Cosmic Awareness Communication s    79-2 1       The New-Age Cosmic Newsletter                                            ...
THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE BEAS T                                          IN THE SPRING OF 197 9   This Awareness indica...
. . .Bad News for the Flag Wavers . . . .                   THE UNITED STATES IS NOW                  A RUSSIAN SATELLIT E...
THE DISMEMBERMENT OF THE BEAST CONTINUE S                                (Organic Robotoids Changing the Very Course of Hu...
This Awareness suggests that it still behooves entities however                                                       to b...
ALTERNATE MEDICAL SYSTEMS NEEDED                                         ~ .                                              ...
This Awareness indicates that thi s , is something which may be quite difficult for many nations, therefore thi smust begi...
This Awareness indicates that in terms of the general spiritual development of entities upon this plane, thisAwareness sug...
This Awareness indicates that there will likely be some difficulties in terms of emotional outbursts an dpossible violence...
From Cosmic Awareness                      A WORD ABOUT THE CHILDRE N   This Awareness indicates that this essentially is ...
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Cosmic Awareness 1979-21: Cosmic Awareness Suggests What Needs to be Done


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Cosmic Awareness 1979-21: Cosmic Awareness Suggests What Needs to be Done

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communication s 79-2 1 The New-Age Cosmic Newsletter P. O. box 115, Olympia, Washington COS0 7COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce an dother great avatars who served as Channels for the I leav,:niy Father and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Ag eeof spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained channels .The information contained herein was received from ,seep, super-conscious trance states and interpreted by an entity affiliated with C .A .C .This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age . Ihroughour the man ythousands of Readings given through then : channels, Cosmic Awareness rep eatedly tells its not to believe anything, but ro question, explore ,doubt, and discover for yourself, through your owl) channel . what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and su(,gest . Members o fCosm ic Awaiirness Conununicattons arc invited to send in questions of general interest for possible publication in this Newsletter , OUT OF THE PASSAGE PERILOUS AND INT O T H E STRAIGHT S O F TRANSITIO N A VIEW OF AQUARIU S FROM THE EY E OF THE HURRICAN E C .A .C . General Reading , July 16, 1979 ) Paul Shockley Trance-1 nterprete r QUESTION : Awareness, we are here for the first general CAC questioning, with questions sent in by the membership . does Awarenes s have an opening message ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness suggests that these questions be held in abeyance for the following message . This Awareness suggests this b e released in your first mailing after the sabbatical . This Awareness indicates that you have now reached the first degree of the Aquarian Age . This Awareness indicates that th e Aquarian Age benan approximately 1913 . its influences being felt for approximately 65 years prior to that date . This Awarenes s indicates the Piscean Age influences continuing to be felt during the first sixty-some }cars after the 1913 entry into the Aquaria n Age . This Awareness indicates that essentially the Piscean influence as that which carried with it the secrecy and clandestine act- ivities along with emotionally-charged energies . This Awareness indicates this also including concepts and attitudes of escapis m and chaos and confusion, generally based upon paranoia, fears, uncertainties and the realms which result from secrecy and tha t which is based on emotionalism . This Awareness indicates the A uarian influences 7rior to 1913 as tht which began`hi wioo 1 ; itself in areas of inventiveness, in areas of discovery, in areasof unique andbizarre types of activities . This Awareness imdicat:es1 _ this also . including activities of extremism . . V ~~ V This Awareness indicates that at present, the course of the Earth ship as that which is in the straights of transition—betwee n zero and degree one of the Aquarian Age . This Awareness indicates that in this transition, there have been many experience s which have come together and clashed—these energies from the Piscean and Aquarian Age which have been in conflict with eac h other during the past 120 years as that which are now being resolved . COPYRIGHT 1979 by Cosmic Awareness Communications & the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . Reproduction by permission only .
  2. 2. THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE BEAS T IN THE SPRING OF 197 9 This Awareness indicates that as has been previously given, the energies coming from eons back in time up to present an dhaving their greater impact during the past 400 years and growing in continuous strength right up to this particular moment i ntime . This Awareness indicates that for those who have followed the messages from this Awareness from 1963 up to presen ttime, entities understand the nature of the changes which have been occurring . This Awareness indicates this including thereturn of ee or that which exemplified power, and Isis, or that whichr,ernplifithaaaaaecy., rn Essence .This Awareness ind-icates that as power and secrecy were being returned to Essence and the followers of these concepts were being removed fro mthis plane, this Awareness indicates that the various secrets began to unfold themselves to thr..public, and the power began find-ing greater and greater difficulty in maintaining elfel F This Awareness indicates that nothing has been so strongly presented and dramatized as that which has occurred in this part-icular year of 1979 . This Awareness indicates that in the fall of 1978, this Awareness began to expose in a particularly concis emanner the entire network and plans of the Beast . This Awareness had given information for several years previous to this in bit sand pieces, that had It presented the entire information previously the channel and the work of this organization would hav ebeen cut off ; but by funnelling small bits and pieces out, stimulating conversation and questions and allowing this informatio nto circulate through the masses, this began to set up enough dialogue so that the particular source of this informations releas ewould not draw too great attention to the Interpreter and the organization . This Awareness indicates that also there were other organizations releasing similar information along similar lines . This Aware-ness indicates that during the fall of 1978, the situation became acute, whereby the Beast which had made an effort in 76 an d77 to capitalize on its intentions of gaining control of the economies and therefore the world in general, had been thwarted b ycertain circumstances which were occurring–the Beast in 78 became somewhat desperate and realized that time was runnin gagainst it . This Awareness has indicated in previous readings that there were certain factions, certain entities who in the late 60s an dearly 70s began certain actions which threw the timing of the take-over off so that the Beast would have to wait for bettercircumstances in order to capitalize on its gains and therefore become world ruler . This Awareness indicates this allowed tim efor many others to awaken . This Awareness indicates that by 197E enough people had awakened upon this plane that the Beas tbegan to recognize that it was in dire straights, and needed to take a major gamble and push through without fear, without hold-ing back and with great vigor and force if it was to succeed in its .planned take-over of the entire world . This Awareness indicate sthat in this Gathering Storm information released in 1978 in the fall of the year, this Awareness outlined the basic plan for th etake-over, for the manipulation of economies and the gradual environmental situations which would Iead to the enslavement o fthe masses through economic controls and through other national emergency powers . This Awareness indicates that in Decem-ber and January entities were still suffering from the shock of the experience in Guyana* . This Awareness indicates while ent-ities were concentrating on this, the power of the Beast was focusing on the Middle East where it had intended and had planne dthe Nuclear War Three to begin . This Awareness indicates this plan as having been set in motion in 1975, that the plan as aim-ing at a target date in mid-May . DR . BETER & U .S . LABOR PARTY ALERTED THE U .S . This Awareness indicates that the information being released by Dr . Beter from his sources as that whic halerted entities here in the United States, in Europe and particularly in Russia, to allow the exposure of thi splan . This Awareness indicates that also the U .S . Labor Partys newspaper, New Solidarity, as that which alsobecame appraised of this information and released this publicly . This Awareness indicates there were other pub-lications also which contained information on the plan in bits and pieces . This Awareness indicates that in Aprilthe controlled press released information on the planned maneuver of the Strategic Air Command–Operatio nGlobal Shield 79 whereby they planned to initiate a mock attack against Russia, with the Strategic Air Comm -and bombers and NATO flight crews . This Awareness indicates that this as billed as a maneuver for practice ,but with no guarantees that it was not the real thing . This Awareness indicates in fact it was to be the real thing.This Awareness indicates in the last week of this particular month of July, the Strategic Air Command now ha sannounced thatGlobal Shield 79 will take place, but its nature and entire game-plan has changed--this wil lsimply be a series of maneuvers whereby these bombers fly from one area to another over military bases in th eWestern world, with full cooperation of those military bases . This Awareness indicates that the planned man-euver against Russia as that which has been cancelled and the action now as that which is simply a mock man-euver . DR . INFORMATION ACCURAT E ---ORGANIC ROBOTOII)S EXIST l This Awareness indicates that the information being released by Dr . Beier regarding the plans for war in th e Middle East and for the various shutdown procedures of the United States energies as that which has bee n accurate as this Awareness has previously indicated . This Awareness indicates that the bizarre sounding information which Dr . Beter has released in regards to the organic robotoids is also accurate as this Awareness has indicated—up to 90% .
  3. 3. . . .Bad News for the Flag Wavers . . . . THE UNITED STATES IS NOW A RUSSIAN SATELLIT E This Awareness indicates that the United States as that which essentially may now be considered as aRussian satellite—that this may shock many entities, but these entities may also he shocked to discover tha tthe United States for the past thirty years or more has been a British satellite . This Awareness indicates tha twherein previously the British, through the Rothschilds and the Illuminati or that which this Awareness refer sto as the Beast, has controlled more and more of the economy of the legal, medical, commercial, communic-ations and military activities of the United States, to the point where the American policies have been form-ulated by the forces working .with the Rothschilds in Europe, in England and in the United States . This Awareness indicates that for the average citizen everything on the surface looks normal . This Aware-ness indicates the energies relating to the secret government, to that which is beneath the surface, not expose dby the public controlled presses and communications systems, the appearance is that which is conducive t oallowing the average citizen to assume that all is as it was previously and that America is a free nation--but th esecret government which has been in control is that which had been riding on the energies of the Piscean Ag eof secrecy . This Awareness indicates that secrecy has long existed in areas of political and military intrigue ,also in areas of money and religion . This Awareness indicates this also in terms of sex and in terms of certai ncultural mores . This Awareness indicates however, that the Piscea .n energies as now beginning to wane rapidly ,the Aquarian energies as becoming stronger and that which has been secret is that which now is coming fort hand being seen . This Awareness indicates this is indeed the beginning of the dawn of the magicians---the da yof enlightenment . This Awareness indicates that the Dark Forces which have ruled upon this plane for so long in the contro lof masses in churches, in political, in economic and in military positions, this Dark Force as that which is losin gits grip as the Forces of Light increase their brightness . 3.
  4. 4. THE DISMEMBERMENT OF THE BEAST CONTINUE S (Organic Robotoids Changing the Very Course of Human Events ) This Awareness indicates the Beast as that which is having its members dismembered--its members are bein g taken apart at this very time . This Awareness indicates that many of those whom you see on the televisio n screen are not in fact those who you have seen previously using the same names and same faces. This Awareness indicates that the information which Dr . Duby has given in previous times up to and through the channel, his channel as that which has released much information in terms of secrecy upon this plane . Thi s Awareness indicates that the information which has come through David Worcester as that which released muc h which had been previously termed as secrecy* This Awareness indicates that the information being released b y this channel as that which also is opening up areas which previously have been held as secrecy . Previous channels for Cosmic Awareness before Paul Shockle y This Awareness indicates the Watergate Scandal as that which opened up and released their energies whic h had been covered and kept secret . This Awareness indicates that the information now being released through Dr. Beter as that which is of utmost importance, and as being of such a profound nature that entities must loo k at this even though it appears bizarre . This Awareness indicates that this is likened unto those who move out o f the dream world and into reality, and cannot believe their eyes . This Awareness indi . . • • organic • • • • . that which is than r the ver nature of histo is th of human events, alleviating the slit eying and tragedies wuc would have befallen unon~se masses . . T w. arene s le cates that those plans released in the fall of 1978 re_ardin_ the a Gathering Storms informationIst at w tic i rem would haveseen comin t. sass at tl is hi e s . • • • .he i for ice ctions of the organic roof s . us wareness indicates that the movement of these energies is that which may be likened unto the transferring or transmutation of the Beast, wherein the cells of entities or me m hers of the Beast are being substituted with those other duplicates but that the member being removed which worked for the Dark Force is being substituted by an organic robotoid which is working for Forces of Light . This Awareness indicates in this sense, the Beast is being transmuted from darkness to light . OUT OF THE PASSAGE PERILOU S AND INTO THE STRAITS OF TRANSITIO N This Awareness indicates that this is occurring at this time, that entities have moved through the Passage Perilous and are now in the Straits of Transition, and in this transition there are many possibilities . Entities must be aware that the future isneverfixed, that the past is fixed--the past has been what it has been, the future wil l be what it will be, but that the future is not fixed as has the past been fixed by events . The events of the future can be manipulated and changed from that which appears to that which becomes. ThisAwareness indicates tha t th_ e a pearance at this time is that the powers which are comin« ofeta .trsl.o,f:-tl site-d-S-taates l--the-wcarltL in general are those which are based on Christian beliefs and teachings . This Awareness indicates that the exac t nature of the Christian beliefs and teachings of these powers are not necessarily compatible with the desires o f all entities upon this earth, but are much more merciful than would have been the powers and nature of th e Beast which had little value in terms of mercy for humanity--the Beast being concerned with its own contro l and power over masses . This Awareness indicates that essentially the Earth has been salvaged and is now being transmuted into Light- a light planet-the earth as that which has lived in darkness for long periods o1 time . This Awareness indicates, thisslanet as that which has been considered b most entities in this ,alax as bein seventh from thebottom._. as far as being a dark and lost planet.This Awareness indicates that it now as that which is being seen as a tran- smuting planet being filled with light . This Awareness indicates that the entities who have worked for the Beas t as gradually being removed from this plane, that this removal will have bees o completed - far as the powe r is concerned by the time this reading reaches the members of this organization . us wareness indicates tha t the removal of the members of the Beast as that which may continue for some time to come . This Awareness indicates that the nature of the Beast is such that it has always depended on authority for it s energy, and when the authority is removed the next member down is in difficulty in making decisions, and a s each of these is removed from the top down, it becomes more and more difficult for the Beast to function — therefore the Beast is likened unto an animal whose head has been extracted and its tentacles are now still ragin g but without any coordination . This Awarenessindicates that the Beast may be seen as deeply wounded an d unlikely to survive 4.
  5. 5. This Awareness suggests that it still behooves entities however to be aware of the dangers, for it has been prophesied tha t the Beast would be wounded unto death, yet would return an d a11. would wonder after the Beast . This Awareness suggests that you continue to be alert an d watchful, that this does not occur . This Awareness indicates that in terms of what has occurre d recently, the nature of the game as that which has reached it s final curtain and a new game begins—in Transition Straits yo u have the opportunity to add to the future that which yo u wish to see . COSMIC AWARENESS SUGGEST S WHAT NEEDS TO BE DON E ( Clean-up of Mother Earth Should Begin Now ) This Awareness indicates that It wishes at this time to make suggestions in terms of future events. This Awareness indicates It suggests a general cleanup of this planet . Thi s Awareness indicates this to take place in all levels of society . This Awarenes s suggests this in terms of health--that the organizations which promote health as that which need to be invest- igated and examined and looked at, this including all of those unions and associations related to medical health . This Awareness indicates that the examination of pharmaceutical industry as that which needs to be looked a t to determine how much corruption is linked with this kind of pharmaceutical promotion of drugs and the con- nection between these organizations--the medical association and the major oil companies . Remove the Cancer from the American Medical Association (AMA ) This Awareness indicates that there is that which is cancerous in the very nature of the established medica l profession, and if the medical profession itself is cancerous, how can it cure the patients? This Awareness ind - icates that the American Medical Association and the various organizations related to this which have th e sanction of big business and big government, are those which have for many years received millions and indee d billions of dollars of energy from masses for efforts which arc of little value to the patients . This Awarenes s indicates that in many cases, these organizations have simply covered up healing systems, healing medicine s and healing concepts in order to maintain a particular type of power for personal gain and wealth . Federal Food and Drug Adminstration Needs to be Change d This Awareness indicates the Federal Food and Drug Association as that which also needs to look at itsel f and to make changes in its very nature so that it can serve the masses in a more beneficial manner withou t having the influence of big business and government to control its effectiveness in regulating these concerns . The Controlled Press and Media Need a Cleansin g This Awareness indicates that the communications system whereby television, newspapers and the wire s which control the news, which release the news--this also is that which needs to be carefully examined, invest- igated, researched and revised in order to better serve the masses .This Awareness indicates that industry is tha t which needs to be more carefully organized and given to coordinating so that duplications which are unnecessar y and confusing do not occur . Nuts and Bolts and Parts Need Standardizin g This Awareness indicates there needs to be a standardization of nuts and bolts and other parts so that ther e can be more interchange for repairs and for finding necessary parts, rather than each company making its ow n particular part so that you must come back to that company to repair your particular piece of equipment . The Nature of Science Needs to be Re-Examine d This Awareness indicates that the very nature of science is that which needs to be re-examined so that entitie s working in these fields can share information and can relate to each other and have access to each others infor - mation . Environmental Agencies Need More Sa y This Awareness indicates that the environmental agencies do indeed need to have a say in what is occurrin g on this planet, that the very nature of life itself is subservient to the environment---and whereby these entitie s are pushed into the background for economic purposes, this is a crime against humanity . 5.
  6. 6. ALTERNATE MEDICAL SYSTEMS NEEDED ~ . (Present A.Ah .A. This Awareness indicates that in terms of the alternate medical and healin g systems, that these need to be allowed to have areas whereby they can research to discover new ways of healing . This Awareness suggests that a regulatio n system which allows the patient to have full understanding of the nature o f the alternative medical system so that the patient has a choice of which for m A.M .A. of healing system he or she chooses, but also has the theory of that syste m available so that he or she can make an educated choice with an understandin g of what the medical system bases its methods on . Please refer to Revelations of Awareness No. 79-22 for information on die new AMA . Foods and Diet Worldwide Need Examinatio n This Awareness indicates that in terms of diet there does indeed need to b e an organization upon this plane which considers the nature of various cultures, their partic- ular diet, their metabolism and that which is beneficial to them, which considers the natur e of growing food and the effects in those areas of growing various types of foods . This Aware- ness suggests that for example, certain areas may be more conducive to certain types of food . This Awareness indicates that these food-growing operations in one area may be investigated in terms of wha t effects these foods have on the population, whether new foods can be introduced, should be introduced o r whether the population is satisfied with those foods . This Awareness indicates that the organization also need s to consider the very nature of the human body in terms of its basic needs for food, the types of food, the refine- ment of food and its effect upon the human body . This Awareness indicates that this must also include variou s ethnic groups and the various types and cultures of people and their metabolisms . This Awareness indicates that altitude and temperature as that which also will have an effect on such diets . This Awareness indicates that this effect on the diets not only to include the physical health but also to researc h the effects of diet upon the mind of entities, the emotions of entities, and this organization needs to be withou t any influence from the food industry itself–this as that which needs to be funded not from an influencing agenc y but from one which is concerned about keeping the investigations pure . An Organization Needed to Explore the Nature & Causes of War This Awareness indicates that there also needs to be an organization which explores the nature and causes o f conflict and wars . This Awareness indicates that this organization as that which needs not only to release thi s information to nations but needs also to release this information to individuals through the public medium . An Organization to Clean up the Oceans, Lakes and Rivers This Awareness indicates that there also needs to be organizations which work toward the general clean-u p of the environment including the rivers, lakes and oceans . This Awareness indicates that these organization s will gradually need to grow larger until they are made part of a global team, a global force which is in fac t cleaning up the planet itself. A Holy Alliance Needs to be Formed This Awareness indicates that in the future 60 years, there will need to be created an internation cooperatio n whereby the various nations work together to solve each others problems . This Awareness suggests this may b e referred to as a `Holy Alliance . This Awareness suggests that the Interpreters suggestion in a previous bookle t as that which would be of great benefit in the future—this being whereby the Earth is divided into twelve gem - general regions, these being based on cultural differences . This Awareness indicates this information as availabl e in the Interpreter s booklet, The Predictions for the Aquarian Age .* This Awareness indicates each of thes e twelve regions to send one representative to each of the other regions, this being 144 entities, the region sendin g eleven and retaining one entity . This Awareness indicates that the region then would receive eleven represent- atives from the other regions . This Awareness indicates these twelve representatives would sit in on all policy- making operations, would have diplomatic freedom to enter into any military organization, to enter into an y political discussion, to enter into any doors marked "secret " or otherwise normally considered as secret, and t o sit in on all discussions of a political nature in any nation in which they are visiting . This Awareness indicate s that each nation itself would also have representatives which could be sent to any of the other nations for sittin g in on their meetings . This Awareness indicates that this will require a general agreement by nations . This Awareness suggests the use of the United Nations as that which could allow such a program to occur, whereby the nations represente d by this organization may be given the opportuntity to join in this alliance whereby they agree to allow represen- tatives from each of the other nations to have complete access to all areas of their own particular nation . 6.
  7. 7. This Awareness indicates that thi s , is something which may be quite difficult for many nations, therefore thi smust begin with a limited agreement, whereby they allow certain nations to have that freedom of access an dwhereby they agree the freedom of access to certain places or certain areas or certain levels of sec recy. Thi sAwareness indicates that each thing must begin with one step at a time, increasing to allow more and mor eaccess to sccrecies and to the freedom of movement . This Awareness indicates that this may take as long as 60 years, but this Awareness suggests that by the tim ethis has become standardized procedure upon this plane, wars and violence of one nation against another can n olonger occur . This Awareness indicates that the suspicions and the potential threat of one nation against anothe rwould simply be eliminated because all nations would be aware of what was occurring behind the doors of tha tnation . This Awareness indicates that wherein a nation closes its doors to visitors or representatives, it immed-iately lets its motives be known, for all the world to see . This Awareness indicates that in this manner the power swhich can be built in secret, which can build to the point of becoming a threat to human life itself, cannot occur . *This booklet has been out of print for several years, but recently revised and updated by the Interpreter and now being reprinted . Price : $3 .O0 available from C .A .C. book department or the `Goodship of the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . S .P .I .R .A .L . ORGANIZATION S (What they Should Do . . . .How to Get One Started ) This Awareness indicates that in terms of individual rights and freedoms, this Awareness has suggested th eSPIRAL organizations ; that these not be incorporated, that these not be under the control of a central organ-ization, but that these be likened unto an alliance of entities who are concerned, and that these organization smay simply relate to each other . This Awareness suggests each SPIRAL organization may contact others, t ogive their address and name and to receive from those others the names and addresses of any SPIRAL organiz-ations which they have . In this manner, each organization begins to discover all of the locations and addresse sof the other SPIRAL organizations, and may pass information to these organizations so that each is kep tabreast of any information which the SPIRAL group may come across. This Awareness indicates this becomin gan information sharing action whereby the Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties istruly one of the peoples most powerful watchdog organizations because it is not centralized and it shares theobservations from all of its many SPIRAL eyes. This Awareness indicates that this to be such that each individual who wishes to start such an organizatio nmay simply contact the others from a list of addresses stating that he or she is beginning a SPIRAL organizatio nin this particular area and wishes to be on the exchange of information mailing Iist . This Awareness indicate sthat in this manner, each area may eventually develop its own SPIRAL eye to observe what is occurring, to shar ewith others what is occurring . This Awareness indicates that these organizations may find their financial suppor tfrom local members or from mailing out information and receiving payment for membership or for the inform-ation . This Awareness suggests that this needs not be incorporated and is better if it is not incorporated . This Awareness suggests that this can become a grass roots type of watchdog activity of the population, s othat everyone becomes informed of what is occurring according to the viewpoint of various eyes which exis teverywhere . This Awareness suggests that these SPIRA:tL organizations must be cautious not to let any one part -icular agency or individual have a control over them . This Awareness suggests that such could occur when th erepresentatives of a SPIRAL organization are invited to a conclave or convention and then from this elect som erepresentative or president of the SPIRAL organizations . This Awareness indicates that this kind of thing coul deventually distort unless this were watched quite carefully, could distort the energies so that rather than observ -ing and receiving information, the SPIRAL organizations could be programmed with information from the so -called elected president . This Awareness suggests that such an election can he valuable if the elected one is rep-resenting the SPIRAL organizations rather than administering the SPIRAL organizations . This Awareness indicates that the elected one could speak for the SPIRAL organizations only if this is rep -resented in terms of the actual an.d well-controlled regulatory system which in fact does represent the opinio nof each of the SPIRAL organizations—such as whereby one organization sees something in one way and is rep-resented on paper by a particular position or vote and another SPIRAL organization is also represented for it sparticular vote or opinion . This Awareness indicates however, when the spokesman simply states that our org-anizations believe this or that : is occurring or should occur, this could very well be simply a smokescreen to cove rup and to make it appear that the SPIRAL organizations were all behind a particular type of action or belief . This Awareness indicates that when an entity proposes to speak for a group, hut the group has no way o fknowing whether this truly represents the group or not, for the individual of the group may feel opposed t owhat is being said, but by implication must assume that everyone else is in favor of this since the representativ esays so--this Awareness indicates this kind of so-called representation is simply a manipulation to hide realitie sand to speak for a group when in fact the group may not feel that . at all . This Awareness suggests this be watche dcarefully by SPIRAL organizations as you grow and develop . 7
  8. 8. This Awareness indicates that in terms of the general spiritual development of entities upon this plane, thisAwareness suggests that entities be allowed to believe what they want so long as these beliefs are not in conflic twith the rights of others . This Awareness suggests that when entities beliefs begin to violate others, this b equestioned, for these can lead to great harm and damage . This Awareness suggests that concepts themselve scan be of great danger, for concepts are the cause of actions . This Awareness indicates that concepts can als olead to great freedoms and to unbelievable realms of new realities . This Awareness indicates that the masses o fthis plane are far behind in development in terms of scientific realizations, in terms of the understanding of theUniverse, yet they do have a sense of pioneering spirit whereby they are capable of great discoveries . This Aware-ness indicates the entities upon this plane are capable of inventing and discovering new areas very quickly i fgiven the freedom . This Awareness suggests therefore that regimentation as that which needs to be kept to aminimum so long as violence, hostilities or the infringement of the rights of others is not prevalent . This Aware-ness suggests that only enough regimentation to prevent such violations of human rights is necessary . This Aware-ness does not condone the regimentation of thought, or of systems, but suggests that the thoughts, systems ,beliefs and concepts be promoted which are of a freeing nature, allowing entities to have the freedom to think ,to discover ; to wonder, to explore and to become greater forces for good .l3D s Note : Awareness suggested the SPIRAL action in The Passage Perilous reading (No. 7944, Hotline : $3 .00) . Its purpose to inform the publi cof what is occurring behind the scenes, Anyone can start one. You write letters ton appers and magazines, print up material and mail to othersetc. and sign it SPIRAL (The Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Les). During the nuclear war threat, many entities startedSPIRAL groups, writing letters etc. and having Dr . Beier parties ro inform their friends by playing the Beter tapes for them . This action was quiteinstrumental in changing the minds of those in power who were planning that first strike nuclear war against Russia . The more SPIRAL groups thebetter these days—there appears to be much occurring that needs a watchful eye if we arc to continue to enjoy our freedoms in this country.CACdoes not have the names of all SPIRAL groups but is willing to act as a temporary gathering spot for addresses until a SPIRAL group volunteersthis service . All SPIRAL groups and those wishing to start SPIRAL groups are requested to send their names and addresses to CAC, which willcompile a list of these groups and mail it to those who request same . SPIRAL groups have access to the Dr . Beter audio tapes, CAC informatio nand other sources which inform the public of things they should know about but which their newspapers and TV networks will not tell them.The price of freedom is eternal vigilance someone once said. Vigilance is certainly needed during todays uncertain times. Any SPIRAL personor group out there who would like to act as a central coordination point for other SPIRAL groups, please contact CAC . (We really do have enoughto do without getting involved in this action at this time . ) RIDING IN THE EYE OF THE HURRICAN E Planned Depression Will Not be as Severe as Previously Indicate d This Awareness indicates that during the coming months and coming weeks there will be many strange occ-urences and events which will cause entities to wonder what is going on . This Awareness indicates that man yentities may expect to experience what was described in the Gathering Storm information . This Awarenesssuggests that there will indeed be some of this energy remaining. This Awareness indicates that essentially you are in the eye of the hurricane—you entered through the PassagePerilous, and are now in the calm within the center of the hurricane, and this Awareness suggests that you no tleave this area, but rather allow yourself to sail with the storm in the eye of the hurricane while the hurrican ecomes to rest, for indeed this is now diminishing . This Awareness suggests that during the coming months th eenergies which were set in motion for a depression, for a recession as that which will continue to move but wil lnot occur with such extreme effects as has been previously indicated—that some areas may not even feel a greatrecession, other areas will feel much unemployment and much hardship in terms of money situations . 8.
  9. 9. This Awareness indicates that there will likely be some difficulties in terms of emotional outbursts an dpossible violence . This Awareness suggests that entities hearing this information avoid entering into those areasof conflict ;;for these are unnecessary and will soon fade away . This Awareness indicates that the nation o fChina as that which still has some potential power for causing disruptions, but that this also is somewhat dim-inishing at this time and appears to continue for some time and that it is unlikely that any great problem wil lerupt from ithe actions of this nation . UNITED NATION S MUST END THE AGONY OF TH E `BOAT PEOPLE (SPIRAL Sr OTHERS SHOULD WRITE LETTERS ) This Awareness indicates that at present time ther e are those entities who are being expelled from Vietnam on boats, that this is a tragedy occurring right at thi s time, and that entities must be made aware of this fo r those entities cannot be ignored . This Awareness suggests that in terms of dealing wit h this situation, the United Nations is that which is mos t suited for such activities . This Awareness suggests th e United Nations could produce a kind of reward an d punishment program for those nations who are. not res-ponding in a humanitarian way . This Awareness suggests for example, a reward of money may be given in term sof support to those nations who take in the refugees, and that those nations who arc receiving funds have theserights and funds removed if they refuse to assist . This Awareness indicates that there also can be other sanction sand actions placed upon those nations responsible for the plight of these people . This Awareness suggests als othat this all be considered in terms of the wealth and size and general population of the various countries involved ,for some nations are incapable of supporting their own people while others have room and money and th ecapabilities of supporting large numbers . This Awareness indicates that essentially this is a multinational problemand needs to be dealt with in those levels . This Awareness suggests that the United Nations as that which i sresponsible by its very existence for dealing with these entities, that if it wishes to represent nations and to b ewhat it claims itself to be, then indeed it must take on the responsibilities of such actions at times like this . This Awareness indicates that in terms of future communications with various nations, this Awareness suggest sthat there needs to be a new emphasis on human rights, on the rights of the people, where this becomes accente dmore and more, where the rights of leaders as that which needs to he de-emphasized, and whereby the leadersneed to become more sensitive to the individuals under their leadership . SPIRITUAL ORGANIZATION S GET OUT OF THE WAY OF DEVELOPING ENTITIE S This Awareness indicates that in terms of spiritual organizations, who represent or claim to represent spiritua llaws and energies being passed down to the masses, this Awareness asks these organizations, stand not in the wa yof developing entities—stand not in in the way of those who would climb to higher spiritual energies . This Awareness suggests there are many such organizations who set themselves up as spiritual dispenser s and do not allow entities to have access to the spiritual dispensary . This Awareness suggests that wherein an entity wishes contact with the spiritual energies and another tells the entity, "You must receive this through me," this Awareness indicates then you are standing between that entity and the spiritual energy which h e wishes to receive . This Awareness indicates wherein an entity states, "I need spiritual energy and I cannot receive it fo r myself, I need this through your channel," then you may use your channel to dispense that energy . This Awareness suggests that you become aware of the nature of spiritual energy, that it is everywhere presen t and is yours for the taking—but either you or another may block that energy, you may stand in your ow n way, or another may stand in your way . If you stand in your own way, you may need to go to another to have that other remove those blocks within you which would block that energy ; if another stands in you r way, it is your right and duty to step aside and bypass that entity and go directly to the source . 0
  10. 10. From Cosmic Awareness A WORD ABOUT THE CHILDRE N This Awareness indicates that this essentially is a general reading from the Straits of Transition, to allo wentities to get their bearings as you begin to sail deeper into the Aquarian Age and to look for new level sof reality . This Awareness closes with one more concern : This Awareness suggests that you be very aware of the children, for these entities are those who wil lindeed be given the responsibility for making this Earth into that paradise which you envision . Treat these entities with great respect, guide these entities in the proper directions, be tolerant o ftheir growing pains, that they may be directed on the proper course toward that which is the Ligh twhich all entities wish to share with one another . This Awareness suggests this as the conclusion of this reading . ********* *Some of the information in this reading referred to information given in the following readings :* The Gathering Storm (79-1) $4 .00 available from CA C For information on the Dr . Ileter Audio Letters, please write : The Passage Perilous (79-14 Hotline) $ 3 .0 0 THE Dr . Betel- Audio Lette r The Eve of World War 111 (79-7 Hotline) $2 .0 0 P .O . Box 1642 8 Apocalypse Averted (79-17) $2 .00 Fort Worth, Texas 7613 3 REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmic Awareness Communications , P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 . Rates and membership information available upon request .