Cosmic Awareness 1979-27: A Message To Certain Publications For Cosmic Awareness


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Cosmic Awareness 1979-27: A Message To Certain Publications For Cosmic Awareness

  1. 1. ReVe&400aPrice : $3 .00 COSMIC AWARENESS COMMUNICATION S The New-Age Cosmic Newslette r P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 79-27
  2. 2. COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammen, Cagar Cayce an dother great avatars who served as Channels for the Heavenly Father and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Age .of spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained channels .The information contained herein was received from deep, super-conscious trance states and interpreted by an entity affiliated with C .A .CThis information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age . Throughout the man ythousands of Readings given through these channels, Cosmic Awareness repeatedly tells us not believe anything, but to question, explore ,doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and suggest . Membersof Cosmic Awareness Communications are invited to send in questions of general interest for possible publication in this Newsletter . Excerpts from C .A .C . General Readin g August 10, 197 9 Paul Shockley, Trance—Interprete r THE SYMBOLOGY OF THE LAST SUPPE R ( Transmuting the Cannibalism of the Hebrews )QUESTION : A question from V .W . of Antioch, Tennessee . "When Jesus set up the Lords Supper for us to remember him till he comes again ,was it just for his disciples, or wasnt it also for his future disciples yet unborn? Or is it for us now? What is the significance of thi ssupper on the physical, mental and spiritual level basis? Is this something that takes place both within and without, or is it just awithin event that takes place with our spiritual growth and awareness as our chakras open into higher levels of enlightenment ?COSMIC AWARENES S This Awareness indicates the Last Supper can also be equated with the last meal of a prisoner sentenced fo rexecution, or an entity whose time has come to leave this plane having a last meal . This Awareness indicates that the Christ force operating through the entity Jesus, recognizing that this entit ywould soon be crucified for the activities which he had been participating in, brought forth this ceremony for th etwelve disciples---these disciples representing the twelve signs of the zodiac, the twelve chromatic notes of th emusical scale, these as the half steps from one octave to the next, these twelve disciples and the sun, or that centra llight, the individual inside the twelve signs or horoscope which was being sacrificed in the near future—during thisceremony, symbolically supping the wine or spirit of life and tasting the bread or body of life . This Awareness indicates that this as also having certain deeper symbologies of hidden mystical schools of tha ttime, which were deeply involved in rituals based on cannibalism whereby the blood was exemplified by the wine ,the flesh by the bread . This Awareness indicates that this as an ancient ritual used by certain occult and secre tschools of that time, through the Chaldean and certain Hebrew schools, and certain schools of Egypt . This Awarenessindicates this as symbolic of the absorbing of the consciousness of the one being slain for sacrifice . This Awareness indicates that this ritual in the case of the Last Supper by the disciples and the entity Jesus, thi ssupper as that which repeated this ritual, but transformed or transmuted the concept, changing this from cannibal -ism to a higher meaning whereby the wine and bread were substituted for the blood and flesh of the victim to b esacrificed . This Awareness indicates that this goes back to the sacrificial lamb rituals of the Hebrews--the slayin gof the lambs . This Awareness indicates that in this particular situation, the blood and flesh of the lamb to be slai nwas not eaten after the slaying but rather a substitute--the wine and bread being substituted before the sacrifice too kplace, this as an action of transmuting or transforming the Hebrew rituals of physical blood sacrifices . This Awareness indicates that in this sense, this was a continuation of the efforts of the entity Jesus to mov e through the path which Jehovah has created for the Hebrews, and the rituals and religious dogmas which Jehova h had placed upon the Hebrews--the entity Jesus moving through these areas and transmuting or changing the symb- ology of each of these to a different meaning . This Awareness has previously indicated how the entity Jesus moved through those different areas where Jehova h had been, and where Jehovah was expected to return, and the entity changed the expectations of the Hebrews wh o expected the Messiah—Jehovah to return in a powerful space ship, slaughtering their enemies and redeeming the m to another planet--this entity Jesus instead moved through these Hebrew dogmas and beliefs and returned claimin g to be a messiah, but being one of mercy and peace, willing to turn the cheek to a slap from an enemy and allowin g himself to enter as a king into Jerusalem on a donkey s back, allowing himself to be imprisoned and eventually naile d upon a cross as a sacrificial lamb to the very religion which he was attemptin g to transmute—the action of bein g slain in this manner as a substitute for any further sacrifice, for any further blood sacrifice, so that this concept whic h had been placed upon the Hebrews by the entity Jehovah would no longer be necessary .* * Revelations of Awareness No . 79-25 (The Secret of the UFOs) $4 .00 . COPYRIGHT 1979 by Cosmic Awareness Communications & the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . Reproduction by permission .
  3. 3. ASTROLOGICAL AND OTHER SYMBOLI C LEVELS OF THE LAST SUPPER This Awareness indicates that there are other symboli c levels which relate to astrological forces, wherein the entit y Christos represents the Sun, and the twelve disciples represen t the twelve signs of the zodiac. This Awareness indicates this parallels Krishna and his twelve disciples of the Indian religio n –this from India. This Awareness indicates that the Sun being suspended o n the cross, as representing the movement of the solar sun down toward the equator where it appears to be suspended for app- roximately three days during the summer and winter solstice . This Awareness indicates that this as it reaches its extremes during the summer and winter solstice before it begins movin g back in the opposite direction . This Awareness indicates that the spring (or time between Pisces and Aries) as being an anc- ient pagan time of rebirth—this is symbolized by Easter, an d the crucifixion or resurrection of the sun into a new life o r new year, whereby the old year has been slain and a new year begins with the birth of spring. This Awareness indicates that this also has a symbolic mean- ing in terms of the movement of the ego of an individual , whereby the individual moves : This Awareness indicates thi s relates to the raising of the kundalini energies or the openin g of the chakras to allow the consciousness to rise--the entit y being born in a low stable birth, this representing the gonads , this as Bethlehem--that the energies begin to rise throu gh the various chakras, this can be symbolized by the path followe d by the entity Jesus through the New Testament, and the exp- eriences contained therein, until the crucifixion on Golgotha , the Skull, the Place of the Skull . This Awareness indicates this as symbolic of the energies of consciousness rising up the spine Jesus came from Celestria to transmute the barbari c to the medula oblongata which is the cross, and from there energies and practices of Jehovah and thus becom e into the ego death, and the resurrection of Christ Conscious- a sacrificial lamb to the very religion he was attemp- ness as the pituitary and pineal energies merge--creating th e ting to transmute . eighth chakra, the enlightened one . SYMBOLOGY RELATING TO THE BOOK OF REVELATIO N This Awareness indicates that the Last Supper as being symbolic of the throat chakra, the thyroid . This Aware-ness indicates that still on another level, this has a symbolic representation in the unfolding of humanity down throug htime ; the seven hills of Rome symbolize these seven chakras and seven great civilizations symbolize these seven chakrasalso . This Awareness indicates these may be recognized allegorically in the Book of Revelations as churches . This Aware-ness indicates that these various seals, churches, candlesticks, being seven in number, are symbolic of these seven node sin time and space, in civilization or in the entitys development--these nodes or notes of the musical scale, the harmon-ics of vibrations of life represented on many different levels, simultaneously, as a pattern of energies on microcosmi cand macrocosmic levels . This Awareness indicates that there are seven colors in the rainbow, there are five electricities, there are seven chak-ras in an entity and five external senses equating to those electricities . This Awareness indicates that these five an dseven make twelve, equating to the twelve disciples, the twelve signs, the twelve months of the year, the twelve halfstep notes of the chromatic scale from "do " to "do" . This Awareness indicates this equates also to the twelve capac-itors in the meridian points in the back of the human head, on both sides of the medula oblongata . Ritual Transmutes Barbaric Practice of Jehovah of Blood Sacrific e This Awareness indicates that essentially the Last Supper as being symbolic and transmuting certain customs of th e1-Hebrew so that new realizations, new levels of consciousness which would eventually outgrow the superstitious nee dfor blood sacrifice, would evolve so that mankind in general could outgrow this barbaric practice . This Awareness indicates that essentially Jehovah, from the beginning, demanded blood sacrifices--originally thi swas a request for the first-born son . This Awareness indicates that this created the practice which led to blood sacrif-ices of animals, in dedication to events or particular times . This Awareness indicates that it was the custom as has bee nindicated in the book Urantia, it was the custom before Moses for entities to kill a son and bury that first-born son o n 3.
  4. 4. a corner of a newly constructed building--the present day significance of the corner -stone is still a carryover of this ancient custom . This Awareness indicates that Moses initiated the concept of tithing, or giving certai npercentage of his goods to the god Jehovah so that the son might be spared . This Aware-ness indicates that basically, Jehovah was a tribe, a space tribe, renegades from space o rwhat may be termed `space pirates --these Jehovah beings coming in with their flyin gsaucers or whatever term you choose to call their space craft, represented to thes enomad wandering tribes, represented themselves as gods, and caused these entities to b efearful and willing to do anything to appease these gods . Human and Animal Sacrifice s Fed the Jehovahs Whil e they set up bases on Eart h This Awareness indicates that these entities coming in o n individual time tracks, were believed by the Hebrew to be a single entity, a single Jehovah . This Awareness indicates that thes e Hebrews built large temples with steps which went up into th e air, with platforms where sacrifices could be placed . This Aware- ness indicates these entities also found places where sacrifice s could be set up so that the Jehovah could find these sacrifices that essentially the Jehovah were using the Hebrews to supply the m with food and other necessities as they explored and set up base s on this planet and inside the planet . This Awareness indicates that the Jehovah tribe was at tha t time involved in cannibalism, and the first born as a sacrifice to their appetites . This Awareness indicate s this information is likely to shock certain entitie s who have assumed that Jehovah and the entit y Jesus were father and son . This Awareness indicates the entity Jesus a s being the Son of God in a totally different sense , that Jehovah as a very warlike and demanding typ e of god, not a universal god—that the god describe d in the Book of Genesis, this the creator, or creators r T) of the heavens and earth, this as a different sor t of deity . This Awareness indicates the first thirteen verses refer to this universal deity and th e Elohim, who represented the Universal Deity—verses thereafter referring to Jehovah---tha t the writers of this Book of Genesis fused two different texts to construct this chapter . Thi s Awareness indicates that careful students of the Bible will see variations in styles, and th e references to different beings, particularly when studied from the early Hebrew or Gree k texts rather than from modern translations and translations of translations . IS THE DOCTRINE OF TRANSUBSTANTIATION VALID ? ( Does wine and bread really turn into flesh and blood? ) QUESTION : Awareness, Roman Catholic dogma claims, in their doctrine of transubstantiation, that the wine and th ebread actually become the blood and the flesh of Christ which they use in in their Eucharist, in their communion services . If this i sindeed true, is this made possible by a suggestive force or an alchemical action ; and if it is true, would not the entities who participat ein this ritual be reverting to the cannibalism practiced by those followers of Jehovah ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this practice by the Catholic Church and the statement of transubstantiation, wherei r it is said that the wine and bread actually become blood and flesh, this as being obviously not blood and flesh as ent- ities know this to be, for you would taste blood and you would taste flesh when drinking the wine and eating th e bread . This Awareness indicates that obviously in participating in this ceremony, the wine tastes like wine and th e bread tastes like bread . This Awareness indicates that the true meaning of this can be seen in the symbolic level a s indicated in the previous message, or you may also interpret this by recalling that they state this is the blood of Chris t and the flesh of Christ . This Awareness suggests that in this instance, you may interpret this if you choose to mea n that wine is the blood of Christ and bread is the flesh of Christ—meaning that Christ is made from wine and bread . 4.
  5. 5. This Awareness indicates that obviously from a practical mind , this also seems rather strange, but the entity Jesus is not presentl y walking about in the flesh, therefore the Christ Consciousness coul d be said to have penetrated wine and bread and reside therein---if yo u wish to recognize these substances as containing Christ Consciousnes s within them . This Awareness indicates that this again is obviously not so to a practical mind, but can be so to a symbolic mind . This Awareness indicates that in examining this concept closely, you will recogniz e that it is not appealing to the rational mind of the left side of th e brain . This Awareness indicates that the very purpose of religion, th e very purpose of ritual, the very purpose of these forms of nonsens e teachings is to open the intuitive right side of the human brain s o that it is capable of developing those latent talents which lift entitie s from the level of Luciferian thinking exemplified by the rational left side of the brain, into magical intuitive symbolic realization levels , and the general development of both sides of the brain, so that thes e two sides may merge, the veil being torn asunder, the mystical marr- iage occurring, and the Christ Consciousness returning to bring fort h the divine godhead to the individual . This Awareness indicates that this as symbolic of the mystica l marriage, the return of Rhyce (the left side of the brain, the Lucifer- ian consciousness, the rational mind), to Isis (the right side of th e brain, the intuitive creative side--that which thinks in symbols, i n depths, and parables, in poetry, in art, in song, in creative levels . ) This Awareness indicates that as these, the Rhyee and Isis return an d align themselves as one in mystical marriage, this is symbolic in th e human form to the return of Lucifer to Celestria, so that the deit y and that first separateness of Lucifer are reunited and all is one in a grand conclusion which reconciles that movement which began wit h .Yi•1VEs ofiheUAR1J :EJ :Is>t . .tN»s the rebellion in heaven whereby Lucifer rebelled, was cast out, an d ~;,~,ii~~~,•~~ , /(W/l/a// . i/ /, . the general schizophrenia of the Universe began . This Awareness indicates this as the division of light and darkness , the separation of the Yin and Yang . This Awareness indicates that i n The legacy of Jehovah---even today th e the individual microcosmic Universe, that of the human body, whe n human torsos of entities are kept in th e freezers of Idi Amin and Emp . Bokassa . these forces of the left side of the brain and the right side reconcile , there is that experience known as enlightenment . This Awareness ind- icates that this may be but for a brief moment or may last for som e time, this may last for minutes or for lifetimes . This Awareness ind- icates this may occur once, twice, or many times in a day or in a lifetime in varying degrees, that each time the ration - al and intuitive mind merge, entities become enlightened and receive their feeling of "Aha! I see!" This Awareness ind- icates that this may occur in varying degrees from a small discovery to a fantastic unexplainable experience of cosmi c enlightenment that totally transforms an entity s life ; that the degree is determined by how strongly and how closel y the right and left side of the brains merge and receive their charge from the opened chakras, and the energy whic h flows up the spine and into these pineal and pituitary glands or chakras, and into that merging area between the tw o sides of the brain . This Awareness suggests that if this does not answer the question, that this may be reasked or that further question s may be asked regarding the answer . FOR SOME--TRANSUBSTANTIATION REALLY WORK S QUESTION : Many Catholics maintain and argue that they can tell a difference between the wine and the bread ; that they believe this literally doe s change to blood and wine, and since Awareness has just indicated (I think) that this is not true, would it ? (Awareness interrupts ) COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that in some cases this can be true, when the right side of the brain and the rational brai n merge in such a manner as to create the alchemical force necessary to generate the cosmic energy for such transmutat- ion . This Awareness indicates in such a situation, this is an alchemical force whereby the sub-atomic parts of thes e substances are changed . This Awareness indicates that this could not occur without the faith and belief of these ent- ities, therefore this entire subject can be debated by skeptics who will argue that it is all in the imagination, and sub- jective to the belief of the taster . This Awareness indicates that the only objective way to test this would be throug h chemical analysis in a laboratory to determine whether the wine has changed to blood and the bread to flesh . Thi s Awareness indicates however, that such a test would not necessarily dismiss the belief or dismiss the subject becaus e it could be argued that the scientist testing this substance had by his skepticism turned the blood back to wine, an d the flesh back to bread . This Awareness indicates that for simplicitys sake the easiest way to accept this is to recogniz e the purpose of the magic inv olved in religious ceremonies, as that action intended to open the right side of ones brain , so that the entity becomes whole, w-h-o-1-e, or holy, h-o-1-y in his thinking . 5.
  6. 6. This Awareness indicates there are entities who operate basically from the left side of the brain—these entities bein g skeptical of anything that smacks of magic ; there are also entities who operate from the right side of their brain, bein g skeptical or sometimes hostile or alienated from anything that smacks of science and structure and rationality---thi s being the so-called `establishment . This Awareness indicates that there are variations between these two, some bein g on the extreme of one side or the other, and others being balanced between using the best of both sides---these entitie s are the New Beings, who shall transform this earth plane into a new planet . QUESTION : Well, it appears then that the doctrine of transubstantiation is either actual or intended cannibalism . Is this then energizing those entitie s backing Jehovah who actually practice this? AN EXPLANATION OF THE MYSTICAL MARRIAG E COSMIC AWARENESS : (What happens when enlightenment occurs ) This Awareness indicates that this is not intended or actual cannibalism ; this is a transmutation from an ancien t ritual which has been prevalent upon this earth for eons of time and which has been, by repeated use of the ritua l designed in the Christian churches, has been transmuted into a harmless ritual that brings together new concepts an d new levels of consciousness, for spiritual food rather than for physical cannibalistic appetites . This Awareness indicates that essentially this ritual draws on ancient karmic memory and assists in the action o f transmuting or transforming these ancient karmic practices of cannibalism by bringing this into levels of wine an d bread so that the subconscious aspects of the mass mind who arc influenced by this ritual, this modern ritual, wil l touch upon those cannibalistic qualities in the appetites of those who still remain on lower vibratory planes, and i n this manner transmute those energies and lift those energies out of that quagmire and into the Christian doctrine whic h then uplifts the entire concept out of cannibalism and into levels of bread and wine . This Awareness indicates that this as like a transition ritual halfway between cannibalism and the Celestria level s wherein the gods and deities of Celestria feed on the energies of Terrestrians . This Awareness wishes to explain briefly : entities in Terrestria, of the physical plane, send their energies to Celestria or to higher vibratory rates by focusing , by energizing through prayer, through chant, through meditation, or by simply being aware of higher vibrations---thes e higher vibrations sent from the physical plane, reaching those entities in the higher vibratory rates, this energy reachin g these entities is then used for sustenance, in growing plants of these higher vibratory realms ; the plants then serve a s food for these Celestria beings---this allows the Celestrians to continue being and to have enough energies to send bac k to those on the physical planes, the energies which they need to raise themselves higher into higher vibrations . This Awareness indicates that likewise, the food which physical entities give to the gods, this food given through worship, through prayer, through attention, through higher vibratory attitudes, through expression of love to on e another---this creating food for the gods allows the gods to send back more than was received from the entities on th e planes below . This Awareness indicates as the water rises to the heavens, so it falls as rain on the crops ; as your ener- gies rise in service to one another, the vibrations rise to higher planes and serve the crops in the higher planes ; thes e crops or vibrations increase and are then returned in greater abundance to your plane . This Awareness indicates thi s may assist in explaining some of the mystery related to these rituals . This Awareness indicates that this may have con - fused the issue further---if so, this Awareness suggests that another question may be in order . JEHOVAH A SPACE CANNIBA L (The Rapture the Hebrews Expected was an invitation to Dinner ) QUESTION : I have a question going back to the relationship between Jehovah s influence and Jesus . Was ther e some form of cosmic law enforcement in effect that prevented Jehovah from coming back for furthe r influence after Jesus undid his programming, and if so, why was it not in effect when Jehovah firs t did his experiments ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that as indicated in previous readings, Jehovah worked i n his project on Mars then expelled his creations to the earth, and then came to the eart h to attend his creations and to assist in their development and growth . This Awareness indicates the entity intended in time to rapture or harvest these creations, these creation s being duplicates of the entity . The entities, having been cannibalistic in nature, create d duplicates of themselves as clones, and the tribe being such that it was intended to gro w and be fruitful and multiply on the face of the earth—the entities Jehovah intended t o return and harvest these entities, this as a kind of so-called rapture . This Awareness indicates that these entities would then have been used, taken t o another planet and used as servants and as food . This Awareness indicates that th e Galactic Confederation interfered with this plan, and sent the entity Jesus to be born and to be an instrument in transmuting these energies . The Hebrews expected Jehovah to retur n This Awareness indicates that the general policy of the Galactic Confederation ha s in space ships and slaughter their enemies . Instead, the real Messiah returned ridin g been, or was at that time, such that it did not interefere in large scale wars or such op- on a donkey and expressed love, merc y erations of violence, therefore, this method of sending one entity of such high spiritua l and compassion instead of vengeance . compassion to be born in a lowly birth, with a mission of undoing all that the Jehova h 6.
  7. 7. had done, and transmuting those energies, this was the method chosen, for reasons given, and because this would teac hthe Jehovah and all followers that meekness, love, compassion and service had greater power than all of the space ship sand the power of Jehovah put together . This Awareness indicates this one entity coming as a small baby, leaving as a crucified lamb, changed the entir eprogram prepared by these space pirates, and their plan to harvest the earth . This Awareness indicates that at presen ttime, the Jehovah have been put on a kind of probation by the Galactic Confederation, their purpose or punishmen tat present time for the actions of the past, their punishment is to undo the energies which had been set in motion an dto assist in bringing about greater peace and harmony upon this plane . This Awareness indicates that for this purpose ,for this reason, the Jehovah are working with the Russians in their efforts to rid the Luciferians or the Alien Forc efrom this planet . This Awareness indicates that in earlier times, the Jehovah worked hand in hand with the Luciferian sin their conquest of certain portions of this planet, but generally the Jehovah and Luciferians did not cooperate wit hone another for any long period of time . This Awareness indicates that likewise, the Luciferians and Natas, or Satanists once worked closely, having a nalliance with one another, but this too broke down as the Natas found they could not trust the deceptive Luciferian sand the Luciferians were not so caught up in the sadism of the Natas---the Luciferians more concerned with usin genergies of others for their own purposes, but not having such sadistic qualities as the Natas—the Natas being mor econcerned with sadism, finding much pleasure and receiving feelings of power from these energies and expressions . This Awareness indicates that the Jehovah as being more concerned with vanity and appetite, from, being reape dfrom their own creation, the Jehovah feeling justified in this action since they were creations of their own from thei rown cells . This Awareness indicates that this would be much like the concept of raising robotoids for food .QUESTION :Awareness, is the Galactic Confederation keeping an eye on these Jchovahs that are working with the Russians to make sure that the yhave gone straight as it were ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative .EDs Note : For more information on Jehovah, please refer to Revelations of Awareness No . 79-18 (The Web of Conspiracy)$3 .00, and No . 79-2 5(The Secret of the UFOs)$4 .00 available from C .A .C . DID NUCLEAR FALL- OU T KILL JOHN WAYNE ? (More About Cancer ) QUESTION : There have been reports in the papers that the cancer deaths of John Wayne , Susan Hayward, Dick Powell, Agnes Moorehead and others may heve been cause d by radioactivity fallout from an atom bomb that exploded in the Nevada deser t in 1953—that all of these entities were working on a film at that time in tha t area called The Conqueror, and the article goes on relating how productio n crew members and Indian tribes hired as extras also developed cancer, and i t has a pretty good argument that this might have caused this . Would Awareness enlighten us on this ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this as being a leading cause of thes e particular diseases . This Awareness indicates that essentially man y entities have latent cancer within them, but these cells do not alway s develop or show up in an entity . This Awareness indicates that where- in the form of an entity is healthy and strong, these cancer cells ca n be kept under control throughout an entitys lifetime without spread - or becoming malignant . This Awareness indicates however, that thi s particular situation as one wherein the close proximity to this affecte dthe entities general health, particularly through certain funguses which are released from these nuclear weapons . Thi sAwareness indicates it is not exactly correct to say that these entities died from cancer, but more precisely these ent-ities died from one or another or several of different types of funguses or fungi, which is released from various type sof radioactive fallout . This Awareness indicates many of the so-called cancer victims are, in reality, victims of a fungus which is diagnose das cancer . This Awareness indicates this as part of the reason why treatments for cancer are not easily found or no tgenerally effective, that the treatments used to destroy cancerous cells simply assist the fungus to grow and spread .This Awareness suggests that in such cases, the best healing p rocess is through cleaning out any poisons within th ebody through various types of fasting techniques and through strengthening the general health of the body, rathe rthan through weakening the body through certain chemotherapy techniques and other cancer bombarding system sused by the medical profession .EDs Note : For the fasting and cleansing diet and other methods to reverse cancer by natural methods, please refer to Revelations of Awareness No . 75-7 6($2 .00) and No . 78-20 (Cancer–The Great American Tragedy) $2 .00, available from C .A .C . 7.
  8. 8. A MESSAGE TO CERTAIN PUBLICATION S FROM COSMIC AWARENESS (Those who presented Awareness as a Prophet of Doom ) (Opening Message, C .A .C . Reading Aug . 10, 1979 ) COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness wishes to address certain publications, which printed excerpt s from the C .A .C . during the past few months, in which this Awareness was warnin g of some of the potential dangers which were threatening this nation and the peop e during a time of crisis : This Awareness indicates that some of these groups in their publications presente d excerpts which explained the problem, the situation, so that entities receiving th e information would know what to do or could find further information to discover what could be done to help prevent this crisis from occurring . This Awareness indicates that other groups in their publications simply printed small excerpts as entertainment fo rtheir membership, to allow their membership to comment upon, accept, reject, or evaluate from a miniscule part o fthe general information . This Awareness indicates It has given approximately 2500 readings through Cosmic Awareness Communications ,Organization of Awareness and other related organizations through Its channels from the time of Ralph Duby in 196 3up to the present . That 95% to 98% of this information was given for purposes of informing, teaching, and showin ghealing energies, methods, and systems, whereby entities could create a better life upon this earth . That approximatel ythree percent of this information was that which warned entities of the inherent danger which faced this nation durin ga time of crisis which very few entities were even aware of--this in the winter of `78 and the spring of 79 . This Awareness indicates that of all the information which this Awareness has given, many of these groups in thei rpublications, seized only upon that warning information, ignoring all the other information, and printed only tha twhich pertained to the warning of the p otential nuclear war in the Middle East, and other events associated with thi saction . This Awareness indicates that the general information surrounding this was ignored, and the small excerpt sput in were labeled as negative predictions, and catagorized as information from a `negative source . This Awarenessdoes not consider Itself as a prophet of doom, when 99% of the information is given to help entities avoid tragedie sand to move toward more positive lifestyles . This Awareness does not advocate ignoring what is . This Awareness indicates that these publications which presented these miniscule inserts and extractions from th etotal information released, have given their readers the wrong impression, as well as false information in regards towhat occurred . This Awareness suggests that these organizations, in their publications, now owe it to this Awareness and to thei rmembership, to explain further that the potential for nuclear war and the potential which had been warned abou tfor possible crisis in the Middle East, and with Russia, this has been somewhat altered by the course of events whic hhave occurred during the month of May, June and July of this year . This Awareness indicates that these publications owe it to this Awareness and to their own membership, to infor mthem that they did not present enough complete information for a complete evaluation of the material, and that i fthe membership wished to learn more about that which occurred during this time, whereby the Dark Forces of thi splanet were disarmed and now put in flight, they may contact Cosmic Awareness Communications for further infor-mation regarding this change in the very vibrations of this planet . This Awareness indicates that the month of May in 1979 as the turning point in the battle between the Forces o fLight and the Forces of Darkness, whereby those forces of darkness have lost their power . This Awareness suggests that as a matter of ethics, any publication which printed excerpts regarding the earlie rwarnings from this Awareness, should also print this follow-up information . ►►►►►►►►► ►ED s Note : During those months of crisis, C .A .C . bombarded every New Age group and publications with this urgent material : The Gathering Storm ,The Passage Perilous , The Eve of World War III etc . etc .We have no way of knowing which group used any of this material or even bothered to aler ttheir membership . Large organizations such as ARE of Virginia Beach, Claire Prophet, ASTARA, Fellowship of the Inner Light, Mark Age etc . chose,evidently, to ignore the material altogether . (The main purpose we sent this information out in the first place was because Awareness placed the burde nof transmuting the energies of the Beast upon the shoulders of the so-called Light groups , all of whom have meditating circles and networks which coul dhave helped during this urgency . Hugh Lynn Cayce of ARE at least had the courtesy of writing to us, declining, he said because the information wastoo negative and did not represent the feelings of the ARE . There was no feed-back whatsoever from any of the other above listed groups nor th ehundreds of others to whom this information was sent . This does not mean none of these did not publish something about the situation, but that if theydid, they did not inform C .A .C . or send us any copies of the published material . With this in mind, we arc requesting our membership who may be o nthe list of some of these organizations and who might have received some of this information they may have printed, to please let C .A .C . know the name sand address of these publications so that we can then send them a copy of this reading and supplemental information for informing their readers . Also yo uhave our permission to copy this reading if you wish to send this to any of these publications . We have received considerable criticism from our newmembers who, understandably, wondered if C .A .C . ever published anything other than urgent and heavy information—these entities having come int o 8.
  9. 9. the organization during the time of the recent and harrowing urgencies . As indicated by Awareness in the above reading, MOST of the intormation It ha schanneled during the past 16 years was not material of this heavy nature . Although C .A .C . is currently being named a k •okie organization for publishing some recent incredible information on UFOs, organic robotoids etc . (we can live with that), we do not wish to be continued being labled by certainpeople and publications as an organization which presents Cosmic Awareness as a prophet of doom . Any help in changing this image would be appreciated . WILL NEW AGE GROUPS SURVIV E UNDER THE RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS ? QUESTION :A question from G .K ., of Chicago . "Have we completely lost the spiritual leadership of the worl dto the Russians? How may we enhance the chances of New Age groups surviving ; that is, if th eRussians are like other Christians, there seems a chance of our groups being considered in abad light . Will Awareness please comment on this ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that these entities are aware enough to recognize that ther eis more to Christianity than mere dogma. This Awareness indicates these not as man yfundamentalist Christians which are operating in the United States .This Awareness indicates these entities as being mor econcerned with Christian principles than the enforcemen tof Christian dogma and rules of behavior . This Awareness indicates that essentially the Christia nprinciples most important to these entities are thos erepresented by Christ in the teachings of mercy, love ,compassion and freedom from fear . This Awareness ind-icates that these entities however, also recognize th e 9firmness exemplified by Christ in dealing with the money //III Irl s l3/ir,rt r`changers and those forces hypocritical to spiritual v/ Pi RPM /essences . This Awareness indicates that essentially, the wor k / f/////// iwhich has been accomplished in diffusing the power o fthe Alien Force is recognized on many levels . This Aware-ness indicates these entities also recognize and accept th eefforts put forth by those entities in these United State swho have helped to diffuse the Alien Force, and are als ounderstanding of the desire and need of the general publi cto have a world harmonious for their children and fo rthe future generations . This Awareness indicates these entities could hav eshown greater firmness and could be much more hostil eto the United States, had they not such Christian wisdom, _ v. fcompassion, and understanding in terms of the true prin-ciples and meaning of the Christ . This Awareness suggests that this organization an dthose associated need not concern, need not be concerne dwith mistreatment from those Christians of the true mean-ing of the teachings of Christ. HOW ABOUT CHRISTIAN MERC Y TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE ? ( When will they close the salt mines? )QUESTION :Will those entities in power in Russia today, these Christian rulers ,are they or will they be informing the Russian people of what has happened, and will they exercise more Christian mercy in relationshi pto the salt-mine camps and gulags etc . that have incarcerated millions under the old regime ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as already undergoing change, this occurring slowly and cautiously, but surely, as thes eentities gain more and more control and understanding and wisdom in dealing with the international and national affair swhich they have been forced to take upon themselves. This Awareness reminds you that these entities who have recent-ly taken control of Russia, did not have the advantages of being directed and trained in political science and policie swhich many of their predecessors had, and therefore these entities are learnin g their job while also changing the naturtof the purposes or directions of the job in order to bring about the goals which they have agreed upon for their futur edestiny .
  10. 10. This Awareness indicat( hat the changes will not be sudden and will not be easily recognized by most people .ThisAwareness suggests you not expect to have a news bulletin sent to you that this change has occurred---this is not likel ythrough your news media . This Awareness has been giving these news bulletins, Dr . Beter has given such news bulletins ,however, you will not likely receive these through your controlled press as this would be too easily accepted by th epublic and would create too great a shock among the mass mind, so that entities of the masses would suffer from th ereactions . This Awareness suggests however, that this will be a very slow awakening of the mass mind, which may takeseveral years to occur, and may not be recognized by many until they read about this as history after it has occurr ethere are entities who sleep through the Passage Perilous, the Straits of Transition, and awaken only after the show ha sended and a new program begins . This Awareness indicates this as not uncommon for the American people, that they have been practicing this befor etheir television sets for years, that the tendency is to find that programming which lulls one to sleep, then to wake u pwhen the commercial comes on, so that they can be programmed into purchasing whatever is advertised—this as th e reason for the commercial being made louder . This Awareness indicates that in the present course of events, th e commands and programmings which will be intended to awaken th e masses, will be made louder and more easily recognized, presented b y the televisions and national press coverage, so that the sleeping masse s will awaken long enough to adhere to these suggestions and program- mings which are intended for their consumption . This Awareness ind- icates that the subliminal expressions and experiences which are com- ing through while the entities sleep are not noticed by these entities , until it is . This Awareness indicates that they might never be notice d except by those few who are sensitive and aware of the sublimina l programmings, that this as similar to the activities which are occurrin g behind the scenes in your daily world, for there are few who are sen- sitive or aware or interested enough to look behind the scenes and dis- cover what is occurring in these subliminal levels of your internationa l affairs . This Awareness indicates that the changes will be noticed but the causes may not be recognized except in retrospec tfor future generations . This Awareness indicates however, that it appears there will be some release of part of the infor-mation to allow the general public to realize that something occurred this year . This Awareness indicates that this rel-ease appears to be forthcoming within the next twenty-four months, that this will be made public, although many ent-ities may again not be noticing because of other interests and their own stupor . HANG ON TO YOUR DR . BETER TAPE S AND YOUR COSMIC AWARENESS INF OQUESTION :Awareness, as one of the few organizations that put out information from Awareness regarding these changes, would it be safe to say t oour membership that those `Revelations printed up and in their hands will one day be historic documents ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates these will be collectors items in the not too distant future . This Awareness indicate sthose original manuscripts and tapes . This Awareness suggests that the situation is such that there are basically onl ytwo sources releasing this information in such a concise and informative manner—that being Dr . Beter through hi sAudio Letter, and this Awareness through Cosmic Awareness Communications . This Awareness indicates that thes etwo are likened unto reporters recording history as it is being made, even though others are not present, do not se ewhat is occurring . This Awareness indicates this is likened unto two reporters covering a battle in a remote area, report-ing this in a manner whereby future reporters may echo, rewrite and reflect on the outcome of the battle, but mus tdo so from the reports which were generated by the two reporters who were present, and by survivors who may late rcome forth to discuss their experiences during the circumstances of that battle . This Awareness indicates that other seventually will come forth and discuss what occurred during these times, but those stories will be told after the fact,the reports being issued from this Awareness and from Dr . Beter are being issued during the time of the events .EDs Note : C .A.C . has a relatively good stock on hand of these original `Revelations of Awareness Newsletters . We have fallen behind ingetting out a current Reprints Available catalog, but hope to do this in the near future . New members who wish copies of these histori cnewsletters will find occasional mention and catalog numbers of these in some of the current bulletins being mailed . Dr . Beters AudioLetters are also still available . You can get special discounts on his Catch-Up Paks . For a free catalog, write to the Dr . Beter Audio Let tP .O . Box 16428, Fort Worth, Texas, 76133 .The staff of C .A .C . would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many members out there who have written in expressing concer nthat the disclosure of certain material might make the Russians mad at us and thus send their robotizers out West to liquidate or robotiz eus for these efforts . We asked Awareness recently if there was any danger in this regard, and It stated emphatically that we had nothin gto worry about . (In fact, we have heard through the grapevine that some Russians have read some of our material and really got off on it . ) 10 .
  11. 11. WHAT IS THE REAL SIGNIFICANC E OF THE SPIRALING PRICE S OF GOLD AND SILVER ? (From a C .A .C . reading given Oct . 5, 1979 ) QUESTION : Will Awareness please explain the real reasons for, and the short-ter m n and long-term significance or consequences of the current, unpreced- 41 ented rise in the price of gold and silver? l COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that essentially the rise in th e price of gold and silver is a way whereby the value of th e dollar may be torpedoed . This Awareness indicates tha t as gold and silver have generally been accepted as havin g monetary value against most currencies of the world ,MOO whereby the value of gold rises greatly against a particul - t,, ar currency, that automatically means the currency i s worth less. This Awareness indicates that essentially those nation s—particularly those of the oil producing nations such as OPEC nations and the other nations which arc supporting tha twhich is becoming more powerful as the European Monetary System---these nations and the various entities withi nthese nations are buying up gold at over-inflated prices in a deliberate attempt and effort to bring down the value o fthe dollar . This Awareness indicates that this may be explained more simply by the following : This Awareness suggests that you visualize a store whereby the townspeople trade . This store carries certain good sto supply the needs of the townspeople . Therefore the entities coming into this store, purchasing their supplies, ar epaying a particular price, which they arc accustomed to, for their various goods . This Awareness suggests however ,that suppose outside forces wish to ruin the economy of the town and enter into that town and buy up all of th egoods available ; whereby the shop owners become aware of the increased demand for their goods and the ability t osupply enough, they raise the price of what they have, and the pots and pans and various items being sold in the stor erise in value each time they change hands in the town, as the outside influence keeps giving more and more for th ecommodities . This causes those natives of the town to find themselves unable to purchase the goods because thei rwealth, their money has lost value in comparison to that which has come in from outside . This Awareness indicate sthat essentially what has happened in regards to the changes during the last decade is as follows : The Government has removed gold and silver as a backin g for the dollar, thus making the dollar worthles s The action of taking the silver backing from the dollar bill, so that you did not have a legal right to turn in you rdollar for an equal amount of silver, the action of taking away the gold backing from the dollar bill---these basicall yleft the dollar bill as being but a worthless piece of paper, except for the social agreement of entities to continue usin gthis as a medium of exchange . This Awareness indicates that due to conditioning over long periods of time, the masse scontinued using this as a medium of exchange, believing the paper had monetary value, believing it had some intrinsi cvalue to be used for buying and selling . As long as this belief continued, it remained relatively stable . This Awarenes sindicates that however, there were certain forces which recognized that this was the beginning of the end for the Am-erican dollar, and these forces began to use the American dollar to buy up gold, which they felt would remain mor estable in relation to world currencies . DEPRESSION PLANNED BY THE BEAST IS STILL IN MOTIO N This purchasing of gold caused the price of gold to go higher, which automatically caused the value of the dolla rwhich would purchase such gold to become diminished . This Awareness indicates that as this continued to increase ,the problem became more recognizable, and more entities jumped on the bandwagon to dump their dollars for gold . 11 .
  12. 12. This Awareness indicates the International Monetary Fund, which was run by the Rothschilds and the Wester nbanking systems, was basically behind this action of diminishing the value of the dollar in order to take greater contro lof the economy of the United States and other countries whose currencies were relatively based on the value of th edollar . This Awareness indicates that there were other countries and individuals who recognized the game and bega nputting together new ideas, new principles of economy . This Awareness indicates the entity Lyndon LaRouche of th eU .S . Labor Party presented ideas which led to the European Monetary System, which has been developing as a positiv eforce in the new world order for a stable currency, based on values such as gold, silver and other securities to be use dfor developing the undeveloped nations . This Awareness indicates that much which occurred earlier this year in regardsto the Middle East crisis and that which nearly erupted into a nuclear war this spring has been discussed in previou sreadings ; and through reviewing these, entities may begin to recognize the implications of the economy--the economi cmaneuverings and competition between the International Monetary Fund and the European Monetary System . * This Awareness indicates that presently, the International Monetary Fund is collapsing at a very rapid rate, whereb yanyone who understands what is occurring can recognize its impending doom . This Awareness indicates that thos ecurrencies which have been riding on the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and its systems, are thos ewhich are losing their value very rapidly ; and those currencies which were based on the European Monetary Syste mof the OPEC nations, Germany and France--those currencies which aligned themselves with these nations, are risin gin value as the price of gold increases . This Awareness indicates that essentially what is occurring is that which this Awareness predicted would occur (thi sbeing given approximately one year ago), that the Fall of 1979 would begin the 50th anniversary of the Great Depres-sion, and that this would be experienced in a similar depression or economic slump .* This Awareness indicates that i tis still in movement---the economic crisis or depression is still in movement--but is only now beginning to make it sappearance to those entities who have had their eyes and ears closed to these and other warnings . This Awareness ind-icates that it will continue for some time, as the dollar loses its value . U .S . GOVERNMENT USING PSYCHOLOG Y BY PUSHING TINY SUSAN ANTHONY DOLLA R This Awareness indicates that the printing of the dollar in the form of a coin is no mere coincidence---that this i sdesigned to adopt the conditioned patterns of consciousness to recognize the diminishing value of the dollar . That a sthis is recognized and accepted by consciousness, the adapting ability of the masses to the rising costs will be mad eeasier, and the number of dollar bills (which would need to be staggering) will be replaced by these coins, which las tlonger and have greater duration, and in the long run cost less for producing . This Awareness indicates the cost o fprinting then can be used for larger denominational amounts, so that fewer bills will need to be printed and waste dthrough their circulation . IMPLICATIONS OF GOLD PRICE INCREAS E TOO STAGGERING TO GO INTO NO W This Awareness indicates that the long-term affect of the rising price of gold and the diminishing value of the dolla ris such that one would need an encyclopedia of many volumes to discuss the various repercussions of what is occurrin gat this time . This Awareness indicates that one volume might discuss the affects on the masses in society and their rel-ations to one another ; another might discuss the relationship of the currencies to other world currencies ; another mightdiscuss the affects on business in general - in corporations in particular--these might require several volumes . This se tof encyclopedias would also include volumes which discuss the future effects of the economic crisis occurring at thi stime on the social values, on the work and labor forces, on the moral values and spiritual values, on the basic sense o fhonesty and responsibility and duty ; another might be written on the effects on individual lives, such as occurred i nthe earlier depression . This Awareness indicates that the long-term affects of this rising price of gold cannot possibl ybe described and will simply need to be experienced . * `Revelations of Awareness No . 79-1 (The Gathering Storm) $4 .00 from C .AC. 12 .
  13. 13. This Awareness indicates that however, from a distant view, detached from the immediate concern, (,nc may recognize that th erising price of gold and the diminishing price of the dollar is an action which disarms the United States and puts its economic contro lunder the dominion of the Soviet Union and the OPEC nations, and allows these to have greater economic control and directive power sover the destiny of this nation . This Awareness indicates that this is not intended to frighten entities, for the changes which are occurringshall in the long-term effects be beneficial for most entities upon this planet . This Awareness indicates however, that there will be hard -ships for many who are involved in the immediate experiences caused by these economic maneuverings . THE LONGER YOU HOLD ON TO PAPER DOLLAR S THE LESS MONEY YOU WILL POSSES S COSMIC AWARENESS SUGGESTS GOLD, SILVER, ANTIQUES ETC . This Awareness suggests that entities who have dollars may expect the dollars to continue losing value, and that holding onto dollar sin an account, drawing interest which is less than the inflation rate, is simply to sit and watch your money dissolve. Deis Awareness ind-icates that those who can turn their dollars into properties, or metals, or goods which will retain value--such as antiques, gems and stones ,gold and silver---these entities may feel assured that their properties and their dollars will have been well invested . This Awareness indicates that those who have the discerning ability to catch the declining price of properties, forced by the economi cmaneuvers which tighten credit and make sales more difficult and create a marketplace whereby the properties are losing value, thos eentities who can spend their money at the right time to catch these properties which are declining rapidly, may catch certain bargain swhereby their money investments will rise and will give them a profit . This Awareness indicates that there is however, a similar danger i n investing in the properties which will continue to fall rather than rise in value . This Awareness indicates that each of these variou s investments and situations will be different at different times for different individuals, being of different circumstances . This Awareness does not wish to become involved in this action of assisting in this action of assisting particula r entities in their efforts to outsmart the fluctuating economies . United States Will Eventually Join the New European Monetary Syste m ;, and Money Will be Backed by Gold and Silve r QUESTION : Awareness, is there any likelihood that those entities in power who control the mone y system in the United States will come around again to the thinking of the European Monetar y System and again back the dollar with gold and silver ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in due time . That this shall occur only after complete con- solidation of the power over this country, so that it is well under their dominion . This Awareness indicates that there are certain elements within this nation s governmen t which are making moves and conducting actions to bring the economy toward a greate r stability . That the degree of crisis will depend much on their success or failure . T its Aware- ness indicates it is presently too soon to evaluate, other than to indicate that it appears gen- erally that the intense crisis levels will be of approximately six months duration, then begi n to improve . This Awareness indicates that it is difficult unde r the present changing circumstances to clarify how quickl y or how slowly the economic recovery will take . This Awareness indicates that more may be clarifie d in the near future, but that present energies ar e strongly focused on the collapsing economy .
  14. 14. This Awareness indicates tha, ",cities being aware of the collapsing economy, may also assist in bringing this out by focusing on th erecovery—experiencing the fall, yet waiting for the rise . This Awareness suggests that to panic would only add to the problems, rathe rthan to diminish the problems. This Awareness suggests that entities simply ride out the storm of churning economies until thiucti mov eback into a greater balance . WHAT ABOUT CANADA ? ( Any Robotoids There? ) QUESTION : A number of our Canadian members have written in asking how these changes will affect their country . We asked Awareness before the Beast dismantling began about that, but i don t think we covered wha t will happen after that time . This question from T .P. of Surrey, B .C . would like to ask Awareness, Wha t will happen to Canada when the USSR takes over America? Will Canada also be taken over by the Russian s at the same time or later? And are there any robotoids in our federal government . And what will happe n to Canada after the stock market crash ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that essentially the Russians have already made an agreement with Britai n whereby Canada and many parts of Canada are already coming under the control of Russia . This Awareness indicates particularly in Quebec . This Awareness indicates that there is a general movement which is very subtle in these political levels . That you must understand that the recent visit of the Pope to Ireland and to the United States—these visits have a very definite purpose . This Awareness indicates that the present Pope as being that entity who is the figurehead for the spiritual values of many entities . Thi s entity, coming from behind the iron curtain, moving into various public exposure situations, receiving much publicity--this entity is essen- tially overshadowing with his light, with his spiritual messages overshadowing those messages of war , greed, competition which had previously been emanating into consciousness from the Internationa l Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the various branches and levels of its established tentacles, th e Luciferian order which was preparing to conquer the world through its manipulations of money . This Awareness indicates that with all of its cleverness, the Luciferian consciousness brough t humanity up to a particular point, whereby it almost took over ; but at the last moment somethin g occurred--a transmutation, a change occurred, and the Light Forces emerged in a kind of resurrection . This Awareness wishes to point out a parallel . This Awareness indicated that in previous message s this Awareness has spoken of the Luciferian energy as being likened unto the ego, the rational mind , which rises in its power to a point where it is ready to achieve all for itself ; but something occurs and it loses its head and the heart takes over and Light Forces become victorious . * This Awareness indicates this an ancient story in the Masonic teachings, whereby the Luciferian followers stand before Lucifer and state, "I have followed you all the days of my life . You have promised me everything and brought nothing but pain . Therefore I denounce you forever. " At this moment, the Lucifer trans - mutes and becomes the Christ . This Awareness indicates that essentially what has occurred in your present time is that the Beas t –the Luciferian forces which were programmed to build power to the point whereby a one worl d government, one world dictatorship–could emerge, designed to bring this to a particular point ; but also in the programming, this force was designed to lose its head to allow the rest of consciousness , the church, to emerge victorious . This Awareness wishes a brief comment on this. It has been given that Masonry, or that which may be called the Kahunas, the ancient alchemis t represents the head and the church, the Christian religion represented the heart . That the head wa s to rule as a Luciferian principle until the heart rose in its wisdom to take over the head . This Aware - ness indicates this as symbolized in the story of Salome and John the Baptist . The seven veils of Salome as representing the heart an d the chakras of the body--this representing the church , the head--John the Baptist, as representing the Mason or the alcemist . This Aware- ness indicates that Salome demanded the head of John the Baptist on a tray . This Awareness indicates this as a symbolic story, relatin g to the seven veils of the human chakras, the seven veils of humanity being lifted, one after the other, as wisdom unfolded to reveal tha t which the Baptist was attempting to give ; then once this was received, the head would go and the heart would rise as ruler . This Awareness indicates that in Masonry there are three paths : There is the blue loge, which involves itself in the passing of laws, i n the enforcement of laws, and in keeping the established peace and harmony of the masses . There is also the red lodge . This is that whic h is related to those forces associated with the Luciferians, that which this Awareness has referred to as the Beast . These entities being thos e of force, power, and bloodshed—creating revolutions and change for the sake of power, according to their own plan and the script whic h was programmed for them by the ancient alchemist . This Awareness indicates that the red lodge and the blue lodge are the two differen t sides of Masonry, just as there is the right side and left side of an entitys brain . This Awareness indicates there are also the Light Force s and the Dark Forces in humanity—these also may be equated to the red and blue lodges of Masonry . This Awareness indicates besides these two, there is within the center that which is the yellow lodge . This is the Freemason, the entit y who, upon reaching the completion of the initiations, the 33rd degree, declares himself free from any further responsibilities or control s from the brotherhood, the lodges or their associates . This Awareness indicates that these Freemasons simply live in society as free beings , understanding what they understand from what they have been given, and owe no particular allegiance because of their previous involv - ments . This Awareness indicates that what is occurring upon this plane at this time is the result of thousands of years of the alchemica l experiment handed down from ancient Egypt, whereby the head of the dragon would be removed to allow the rebirth of the Christ Con- sciousness, the resurrection . This Awareness indicates that the ego built on self-esteem and power, represented by the red lodge, is tha t which has been placed upon the cross of history, crucified--and that which shall emerge from this as this is laid into the tomb of tim e and space, will be the resurrection of the New Being which is based upon the wisdom of the heart . This Awareness indicates this as a wisdom of love and mercy, rather than power and glory and dominion over others. This Awareness indicates that Canada will also be affected . For a sequential explanation of the Illuminati-UFO conspiracy and the resulting takeover of the United States by Russia, please refer to the following : 79-1 (The Gathering Storm) : $4 .00 ; 79-7 (The Eve of World War III) :$2 .00 ; 79-14 (The Passage Perilous) :$3 .00 ; 79-17 (Apoclypse Averted) :$2 .00 ; 79-18 (Cosmic History of the Illuminati The UFO Web of Consplracy) :$3 .00 ; 79-20 (Organic Robotoids) :$2 .00 ; 79-21 (The Straits of Transition) :$2.00 ; 79-24 (The Russians Are Coming, and So Are Hard Timcs) :$2 .00 ; 79-25 (The Secret of the UFOs) :$4 .00, all available from C .A .C . REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications , P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 . (A non-profit organization) . Rates and membership information is available upo n request. For samples of these communications, send $3 .00 for 90 page book, Cosmic Awareness Speaks to the above address .