ReVeleteed4a            79-28            The New-Age Cosmic Newslette r                                                   ...
This Awareness indicatcr this as very similar to a previous message whereby this Awareness explained that the Jew sthemsel...
This Awareness indicacL ., chat the purpose of the followers of the Law of One is not to defeat those who are seekin gsepa...
U .S . GOVERNMENT GREED RIPPED OFF THE INDIAN S   This Awareness indicates that essentially the reason for this Battle of ...
ARE BLACKS LESS HIGHLY EVOLVED                                        THAN WHITE ANGLO-SAXONS ?QUESTION :J .Y . of Brookly...
child, this also being a constrictive action, an action which holds and molds in order to bring about a creation . Thi s  ...
DO BLACKS CHANNE L                                                                             THE LUCIFERIAN ENERGIE S   ...
to reincarnate in this plane . However, the entity also would not mind reincarnating again if it appeared to the entity th...
COSMIC AWARENESS :       This Awareness indicates that this as relatively effective, the action being such that it affects...
WHY WERE THE HEALING METHOD S                                                                                             ...
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Cosmic Awareness 1979-28: Are Blacks Less 'Highly Evolved' Than White Anglo-Saxons?


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Cosmic Awareness 1979-28: Are Blacks Less 'Highly Evolved' Than White Anglo-Saxons?

  1. 1. ReVeleteed4a 79-28 The New-Age Cosmic Newslette r COSMIC AWARENESS COMMUNICATION S P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 9850 7 Price : $3 .00 COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce an d other great avatars who served as Channels for the Heavenly Father and of spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has who speaks again today as the world carefully-trained channels begins to enter the New Ag e been communicating through certain . The information contained herein was received from deep, super-conscious trance states and interpreted by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age . Throughout the man y thousands of Readings given through these channels, Cosmic Awareness repeatedly tells us not believe anything, but to question, explore doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and suggest . Member s , of Cosmic Awareness Communications are invited to send in questions of general interest for possible publication in this Newsletter . THE VIOLATION OF THE RED MA N . . . .DOES RACIAL KARMA EXIST ? ( More on the Legacy of Rhyee--the First Separateness ) Paul Shockle y Trance-Interprete r QUESTION : A question from E .B ., of Perry, Maine, who writes : "I would like to ask Awareness about some things very important . I hope this comm- unication is considered and sent to the membership about the races of the world . Why have the native people of the Western hemispher e been robbed, beaten and slain to the point of extinction, or some tribes are, and almost extinction to other tribes . And arc these peopl e supposed to learn something from being violated, and why does it seem that the white race has always had a record for wiping out brown - skinned people?" And he wanted to know also, does a race of people create karma for itself if it violates another race ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that as was indicated in a previous reading, the forces which moved through Atlantis an d through Egypt, through Israel, and down through the European and American and Russian civilizations, this force whic h was represented by the lust for power and control---this force known as Rhyee---the force passed from generation t o g eneration, whereby the power of position and the economic and military power, the positions of authority being passe d from generation to generation or from leader to leader, or from country to country---this particularly in relation to thos e secret societies which were involved in the manipulation of this power, this is that which capitalized on the use of certai n forces, using certain of the members of the Anglo-Saxon race to do its work . This Awareness indicates that it also used other races for other types of work in more recent times . This Awareness indicates however, that the past history of the use of the Anglo-Saxons stands out because this was th e •ace which this power worked through during the past three to four hundred years . This Awareness indicates this powe r has moved into other races at this time, and has begun working through these also . This Awareness indicates that as thi s power has moved through and used this Anglo-Saxon race, and has moved into the black race and used portions of it i n more recent times, and into the yellow race in recent times, using these forces for its purposes, the power has also reache d its peak and is now in the process of being dissolved, therefore the appearance is that the white or Anglo-Saxon race ha s been responsible for the problems which have occurred to other races . This Awareness indicates however, that it was th e power which moved through and used the Anglo-Saxon race which has caused this to appear this way . COPYRIGHT 1979 by Cosmic Awareness Communications & the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . Reproduction by permission .
  2. 2. This Awareness indicatcr this as very similar to a previous message whereby this Awareness explained that the Jew sthemselves are not the ori gin of that which is referred to as Bolshevism or Zionism .* This Awareness indicates that th eforce which expresses itself through the Jewish people and refers to call itself as Zionism is not necessarily representin gthe entire Jewish culture . This Awareness indicates that likewise a Mason is not necessarily representing the entire Anglo -Saxon culture, even though most Masons are Anglo-Saxon or of the white race in general . This Awareness indicates thatsimilarl y}, the white race is not necessarily the root cause of the violations to the American Indians, but rather it is tha tforce which sent forth and used the white race and influenced the thinking and philosophy and ideas of those member sof the Anglo-Saxon or white race, which led to the clash between these and the American Indians . * `Revelations of Awareness 79-18 (A Cosmic History of the Illuminati )$2 .00 CHRISTIANS LABELED THE INDIAN HEATHENS AND BEING INFERIO R This Awareness indicates that essentially it was the Puritanic attitude of the early Christian doctrine as promoted b yCalvin and others of the Quaker, Episcopalian, the Protestant and Catholic religions, influencing the Christian belie fthat anyone other than a Christian was a heathen and therefore unworthy and uncivilized and to be considered inferior .This Awareness indicates this as an action similar to that of the spiritual snob .* * This Awareness indicates that obviously, the teacher and founder of the Christian religion did not ever intend for thi skind of attitude to occur, the entity having been Jewish or Hebrew, and having accepted the gentile . This Awarenes sindicates that such an entity would not condone one of Anglo-Saxon race considering a member of the American India ntribes to be inferior or heathenist or as being of a less significance . This Awareness indicates that this therefore was developed from wrong answers given through certain forces whic hexpressed through various churches, through various organizations, these originating essentially from levels of powe rrather than from levels of mercy and spiritual wisdom or from the basic essence of the race of Anglo-Saxons . This Aware-ness indicates that likewise, the red man of America was not entirely without similar types of power and glory desires ,for there were also cases of savagery in these levels which are not unsimilar to those of the white race . This Awareness indicates that the reason the white rac e appeared to be more cruel was simply that the white race ha d weapons which could and did defeat the Indian in battle, an d the Indian being underarmed could rely only on the appea l to the spiritual forces and the spiritual forces could and wou only work for the Indian when the Indian medicine was stro . enough. Balancing Energies Through Violatio n This Awareness indicates this for example in the Battle o f Little Big Horn. This Awareness indicates that essentially thi s was a situation related to the balancing of energies, of polar- ized energies---that the red people of America were violate d by invaders as have been other civilizations--the Russian s violated by the Mongols, by Genghis Khan and his hordes, the Romans violated by those forces from the North, the Egyptians violated by the Romans, the various nations aroun d the world each experiencing violations by invaders in thei r own times . This Awareness indicates such violations were occurring on this hemisphere before the white man arrived , between tribes of Indians who violated one another . This Awareness indicates that this is simply the plight o f humanity upon this plane in the energies which have bee n prevalent and which are now being resolved, so that wars and bloodshed and conquest need not continue . Many Indians Reincarnated Today as Hippies and Environmentalist s This Awareness indicates that many of the American Indians have reincarnated as whites, that many of these ar epresently in bodies of white Anglo-Saxons who are working to restore certain of the principles which were held dea rby the American Indians . This Awareness indicates these as environmentalists and nature lovers . This Awareness indicates that there are also many of the present or previous generations of hippies and those of th ealternative society culture who are reincarnated from Indian lifetimes . This Awareness indicates that also there are certai nentities from Europe who have reincarnated from World War II who also have seen the devastation of violence and wa rand are working with the alternative society to bring about the changes so that such horrors need not again occur .For more on this please refer to Revelations of Awareness 79-7 (The Spiritual Snob) :$2 .00 . 2.
  3. 3. This Awareness indicacL ., chat the purpose of the followers of the Law of One is not to defeat those who are seekin gseparateness and power, but rather to invite those to join in the unity and harmony under the Law of One . This Aware-ness indicates that those of the Law of One need not be opposed to anyone, but can help to reconcile differences so thatmore and more recognize the Law of One, the unity of all living things . * This Awareness indicates that it is time to look for those who recognize values of a humanitarian nature regardless o fthe color of skin, regardless of their genetic or hereditary origins, regardless of their religion, regardless of their national -ities or language ; it is time for these humanitarians to link up, to join together, for they are all of one mind and one value ,this being the value of life, the love of life, and therefore it matters not what costumes or skins or labels these entitie sput on for their purpose is the same . For a detailed description of the Law of One, please refer to the booklet , Getting history straight . . . . The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness :$3 .00 from C .A .C . One of U .S . Governments Most Closely-Guarde d Secrets is Now Revealed . . . . GENERAL CUSTER AND HIS ME N COMMITTED SUICIDE OUT OF FEA R QUESTION : Awareness mentioned Custers famous battle of the Little Bi g Horn, which brings to mind a question brought forth a fe w years back by a book that was published and supposedly well- researched by an entity who claimed that the situation was on e of the biggest coverups in American History--that Custer an d his men did not die in the glory that our history books said . COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that these entities essentiall y began to commit suicide out of fear . This Awareness indicates that the entities being totally surrounded assumed that they were going t o be massacred and began to panic without ever havin g been shot at . This Awareness indicates when the first entit y panicked and shot himself, the others also began t o follow. This Awareness indicates there were som e exchanges after this first entity panicked and sho t himself, there were certain shots fired by some o f the soldiers but the others stopped these in fear o f reprisal and then, in a kind of awesome staring, th e Indians surrounding these soldiers looked and stoo d and watched until the soldiers simply began to break BREVET MAJOR-GENERAL GEORGE A. CUSTER. and scatter and run in terror, and many of them com- His legend was a hoax . . . .Perpetuated by Errol Flynn mitted suicide. This Awareness indicates that this no t in every case, that there were some who were killed . SENSATIONAL AND STARTLING REPRODUCTION OF GEN . CUSTERS MEMORABLE BATTLE OF THE LITTLE BIG HORN ! QUESTION : Was General Custer himself one who was killed, or one wh o committed suicide ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates it appears that this entit y was requested to come forward from the rest ; th e entity refused and began shouting orders to his sold- iers, the soldiers failed to respond ; the Indians the n rode down and took Custer . This Awareness indicate s that it appears that they began a threatening mov e toward this entity, and the entity shot himself . Thi s Awareness indicates this appears to have been th e cause for the general panic and further suicides an d the scattering of the troops . This Awareness indicate s that these entities were then taken, that these entitie s were later buried in a mass grave—this by the troop s which came later to find the soldiers . 3.
  4. 4. U .S . GOVERNMENT GREED RIPPED OFF THE INDIAN S This Awareness indicates that essentially the reason for this Battle of Little Big Horn was a greed purpose---that th eIndians had been given a piece of land which had much silver on it, and the government discovering this, decided t omove the Indians further on . This Awareness indicates this led to the resistance, and Custer, wishing to make a nam efor himself on the centennial date or the 100th birth date of the United States, rode out from Fort Raleigh, Kansas ,in an effort to defeat the Indians, crush their resistance and gain headlines for his glorious victory at the time of the cen-tennial celebrations occurring around the country . This Awareness indicates however, that the Indians reversed the head -lines, and Custer was defeated, which shocked the American public to discover that there was still strength in the Indiantribes. This Awareness indicates that the entity Custer was more of an egotist than a soldier, and the entity was not usin gsensible maneuvers or tactics and underestimated the power of the Indians, assuming that they had no communicatio nbetween the various tribes. How Custer Energies Were Reconciled by the Interprete r This Awareness indicates that this was a kind of rebalancing on a small scale of the energies of conquest which ha dbeen thrown upon the American Indians by the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons on the 100th birthday of the United States . This Awareness indicates that anothe r F; ROS! similar rebalancing occurred in York i n July of 1977 .* This Awareness indicates KIIUU a 1% N EI5 that the Interpreter and several others i n the journey to York in `77, stopped a t the grave site of the Battle of Little Bi g Horn . This Awareness indicates this action SrE I CM IIDIA NS affected an aka-cord connection with the area in York which was the place where aell STAIN WIRE 5% 1 MIS the Constitution, where the Articles o f Confederation were signed and the nation had its true birth . This Awareness indicat- Win r I M es that this also had a kind of reconcilin g ONUS U1I L JaVS or balancing action of the energies . +~ IIDIANS many other types actiaii n o oft This Awareness indicates that there ar e hh MASSACRES ~If Ste ~~~& IF A bring about the reco onciliation of thes e L o e various energies . This Awareness suggest s that many o f the I s Indians t h e tot Y 111 ~. y into bod i es of whites n the effect of L1YISI reconciling the energies . This Awareness A genocide information poster put out in 1978 by one of the man indicates that many of the whites rein- groups opposed to the war in Vietnam carnating in the bodies of Indians als o reconciles the energies .This Awareness indicates that these interchanges of racial bodies between lifetimes occurs quite frequently, dependin g on the need of an entity to experience the other side of his or her previous lifetime prejudisms . This Awareness indicate s that many of the indians walking around in this life were white invaders or conquerors of Indians in a previous lifetime . This Awareness indicates that this is also true in terms of other race situations, many of the whites who are prejudice d toward blacks or Jews may one day experience themselves in the body of a black or Jewish person . This Awareness ind- icates vice versa, that many blacks presently are reincarnated from white bodies in a previous lifetime, that the Law o Karma has a way of balancing energies so that entities become tolerant of that which they previously were prejudic e toward. FORMER SLAVE OWNERS ALL LATE R TOOK A TURN AT BEING BLAC K ( More on how Karma works )QUESTION :Then it would stand to reason then that those who were slave owners and masters of slaves back in the early days of this country, mos tlikely had at least one embodiment as a Negro at a later time ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this as in the affirmative, that those who were powerful slave owners of any civilizatio neventually experienced the other side of the coin and are on the bottom looking up . This Awareness indicates that thi sdoes not mean that every entity who is presently black or presently Jewish or p resently white but of a very poor statu sor of any other particular race, this does not mean that these entities previously had high positions of importance in aparticular race that violated them . This Awareness indicates that for example, there are also cases of poverty due to othe rcauses, such as an entity spending an entire lifetime not wanting to do anything but live off of the energies of others, thi sentity may experience the next lifetime in a situation where he or she cannot co anything but live off of the energies o fothers, because the talents are not available, or the opportunities are not available to rise above the low-level which is hi slot. For an in-depth report on what happened at York in 1977, pleas e refer to the booklet, A Magic Happening at Yorktown ($ 3 .00 from C .A .C . 4
  5. 5. THOSE WHO ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE AND PRODUCTIV E DURING A LIFETIME MAY FIND THEMSELVES IN POVERTY THE NEXT LIFETIM E This Awareness indicates that to live well, requires that entities be responsible first for their own behavior and sust - -nance, at least during the major productive years of their life . This Awareness indicates that wherein such entities canno twoe productive then they must rely on friendship and charm to receive from others that which they need to be sustained , either as children or as elderly persons needing to receive assistance from others . This Awareness indicates that those wh o do not use the productive years of their life in a responsible manner may discover that in the next lifetime they are pu t into a position whereby they haven t the same opportunities to be responsible and productive, even if they wanted to be . This Awareness indicates that in such a karmic situation the entity might find himself or herself being born in a situat- ion that is devoid of opportunities, this may be a particular racial status which has been denied opportunities or a part- icular financial status which denies opportunities, or a particular family status which denies opportunities, or a particula r environmental status which denies opportunities . This Awareness indicates that those entities who use the productive years of their life in a responsible manner will fin d themselves reincarnating in positions where they have greater opportunities for more responsible activities with greate r amounts of energy to work with and to produce from . This Awareness indicates this is simply justice dealt by the Law of Karma in the universe, and there is no escape fro m the Law of Karma .This Awareness indicates however, that entities who recognize the need for change and take the actio n of changing themselves, will automatically begin to transcend any karmic forces or sentences which .lave been place d upon them . This Awareness indicates that those who do not help themselves, but simply drift with the Laws of Karma , accepting the punishment but not recognizing their own capability of overcoming themselves and serving or doing some - thing productive with what is available to them, these entities shall simply receive heavier and heavier doses of the La w of Karma until they find themselves in such a position that they would do anything to be able to be productive, and t o be of service . THE THREE PATHS TO SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMEN T ARE REVIEWE D This Awareness reminds entities that the three paths of spiritual development, that of suffering is the slowest, that o f service is faster, that of alchemy which relates to the change in consciousness or attitudes is that which is fastest . Thi s Awareness suggests entities who feel themselves victimized by a situation or under a sentence from the Law of Karma , may simply begin to spiritually evolve more quickly by stepping off the path of suffering and into the path of servic e nd the change of consciousness or the change of attitude toward higher levels whereby you accept those higher force s_and move toward those energies with all your might . This Awareness indicates that austerity and self-pity do not bring forth the alchemy necessary to transcend a situation . This Awareness indicates that service, love, these are the energies which lift the entity out of the path of suffering an d move the entity toward that which is the greater work . . . .Faaa • • The Law of Karma Is that Law wherein entities arrange within themselves , on any level, to make just payment for any action committed that affect s the welfare of oneself or another . The Law of Karma is irrevocable and ma y be depended upon to bring those who stray from the Law of Unity bac k into balance through the Divine Justice of the Universe . . . . .from the Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awarenes s (Closing Message) The Little Bag of Karmic Garbag e This Awareness indicates that many entities upon this plane carry wit h them a small bag of karmic garbage, which is very heavy, and holds the m down much like an anchor or rote which prevents them from levitating o r elevating their consciousness toward higher levels and toward greater success . This Awareness indicates that this little bag of karma has been tossed around , that many entities value this and consider this to be sacred to them and refus e to let go of this little bag of karma . This Awareness indicates that within this little bag of karma there are tw o heavy weights—one is labeled hostility to others, the other is labeled self- pity-- these two weights hold more entities down than any other quality , force, energy, concept, situation or any influence around . This Awareness suggests that this little bag of karma may be set asid e and replaced by that levitating balloon which lifts entities spirits, which says, ` I can do it, I can help others and love others, and lift myself . " 5.
  6. 6. ARE BLACKS LESS HIGHLY EVOLVED THAN WHITE ANGLO-SAXONS ?QUESTION :J .Y . of Brooklyn, N .Y . writes : "I would like to ask Cosmic Awareness a question or two . I have rea dRuth Montgomery s A World &yond, as well as her The World Before .In the former she states thatGeorge Washington Carver had become highly evolved while a white man, and came as a black t ohelp that race . In the latter she states : Not so many blacks intermarried with other races, and their -development consequently lagged behind, but their time will come . Some of today s Negroes ar ereincarnations of Atlanteans and Lemurians, and the new strain will enrich their cultura ldevelopment, helping them to find their place in the sun . I would like to know if it ispossible for a black to . become highly evolved even though he might not have had a whit eincarnation . As I understand it, the soul is not racial and can function no matter which = " -vehicle he occupies . Will Awareness please clarify this? "COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that essentially the chromosomes, the DNA an dRNA memory chain of the chromosomes of the black race is such that thes eentities are freedom loving and generally very vital in energy levels, are attune dto universal forces and nature, and these entities are not by their geneti c Girl of Makhana, Upper Senegal, Africa .programming highly structured or self-inhibiting . This Awareness indicates thatthis self-inhibiting quality which is often seen particularly in the Anglo-Saxons, whereby they do not express spontan-eously but from rational controlled attitudes, this inhibiting quality wherein the conscious mind inhibits spontaneity ,has been highly praised by some entities as being an example of evolvement or civilization . This Awareness indicates thatthe two different ways of approaching life are seen as being at odds with one another, yet these two ways are dependen ton one another . This Awareness indicates that in those highly structured and civilized areas where rational behavior i shighly prized, these energies lead to violence and misuse of power . This Awareness indicates in those so-called uncivilize dareas where spontaneity is highly praised and allowed and entities do not attempt a strictly rational approach, then ofte nthere are crimes of passion or crimes of superstition . This Awareness indicates that wherein these come together, the vita or primitive entity coming in contact with the rational or civilized entity can bring a merging or reconciliation whic hallows certain forces to blend . (This Awareness indicates that the energies of the trance are being disrupted . This Aware-ness suggests that this question may be reasked at a different time, that it is difficult to hold these in focus at this time) .(Same question reread later ) This Awareness indicates that the concern regarding "highly evolved " as that which is relative . This Awareness indicate sthat what is highly evolved according to ones standards is not necessarily highly evolved according to anothers . Thi sAwareness indicates that the mixture of certain approaches as that which can lead to new strains or new creations a sGeorge Washington Carver indicated in his experiments . This Awareness indicates also that the original as also having it simportant development and its own evolvement, and carrying certain qualities of great value . This Awareness suggests i tis not a question of the whites being more evolved, or the blacks being less evolved---it is a question of what the white shave developed, and what the blacks have developed . This Awareness suggests that there are two different emphasis, two different areas emphasized by these two races . Thi sAwareness indicates that the chromosomes of the black race, the DNA and RNA as being such that they carry a g eneti cmemory of freedom which has endured from the time of Atlantis whereby they were not influenced greatly by the highl ystructured forces which were alien to the_Law of One which came from Atlantis and went into various parts of the earth .This Awareness indicates that these who were opposed to the Law of One, emphasizing the rational mind, creating con-strictions on individual expressions, creating civilizations and creating that which might be termed the hierarchy syndrom e—this Awareness indicates that these forces did not have as much influence on the blacks as on modern civilization . ThisAwareness indicates that the blacks however were influenced greatly by that which might be termed the spontaneou senergies . This Awareness indicates that these entities tending to have greater freedom of expression, had fewer constrict -ions or restrictions, and therefore moved into areas which are out of bounds to many civilized or so-called civilized entities .This Awareness indicates that essentially the movement of the rational mind down through its civilizations from Atlanti srepresents that force of Rhyee, that force known as the first separateness, and that force which lusted for power . ThisAwareness indicates this became exemplified in the various power systems known as civilization, that it broke into variou stechnologies and into religions and sciences and various systems and bureaucracies . This Awareness indicates the blacks in leaving Atlantis and having greater concern for freedom and less concern fo rrestrictions, moved into various parts of the earth, and exemplified that force which can be called Isis . This Awareness - indicates this as the female principle as opposed to the male principle of Rhyee, that the principle of Rhyce being tha twhich is predominantly masculine in the sense of controlling and holding and focusing and directing, the principle o fIsis being that which is spontaneous,freedom loving and expressive . This Awareness indicates that each of these principle scontains part of the other . This Awareness indicates for example, although Rhyee is referred to as masculine principle ,its action of containment and holding and structuring can be equated to the womb of the female, who gives birth to a 6.
  7. 7. child, this also being a constrictive action, an action which holds and molds in order to bring about a creation . Thi s Awareness indicates that likewise, although Isis is expressed as feminine in its principles it gives spontaneity, and that spontaneity is often associated with expression which is considered a masculine quality--the action of reaching out, exp- ressing outward into the environment uninhibited by restraints . This Awareness indicates that therefore, these terms as also being relative according to various levels of observation . This Awareness indicates that essentially the Rhyee force s followed the concept of structuring and the Isis forces followed the concept of freedom of expression . This Awarenes s indicates that the Rhyee force led to that which is considered modern civilization, and the Isis force led to that which i s considered as primitive or unstructured, uncivilized societies . his Awareness indicates that the structured and so-called civilized societies developed ways of killing one anothe r based on civilized types of devices, and inventions from the technologies which were created in these civilized societie s bTy rational mind . This Awareness indicates that the Isis forces moving into spontaneity and levels of appetite and person - a al feelings and desires without the inhibitions of structured societies, having such a control, led to civilizations which found ways of killing one another for purposes of satisfying ones own desires or ones expression, the methods were o f a more primitive nature, developed out of necessity rather than out of rational scientific technology . This Awareness indicates this then led to the bows and arrows, the slingshot and the poisonous darts or traps of the so-called primitive entity . This Awareness indicates that whereas the Rhyee forces of the so-called civilization moved into slaughtering other s for purposes of control and power, the Isis forces moved into an action whereby others were slaughtered more for th e expression, the personal expression of entities, and in many cases for purposes of appetite and for superstition, or tha t which may be termed the devouring of your enemy . This Awareness indicates that this led to cannibalism . This Aware- ness indicates that it is a question of whether an entity would rather be destroyed by a mechanized form of slaughte r or by one whose appetite and passions would devour the entity . This Awareness indicates that either alone has been insufficient, that either the highly rational without the feeling s and compassion (this being cold and insufficient), or the passionate and hot irrational civilization, (this being hot an d also insufficient in terms of love, in terms of compassion .) This Awareness indicates that the Rhyec part of civilization may be equated to the head ; the Isis part of civilization may be equated to the heart--the two of these must merg e together into wisdom and compassion . This Awareness indicates when this occurs, then there is that which is involve- ment . This Awareness indicates that the blacks have been necessary for the evolution of the whites, and the whites hav e been necessary for the evolution of the blacks . This Awareness indicates that it actually has little to do with the colors , for the Orientals and Indians and other races are also involved in this . This Awareness indicates this also includes the sexes, that those who are represented by the Rhyee forces and those who are represented in the Isis forces, must merg e and reconcile . This Awareness indicates that the polarizations which have been extreme in the past are presently begin - wing to merge and come together . This Awareness indicates that this is also reflected in ancient times wherein Rome, which exemplified the power o f Rhyee, being such that it went forth into the world and brought back slaves which represented the energies of Isis, wa s brought down by these very energies which it went forth to capture . This Awareness indicates when Rome went fort h and brought back the vital energies of Isis, the Rhyee forces of power began to tumble . This Awareness indicates that likewise, the power forces in present civilization holding the concept of inferior beings, holding power over those wh o are the vital energies as opposed to the power energies, the very action of creating that polarity is that which brings dow n the so-called civilization built on the power. This Awareness indicates that therefore, it is not a question of who is superior spiritually or physically, it is rather a matter of reconciling the differences so that evolvement can occur on all levels . This Awareness indicates that as thes e reconciliations occur, then the opportunity for evolvement by both the Isis forces and the Rhyee forces will begin t o happen so that the Osiris forces, the Law of One, becomes prevalent throughout this plane . This Awareness indicate s that this then leads to the Christ Consciousness or that which is the Second Coming of this Christ Consciousness, so tha t all entities may enjoy one another under the Law of One, regardless of sex, race, color, religion, nationality or any othe r barrier . This Awareness indicates that this does not necessarily mean that entities will not have their divisions anddiffer- ences or their boundaries, but rather that these will be based on more equitable and more well understood purposes, tha t the civilization and rational mind will work in harmony with the passions and feelings to create a society based on wisdom and compassion and create relationships based on wisdom and compassion . This Awareness indicates the barriers which exist in that relationship will exist not out of prejudism but out of understanding and the respect and recognition fo r each others rights . THE LAW OF HAPPINES S This Awareness indicates the Law of Happiness as that Law which states that it is not who you are, what you do .for what you have that determines happiness, but how you feel about who you are, what you do, and what you have . Eds Note : This is a new Cosmic Law, given by Awareness on August 9, 1979, in an opening message of a general C .A .C . reading . Please put a copy of this new Law with your booklet, `The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness . 7.
  8. 8. DO BLACKS CHANNE L THE LUCIFERIAN ENERGIE S QUESTION : Awareness, the entity Jack Katchmar puts forth a publication, an d has put this out for a number of years, with his conviction that th e blacks in general are Luciferian, and particularly the blacks in Detroi t —they re either Luciferian or they have identified with the Luciferian energies . He bases this on the ghetto situation, the drug situation, th e crime situation (at least in his own immediate area), and Id like t o ask Awareness if theres any truth to this theory of Jack Katchmars ? This Awareness indicates that Lucifer as equated wit h Rhyee, and Rhyee as exemplified by the structural controls and powers placed over others . This Awareness indicate s that this does not fit the general pattern of blacks . This Aw- areness indicates this fits more closely the powers whic h have operated through the hierarchy system from Egyp t down through Jerusalem, the Roman empire, the mod - ern civilizations and into present bureaucratic systems . This Awareness indicates that the Isis force which i s seen in the spontaneous activities based on passion s and feelings, this is more closely aligned to the blacks . This Awareness indicates that these two forces may also be seen in Lemuria and Atlantis, that Lemuri a represented that feminine or Isis force and Atlantis the . masculine or Rhyee force, that in another level th eWestern civilization representing the Rhyee or masculine force as opposed to the Oriental civilizations representing th eIsis or feminine force . This Awareness indicates that essentially the Orientals were not quite so extreme as a represent-ative of the Isis force as were the blacks, that the Orientals did tend to be more balanced in fact than either the black sthe whites. This Awareness indicates that in recent times, beginning approximately thirty years ago, the polarities began -shifting somewhat and whereas the Orientals had previously experienced greater Isis energies in their philosophies an dbehavior, that of being passive, the advent of the Communist takeover in China began to bring in the Rhyee or masculin eenergies into that area which tended to balance out and bring about a greater wisdom from the mixture of the rationa lcontrol factors and the spontaneous passive factors . This Awareness indicates that essentially what you are witnessing throughout the world during this century is thi sbalancing of these two forces—that the Yin and Yang, or that Isis and Rhyee force being polarized and merging togethe roften creates a shift wherein one becomes extreme in the opposite direction . This Awareness indicates that the actions o fMao and other Communist leaders in the past thirty years attempted to bring China into an extreme opposite of what i thad previously experienced in terms of these energies . This Awareness indicates that in many cases in Africa today you will also see certain entities representing the Rhye eforce, seeking power and taking this to an extreme, which is totally extreme from that which existed previously in tha tnation, or that area of Africa . This Awareness indicates that this is simply an action of the energy flow being discharge dfrom one aspect to the other, this similar to capacitors wherein one is charged, over charged, and needs to discharge ,being approached or given that opportunity for discharge, may send that discharge of energy into another capacitor an dthen the second capacitor is over-charged with the energy. This Awareness indicates that this in terms of the reversing of the polarities . This Awareness indicates that this kind o fextreme reversal of polarities as that which will be subsiding during the next decade so that out of this a balance wil loccur, and the extremes of differences will cease to exist . This Awareness indicates the entity Jack Katchmar as one wh osees these extremes and tends to call the shots as he sees them, but also exaggerates and is somewhat prejudiced as far a sbeing an objective referee is concerned . This Awareness indicates however, that this entity overbalances or balances outthe energy for others who are on the other extreme, and who tolerate the other side of the issue, pointing their prejudism sagainst the whites . This Awareness indicates that these two types of referees, those who favor one team or race ove ranother, need to be balanced by others who are of opposite opinion . This Awareness indicates that this must be tolerate dby aware entities, but needs not be tolerated by polarized entities, for that is part of the game whereby any who are pol-arized do not need to tolerate that which is their opposition . This Awareness indicates that It wishes also to point o ua particular phenomena relating to tolerance—that entities become what they tolerate . This Awareness suggests that you may tolerate races, you may tolerate people, you may tolerate ideas, and no har mmay come to you from much of this type of toleration, and you may become wise, you may learn to tolerate and sav eyourself from difficulties . This Awareness indicates however, that when you begin tolerating injustices, that is when yo uyourself contribute to the injustice, and you yourself then become injustice and out of balance . 8.
  9. 9. THE REQUIREMENTS OF AN ENTIT Y WHO NO LONGER NEEDS TO SEEK REBIRT HQUESTION :E .S . of Mingo Junction, Ohio, would like to ask Awareness to please describe a typical day in the life of one who no longer needs rebirth .COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness wishes to clarify what appears to be the meaning behind this question in relation to other levels o frealizations. This Awareness indicates the question appears to be in reference to entities needing rebirth upon this plan eor upon this earth itself . This Awareness indicates that there also are births in other levels on other planets or in othe rrealms. This Awareness indicates that the term `needing rebirth, to need to be reborn appears to be in reference to aspiritual need to be reborn upon this planet in order to learn certain lessons or work out certain energies which the entit ywishes to develop as part of the soul growth . This Awareness indicates that another level of this meaning, `needing to b ereborn, can also apply to the need to continue existing in other realms or on other planets, being reborn as the entit ymay choose in higher realms of existence or in advanced spiritual development lifetimes . This Awareness will refer to the question as though it were a request for understanding of an entitys life wherein th eentity needs not be reborn upon this planet in order to satisfy a flaw in the entitys character . This Awareness indicate sthat one must also consider that even though an entity needs not be reborn to satisfy or complete the development nec-essary, the entity may still need to be reborn in order to respond to urgencies on this plane, which are not part of his o rher own karmic or personal development needs . This Awareness indicates that assuming the questioner is referring to the entity who no longer needs to be reborn upo nthis plane in order to satisfy a flaw in the character of the entity, or to develop qualities which the entity wishes to dev-elop, but assuming the entity is satisfied with his or her present development and cannot see any need or feel any nee dto be reborn in this plane or upon this earth—this Awareness suggests that such an entity will generally be satisfied wit hhimself or herself and also with the situations or the life experiences which the entity has gone through, holding no ener-gies of resentment or hostility for experiences of the past .The entity will be one who can look at events occurring i npresent time, can recognize the nature of the events to discern what is relevant and what is irrevelent in terms of prioritie sand necessities, can recognize the feelings of those about, and be responsive to these feelings, can look at urgencies whic hoccur from moment to moment and recognize the degree of urgency and respond accordingly without having to mov ethrough self-adjustments or evaluations or rationalizations in order to respond to those urgencies--the response bein gspontaneous according to the degree of urgency—such a person can also be faced with several urgencies at once and kno wwhich to respond to first and how to respond to these urgencies so that as little harm is experienced by any involved a sis humanly possible by that response . This Awareness indicates that such an entity will also recognize the flaws in others without condemning others fo rthose flaws, but will see these flaws in the manner that a nurse sees a wound and will respond to these flaws as a heale rto assist, if possible, in healing any flaws seen, without imposing or violating the entity who is seen as flawed . ThisAwareness indicates that such an entity will also recognize his own flaws or her own flaws, and will apply treatment t ohelp cure those flaws if possible, or will be willing to ask for assistance from others, and to accept such assistance as wil lhelp to cure the flaws which that entity may have . This Awareness indicates it is no crime to have flaws, nor to be wounded, it is only a crime to condemn yourself forbeing wounded or for having flaws . This Awareness indicates that it is a crime not to attend your flaws or your wounds .This Awareness indicates it is also a crime to be negligent and bring flaws and wounds upon yourself by such negligenc eor ignorance . This Awareness indicates that if ignorance is the flaw, it is a crime not to attend to that ignorance, but i tis no crime to be ignorant . This Awareness indicates that in any situation, it is the accusation or condemnation which is the greater crime, or th eaction of ignoring and allowing the crime to occur or to continue . This Awareness indicates that this ignorance can becom ea breeding ground for other crimes of even greater potential unless the entity becomes aware and begins to attend an dheal these flaws of ignorance or of whatever other quality is recognized . This Awareness indicates such an entity as woul dnot need to be reborn upon this plane for further lessons is one who is capable of recognizing the flaws within himself ,attempting to deal with these flaws, accepting that which can be achieved by the entity, recognizing certain limitation swithout the need to condemn ones self, and remaining somewhat humble so as not to be vain and proud that one ha sreached such levels of development, that one needs not concern himself for further development--this entity also wil lrecognize the need to attend to daily routines, daily situations, mundane affairs as though these were also holy an dsacred actions . This Awareness indicates such an entity would not, for example, feel himself or herself to be so developed that he o rshe could not become involved in manual labor or housework or other forms of mundane activities . This Awareness ind-icates that such an entity would be a rather simple person with concern, sensitivity, respect and a feeling of unity wit hall that is occurring in the entitys world, and would develop as much as is possible all the potential skills which the entit yis capable of developing without becoming overly frustrated by the effort . This Awareness indicates such an entity would not need to be reincarnated, this entity having reasonably clear relation •ships with most others because of the sensitivity, respect and concern for others, the entity not having intense craving sor needs of his own, the entity developing talents which are satisfying to himself, the entity not feeling alienated fro mthe world around or from the higher forces, but reco g nizing the flaws in the world around, the flaws within others an dwithin self—also recognizing the beauty in others and within self and in the world around, this entity wound not nee d 9.
  10. 10. to reincarnate in this plane . However, the entity also would not mind reincarnating again if it appeared to the entity thatsuch a reincarnation would be beneficial for the entity in developing further skills andtalents, or learning something els enot necessary to the entity, but desirable, or if the entity felt that a reincarnation could be of use whereby the entit ycould serve this planet to bring about a higher vibration so that less tragedy would exist after the entity had entered anew life and given service to the planet . This Awareness indicates that when an entity feels that he or she could give such service, and chooses to reincarnat efor that purpose, the entity may not need to reincarnate from an inner motivation, but may feel a necessity created bythe urgency of the planet and its vibrations which would stimulate or motivate the entity to reincarnate even though no tpersonally needing such an experience . This Awareness indicates that essentially an entity who needs no particular dev-elopment, no particular spiritual lessons, is an entity who is willing to accept every situation as a challenge, willing to in-volve himself or herself into every challenging situation that he or she feels would be beneficial in terms of learning dev-elopment, or in terms of giving service . This Awareness indicates that in other words, such an entity who needs no furthe rdevelopment is willing to accept further development and will indeed discover that there are still areas where the entit ycan develop more and more—this becomin g a speeded-up development, accelerating greatly . This Awareness indicatesthat when an entity believes he or she needs no further development, this can simply be an indication that the entity i sready for the next lesson . This Awareness indicates that when an entity truly needs no further development, then the entity will be given assign-ments which will tax the limits of the entitys capabilities, and the entity will develop even further . This Awareness wishe sto remind entities that even the highly evolved do have their tasks and their cosmic assignments which require skills an deffort to complete . This Awareness also wishes to remind entities that the road to the higher realms is long and never ending . This Aware-ness indicates that it moves from the low valleys of the shadow of death through tortured chambers, through windin gpaths of deception, trickery and malicious forces, through paths of greed, through paths of glory, through lanes strew nwith sorrow, through highways of power, down roads toward success that slips from the fingers, through deaths door ,through caverns of mystery toward realms beyond realities, and into Celestria or Hades, and back again into a never -ending circle of paths and roads which forever are traveled by the souls and spirits of the forces in this universe . This Awareness indicates that those who seek the place of rest, the arrival, the end of the road, will always be travel-ing for there is no harbor, no place of eternal rest--there is always movement from station to station, from place to place ,from time to time . This Awareness indicates that each moment may be your place of rest, your heavenly ascension, you rfinal destiny--each moment is where you are, in the here and now, and all the concerns and all the frustrations and al lthe joys and all the appetizers, and all the thrills, and all the pains and all the worries, and all the relationships and all t hfaces and all the deep feelings and all the emotions contained within that moment create your heaven or your hell, dep-ending on where you think you are at that moment . This Awareness indicates the mind is a place of its own, and can create a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven . ThisAwareness reminds entities that the attitude one holds is that which is the free will, at any moment which can lift or sin kthe soul, can lift the soul to heaven or sink the soul to hell . This Awareness indicates that the attitude is a measurement of the distance between the Universal Being and the per-sonal being, and when the entitys attitude sinks into the selfish and personal being, the attitude sinks and brings fort hthat which is the energies of hell, and whereby the entitys attitude rises and leaves the personal and moves out towar dthe universal, the energies of that universal rise and give forth the harmony of the heavens . This Awareness indicates that those who are wise can travel freely between the hell of self and the heaven of th eUniversal Self, This Awareness indicates that when one needs to attend to the selfish needs, when the self needs attent-ion, the wise entity does not deny that attention, but gives the attention necessary that the self may be satisfied, so tha tthe attention of the entity may then move on into contact with the higher Universal Self . This Awareness indicates tha tthose who deny themselves are like empty pitchers which cannot pour . This Awareness indicates those who overindulg ethemselves and deny the Universal Self, will find that they are attempting to fill their cup but have no water to pour int othat cup, for they have neglected the spirit or water, and their cup regardless of their efforts is not being filled, for the yhave lost contact with the waters of life . This Awareness suggests that a truly integrated entity recognizes the whole and the part, the macrocosm and the mic-rocosm, the Universal Self and the individual self, and in recognizing these parts and wholes, the integrated entity is cap -able of existing throughout all time and all space, or in the here and now without difficulty, other than that which i snecessary in the moment to moment movement . This Awareness indicates that an apology is in order for becoming so abstract . This Awareness indicates that a napology is in order for having apologized tor becoming so abstract . HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE AMIGO BUG AND RODENT KILLER ? QUESTION : A question from M .B ., of Jacksonville, Fla . "The Heritage Store in Virginia Beach sells th e Amigo (smallest size is $150), which is an electronic device that controls household pest s such as fleas, roaches and rodents by means of an electromagnetic field . Will Awarenes s please comment on the effectiveness of the Amigo and devices like it? " 10 .
  11. 11. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this as relatively effective, the action being such that it affects the polarity of thes e insects in such a way as to disorient and to confuse them and create certain feelings of weakness or sickness or what ma y be termed nausea . This Awareness indicates this tends to discourage these insects from comin g within range of this device . QUESTION : Would the same electromagnetic field that would disrupt their insects have any effect on people, good or bad ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as being very slight, and not of any real detriment . This Awareness indicates that this could be detrimental in terms of the feelings of havin g ones aura frequency disrupted slightly, that over a long period of time this could hav e slight effects in terms of causing an entity to experience some nervous tensions whic h might not be experienced without this device present . This Awareness suggests that continuous use of this device year-around is not necessary, that this may be used durin g certain seasons when insects are a problem and during those times when insect s infest the home due to other circumstances besides seasonal times . QUESTION : For the amount required to invest in this device, will the result be worth the price ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as relative to how much an entity wishe s to spend for a pest-removing device . This Awareness indicates that it appears to be overly expensive in relation to the average wage earner . This Awareness indicates that the cost per insect might be considered as a facto r in determining whether this or some other pesticide be used . This Awareness suggests that the features of the various forms of pesticides might also b e considered as a factor in determining which you wish to use . This Awareness indicates the price and the various feature s and the cost per insect eliminated as being necessary in making your deliberation . This Awareness suggests that there als o is the use of certain frequencies and also certain colors of bulbs which discourage insects from coming around, there als o are powders, sprays, and flyswatters or other forms of eliminating the influence of these creatures . This Awareness suggests that there also are screens which may be put upon the windows to keep these creatures out, and that the animal s~ may be housed outside, in other rooms or their own places . This Awareness indicates there are many ways open to solvin g this problem, that those who have the money and inclination, the curiosity, and the determination to try out this devic e may also seize the opportunity . (Closing message) This Awareness wishes to express Its apology for Its levity in this reading . ANY SIGNIFICANCE TO THE MOVI E A L I E N QUESTION : In the last reading, Awareness mentioned a few movies relating to UFOs . It has occurred to me that perhaps one of the current blockbusters calle d " Alien " might also have some significance . This concerns the birth For more information on organi c analogue of a creature on a planet in space which is picked up by a spac e robotoids, please refer to the recen t ship . Does this story have any basis in fact, or is it just a good spac e tapes of Dr . Beter and `Revelation s ofAwareness No . 79-20 (Or C nic science fiction monster movie? Robotoids) :$2 .00 from C .A . . COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this basically is but .a science fiction movie and was not based on any particular event in term s of symbology or reality . This Awareness suggests however, that there can be considered a certain level of symbology i n this movie, though not particularly intended by the writers of the script. This Awareness indicates that the story basicall y involves an action whereby the crew of the ship sent forth by the company to explore space contacted an area and brough t in board an alien . This Awareness indicates that entities viewing this movie may be struck by the character who appear s -human but in reality is a robot, and this is essentially a reflection of the information available at this time from Dr. Beter. This Awareness indicates that also the alien being aboard the ship can be seen as the Alien Force upon the earth ship . This Awareness indicates that eventually in the final ending, the alien is expelled from the shuttle craft . This Awarenes s indicates that the symbologies do not carry through historically for the ship itself is evacuated and destroyed, whic h would imply the earth ship being blown apart with the alien escaping in a shuttle craft, and later being destroyed fro m that. This Awareness indicates in this sense, the symbology does not follow through according to levels of actuality , however, there are certain interesting features regarding this—particularly the robotoid-like science officer of the ship .` 11 .
  12. 12. WHY WERE THE HEALING METHOD S OF JESUS KEPT SECRET ? QUESTION : A question from A .M ., West Palm Beach, Florida . " Why is it the disciples, having been taught by the entity Jesus how t o heal, did not reveal to the masses how they may heal on e another by passing on what they themselves had acquired ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that much of this wa s passed on, but was kept within certain secret school s and in small groups . This Awareness indicates tha t essentially these entities were harassed somewhat an d found it difficult to become fully organized in th e manner which would have been necessary for this kin d of action which you speak of . This Awareness suggest s that you must remember that even the action of writ- ing at that time was a very involved process, not nearl y as simple as in present times . This Awareness indicate s that much of the information was passed to other s through word of mouth, that some of this was los t over periods of time, that some was retained, tha t some was distorted and confused . This Awareness ind- icates that much has been retained in various types o f schools, disciplines and teachings . This Awareness indicates that it also is not simpl y a matter of how to do these types of healings whic h the entity Jesus was capable of doing, for even if a n entity knew what to do, the entity might not have t h ability, that there are certain requirements in terms of - sensitivity of the healer and in terms of the practic e of healing, and the consciousness of the healer . This Awareness indicates that the entity as havin g been capable of being open to spiritual energies of th e Universe, calling these down through his being an d through certain energy flows along with suggestion , along with the reputation which had been built as par t The Healing Hand of the suggestive force, along with the proper atmos - phere of the situation and the expectation of thos eenero-izing with this entity, with the healer, and the expectation and desire of the patient--all of these factors have som ebearing on the energies which would be involved in the healing process . This Awareness indicates that also the healer sown belief in himself and his capacity as a channel for these energies is of great importance .EDs Note : For techniques on how to learn spiritual healing, please refer to the booldet, Spiritual Healing Techniques 1,2, 3 ($3 .00 from C .A .C . ) WHAT DAMAGE WILL RESUL T FROM MEXICOS GREAT OIL SLICK?QUESTION :At this very moment the largest oil spill in history is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico where a oil well deep in the ocean has been spoutin gout 800,000 gallons of crude oil a day for the past two months, and they still claim it will be weeks before this will be capped, and daily th eoil slick is extending miles and miles and they have admitted there is no way they ll be able to reclaim all this oil ; also they have discoveredthat a lot of this oil is in suspension as deep as forty feet beneath the water . My question is, is this crude oil biodegradable and will eventuallybe absorbed back into the ocean or eaten by fishes or something, or what will be the ecological results of this oil spill ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that much of this will eventually be pumped into tankers and salvaged, that some of this wil lfloat to beaches and be absorbed into the earth and sand . This Awareness indicates that some of this will eventually ev aorate, leaving certain residues in the water, that some of this could be burned to prevent it from coming upon the lands .This Awareness indicates that some will be absorbed by sea life as food and a small amount will be absorbed by the wate ritself. This Awareness indicates that eventually it will break down and disappear, but this will linger as a kind of pollutan tfor some time, being spread far and wide . This Awareness indicates that this is not a major tragedy, that this as being bu ta major problem in a temporary situation . REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 .(A non-profit organization ) .Kates and membership information is available upon , request . For samples of these communications, send - $3 .00 for 80 page book, Cosmic Awareness Speaks to above address . end