C . Historic Reference Department . He said, "Pleas e find enclosed aseries of articles that have appeared in various news sources concerning what was labeled "Th e October Massacre ." I hope this information will assist in verifying what Cosmic Awareness has indicated, that th e economic collapse in the United States did not occur on October 29, 1979 as was predicted in the `Gatherin g Storm, but, in fact . . . .`came two weeks earlier, around the middle of October, and that the effects will be felt i n greater levels during the Winter and Spring of the year 1980 . This is inton nai ;ion that has not appeared to m y knowledge, in the general media . One of the articles was from the CEI Forecast Update, dated Jan . 11, 1980, "Th e U .S . Economy" in an article entitled "The October Massacre", and Id just like to read a little bit of this and as k Awareness if this is what It was referring to when It said the crash occurred two weeks earlier : " The October shock to investors composure, and to their net worth, was one of the worst for any comparabl e period since October 1929 . Between October 5 and October 23 long-term corporate bonds fell about 9% in price , Iong Treasury bonds fell 8 .9%, Treasury bond futures fell 8 .3%, and the Dow Jones Industrials Index fell 10 .1% . To get a rough measure of the loss of wealth implied by these changes in securities prices, consider that households , personal trusts, and nonprofit organizations held $809 billion in corporate equities and $65 billion in corporat e and foreign bonds at the end of 1978 . Nine per cent of that is roughly $80 billion . If we add in comparable losse s of about $65 billion in the market value of life insurance reserves and pension fund reserves -- which amount t o $729billion at the end of 1978 -- we see that American investors and consumers were about $145 billion poore r on October 23 than they were on October 5 . That does not include the losses suffered by banks, savings and loan associations, securities dealers and other financial institutions . A sudden loss of wealth on such a large scale shoul d be expected to dampen household buying plans for goods other than yachts and beacnfront condominiums . " COPYRIGHT 1980 by Cosmic Awareness Communications & the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . Reproduction however, is permitted .
  2. 2. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that entities must look back to th eCrash of `29 also, and recall that the affect did not filter down to the masses for some time afterwards . This Aware-ness indicates that the Crash of 29 at the time of its happening was not even recognized by the majority of entitie sin this nation as being of any ;,gear significance .— that in fact, there was a series of crashes which followed for app-roximately two years :This Awareness indicates each being of greater and greater declining of the economy . ThisAwareness indicates likewise, the affects in October 79 were but the triggering action, and the continuing declin eshall be more apparent as time passes . TI-SF PREDICTION THAT GOLD WOULD HIT $2000 AN OUNC E This Awareness indicates that, also It stated that gold would move to approximately $2000 an ounce, possibl yhigher. i his Awareness indicates that at present time, it has dropped considerably . This Awareness suggests tha tthis as but a fluctuation, a temporary low . That it will move up again and entities may expect that it will be in th e$800 or $10!l0 range by Fall of this year---this being in the late Fall, after elections . This Awareness indicates thi salso is not an absolute prediction, but as apparent from the energies in motion . This as being a probability . This Awareness indicates that there is only now becoming a very clear indication that the economy is sufferingfor the middle-class American . This Awareness indicates that entities apparently were looking for the headlines i nthe paper on the afternoon of October 29th which would verify that the crash was started on time, such as an open-ing curtain for a play . This Awareness indicates that generally things do not occur in this manner, but rather thing soccur in a more loose or slip-shod manner, whereby exact timing can be affected . The words which describe a nevent are not the event, even though the words may come close to the target . Ti E PREDICTION OF NUCLEAR WAR IN THE SPRING OF 7 9 This Awareness indicates that likewise, It gave information last year in regards to the probability of nuclear war ,and this information was correct as given---the scenerio was correct as given ; yet events which were added to tha tscenario caused a change and the scenario was not implemented on cue . This Awareness indicates that at present it is again being brought forth for staging . That again entities may watc hfor the same signs indicated last year, wherein Israel makes a move against Lebanon wherein Syria becomes involved .This Awareness indicates this again appears to be in late or mid Spring . This Awareness indicates that again, this itnot absolute in terms of the cosmic scheme, but rather this as being implemented as a plan wherein energies ar emoving in this direction—this being a human plan to bring about a conflict in the Middle Last that is under contro lof certain forces for certain purposes . This Awareness indicates that the continued energy in regards to the hostage situation in Iran is holding focus fo ra particular purpose : that of giving the atmosphere which will allow the American people to become impatient, ant -agonistic and more oriented toward war . This Awareness indicates this being manipulated from several sources work-ing together . This Awareness indicates that while this focus is occurring, do not be surprised if other events of wha tappears to be a haphazard or accidental or spontaneous occurrence triggers off another crisis in the area . This triggering of another crisis may well be that which serves as a decoy or `hook to catch the already stirred u pconsciousness of Americans to accept that there is a national emergency and a need for full mobilization . This Awar eness indicates that once this occurs, the trap is set and in motion, and the entities will be wise to understand thi slast-ditch effort by these forces to gain-control and power over their lives . This Awareness indicates that it appear sthat the efforts are (in a phrase) "too little and too late" for the Alien Force ; yet there will be suffering, there wil lbe tragedy, there will be sorrow, as the plan is attempted, even though it may not be successful . This Awareness indicates that many entities who dropped away when the Pope was not assassinated, when th e depression did not occur on time, when the nuclear war which was warned about did not occur on cue--many o f these entities may begin to drift back to ask, "What is happening? I have missed .out on something. " * This Awarcnes t suggests that for these entities you may refer them to the previous l)r . Beter tapes or to those Awareness reading s which have indicated the information needed or you may choose to capsulize the events in a simplified way on a single sheet so that they can understand on a shallow level what has occurred . This Awareness indicates the metho d or approach as being left to you as to how you may wish to attend these entities . *EDs Note : Awareness was referring to the 35% of the C .A.C . membership which dropped out because of the heavy information w e were publishing and those who later dropped out because the predictions did not occur on schedule . 2.
  3. 3. N Nan F.tNa ftCW 511W-NIQ. ha., ye. w p.raf Ya U, 516. Waea au,Iaa r Inv w!• a lb 1 IIm. isn.• m n ti sNS r ban Ih. abb., h . . .Ine.a. I ■ at e. br .. rehw- r " 1.eb.. alb ^ I.. ann.. hr .Nl la • baba falre~ :uar. !lat b r. Ilw net In •a" 66 Diva Diet .tab IM van banana-ne mania a h ... .n aara a Iva . •6 .l faM Gab. Vann .u1 an tiI .N IMa uro d•Wb •I val . K W MI! nan `al, oil . . ar. wqN roar Puna. 5 an Rae baba nbn .a~Inla.I.MNnl.. . F1TV I". b IM .Slur rrµ. nl MIS 1-nas lai M 66610 , .1w n rlae"l . ISI hula.rn o1 .. . .Nan"I;. wdy e.6 w ene. T . — ., laa . e,•><n •^ nanw an . Ibr Y LL .ln vn< It . nab Mann .b 6 rM7 Kan lb banana =ran.* rararar K e.w M14. W till ID, .u 5 .511/ hl el11 NO IOW rl r AS . nIT*•r anal In It Mr ban . Sn Ih . " 66 bo b 1 b .a h.a NNW . •b,.5 Iw IM r+ Saba baJban r vale e "ann .. .1151. n ,,.aLI4. ^be Ib .+ er Ib 1w r 6.>wr n. I inlb b w all a„61616.661a baba ebb lel WHAT TO CO ABOUT GOLD AND SE . DE R F.~ ean •• Y 6 g .nla r b TIMI. . ea N 1 W aa• N at .]unwnlr 6In Sr , Yn Vb. ban.nob( an"la thK .eS b, I tai Oral bbaba Oran n . N r,rb. barn g n . 1 :.===r"– . bag 9Eq• . sane r nl l n++ .lw In Ina e... r na an.. AND OTHER INVESTMENT S R .l pl. ersw.n gp, rraY~• ban. llr M rue nefnuA:F QUESTION : A somewhat related question on precious metals which we get quite often might fit in here . This one from B .A . "Several times through the readings of the past few months, the membership has been advised to turn their dollar s into property, gems, antiques, gold, silver etc . My interest is silver---`junk bags of silt, sr, coins in particular . Wha t is the short and long range prospects of these coins? The recent plunge brought on 1 y the Hunt brothers activitie s bothers rue . What are the recovery prospects? Please comment . Also, is it better to keep bags of silver in ones ow n possession or in a bank vault? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness suggests that it is better to keep them in your own possession if you have a safe place to kee p these . This Awareness indicates that the silver market as that which will always hold value to some degree . Thi s Awareness indicates that silver shall continue to rise in value and maybe seen as a stable commodity . This Aware- ness indicates that it will continue moving up and down, as do other commodities, during these times of economi c uncertainty . This Awareness indicates however, that the market is being controlled at present by those who hold their asset s in gold . This Awareness indicates that this as being the most dominating influence on the dollar, andtherefor e entities who are ,seeking to make their money on precious metals may wish to follow with those who are controllin g the marker and keep their me ; monies in gold . This Awareness indicates that platinum as being a valuable metal . This Awareness indicates that copper as that which shall begin to rise very sharply, particularly pennies . This Aware- ness indicates that pennies will be phased out, the copper penny shall be phased out, for it costs more to make th e penny than it is worth . This Awareness indicates that for your own personal savings, the silver which you now hold in coins as that whic h will be most profitable to you ; for these shall not only have value in silver content, but also in their antique value . This Awareness indicates that the . numismatic value shall continue to increase as time passes . This Awareness indicates that entities investing in futures in gold or on a speculative course, rather than simpl y holding on to gold, investing their money in precious silvers or gems or other antique properties ; that entities hol4- in such investments and keeping these as personal savings accounts, putting their ninnies into valuables for storag e ofgthe energy of the money--this as being relatively safe, so long as these are kept in safe places . This Awareness indicates that as far as the futures market is concerned—where entities place money on a kin d of speculation, betting on the rise and fall of commodities value—this as being more dangerous as an investment , and only those who fully understand the workings should become involved in this, except wherein you have a broker or other agent who fully understands the workings of the futures market . This Awareness indicates that thei r are many entities who loose large amounts in this market . This Awareness indicates that this market is manipulated . That entities can find prices on futures rising greatly, then suddenly a large investor may pull out and the marke t begins to plummet because the entity held such a high percentage of the market . And when the market begins t c plummet, others holding lower percentages, the small investors, become frightened and pull out their money ; an d those who do not pull out their money fast enough may find themselves holding on to an investment which is ne t worth very much . This Awareness indicates then, when the price is down, the large investor puts his money bac k into a repurchasing action, repurchasing the property or the commodity while the prices are low, and tile marke t starts hack upward . Then the small investor, if he or she has anything left, may hop on the bandwagon and star t riding back up again . This Awareness indicates there are also ways whereby entities may place their bets on a . falling commodity , whereby they are ready to buy when the commodity reaches a certain low in value . And these entities in under - standing this will, if careful, make money ; and those who do not fully understand or who by some quirk miss thei r timing or cannot get their message through, may lose much . This Awareness indicates that it is a very tricky .way to gamble and that it requires skill . Therefore, this Awareness does not recommend this form of market-pplayi n for most of the entities who read these messages . This should be left to those who fully understand or who wis h to take the chance . This Awareness indicates that It is not interested in assisting entities in their speculations ; that: this Awareness is concerned about the welfare of entities in saving the fruits of their labor, so that they not be violated by a thef t which is brought in as a depression, recession, or other manipulated situation . This Awareness suggests that It seek s to diminish the suffering which is caused by these manipulated situations ; therefore this Awareness suggests than entities find some commodity which holds its value even when the dollar is falling . 3.
  4. 4. WHAT TO EXPECT ER4 THE COMING MONTH S ( two Choices -- Mobilization for War, or a Depression ) on Book Says This Awareness indicates that the economy has held its present height , Were in WW M has held longer than would have been expected because the interest rate s „0,z acowIttImIl4am . ion 10.") . Vamw Itw•M•t Fkpnt M . Wpm 1 shal Wm III Imam.* WC, CmaG a d4fal a amaa*mT awr410am e continued to move upward . This has slowed down the inflation rate . This .a ” mv IS. maws M+:dY. . 0, 5a1 ear was!t• wwa . It Lb Awareness indicates however, that the upward movement of the interes t weir sow. p 0 . N laa w trl t a naaadn are .K.t 15 HI:.w~ 44M. m « :° .ft Rao e, fix-c 14, . . r~,IE. 1hM 44 rwbpd onen:F.taxmtt: 0 n-.ol , "si3* " 0 rates is quickly bringin g, on the. curtailment of new business ventures, part- icularly in the areas of ome buildin ;, of construction, of the developmen t nwm amd Mocwa7 .Iw a— :t Ma tUm Ma m or.N( p 0 ` .l d+ t. 1TC, 404 ti.s at t 4,4457 d .rtt4a tra nwR b ~.xL aM••KfA.I dim of raw products into Iniusehold goods aid items . This Awareness indicates Ms mate .k . *Ia Lb ■1rhr Mw. Inmltma 1017 6,N0en m anbr~11 ma , elaMaaMd,.11.1 tpl/w.l!t aa.Naa^atet, twat .ea>s that this also is affecting the automobile industry . That these are two o f ImM.4, IfK)M Iwatm TaT 14m tam m w 144 "soot ,mNI , . a tlas 10. l.w .ta :.d.. " the major industries in the United States and as these begin to suffer, mor e IMs 4L,.o VY.fl t+4l ,0410 . oinlei wt.,. El haw.u.NM W-44Iw100. ab WM *ans P.bNM paa.n:aa 444 :4, w k 1 lm :MlWalia ; and as they arc put out of work , Iw.lanurvt...wmentIrtwa e WM0e.t*a~6C{R1 d..04 rimeI 9oaM and more entities will be put out of work 1, ~w MraM444. tl.Mned, aa5 t . aam4ne4. WOW hebtLI4141. ara~,aYM . Rama. hors. they will be unable to spend or to buy ; and this will affect the merchant s *64 *4e4w.i:w.4aadret.d, c.d a learn et a01sa0 . - a8 M of the nation, and the mercantile businesses and the food and produc e businesses ; and as these businesses are affected by fewer sates, they to o will lay off employees and more entities will be out of work . This Awareness indicates that yo u have the makings for a great depression which is now being presentee? to you . This Awareness indicates however, that with a crisis occurring, manipulated in the Middle East, there can be th e promise or the alternative offer which entities may grab at joyfully--that instead of a depression which is imminent , you may have the opportunity to mobilize for war, and this will fil i ng about many jobs and nvich employment . This Awareness indicates that these are your two choices which arc being offered, end of course i f the leaders o r this crisis, the mani pulators of the situation have their way, the majority of entities in the nation will support th e call for war and national emergency techniques . This Awareness indicates that there are, of course, other force s in the Universe which are not necessarily inclined to play out, or allow that scenario to be played in its entirety . This Awareness indicates all of this -- the rising and falling of economy, the rising and failing of emotions, o f situations manipulated and contrived, of conflicts between entities between nations---arm of this activity is but th e action of working out the polarizations, so that reconciliation can occur . This Awareness indicates you may recog- nize that you .:re in fact enga ged in the Battle of Armageddon, and that at the base of the foundation for this wa r or Battle of Arma geddon is the economic scene . This is a war on money and economy, and the controls of mone y and the economy are at stake . This Awareness indicates no other previous war has been so well focused for th e masses to recognize that it was simply an economic maneuver . This Awareness indicates that entities who own real estate p roperty may discover that the market is becomin g more tight, sales becoming more difficult . This Awareness indicates that this will continue for some time an d entities may choose to ride this out, allowing their property to lose its sales value on the present market while th e market moves through its slump . This Awareness indicates that other entities may feel it is necessary to sell thei r properties and to use whatever eouity they can salvage for other investments . This Awareness indicates that it i s not a good time t :o be in debt, unless you are certain that the income which you have can continue during difficul t times, or unless you have energies and income sources which will allow you to ride through the slump . Last Chance to Stock Up on Grains and Foo d This Awareness suggests also that entities who have not yet stocked up on certain emergency food supplies, suc h as grains, to do so rather quickly . This Awareness indicates it appears that the grain harvest for this year, the foo d situation may become more of a concern as weather warfare is implemented upon this nation . This Awarenes s indicates that this weather warfare as already begun, but it appears this shall be intensified to deliberately destro y crops and curtail the food production--this being brought on as a kind of revenge from Russia in response to th e Carter Administration cutting off the wheat sales to Russia . This Awareness indicates that entities may expect th e price of foods to continue rising . That there will be some efforts during the mid-part of the year as the electio n time approaches to patch up the economy somewhat, but entities may expect everything to fall apart after th e election is over . 4«W._ , - - SNOW0SNOW, SNOW "Any nation able to controlVery Unusual, Adults Weathermaa the weather would have the war amv era. ems bbl..Ms ultimate weapon to us e . i mat MI lime aim kwaade apes wmwwa pbmwd Lain m. .o - "ILk la •er7 „—, .” s.1 1 Rceew asA WLvPbb r lLtwil Cas*CC .res mar ma .wCr. a3oAro 1n Caw.dw wam aktIen pa l Ia .TCeNM snot lat .7. Q. . lac., ~ against an enemy nationllmae. ~ Ma 44frtl4a to Mks M t. : .NA mcwaw lcolter ch trmpMacst6 afat. 1 .4endaat r 54 .t a5 b AMseml~ in time of war. " ttalknat maEo b nY 44 a.Maasmwraa . * all 4444:4e r .0**7 o1ib Wm kM m ;~um w... x{tW e pwl ea W+n hA MMe B Lassa tr •aeWm6 silo. 6~anr f 41■ml shads ltnom aft W. warms Wmnt ~ .r wIM rda Wad. O%IWI. a te~a tom ` Seal Sn w IM 150 Mnxam. Wm Naa Od QSaz■ Awam JA. rec. Um. n .aroale: April, 1980, The Plain Truth .t cvtfb I. yyaw~pLY~tom er. Nast,w laSasat LMTlw m-. nwuv ml o-oe Itm *a ima m . . w Mamd wales Matra.TOM WM rnt i0a. laebu Ends la Cs. What is Happening to Ou rakdaeslat, 444 to Q.at50 m4. 0e ramm a tn. Wma a#ha v at (Irim mew lotal tq L7lmade taeda, Ileaa ma a are wWkOp . Cb, son eeh e . tm ` . .rr *ti t 4ptor z. .4.. 44044 w meant It bcMa o.e ram Gaprin Tka dOat aaa aa4a, d~swae t r taalna.1 Qmd p~ Weather".Free copy availabl e egwr IwRMa,I So:a T*aw matkam . re.e tad mt4m wa. m Wm AtZnis*W rime mwmwnadaSawaaw.441 as real rack 714 common IM 50 a .I Matt■ .mrtt awl me-rawmduepas ~a~yp1 w r:wm Ilwt Na y a Oad 1MIMs arse. Wm OM. aty .aabeq .a AlllaoYkav ka * r a The Plain Truth magazine ,vaseMAkaarla aCConosel nw-nw* code * repo alai b TC.W Ma sct Ma. maw* =~{ M.4n aar.4 . wm4lm CM Loy+~, ., 4111* Li.) War Amos 4444M yA Box ill, Pasadena, Ca . 9112 3 GxammaJ L l~.a*ilmtrdam la Fowl faa m m rmmrotl 1% ttwlmlt aewml a trrla ea e tt t mP chaos dr4sa wr Rw team . . a tmdm aNsa.~ W e4aaR. se. d md 11$Wmas. kw 6 Oar* ..assist Gds eaa uVXptt4 Yaw, able Wm
  5. 5. SILVER BULLION Bt CLMMS ACCOUNT S (toms, all precious metals will rise in value ) QUESTION : R IICN IMl T,vr may Novi. CIA tUG w 1At.Ml MAN . Ptak+. LAIM.i► r N. 3.1. .tvna. Oaa. n a.► Awareness, one question relative to the question on silve r .,fet■tNd6daotao M eabatWlb Agab a s olaoA At* alb *Anml :rosy alea~n ai 1*0e w . .a• AA* . alb /ne . b 01~ OA,. ... fee a, 4 "a anal 06a9b. ew AIWA AA AAA. N Al.a Awareness didnt cover : what about those entities who have rb fro . Calf.? Metal. tabat• r4an6.6N..wtr09. *) G. ...Maur," b told dab 1.0 invested in silver for many years as a hedge against the dep Thew. Mro`W m* (. Nat+ raM. .dvw . leg..e<aw . `N 4.4. to Yro Os.Mrt.tAbM tS~.nrA .tl4aaeAa ^ EVe e*0 yt.. 16Tell ..6e mead Mr .w.a M IA Alalbroalso .. reciating dollar and have bought silver as they could afford 21a00 001916fwY4N6KM+MtMQI a b NT(mWarty iT .. add "Iraza.c.ra an e..tiYars AA &red.wllb listaIa6N6rI.Y .aia .aq: A Iac a r+M>m Y.nro:.uVN u a 6dap I, Tlua.a7 map "AAA w1N+ la it in the form of bullion or silver claims accounts, paying cas h tyapwMlCl1;. woes... drab Ngwrtaa .t AAA" .J6 It ag-.+ .aa A tfb perbal A A Iwb l beta oela bat. for it and hanging on to it? Now, the traditional ratio is 1 6 .ISwedat~fl.Mx,.l Nnnu.6 amor ne •a ::e.44ahAro ... lam NW .0A MYb 6etar dlax t .sorbsOm eradart "i y .66:arbbobasnAco . imt ena.aa rk.. to 1, I believe, of silver to gold, but gold has risen so rapidl y AAA. tea. WnlaY.twu.c.M tMa 61d ..1 . arut bat bean. ae dY*a aa.6 am at ILL .wartv:..i AA , IM. N. . ..ti .A W. Aft b oat R . silver has not kept up with that ratio . Its now like 33 to 1 . tk<Ae . `[wdllWw•Ltlbds.^d Tn6/er .. . lbw u A,a,-t r matt.Macte Ale SL~q lta era 6nYw casM .vi 0 .a * a My question is for entities who have and are purchasin g ram ft,* Jet *. . , M AA Tab mwA,aw .. .n Iefiy ash kb. ter I.a <M IA rrowew.bM1a•I .111btabe oak..meta i+Yaew des a pack .P 6a 6. . .ttra.t i a TTA NIA* M ea pRw..l w IIv bib mA silver bullion for long-term, to hold on to their investment s T.a ait ..t A 11r. and what they have worked for, is there a formula attache d aiS.karsii tlTC :.°tea M ea wag; WA■ ..i .aa ca4bat bbarra. ,.b, .Atlas el atonat — acme bat . W61. nab,.aoutTO k eta r, tl.6ar aadte44a4 a T TI. aroma aairtal le er Ob year. q own to gold that they could go by ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as negative . That essentially the prices of gold and silver arc floating, and th e entities who are manipulating these prices manipulate because they have large stock or large supplies of gold , silver or other commodities with which to manipulate the market . This Awareness indicates that entities who hav e savings in gold or silver may at times feel envious—As the market, for example, rises in gold, those holding silver may teel that they have been left out . This Awareness indicates however, that those who have interests in gold ma y at other times feel that they should have invested in silver . This Awareness indicates these metals will continu e fluctuating up and down at various rates . This Awareness indicates this is true of other metals and other precious gems and stones also . This Awarenes s indicates-there may even be times when entities will wish they had their gold and silver transferred into dollars . This Awareness indicates however, that the dollar is not the safe investment and that precious metals will becom e more and more expensive ; and therefore investments in silver, in gold, in platinum, in copper--these are the mor e solid types of investments . This Awareness indicates that investments in gems, particularly semi-precious gems, ar e also very good investments at this particular time because they have not started to rise in value yet . This Awareness indicates that It cannot give a particular formula for prices which are floating up and down i n a relative world—this being likened unto corks on water, bobbing up and down ; those which can be bobbed deep - being the most valuable . This Awareness indicates that these are in constant flux in relation to one another, an d there is no way that a particular, fixed formula can assist in helping entities to determine which to best invest in . This Awareness indicates gold, diamonds, and platinum will remain stable--particularly gold as being the meta l which those most powerful investors are using for their basis and currency . This Awareness indicates that, however , the other precious metals will follow the price of gold . This Awareness indicates that the investment for speculativ e F urposes in gold as more difficult, because it is more volatile and easily manipulated . That for those who are simpl y M olding on to precious metals for their future needs, this Awareness indicates that these metals will continue t o rise in value, and your investments will be safe, so long as you are able to keep your metals or other commodities . This Awareness indicates that entities should not panic when prices drop for the product which they hold, for thes e shall, in time, rise. This Awareness indicates you must understand that the dollar itself will lose more and more value ; and as it does, your metals will gain more and more value . Conditions Will be Like Germany after World War t (Quebec, Canada, a Safe Place to Be ) This Awareness indicates that in the events which follow, entities will be wise to refer again to the economi c conditions which existed in Germany after World War 1, when the great inflation destroyed the economy of tha t nation . This Awareness indicates the manipulators are setting up the United States to follow the same p ath which Germany followed after World War 1 in the economy, and in the political situation . This Awareness asks entitie s to carefully look at those situations and the parallels which are occurring at this time in this nation . This Awareness indicates that this as essentially the same type of plan . This Awareness indicates that entities who prefer to leave the United States and scch safer places to conside r Quebec, for that as being the area which appears to have the most freedom in the future tunes . This Awareness indicates however, that It is not suggesting that entities leave, It is simply heading off many questions regardin g this before they are asked . This Awareness indicates that there may be many who will wish to leave if the draft i s initiated . This Awareness indicates that Quebec would be the safest place for this action . This Awareness indicates there are other nations wherein relative safety may be experienced —these being France, Germany, the Europea n continent in general, Australia to some degree, Canada, and certain South American countries to some degree . Thisss: a-Awareness indicates that the United States as also offering much security, though the intensities may create hard - ships for some . This Awareness indicates this, of course, is relative to modification with regards to the events whic h may occur and their intensities . This Awareness indicates that more information regarding these events and future occurrences can be perceive d more clearly as time moves on and events begin to take their shape, according to the energy patterns which mov e toward crystallization of the events . 5.
  6. 6. This Awareness suggests there are indication sat this time which foresee or foreshadow general Soviets may [aulr ch satellite-killerevents, but the intensities and details of thes e 7 events are not yet clarified by these energies , YNIOI . 11 Oh In1) -. 11. . l.+ So.. 11rw. I, .r47 ■avI 7mn■ .447 ... lw 41 .. I~NIN .~pWlllw ylli~ l1 7mt %e.44 n. 1 t tP-lrl f41bo InIll WIIn+• w111.i 1Vn lnr., .w . A.A. i 771tm. •wan 41. +I .p1 .Y+4 .IMM hr.. 117 ..-a. w4.e .a . . . 44 Ad. ~Nr .. .l . . . ass a .ftr 1111 Y .I y . • .. UNrY R.U.. .IW M4 .1and are subject: to modification as consciousnes s • TI . .s.14 . eY a•A AOI f .MI U3. 1+.41. Il W M4WM,. p. IW « :*U n In hn. ..I . .77 a... I. 4J A« i Il, e n y, I.111a1 Yn.Ip.involves itself in either bringing about thes e :i1M14. TF. .W . .4WY .Y Y/MI A M) Iba 77p.1.. . ..r ~k 1r 0., .r.Yh .l. Ilia Sln l. .+ 14 r...14. T11N 1. .1.. 7a. in. Ui I Sit at; Mn W 1447511 M . .7 .111 .InMtayv . M 1 .. AAA. Iw . 7■7 n..n• W W . .. Il I.In. . r I. . TN WaYnrl..y.,.n lml Wa. .{.!MY 1n, I.. I.Ia ,tba .• 4.,.5 n t41 I .n{r N II. It.(I4 .IwnTla .! gu41 TI 4 ".pM 1. N WIY LF .it nn as ae{ . Raw. .M1 en.Y 4.MI1 .. IVIevents or altering these events . , . . 1YI Ti. ..YA. w taa.M{ I,,. 1,N.+ I . .wIN II r. . .ei4C .0 ...•J 4M Ur. lI4a. 0 71W . pm .a AIAMI7711, .11r...r. .Aaa■ . b. nv . .,L .j . W a544 Mu. .74 ,b N.f07 77 •.M .+ 1 .4 ,W T1. Ta .Ma. Y . n r . .Y . nr+r+47a..y..1a . 07 Ma ,I,tT 1 ..S. .„..i 4 . . , .na Yr . •4.1 .IIt 411r,ph{ . . M W► TT. .tlUW Public meetings 1.MW4 rn4mlr 71 .104 . .n . UIIhis . 4 7 7 1.u.{ n p.Y.. r . . 7 147,,Y SmA 7A . Coe pa . . 7. Au. . ni..I M dlAaw .4.1 flail• 4514 *f.W1t .77 et U COSMIC ACUPUNCTUR E vat net h nsif vote T .4 tN~ N . S :.W h N 1 la11.71,Tu tMw 4• .l. .n (Closing Message ) t This Awareness indicates that those entities who have listened to these messages last year, and again this year,have assisted in an alchemical action of draining off the polarized magnetic energy fields associatec with wiz an dbalancing out those energy fields . This Awareness indicates that each time an entity becomes aware of a polarizationwhich is imbalanced ; ancr each time the entity seeks to reconcile those imbalanced polarizations, the polaritie sinvolved in consciousness become released . This Awareness indicates this as likened unto acupuncture or acupressure on a human form, whereby an illnes smay be caused by a collection of energy that does not flow properly because of a block in a particular area . Andwhen this area is stimulated, pushed or poked, according to whatever method is used---acupressure, acupuncture o rmassage---the energies then begin to flow, and the healing is allowed to take place as the crystallization of thes eenergies is broken up . This Awareness indicates that those entities who look at the crystallized forms of patterns of the situations uponthis earth which are crystallizing and moving toward events, and entities looking at these with deep concern, givin gattention -- these entities serve as needles o f~the `Great Acupuncturist in the sky who heals the body of humanity .This Awareness indicates that focus of attention is a healing action when that attention is focused for the purpos eof healing, for the pur pose of discovery, for the purpose of enlightening, for the purpose of opening up and releas-ing the energies. This Awareness indicates that focus of attention can be detrimental and malicious when that focu sis intended to harm, to destroy, to cause suffering a pain, or to polarize and make differences more significant. This Awareness suggests that entities who have been involved in these messages, who have looked into the situat-ion of the world with the attitude of wanting to see peace and harmony, these entities with their focus of attentio ns ,are the peacemakers ; and even though they may not ever speak a word about these things, the act of looking deepl yat the situation does have its effect on the mass mind of humanity, and helps to break up the crystallized an dblocked energies which would cause the pain and suffering of such polarities . This Awarenessindicates that yo uneed not be afraid to look. This Awareness suggests you recognize the power at Your disposal in being able tolook closely with great attention, and knowing that your look and your attention is assisting in the alleviating o ftragedy on this plane . CONSCRIP T BANKER$ FIRST . Bumper Stickers . . .Available from C .A .C . ($1 .00 each ) THE GAME OF CHICKEN and RUSSIAN ROULETT E (Opening Message, C .A .C . Reading, April 9, 1980 ) This Awareness indicates that the forces which are moving upon this plane at this time, moving toward tha t which is a major conflict, are also being confronted by that force upon this plane which is moving through consc- iousness which is awakening consciousness—this much likened unto a spotlight being thrown upon the dark motiv e of those who would use their power in malicious ways against humanity and the Divine Principles . This Awareness indicates that the coming months shall witness the last great effort of the AIien Force to creat e war and tyranny and gain control over the masses upon this plane—this being likened unto a "last ditch" effort . This Awareness indicates that the dangers are great, but the odds are in favor that the forces which are awakenin g and catching on shall awaken enough entities soon enough that the plan will fail . This Awareness indicates that th e degree of destruction and loss of life will be determined by the intensity of consciousness to awaken, to undersiai .: . and to reconcile these differences which are leading toward this conflict . This Awareness indicates that there are no absolute guarantees , or determining factors at this time which will 3 reveal the outcome of the coming crisis ; whether this will manifest itself both economically and in social and poll ical upheaval, or whether this will manifest in one or the other of these actions, or whether these experiences shal l be of great, chaotic and intense experiences, or whether they shall be mild -- for the outcome is determined by th e mass mind and its ability to channel these energies, and each of the individuals making up that mass mind will ha w the freedom to contribute to one degree or another, for war or for peace. 6.
  7. 7. This Awareness indicates that from present indications there appears to be some intensities which will be tragi c for many . This Awareness indicates that the degree of this tragedy can be determined by the nature of the mas s mind, the influences of the individuals upon that mass mind, and the ability of individuals to contribute to peace . This Awareness indicates that generally, the appearance of energies in motion are quite encouraging, even thoug h there are seen dark and heavy clouds of war on the horizon . This Awareness indicates that it appears the progra m to draft entities, young men and women, will not be successful . That the program to create an international crisi s for the purpose of creating national emergency for dictatorial controls will be attempted, but will not be capabl e of achieving the purpose . This Awareness indicates that it appears there are too many entities who know too much , even within the echelon of the government, and that those within the government levels will not cooperate on suc h diabolical plans when the chips are down . This Awareness indicates that many of those who would implement suc h plans are having second thoughts and may reverse their tendencies and pull back from these actions . This Awareness indicates the appearance is that there is a kind of game going on in higher levels by certain entitie s much likened unto the game that teenagers used to play during the decade of the `50s, wherein they would ru n their cars toward each other, and whoever turned away first was considered the `chicken . This Awareness indicate s that these entities have grown up and the entities of a like nature from that generation and those near are now i n positions in the government wherein they continue the `chicken game, but this game being done with nuclea r weapons, wherein these entities play `chicken with their adversaries with the threat of war which could lead t o nuclear devastation . This Awareness indicates that this also related unto another game known as `Russian roulette, wherein a gambl e is taken wherein one bullet was placed in the chamber of a gun and chamber spins and the entity fires, with luc k into an empty chamber, or with tragic results, fires the bullet. This Awareness indicates the present situation may be considered likened to these games, wherein certain force s in the United States are playing `chicken with Russia, and the Russians are playing Russian roulette with the Amer- icans ; and these game players are considered as the protectors of the societies of these two super powers . Thi s Awareness indicates essentially, these entities have not outgrown the sickness of their teenage years, are psycho - logically unbalanced, and are looked up to by society for advice, for protection, and for the security of the nation . This Awareness suggests that entities must awaken each other to the sad fact that the entities who seek such powe r to make war are invariably mentally unbalanced, and have no purpose or right in being in the position to make suc h judgments for the masses . This Awareness suggests that entities meditate, communicate, and promote the concep t of reconciliation rather than confrontations, for the nuclear confrontation or any confrontation that could flar e up into a nuclear confrontation will result in such tragic ends as cannot be conceived by any sane mind . This Awareness indicates that the situation needs to be looked at without fear ; that this appears to be the last great concern . That thereafter, smalle r and smaller ripples of concern occur . But this Awareness indicates yo u Navy Personnel may consider this and the following ripples and following threats as bein g more like a mopping up campaign, whereby the Light Forces shine thei r Shortage Pull s awareness on the Forces of Darkness, lighting up the situation so that al l Ship Out Of Action may understand and so that the Forces of Darkness cannot operate efficiently . .IMIIM111TTII (01 -►w .a Mt Mad H .I>•d II, ..n.W. IN. Vidris N .r .I..r do . . *bp wt. MAK.1odiad trdaml. fl. .} Or Wr• dap rd d ..r M N.. Ow, Adm.&d dad. .tla. Mo... d . dOq Odad(YMI.ra O .. . a . ...- sla.,. This Awareness indicates that many entities who have been receiving thes e ~ wn ala did IA a .o«. N~1.4 V.. - arrd W Aft. Mara IAN • Tadao, f messages and others of a similar nature, may. not fully realize how much they ,r .Y..d dlq . d W M. A OA. d del .. ..•l. ... at ford 0_ ....old . .. r. have been given in terms of information . This Awareness wishes entities t o we40dd . n ..t~ . Tti. Nan R .w w . . . baba., dad ~-Nnd.w...d.Y Ma OM .O.n w nr.w. dlfo.dId OM W rr ..r drib r E... O. Pf+... .n1 . W An. O .- understand that only in the past two or three months have the Russian peopl e N..f .11kY1 .+O . W IOd .n rr O. . .aa. Masora r! der Alp 1 . ..d for ...Ifry .n wri d fo. been given information through their press, through their news media, releas- .a WTI . o.rd.e wr+rf w. Oa .•1. Or d.fofo. . .— •IN1.., y,.., .ww. tt i brit I nr dap atlLdn M I t dd . 0. ing information regarding the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, an d p~4.. dad.. and N ar . a^ow. dd fors. WI ff. d n w "Oro lw md 0,0, fou¢.. ..dd. .Iafo 0.l Af t many other groups of money barons and powers ; so that only now the Russ- NCarw . . N rY •dw Ward . .r IWma.. . d so . P rw.wfo dale R/ap ada OA, AAA Ur ar PIN . — . .d~. n .. _ fad la a t.= Y. - . - ians have become aware enough to-inform their people that it is not the Pent- V M .da .11~d ur Yid. rforr.db r nwa f agon which is responsible for the intrigues of war, it is not the White Hous e which is responsible for the intrigues and wars which have been prevalent during the last several decades, but rathe r the money forces . This Awareness indicates this information being released by the Russians through their news media in recen t months indicates a change in their assessment of world affairs and allows for a greater chance of avoiding nuclea r confrontation . For these entities now recognize where the of conflict lies, and will not be so incline d to make errors of judgment in blaming the people of America for those actions which are perpetrated by a few i n power . This Awareness indicates this new assessment indicates that the Russian government has become aware of the so - called `Conspiracy Theory which many in this nation have been aware of for some time, but have been unable t o spread to the masses for fear of ridicule and reprisals . This Awareness indicates that those who have received thes e messages relating to the so-called `Conspiracy Theory may be somewhat amused to think that they have known al l along that which the Russian government has only recently realized, or which they have only recently released t o their people . 7
  8. 8. This Awareness indicates that there also appeals to be intensifying weather war situations, wherein weathe rbecomes more and more an aspect of controlling and manipulating and influencing events . This Awareness indicate sthat likewise, there appears to be continued geophysical and geothermal conditions which will have unusual affect supon this plane . This Awareness indicates that entities need not be surprised if other volcanic activities on othe rmountains in the United States and around the `Ring of Fire in the Pacific begin to heat up and act up during th enext thirty years . I his Awareness indicates that intense periods between February of this year to October and agai nin 1982 and `85 can he expected . This Awareness indicates however, that these intense periods may be seen as time swherein great changes occur and the forces of humanity, those forces which are concerned with the life, livelihood ,and welfare of the planer Earth and its inhabitants, these Forces of Light shall have opportunities for growing stron gand influential . MORE ON THE LETTER — WRITING CAMPAIG NQUESTION :Would Awareness clarify if the people that we have suggested writing to in our chain letters are the ones Awarenes sjust referred to as the `game players ; and if so, explain why it has been suggested addressing them in such a respect-ful manner ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that it is only through such respectful addressing that these entities will even receiv ethese letters with respect . This Awareness indicates that these entities are not the sole entities involved, but tha tthrough these entities the message will be put across . This Awareness indicates that essentially, the entities add-ressed may not even see the letters ; that secretaries may see these letters, but the message will be put across . THE BAPTISM OF THE AQUARIAN AG E (Closing Message, C .A .C . Gen . Reading ) November 25, 197 9 This Awareness indicates that it appears there are still a great number of events which can be somewha t serious in nature, these as coming during this next few months . This Awareness indicates that essentially the nex t six to seven years as bein g critical in nature on many levels . This Awareness indicates that these coming years als o shall be l i kened unto the baptism of the Aquarian Age, to bring forth the changes which are necessary so that th e new energies may begin to manifest more quickly and with greater freedom . This Awareness indicates that as long as these changes are occurring, there will he times when caution i s necessary, there will also be times when bold action is necessary . This Awareness suggests that these times wil l occur on moment to moment basis, and with attention and awareness of the full implications of the variou s situations, the problems encountered will he minimized . This Awareness suggests that you may profit best : b y using all levels ot. information, all sources of intelligence available to you during these times . Carter shows Grim yko in idols of ICBM v.REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications ,P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98501 (A Non-profit organization) . Rates and membership information is available upo nrequest . For samples of these communicat ions, send $3 .0C for 80 page book, ` Cosmic Awareness Speaks to above address .
  9. 9. 1RUSSIA Test Tube Mammoth (AP) --- The worlds first test-tube xnannnoth, a I2-foo ttall elephant-like creature, may be less than two years away, th eRussians say . A Leningrad scientist, Viktor Ivlikhelson, said Mon -day that Soviet scientists, using cells from mammoths found pre -served in ice ; have begun a program to create a mammoth of th etype that became extinct 10,000 years ago . He said the sole purpos eof the project is scientific study . So far, Mil;.helson said, scientistshave not found a suitable live mammoth cell . Once they de, the yplan to use laboratory dishware to mate a preserved cell from amale mammoth and one from a modern-day female elephant, the nimplant the result in the female .