Cosmic Awareness Communication s                      P. O . 3ro, 115, Olyr,•Dia, Washington , t 1 7                      ...
once lived and experienced . This Awareness indicates that in this manne r  there can be discerned certain trace of energi...
This Awareness indicates that supposing another personality of ;Eve :;lack also cam eto the trance reader and said :"Who w...
Awereness indicates that from one frame of reference a particular type of behavior canbe judged as evil and wrong . From a...
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Cosmic Awareness 1978-03: Saint Francis of Assisi (How Come There's So Many of your Around?)


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Cosmic Awareness 1978-03: Saint Francis of Assisi (How Come There's So Many of your Around?)

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communication s P. O . 3ro, 115, Olyr,•Dia, Washington , t 1 7 . :, ..s. Paul Shockley , #7S e .3 Trance-Interprete r /, 01, QF ASSIST, (How come theres so many of you .around?) v-Question : K, K„ wants to know : Is St Francis a sort: of grou psoul by now, or is he incarnated in more than one physical form? si*s . ae,ee4nCosmic Awareness : Miss Awareness indicates the latter as being correct . This Awareness indicate sinformation has been given on this previously in terms of reincarnation of entities . Thi sAwareness indicates that the consciousness which makes up an entity throughout a lifetim ehas many facets . That these many facets do not necessarily accompany each other throughou teternity . These facets may spread apart and move about into other realms apart from eac hother in terms of of individuality . This Awareness indicates those facets which were part of St . Francis at one period o ftime in his life were not prominent at another period of time in. his life . This Awarenes sindicates that those facets, after the death of St . Francis in the physical sense, the nmoved on into further expression, not necessarily connected to one another . this Awareness indicates that there are certain entities present upon this plane ,each holding certain facets of the entity, St . Francis, as part of their consciousness .In :his manner one entity can foster many reincarnations . This Awareness indicates that ,likewise, many entities can be the reincarnation of a previous entity . This Awarenes sindicates that essentially, however, the soul of an entity whose individuality has been .developed clearly, remains intact throughout eons of time and does not become scattere din its essential qualities, This Awareness indicates that the core being of an entit ygenerally remains intact if that entity has developed a core being which is solidifie din terms of its own crystalization and completion, This Awareness indicates that man yaspects of the entitys consciousness, however, may scatter and go into different areas . This Awareness indicates ones own thought forms, those emotions and feelings an dthoughts which entities emit in their daily lives, do not necessarily stay with thei rphysical forms or with their soul, but are emitted into consciousness and picked up b yothers who also experience those emotions and feelings . This Awareness indicates that man ymoods which entities feel are not, in fact, their own . moods, but are moods which they hav epicked up from others . This Awareness indicates likewise the same is true with thoughts ,feelings and emotions . This Awareness indicates likewise the same is true with certai ncharacteristics and certain personality factors ; that entities can siphon. off personalit yfactors ; and characteristics from other entities . This Awareness asks the question : personality factors or characteristics ca nbe taken from another before one can actually discern and claim to he that personalit yreincarnated? This awareness also asks the question : How many personality factors can ente rinto another person before that person is said to he possessed ? This Awareness suggests that these are questions relating unto the Law of Relativity .That it is relative in terms of degree, in terms of dimension, in terms of quantity an dquality, This Awareness indicates that when entities request information regarding thei rpast life as to who they were in a previous lifetime, this as likened unto the stream o fconsciousness, wherein this Awareness or other psychics, look at the entitys consciousnes sand follow up that stream toward its source and into nooks and crappies, wherein . that somec e
  2. 2. once lived and experienced . This Awareness indicates that in this manne r there can be discerned certain trace of energies leading back to an entity, an individual, which is described in various manners . This Awareness indicates that thi s energy can move on back to other points of reference . That each of these points of referenc e can be described as an entity, a character, a personality, a collective of emotions an d feelings ; that each of these entities can be described under a name . This Awarenes s indicates that, depending on how ~ntties wish this to be interpreted, the name may b e given net you ware the reincarnation of such and such an entity . This Awareness indicate s in reality these forces are eonstnntly flowing : that nook and cranny, that fork i n consciousness that goes by a certain name, is actually a vortex whereby energy flows thrcvgh . This Awareness indicates that this may be likened unto the name of a fork in a river ,whereby you as. the mater at one place, "Where are you from"? and the water answers, " I amfrom the fork on the right side of the river, upstream, called the St . Francis of Assis iFork ." This Awareness indicates that other waters may also claim the same source . Thi sAwareness indicates that the timing of those waters is different : the one water passe dthrcu ;h the fork at one time, the other water passed at another time . This Awareness indicates that all consciousness is one consciousness, even as all wate ris one water . Yet each of these forces of consciousness has chosen a different path, ha spassed through different points of reference, has existed and flowed under the differen tnames of different entities, has channeled in certain ways according to the form an dstructure of those fork-. in the river of consciousness, according to the form and structur eof the experiences, the shaves of body, the race, the ideas, the training, the environmenta lin put of the entity through which that consciousness flowed during that particular time . This Awareness indicates that those forces of consciousness which have flowed throug hthose particular places hate been colored, and affected by those experiences, by those pas tlifetimes, by those movements through those nooks and crannies and those forks . Thi sAwareness indicates that where they arrive at the present time and the experiences of thos epast times, there is a flux of energy which is called " me" , based upon the previou sexperience of that energy, the collective memory on all levels of that particular energy .That energy is such that it is looking out from the form which it has now created to flo wthrough as a node or fork in the river, in the stream of consciousness under a particula rname . referring to itself as a character or personality in present lifetime .Question : Then that would ex p lain, for example, somebody wrote in and said that in the Edga rCayce Re?.dings, that one of the disciples, I forget which one, was alive in Virgini aPeach, and that today it Virginia Beach he is alive right now and wasnt doing very muc hwith his life ; and it was one of the disciples that Awareness mentioned in the York tranc ewas present ,am doing work on the earth plane . Would that explain the seemingly inconsist-ency of that ?Cosmic,! This A :r•7arenesn indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that eac hentity in this present lifetime can look at oneself and say, "Am I truly the same entit yI was 10 years ago, or em I someone entirely different? " This Awareness indicates that many entities remain stable throughout their lifetime ,that many entities shift personalities and characteristics in a very short time . Thi sAwareness indicates that you look at the example of that entity considered in the stor yof the ThreeFaces of Eve . This Awareness indicates that in this entity there were no tonly three, but five or more personalities which expressed themselves through this entity .This ANareness asks you et this time, if a trance reader were examining any one of thes epersonalities in a future time, a future lifetime, and that personality were to ask : "Wh owas I in my last lifetime," and the trance reader looked and said, "You were Eve Black, "this Awareness indicates that this would be accurate . 2.
  3. 3. This Awareness indicates that supposing another personality of ;Eve :;lack also cam eto the trance reader and said :"Who was I in my last lifetime? " and the trance reade rresponded, "you were Eve Black ." This Awareness indicates that there would seem to b ean inconsistency, for these two people walking around in their own individual bodies, bot hclaiming to be the reincarnation of Eve Black . This Awareness indicates that continuanc eof this could produce five particular bodies, each claiming to be reincarnated from th esame entity . This Awareness suggests that this seeming inconsistency could, in fact ,be a reality .Question : A number of years ago, during an LSD experiment, the entity Debby h . had a voice expres sitself through her as one of these aspects that called itself the "Observer " . ft asked th equestion, something to the effect that, "Debby? Isn t that rather an odd name? What do yo uthing of Debby?" It was almost . like another entity was speaking through her . Would th einformation just given by Awareness explain this phenomenon ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness tdicates this as in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates ther eare 144 aspects of consciousness in each entity . That this actually can be divided int o12, creating 1,728 aspects . That this could also be divided by 12, labeling 12 aspect sin each entity . This Awareness indicates this as arbitrary, according to the frame o freference that entities wish to use in describin, ., the consciousness of themselves . This Awareness indicates that an entity can be described as an arm or as a hand . Tha tShakespeare used this as a means of literary genius . That the action of referring to th ehand that rocked the cradle is a means of literary t :echnigue which uses this principle .That one can be referred to as the eye, the nose, the hand ; yet in reality the entity ca nalso be referred to by a name . Sti .11 .,the entity is not the name . The entity can be referre dto by the total shape of the body, yet the entity is not just the shape of the body . This Awareness indicates entities could call each other liver, or heart, or hand, arm ,eye, nose, ears, or hair . That entities could call each other by many different names ,but the total entity is composed of Who and What lc is, has been, has experienced, an ddoes continue to experience from moment to moment . That there is no possible word t odescribe an entity, for the entity is what the entity is . I am that which I am . This Awareness indicates that entities can have many aspects of consciousness . Tha tentities can be channels for other forces, and when those forces enter in and speak throug han entity, who is to deny that the force which speaks through the entity is, at tha tmoment, part of the entity himself? This as also arbitrary . If one channels negativ eforces, can one deny the fact of being negative? This as arbitrary . One can deny the fac tof being negative, or one can accept the fact of being negative, according to the frame o freference the entity chooses to use . This Awareness indicates that if the entity wishes to identify that negative qualit ywith oneself, and say, "T am evil", then indeed the entity is evil, This Awareness indicate :that if the entity wishes to look at the negative force which is being channeled and say ,"the evil force is attempting to violate me", then indeed the evil force is attempting t oviolate the entity, and the entity can deny being part of that evil force . This can b ea reality, a truth . This Awareness indicates the word is that which creates the reality . The word create dthat which is the heaven and earth, that which is the truth from moment to moment . As yo udescribe your experience, this is the truth for you . This Awareness indicates that this use of the word is only true within your particula rframe of reference . That wherein another uses a different frame of reference to discus syour behavior, stating that they do not accept the fact that you were violated by evi lforces which possessed you and caused you to behave in a particular manner, but rathe rthink that you, yourself, are evil, these are two different frames of reference . Thi s 3.
  4. 4. Awereness indicates that from one frame of reference a particular type of behavior canbe judged as evil and wrong . From another frame of reference, that behavior can b eseen as being correct and as being right, or whereby the entity who expressed tha tnegative channeling may feel himself to be violated and victimized . This Awareness indicates it is a matter of which frame of reference are you lookin gthrough, and no communication, no clear communication, no truth can be shared by entitic suntil they lock through the same frame of reference and discuss the situation from twat:viewpoint .Closing message : This Awareness suggests that regarding the messages given in this reading, that eac hentity visualize himself as walking around through time and space with e . wooden framearound his or her body . This Awareness suggests that this may be seen as a wooden frame being held by th eentity, through which the entity looks . This Awareness suggests that you visualize this clearly for a few moments as yo uleave this reading and walk around in your daily activities . This Awareness suggests this may continue for a day or a week as you choose, an dthat you ccntinne walking around with this wooden frame in front of you, allowing yo uto look out at the world through this frame . This Awareness suggests that you do this as a reminder to question yourself as t owhat your frame of reference is, while looking at this or that concert or experience . This shall be an exercise which shall do wonders for your self-realization . Revelations of Awareness is a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmic Awareness Communications . P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 Rates and membership information available upon request . 4.