- ea-                                                                                                               Cosmic...
This Awareness indicates this entity as having dabbled in all kinds of occul tand metaphysical concepts as well as the var...
This Awareness indicates this entity is not seen on earth at this time . Thi s    Awareness indicates this not as being ce...
This Awareness suggests that it is a universe filled with joys and sorrows andthis Awareness rests somewhere in the middle...
SEXUAL TABOO S                      THE SOURCE OF WARS AND VIOLENC E                     (Does Awareness Condone Licentiou...
This Awareness indicates that when an anima t or an entity eats another creature ,this may be called violence, if the part...
This Awareness indicates that responsibility for ones actions, sensitivity t o one another, love between entities : these ...
COSMIC AWARENESS :    This Awareness indicates this as relative to time ; that generally speaking, thi s ,Awareness indica...
entities he very :iensitive Co their bodily functions and reactions to the use o an sforms of foods, drink or smoke .    T...
This Awareness indicates these entities in Limbo are basically seeking to en :a-•tinue a lethargic life which began on ear...
INOCULATIONSHOT S                        (Should Our Kids Have Them? )alestion :  S .Q . of Galena, Illinois asks : What d...
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Cosmic Awareness 1978-40: Aleister Crowley: 'The Devil's Apostle', 'The Great Beast 666'


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Cosmic Awareness 1978-40: Aleister Crowley: 'The Devil's Apostle', 'The Great Beast 666'

  1. 1. - ea- Cosmic Awareness Communication s 78-4 .0 V . C . Bnr IIf., , Oiymp a• W Uhl .`ron 9050 7 (.(15 m t( lwwAkt.!J ; , tthr lnrrc h,,I cea :er,i heel thrr.trh Ida!! ( ;r. .c { .• •.; • . :ar .th, titc Huddha, titittshn .t . s Mohammed, and in.itet great avatars whn served as Channels Iot ;t•.•; tlr :I,, nl1 1 ;utter . . d oho speak , :ig :iut today as th e world bit>ini to cn ;t r lhr, rn ,ilK o: t Mid attar, ; r„ parr I )ti (,)u .: ha, been ...oituniint . rating th :nut{h certain candidly tt :unrd rh ;tcucl . Hie n! . rmatt ni contained herein was leec,• .rd trout decp It ;mix ,talcs an d interpreted by an emit•, altiliatcd with C .A. l lilts nt(nretatton is fits (hose whu inhr•rtt the Nett . Age . Awareness rdis +:c,o slo t to Ixhrcc anything, lint to yuc•stion . doubt and tli,rn~+r tut coutui! vhat is the truth . ( osutic Assaten, ss un!•• in • dtcalcs and suggests Paul Shockle y Trance--interprete r Some Insight o n A.LEISTEi CR)l^71 .EY "The Devil ` :a Apostle" "The Great Beast 666 " Question : A question from J .D .S . of San Francisco : "Aleister Crowley, who called himsel f a Magus, and also the Great Beast 666, has been labeled as a Satanist and th e " wickedest man on earth " by his detractors, and one of the foremost and brillian t occultists of all time, by his di.sciiples . He is claimed. to have received clairvoyantl y the text of a most unusual and striking book, called the Boo k_ of the Law, or Tiber Al t,egis . This book was purported to have been dictated by a preternatural bein g called Aiwaz . My questions are these : What does Awa_euc_;s have to say that can she d some light on the true character and import of the entity Crowley? Was he the Beas t 66( in a different sense i r om the computer Beast as previously indicated in you r book, Cosmic 1e .arcne s S(><-: :1k •i, Volume ? Who was A.iwa7, and is Crowley at present reincarnated in. the 1 :hy ,icaz1? What comments does Avateaess indicate concerning th e :Book of the Law ? COSMIC AWAREN E.SS -: . 12.[:~fr SS This Awareness indicates the entity Aleister Crowley as one who delved deepl y into the mysteries of life ant d the mysteries of the 1. >.1_ ttGp without regard for (.. C)nCe7` 179, . r relating unto motivation 7 :tee . bite, but : tether co disccvet realities and truth s related uato the mind .
  2. 2. This Awareness indicates this entity as having dabbled in all kinds of occul tand metaphysical concepts as well as the various religious deities and concepts i norder to discover the nature of the mind . This Awareness indicates the entity, i ncalling himself the Beast 666, was simply spoofing, or kidding his followers fo rwhat he knew would be attributed to him by his detractors . This Awareness indicate sthat the entity knew that there were many who would criticize him and his woT.:e , andsimply placed the label of criticism upon himself in a way that would not allow the mto Ji.ave anything worse to say about him than he said about himself already . indicates the entity as simply a human being who was very cariou sand wished to discover many things about the nature of the mind . This Awareress ind-icates the entity did make certain errors and did move into areas of . what may h etermed black magic . The entity also moved in areas of white magic, and the entit ydid discover much about the nature of the mind and shared this information wit hothers . The entity was of a theatrical bent and enjoyed such theatrics as would shoc kor impress those who heard of, or read of, his work . This Awareness indicates there are many who would give their eye teeth to fin dsomeone to play the role of the beast so that they can clearly know who it is ou tthere that they can vent their hostility, venom and anger toward . This Awarenes ssuggests the entities seeking to find a beast to, hate had best look within at th esource of that hatred, and those who seek a messiah to love had best look within t othe source of that which desires to worship . In reference she Book of the Law, this Awareness indicates there is muc h information in this book . There is a suggestion that entities read this boo kfor whatever is of value to them . This Awareness indicates there is much that can b emisinterpreted from this book . This Awareness indicates the law : "Do what thou wilt as the whole of the law which was given by Aleister. Crowley, as nothing other tha nthe recent hippie term, Do your own thing . This Awareness indicates that this do your own thing was not the real meanin gof Aleister Crowley . This Awareness indicates in reality, Aleister Crowley was givin gforth a law which had a double meaning . "Do what thou wil t " , as read by some entitie simplies that they should do whatever they want ; het read by other entities, "Dc wha tthou wilt is a statement to the spiritual Deity of the universe whereby the entitygives up his own will to that Deity and says, "Do What Thou Wilt" . This Awareness indicates Aleister. Crowley enjoyed giving entities those terms andrules which would have meanings and value to them at whatever level of consciousnes sthey were at . This Awareness indicates for those who wished to have a beast, an anti -Christ, to hate, Aleister Crowley gave them one . For those who wish to have e master -teacher to follow, Aleister Crowley gave them one . For those who wish to discove rworkings of the mind, Aleister Crowley gave entities much to think about and ther ewas much within the work which had different levels of meaning for those who ca nperceive beyond the present perception into other levels of meaning ; and, in thi smanner, Aleister Crowley gave entities works which can be used for climbing in as p iritual manner, up the stairway to greater understanding ; but those who do not wis hto look deeper, or to assume there is a deeper and better meaning to his work, wil lbe satisfied with whatever interpretation they have . This Awareness indicates that even those will, in time, discover that Aleiste rCrowley and his material has given them deeper understanding of themselves, and shal lin time, move on to other levels of understanding because of the material which h eleft for entities to concern themselves with, and to consider . This Awareness indicates Aleister Crowley was a genius, but not a messiah nor abeast . He was a genius of the metaphysical and occult levels .Question : Is he back on earth for these days ?COSMIC AWARENESS : 2 ..
  3. 3. This Awareness indicates this entity is not seen on earth at this time . Thi s Awareness indicates this not as being certain, that the energies for this questio n- do not present a clear picture which can be answered with certainty by this Awareness . This Awareness indicates that it appears there are certain aspects of this entit y which have returned while other aspects have remained on the immortal realm . The entity as having not fully re-entered into the mortal realm at this time . WIRYCAN TWEUN-CREATE OURSELVES FROM THIS TREADMIL L OF SUFFERING AND MISERY ? (Mind Games By Those Who Wallow ) In Finger-Pointing I* If r ;, .;,7tia1 I fW }i ;4mru,,,~i~,trtil 1~ l lrr ~f I/,1 1~J/ Question : Two questions from E .C . of Flint, Michigan . She asks : How can we un-create our - selves if we so choose? If we cant, why not? Its cruel to oblige to exist and suffe r with no self-determination and no escape . Why were we created in the first place? I t all seems so dumb . Why bother? Why the misery and suffering, the endless treadmill ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates you create even those endless sufferings . You create th e treadmill . You create the efforts to undo yourself . This Awareness indicates you, each and every one, working individually and to - gether in harmonious or disharmonious creative energies, create the universe, creat e your world, create your experiences . All that was created in the beginning was th e Universal Consciousness, and out of that Universal Consciousness, the various aspect s of this Awareness, which became the entities of the universe, began to play aroun d with creative forces, creating polarities--positive and negative, light and dark--an d from those polarities, began to intensify the positive and negative, intensify th e light and the dark, until the universal light, or universal consciousness, was throw n into a turmoil, was thrown out of balance ; and then entities were put into situation s whereby they could do nothing but exist somewhere within those polarities of extreme s of positive, negative, light or darkness, unity or separateness . This Awareness indicates that sorrow and suffering are brought about by thei r opposites, and whereby entities wish to reconcile opposing forces, they may do so b y such reconciliation . They may weaken the extremes . This Awareness indicates that i n weakening the extremes of polarity, entities may move toward balance . Yet, in balance , entities cannot experience the extremes which often are desired when entities becom e bored wit .i the balanced life and the ever-present joy of simply being who they are . This Awareness indicates entities often desire to blame higher spiritual force s for their plight . Entities enjoy pointing the finger at their gods and saying, Yo u have failed in your creation which you stuck me into . This Awareness indicates thi s is a mind game of the entity of blaming someone else, and has little or nothing to d o with the higher spiritual forces, except to assist in separating the entity fro m those forces ; for in such finger-pointing blame, the entity separates themselves . 0
  4. 4. This Awareness suggests that it is a universe filled with joys and sorrows andthis Awareness rests somewhere in the middle of all those polarities and un ;c: .:xe sentities rise and fall in ever-changing polarities, and calls and beckons that ent-ities come to the center of the teeter-totter, the center of the scales, to be i nbalance and harmony with this Awareness, that they may avoid the suffering and th eextremes which are brought or,. by such polarizations . Yet this Awareness allows entit -ies to journey out to the ends of the scales, to be extreme in their expressi tfor balancing of this law of individual rights to expression, this Awareness ha sinstalled that which is the Law of Karma, which states that anything which is move din one direction must be compensated for i_n„another direction of its opposite nature . REALIZATION CREATES TIE BLISS OR PAI N (Even in Celestria )Question : Is n t the opposite of suffering, bliss? How does the bliss of balance compare t othe opposite of suffering ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates the opposite of pair . and suffering is pleasure . Thebalance between is realization ; and that realization is that which creates the oppor-tunity for entities to experience bliss or pain . This Awareness indicates those entities who live in Celestria in states of blis salso live in states of deep suffering at the guilt and the sorrow of seeing othe rentities in the universe living in pain and missing out on the bliss . Yet these ent-ities, living in bliss, are lighter on the scales than those who are living in th eheavy, grave levels of polarized extremes in tragedy and suffering . Therefore, thos ewho are lighter on the scales have difficulty in bringing the scales into balanc euntil entities from the grave, heavy, gravity side move toward that center to allo wa more equal distribution of the weight of consciousness toward that which is Celes-tria and the essential levels of existence . This Awareness suggests that wherein entities move toward areas nf_ personal exp -ression and desire, this tends toward the heavy, grave side of the scale, the dar kand separation side ; whereas entities who move toward unity and light, this movemen ttends toward the lighter side of the scale . And as entities begin shifting away fro mpersonal desires toward unity and service, one to another, toward love and mercy ,toward care and consideration, the forces of the universe are all touched by tha tmovement and polarities are reconciled to the degree of that movement, and the balanc ewhich was thrown out becomes that much more justified, so that a greater harmony i sexperienced on all levels, according to the degree of shift in consciousness towar dlove, mercy and unity . This Awareness indicates that until total balance is reached, there will alway sbe suffering, and this Awareness nor any other entity or deity can prevent such suff-ering, for that is the creation and the result of the activities of entities in throw-ing out the balance of universal forces through the efforts of self-expression an dpersonal greed forces . 4.
  5. 5. SEXUAL TABOO S THE SOURCE OF WARS AND VIOLENC E (Does Awareness Condone Licentiousness? )Question : Her other question : "In the last mailing Awareness says that wars and violenc eare caused by taboos against sex . That needs clarification . Wars are conflicts, Th esame reading said Awareness started conflicts so that entities can experience them -selves . Wars are acts of disregard for others rights and the forcing of ones wil lon another . These acts and attitudes existed before bodies, before gender and sex ,before taboos . What caused them then, antic i p ation? Violence has been programmed int oall forms of material life by reason of the need for food . It is impossible to avoi dviolence on this earth . Being eaten is the supreme act of violence . Every creatur emust do violence to its victim by eating it to avoid the violence to itself of starv-ation . People who are least inhibited in their sexual activities and attitudes don tappear to be correspondingly less violent and cruel . Should there be no restriction son sex? Licentiousness is next to godliness, perhaps? I have other questions bu tthese will do for now . Would appreciate some answers for a change . Sincerely, E .K . "COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates there were many questions in that question, that som emay be covered and some may not . This Awareness indicates that essentially, sex i sthe merging of polarity forces, the positive and negative . Essentially, war is th emerging of forces in conflict with one another . This Awareness indicates essentially, the violence which is spoken of is nothingmore than a reconciliation of energies . This Awareness indicates that entities o rcreatures or portions of consciousness, regardless of the shapes and forms of thes eentities, creatures or portions of consciousness may be experiencing, these ar eenergies which are not in harmony and need to move into harmony . 5.
  6. 6. This Awareness indicates that when an anima t or an entity eats another creature ,this may be called violence, if the parties consider his violence . Thi sAwareness indicates this may also he called harmony, if the party being eaten an dthe party doing the eating are at one with one another, if they are in total attune-ment to what is happening . This Awareness indicates from the viewp oint of this Awareness . a universe exists ;and in that universe, portions of consciousness are eating and devouring other port -ions of consciousness ; and in their tunn, they too shell be eaten . and they too shal l reborn as further energy, moving into form, and shall eat other portions of consc-iousness . The universe is a mass of consciousness, feeding cn itself ; and each o fthese parts may be termed by different names and each may have different faces ; bu teach is an energy of the universe, and each energy is conscious . This Awareness indicates that essentially, sexual union, or the need for se-nata lintercourse between these portions of consciousness, comes about because of th epolarity . When forces are in balance ; there is no need for reconciiiacion . Whe nforces are harmonious, there is no need to balance out the energies through sexua lactivities . This Awareness indicates, however, that wherein forces are not in balance an dthere is a taboo against such sexual energies and reconciliations, then these force sbecome more Unbalanced ; and wherein this taboo becomes greet :, and entities do no twish to balance their energies with that which is of an opposing nature, this the nbegins to lead to greater polarity, and the greater polarity eventually disrupts wit hviolence and war until those energies are belanced . This Awareness indicates that this is probably quite difficult for some entitie sto understand, and this Awareness suggests that you study the works of Wilhelm Reich *if you wish to explore this in greater detail to discover the link between that whic his sexual energies and the energies of war ; for the exchange of bullets and bomb sbetween cultures is not much different than the exchange of energies between individ-uals . It is simply an action on a different level . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities can exchange these energies in apeaceful nature, in a loving nature, and wherein cultures can exchange those energie sin a peaceful and loving nature ; this kind of intercourse is called trade, and bot hparties benefit . But wherein the intercourse is one of violence and hostility betwee nentities, or between cultures, in an effort to destroy the other because these entit-ies feel threatened by the presence of their opposite polarity, then this is calle dwar, or hostility . This Awareness indicates the taboos against such exchanges of energies intensifie sthe frustration, and such frustration can lead, very easily, to violence . This Awareness asks you to refer hack to the reading on Celestria and imagin eentities in Celestria who come together and whose auras touch, and whose energie sthen send electrical sparks to one another to allow them each to experience th eother in a kind of bliss, without these entities coming together in terms of thei rown bodies, but only their auras touching . This Awareness suggests now you imagin esome deity making a rule that no entities in Ccle :stria were to be allowed to mingl etheir auras without permission . This Awareness suggests that immediately you ma ybegin to see the frustration that would start to unfold in Celestria ; whereby entitie swould begin to build up their energies, their static energies, and not be able t odischarge these energies . This Awareness indicates that as this occurs more and more ,those entities would become mo t and more polarized and out of balance, and thi swould have its effect on the entire realm of Celestria ; and in so doing, would creat ethat which eventually would lead to a second fall of the angels . This Awareness is not cordoning licentiousness, nor sex, as means of avoidin gwar . This Awareness indicates that love, responsibility and sensitivity are thos eforces which allow entities to relate clearly with one another . And where love ,responsibility and sensitivity to all who are concerned is present in a relationship ,then, if sex follows, there will very likely be no harm done . 6.
  7. 7. This Awareness indicates that responsibility for ones actions, sensitivity t o one another, love between entities : these create the combination of attitudes whic h,allow entities to be close and to be responsible for that closeness and to be sensit - ive to all who are involved, or may be touched, or may result from that closeness . This Awareness indicates that, in this manner, energies may be balanced without harm . That wherein these q ualities are missing, and entities simply invade one anothe r without caring for the results, without being r.espensible, without love bein g involved, and without sensitivity for the activities, or for the feelings of other s involved, this then, is a form of rape which does great damage and causes great harm . This Awareness indicates that in this kind of expression, one entity may not fee la taboo, but the other entity may feel a taboo against this kind of rape and aviolence occurs . This Awareness indicates that taboos against sex are not the onl ycause of violence, but are a major cause . This Awareness indicates insensitivity ,irresponsibility and lack of love are also major causes of violence .ED s Note : The books of Wilhelm Reich were burned and banned in the U .S . for man yyears . Lately they have been republished by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Publisher sof New York . The following hooks of Reich are currently available from C .A .C .although not listed in the current book catalog : The Function of the Orgasm, $4 .95 . ,The Sexual Revolution, $3 .95, The Cancer Biopathy, $12 .95, Listen, Little Man, $2 .9 5 ti : CONCERNING EARTHSUAKE S AND AREAS OF HIGHE R SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNES SEDs Note : Many people write C .A .C . about moving to the West Coast because they fee lthat somehow that area appears to be more spiritunily uplifting . Others write to as kabout Cayc e s prediction about San Francisco sinking into the sea from an earthquake .Awareness consistently repeats that the future is not fixed and many earthquake swhich should have happened on schedule did not happen because the consciousness i nthat area was changed, usually by one or two entities . Awareness, in fact, indicate dseveral years ago that the earthquake predicted by Cayce was indeed averted by tw oentities who lived in a cabin near Bakersfieldon the San Andrea fault and wh omeditated daily, thus moving the energies out to sea before they could build up .The following reading, given in the summer of 1978 in Oregon pretty well summarize sthis situation and we ask the membership to please stop asking this type question . Question : Awareness, is Oregon going to be the spiritual capital of the world in the nex t thirty years ? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness wishes entities not to attempt to determine this kind of inform- ation at this time . This Awareness suggests that while this may be so, this as a matter of opinion . This Awareness suggests that there are forces in the Northwes t which are open and receptive to spiritual uplifting . This Awareness suggests that I t prefers that entities become the spiritual capital of the world themselves rathe r than thinking in terms of locetion or in terms of groups . This Awareness wishes tha t individuals each become the spiritual capital of the world . Question : Awareness, what kind of geographical changes can be expected for the Pacifi c coast of the United States? 7
  8. 8. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as relative to time ; that generally speaking, thi s ,Awareness indicates the high spiritual awakening in the Pacific Northwest is spread-ing into the areas of California . This Awareness indicates this extends into Alask aand British Columbia . This Awareness indicates that it is this kind of consciousnes sthat is affecting the molecular levels and magnetic fields in the fault lines alon gthe West Coast . This Awareness indicates this type of consciousness is that whic hprevents the quaking and shaking of these fault lines . This Awareness indicates tha tone or two entities living in a high level of consciousness in a particular area o na fault line, this kind of energy is that which is capable of preventing earthquake sfrom occurring along these lines . This Awareness indicates this as that which appears difficult for entities t ounderstand . This Awareness suggests that you look at this in the analogy of a huma nbody lying upon a cable, wherein there are magnetic lines, meridians, and . upon thi sbody are certain acupuncture or acupressure points which can be stimulated to allo wcertain energies to flow so that the body becomes more balanced and harmonious . Thi sAwareness indicates that wherein these particular points are touched by . a kind o fenergy to allow certain energies to flow, the body tends to balance itself properl yin terms of the Yin and Yang forces . This Awareness indicates likewise in terms of earth forces along certain meridian sof fault lines, there can be entities who serve as channels to bring in high level sof consciousness, likened unto a vortex channelling in a pure energy and allowin gnegative energies to be released . This Awareness indicates that generally speaking the Pacific Northwest and Calif-ornia appear to be stable and relatively safe in reference to consciousness of th earea and the apparent direction of that consciousness in future times . This Awareness indicates, however, that the future is not fixed and that consciou-sness can change . This Awareness indicates that wherein the West Coast becomes to ocrystallized, too greedy, wherein entities become too polarized and full of frust-ration and hostility, then entities would be wise to consider leaving the area i fthey cannot change that consciousness . MORE ABOUT MARIJUAN A (Any Benefits? ) ED s Note : This question was asked by one of th e young students at the Dean Point Free School , Nehalem, Oregon, during a trance session there . (moues Lion : Awareness, can marijuana be used with short-ter m beneficial effects on the body, and . are there plant s and herbs which counteract any negative effects tha t use of marijuana might have on the body ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the use of marijuana is generally not harmful . This Awareness indicates this does relate, of course, to each individual in a different-_ manner . This Awareness indicates that excessive use of marijuana is dam - aging to kidneys, to liver function and to certain mental activities . This Awarenes s indicates that the same can be said for excessive use of almost any food or drin k that there can be physical damage . This Awareness suggests that excessive use by on e entity may he considered as minor use by another . This Awareness suggests tha t 9
  9. 9. entities he very :iensitive Co their bodily functions and reactions to the use o an sforms of foods, drink or smoke . This Awareness suggests that marijuana as especially beneficial to entities wh oare overly agressive, overly fcrceful and overly active in terms of pineal focusin gconsciousness . This Awareness suggests that entities who have difficulty gettin gdown to the work of living, putting . their thoughts into action, putting their idea sinto manifestation, entities who have difficulty putting into action their words an dplans, these entities would be better off to avoid the use of-marijuana . This Awareness suggests that marijuana does tend to inhibit the activity leve lwhile enhancing the philosophical and mental observation . This Awareness suggest sthat the logical and rational mind tends to be somewhat inhibited by the use o fmarijuana whereas the intuitive mind is enhanced . This Awareness indicates the amount of use is relative to the individual . Thi sAwareness suggests that in terms of counter-acting the use, the effects of this sub -stance, the best counterant: is the non-use or the lessening of the use of the sub -stance . **ED s Tote : For more in-depth information on marijuana, please refer to Revelations o fAwareness, No . 77 . 11, and 77-13 . "1 MORE ABOUT LIMB O L l , • 1 0 "1 :11 (Waiting Around for Something to Happen ) jl Question : K .R . of Los Angeles writes : "In my letter of May 8th, I aske dabout Limbo . I found a short reference to Limbo, but something that would help clar- ify the question is this : A friend, through her helper, Gabriel, is told of thos ewho are to be released, so I asked about Blavatsky and Gurdjieff and Emmet Fox, an dfound that all of these noted teachers were in Limbo . Through her help, they wer ereleased . Her understanding is that the time of holding there is never more than 10 0years . At each 100 year period, they are released . My question is : why are suc hteachers held in this state for indefinite periods, and if not for such as my friend ,would they be held there for longer periods? A student, more than one, in fact, wer eterribly shaken when told about this and said, "Well, if such teachers are liable t oLimbo, what hope is there for the rest of us? It isn t worth the effort . " I had n oanswer . Have you had this question ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates the source of your information is questionable . Thi sAwareness indicates these entities mentioned did not spend time in Limbo a .s indicated .This Awareness indicates the entities as having moved for some brief time over th eland of Limbo, passing through, and assisting others who were caught in Limbo to mov eon . This Awareness indicates when entities of a high spiritual nature move throug hthe land of Limbo, they create a kind of vacuum which sucks others into their aur aand allows those other : to move on . This Awareness indicates the planes of Limbo ar ebeing cleared out rather rapidly and that only those entities who are of a natur ewhereby they are overwhelmed with attitudes of seeking security, being overly depen -dent and being unadventurous and being of a lazy nature, so that they do not wish t omove, or to leave that plane ; only those entities are the types who are stuck in tha tarea .
  10. 10. This Awareness indicates these entities in Limbo are basically seeking to en :a-•tinue a lethargic life which began on earth whereby they do not wish to improve o rdevelop their lives, but whereby they are satisfied to let others lead them, to le tothers force them to develop, or to be dependent on others who are moving on . This Awareness suggests that there are many entities living in your neighborhoodand living next door in many different towns, many different cities, or living withi nthe same house as others, and these entities are also stuck in Limbo . This Awareness indicates Limbo is simply a place of waiting for something t ohappen, because the entity does not have the courage or incentive to make somethin ghappen for oneself . This Awareness indicates that in passing over, entities on the other side havemany of the same feelings and experiences as they have on this side ; but on th eimmortal side, there is more time and less urgency to do something about thes efeelings . This Awareness indicates an entity in this mortal realm who spends ten year ssitting and waiting for something to happen, does not consider those ten years t obe exactly a time of limbo, but rather as a time of boredom and frustration . Yetthat ten years is a big chunk out of the entitys life, and eventually the entit ymay decide to quit waiting and to do something for themseI .ves . This Awareness suggests that on the other han d ; an entity on the immortal sid emay spend one hundred years waiting for something to happen, and that one hundre dyears is only a brief moment in the time of immortality . MIDWIFERY (Is it the Coming Thing? ) Question : D .L. of Supulveda, Calif ., writes : "Please submit thi s question to the Awareness . I am very intetested in midwifer - ing and would like to know if this would be the best way t o bring entities into this plane in the New Age? " -- ;1~ COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as that which is a growin gfield and can be very beneficial to entities during the future situations, particular -ly in view of changes in value which are occurring among many of the people ., partic -ularly the younger generation . This Awareness indicates that these changes in value, relating unto moving bac ktoward nature and the simple and most urgent levels of action, shall begin to growand expand and spread among more and more entities during the coming ten years . Thi sAwareness suggests that the medical profession, as presently organized, will als oundergo great changes during this coming decade, that midwifery will be of muchvalue and shall have its place as the changes occur .
  11. 11. INOCULATIONSHOT S (Should Our Kids Have Them? )alestion : S .Q . of Galena, Illinois asks : What does Awareness think of inoculations : dipthar_3. aand polio, tetanus etc ., customarily administered to most children beginning durin gthe first few months of life? My first child had his first shot when he was tw omonths old, and had at least three during his first year . The trauma of them, espec-ially after the first shot, is enough to make me wonder if Awareness would say the yare really useful and necessary . My second son is now at the age when the inoculatio nshots are due to begin and I am, hesitant about whether to start them or not . is ther eany no-fail things I could do which would make it unnecessary to give further inocul-ations? Er, othe-- words, can . I protect my children from serious disease without usin ginoculations ?COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there has been ;nfcrmation given previously on thi stopic . This Awareness suggests that, essentially, the effect of inoculation is suc hthat the blood of the entity is made immune to the disease by contacting the diseas ein a level and at such degree as it can handle the disease without great stress . Thi sAwareness indicates that the side effects of this inoculation for these diseases i srelatively minor, depending upon the type of inoculation, and there are few problem srelated unto this . This Awareness suggests that the polio shots were such that they basically wer euseless and did cause some problems ; that many of t .1e flu shots can be forgotten a sbeing unnecessary . But in general, much good has come from measles, scarlet fever ,chicken pox, diptheria, typhoid, tetanus shots, for surly lives have been saved with -out the entities ever realising that their lives have been saved, simply because the yhad been vaccinated against these diseases . This Awareness suggests the alternative to vaccination is to have very pur eblood, to have a very healthy body which is capable of fighting off diseases . Thi sAwareness indicates that this is not very effective as a means of overcoming certai nof these diseases . This Awareness indicates that wherein the white settlers move dtoward the west and contacted the American Indians, the American Indiars being pur ein their blood and free from any history of tuberculosis, became very subject to tha tdisease, even though the white settlers did not suffer from the disease themselve sand could be around entities who had tuberculosis without it being centagious to them . This Awareness indicates that often the more pure your body is, in terms of thi s kind of purity, the more subject you are to the filth and disease of pollution an d those germs and problems which accompany the modern civilized world . . This Awareness suggests that your allowing the child to have these vaccination s as being more beneficial to the child than harmful at this time . This Awarenes s suggests that once these diseases are completely eliminated from the society, o r wherein these diseases become so rare that it is unlikely for an entity to contac t the disease, then the inoculation may be eliminated and you may take a chance withou t much danger . This Awareness indicates that each of these various inoculations for differen t things has its own uniqueness ; that you may use your own good sense to determin e whether that inoculation is necessary or not . This Awareness suggests that it i s important for children to have tetanus shots . That wherein a diptheria danger i s present, that this may also be given . This Awareness suggests that wherein there i s a danger of any of these, that the best approach is to have the vaccine ; that ther e is no absolute answer for this question--it is relative to the urgency . 11 .
  12. 12. THE WHEEL OF BIRTH , DEATH , AN D REBIRTH (Does It Operate on Other Planes? )Question : In Its advice to entities in relation to getting off the wheel of birth, death ,and rebirth on this plane, Awareness has indicated that there is a whole univers efull of many mansions for entities to experience other than earth . My question is :Does not this same problem of getting off the wheel persist and plague entities wh oare born and die, and are reborn again and again in these other vibratory system sof the universe ; and are not the reasons for this similar to the reasons entitie sbecome entrapped on the physical plane ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as in the affirmative . This Awareness wishe sentities to understand that where you are is where you are . It is not a proble munless you make this a problem . This Awareness indicates that it matters not whether you exist in the trunk o fa tree, as a shellfish, as a human being, or as a god, or as a spirit between lives .What does matter is whether you enjoy being who you are . This Awareness suggest sthat the wheel of life is no problem unless you become hung up in one wheel, circlin ground and around and do not know that there is a way off that wheel, and are dissat-isfied with being on that wheel . This Awareness indicates that this as likened unto an entity who is born on amerry-go-round, without realizing that there are other experiences . This Awarenes sdoes not condemn any entity for such actions, but suggests that you are missing ou ton many mansions which may be of greater joy to you than the action of repeating . . .repeating . . .repeating . . .repeating . . .repeating . . .repeating . . .repeating . RIiVFLA"L IONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published h•, C , ,me ,4 tarrrrra Cunv»unuruivm . P .O . Box 115 , Olympia . Washington 98507 . Rates and membership information available upon request