Cosmic Awareness 1977-19: Allen Michael's ETI World Master Plan


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Cosmic Awareness 1977-19: Allen Michael's ETI World Master Plan

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communication s P 0 . Rnr t g 0■yrnt a, Waslontton Pinta .1b7719 THE TRANSFER OF POWER (Continued } (The 3rd Trance-Reading For the Unified States of Awareness ) York, Pennsylvania, July 11, 1977 Paul Shockle y Trance-lnterprete rQuestion : On this July II, 1977, the 5th day of the York Convention, we are gathered togethe rto ask Awareness to comment on what. has happened to date, and to give further instructions ,if any for the concluding days of the meeting . Does Awareness have an opening message ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness has several points which need to be examined : This Awareness suggests that entities for a moment tune in silently to the energ ywhich. in present, which has been present during this convention . This Awareness suggests that: you visualise this energy, this feeling as a kind o ramplitude level which can be frozen and made permanent as though this energy were asubstance . This Awareness suggests that in visualizing this substance, this Akash awhich entities have been experiencing, which has been flowing through the hole in space ! This Awareness suggests that you visualize yourself taking hold of this energy and ,likened unto a kind of plasma, that you visualize yourself stretching this energy ove rto those areas wherein you shall be going, This being likened unto a rainbow of ligh tmoving from here to there, whereby when you arrive, that feeling and that light whic hhas been experienced here shall be there to greet von . This Awareness wishes you to visualize this clearly . That wherein there are severa lplaces that you will be moving . , that you create lights running from here to there, accord -into to whatever number of places you desire , This Awareness . suggests also that you retain the right and the Tower wherever yo uare, at any moment, to reach back to this place and draw forth to you this light, thi senergy, this Akasha, which you have experienced here . This Awareness suggests that this may be likened unto those flexible glass lamp swherein the light follows the cord of glass to end . That wherever you are, yo umay request such a cord . This Awareness suggests that as you leave this area that you this be your ne wbeginning, that you let this be your action whereby you may become energized, whereby yo umay tap into the Akashic Spirit, and whereby you may , feel the energies emanating to yO ufor your work from this time and space . This Awareness suggests that this be particularly energized on the 16th of .Jul yat 12 :30 . That wherein possible at this time, or near this time, that entities whereve ryou may be, stop whatever you are doing and tune in to this moment at this present time ,to this place, your astral bodies, your etheric hedies, shall again assemble and b epresent : ror the hirthdate or the Unified States Ut. Awareness and its varioue projects .
  2. 2. This Awareness suggests that another point : of interest being that of the transfe rof power . This Awareness indicates that the action which has occurred at this time i nthis . Xorlc . Convention as but the beginning of your work ; that those entities wbo hav ereceived this energy are also being handed . power from t :fre Inner Plane, this Power bein gthat which is great . This Awareness suggests that any entity who receives power from the :inner Plane a tthe York Convention has the obligation and duty to igive that power to others in aresponsible manner, accompanied by the wisdom and understanding which has been give nalong with this power . This Awareness indicates that any entity who attempts to-use that power for any othe rpurpose, other than giving it forth to the world, shall find themselves being likened unt oa wire which is overcharged with too much amperage ; and i.e withol.ding this energy ,resistance being built up, the wire shall simply he heated up until it burns itself in two , This Awareness suggests that as long as the energy continues to flow through you ,as long as the power flows on through you and to others, that you shall be given all tha tis necessary for your sustenance and fruition to ,do that which you are capable of doing . This Awareness suggests that so long as this energy continues and is moved ., . you shal lbe given more and more power, according to your ability co dispense that power . This Awareness suggests that you visualize a series of l2 wires with certain lelements upon these ; upon each . of those electrical elements is a positive and iegativepole . These positive and negative poles being the coordinators and their assistants .That each of those elements breaks off in to 12 more wires, having their positive an dnegative outlets . This Awareness suggests that each of these levels does transform the high voltag ewith. just enough resistance in the flow of energy so that the next level down does no tbecome burnt and shocked by the transfer of energy and power before it is capable o fhandling that energy . ilri.s Awareness suggests that you not transfer this energy so quickly to another tha tthe other. is burnt or shocked by the energy, but ghat.: you give this with . patience an dunderstanding and wisdom so that your followers, the disciples, can absorb and understandclearly that which is given . This Awareness suggests that once they . have formed their group and have the under -standing that they are then responsible for the energy, and for passing this on, tha tyou are then responsible for maintaining a clarity and the flow so that they may under -stand what is occurring on those levels above them and within their own level which they are not totally in. contact with . This Awareness suggests that the third point of interest in regards to this actio nas being that wherein each position which . is filled with, an entity receives 1 4.4 point sor talents per week for that action of sustaining the work of . the position . This Awareness suggests that this within the original. 12, for the assistants also ,except wherein there are two assistants or more . Phat wherein there are two or mor eassistants in a position, that the position is limited to 1.44 talents which may be divide damong these entities serving in that position . . This Awareness suggests that regardless of how high on the pyramid or how low, eac hposition which is filled receives 144 points per . week . This as talents pclr week, bu tthose positions which are not filled, do not receive such talents . This Awareness suggests this in reference to , entities whose acclonsare limited t othat particular position . That essentially entities who are covering 3 or 4posi .tions o na level will not receive 164 talents for each of those positions, but will rreceiv c>. J+< <talents For one position . This encouraging entitles to fill the other positioes wit hothers who may function along with them .
  3. 3. This Awareness indicates that otherwise certain entities might be inclined to hol d down several jobs, limiting the growth of the organization so as to receive salary fro m each of the various positions . This Awareness suggests that the 8th Department, that of the Trade Center, Sonn y Cole as coordinator, this to be that which keeps records of the talents of each entit y functioning within the Unified States of Awareness . This Awareness suggests that wherein entities join and fail to perform in their action s . but simply wish to receive their talents, that the group within which these entities wor k may petition and vote with each other and ask the tier below to remove these entities fo r neglect of duty . That wherein there is no tier below, that the tier of entities which ha s been completed as a unit of 12, may vote to remove this entity tor neglect of duty . This Awareness suggests that wherein the entire 12, or a large number of this 12 , having been selected, fail to perform their duties, that the entity who has chosen thes e may petition among his own peers on his own level and suggest that he or she has mad e a mistake and those entities who have been chosen are notfunctioning properly, are no t doing their work . This Awareness suggests that wherein this occurs, these 12 on this tier above ma y petition and request the other groups beneath them . This Awareness wishes this to b e clear . For example, number .6 entity on a certain group of 1 .2 may have difficulty with those she or he has selected as working on the next tier below . This Awareness suggests number. 6 then communicates with 1,2,3,6, and 5, 7, 8,9 , 10, 11, and 12 and states the problem . These 12 then, each having their own 12 beneat h them on the next level, the floor below, notifies those on the floor below that the 6t h branch has been failing in their actions and requests that the floor below do somethin g to either encourage these entities to begin working properly, or to replace this group .,.s, This Awareness suggests that if there are others on a floor below this, those on tha t lower floor shall do the replacement . This Awareness suggests that this appears to b e clear enough ; that entities can follow the implications and understand the action , This Awareness suggests that any questions regarding any aspect of what has occurre d in York, or any of the particulars, may be asked at this time . Question : Are there any documents that we are to draw up while this convention is still i n session? The Bill of Rights an d Cosmic Awareness : Other Document s This Awareness wishes the lii_il of Rights to be revised for the Unified States o f Awareness with the suggest ions which this Awareness has given, with the updating of th e wording and concepts of the original This Awareness suggests that the One World Family be included . That the original Pill . of Rights presented by the United States Constitution be revised . hat entities check this over carefully for any aspect giving freedom which needs to b e included in this new covenant : ; that those which are inappropriate, such as the right t o bear arms, the powers being held by government and those being granted by the states . this Awarens - indicates that these be extracted and allowed to remain with the old world , but that those rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, these be examine d carefully and put into proper phrases and sentences, passed among the 12 for examination ,`+- revision : circled among these for a period of time, this being at least 6 months ; tha t when agreement by all is felt, that these be adopted . This Aw9.r.eness suggests that there needs be no rush with this . That the importan t thing is agreement among all parties . That once this has been adopted, this too may b e placed available for members of .1•he UnifiedStates of Awareness as a document . Tha t 3.
  4. 4. included in this Bill of Rights, this Awareness wishes to suggest that you include th eright to amend the Bill of Rights in any manner that grants greater freedom to entitie supon this plane . That you not allow amendments that would restrict freedoms unnecessarily ,or in any manner that is inappropriate to the spirit of power to the people . This Awareness suggests that the Interpreter has written, through a channelling i n1969, that which is called "A Declaration of Interdependence" . That this be brought out ,given to the Council for revision, rewording, examination, analysis and evaluation, an dthis,too, he brought forth for adaptation as a document . This Awareness suggests tha tthis also be given time . This Awareness suggests that the material from this convention be placed in th eAkashic Record . That. these be kept in the Records Dept, and made available to those wh oare interested in these documents . That this material . may also be summarized and simplifie dand edited so that excerpts may he presented and made available to those who do not nee dthe entire manuscripts of what: has occurred here . This Awareness suggests that other manuscripts and documents which are to he place din the Records Department relate unto the various projects and branches such as th eProperty Owners Protection Association, the works of Allen-Michael, the readings whic hthis Awareness has given at previous times on the Unified States of Awareness, the names ,addresses, and telephone numbers, as well as pictures of entities who have attended thes econferences, and the tape recordings of the proceedings which occurred here . This Awareness suggests also the pictures of the buildings and various spots o finterest which were included in the activities here, such as the Plough Tavern an dThomas Paines Residence . This Awareness indicates that other documents may be added at a later time . Thi sAwareness suggests that the document : which this Awareness gave to the Aquarian Churc hwhich is titled : The Purpose and Direction of the Aquarian Churc h " , this also be adde dwith the documents . This Awareness indicates that : this document for the Aquarian Church as also applicabl eto that of the Unified States of Awareness, that this may be reprinted and applied t othe Unified States of Awareness . This Awareness suggests that other documents relating to the trade centers, to variou sprojects and activities, may be added also at a later time . That the paper which wa sgiven at the beginning of this convention : " We the Unwilling, Led by the Incapable" als obe included . This Awareness suggests, that the message given in October regarding theUnified States of Awareness also be included . That the next question may be asked . Other Priorities : (The Money Ritual)Questii .on What are the priorities, if any, for the remainder of the convention? . .other tha nwhat Awareness has indicated ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests that personal business between entities be attended, tha taddresses . be exchanged, that affection be exchanged . This Awareness suggests that entitie smove through a ritual whereby each entity takes not more than two dollars, preferabl yone dollar in change, and in a circle these entities begin walking toward one anothe racross the circle, giving pieces of silver or copper or aluminum to those whom they wis hto give this co . This Awareness suggests that this be continued for a count of 144 . Tha tthe number of people walking through the circle be limited to approximately five at atime . This Awareness suggests that this action of exchanging and sharing in this manner a sthat which shall create a spirit of unity in a symbolic sense . This Awareness suggest sthat when your money laas run out, when your dollar has been given, that you raise you rhand so that others may see yoar vacuum . This Awareness suggests this as a ritual . Tha tfollowing this ritual, entities may move into spontaneous activity . ?I. .
  5. 5. This Awareness suggests that essential .1.y the Leaits work . That there now needs to be a simple, yet relaxed and spiritual, eth,-s _Question : The Next. Meeting of the Counci l Would Awareness suggest when the Council of Twelve should next, physically, ge ttogether ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests that the physical contact is not as essential as communicat ithrough mail, through mail-outs, and through telephone . This Awareness suggests, howeve rthat wherein the 12 can reach agreement, can find the proper funds for the action, an dcan find the time and the urgency for getting together (all of this coming about throug hcommunication, that this then be expressed through the Communications Department, o rthrough the telephones of Mary Sipka so that a proper time and place may be established .This Awareness suggests that this timing he that which considers astrological impl .icati cweather, implications and financial implications, as well as the time factor whereb yentities can afford the time for gathering . This Awareness suggests that the work whic hentities have done,and can do singularly with their own groups, is that which now is mo rimportant than coming together in the immediate future . This Awareness suggests that you must remember that each entity of the 12 now ha sthe job of repeating this performance, repeating this experience, by passing on thi sinformation to 12 others who he or she will work with . This Awareness suggests that those whom you choose to work with you not be in you rimmediate area, but do need to be close enough in some way that communication can b ekept open with these twelve . This Awareness indicates this as the action of forming the 1 .44 on the 2nd tier . Tha tthe Interpreter shall have the job of defining these 144 positions which are being mad eavailable for those whom you select . This Awareness indicates there is much work to b edone in this sense . This Awareness suggests that once the 144 have been selected and the2nd tier has been formed, that a convention would be appropriate . But that this does n oexclude the appropriateness of a convention of those before this tier is formed . Is There to be a Judas-Type Role ?Question : in the gathering of the 12 disciples, is there going to be any Judas-type influenc eor role-playing ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests that there is always the potential . for alien force, fo rseparative activities . This Awareness suggests that you must be aware of all that i soccurring in terms of relationship . That the power of the ring cannot be broken so fo ras those who are in the ring hold their arms tight with each other . But wherein one o rmore becomes lazy or places his or her interests in a different direction, or seeks t (gain the power to oneself, there is danger of the ring being broken . This Awarenes ssuggests, however, that any who play this role may be brought upon the fires create dtheir own blockage of the energies . This Awareness suggests that each floor does have the right to make its own rule sdealing with its own members . This Awareness suggests that entities who are attempti rmanipulate and play games with the energies which are being transferred here, shall tlikened unto the fuse which attempts to syphon off electric energy from a wire, onl ydiscover that the :electricity was more than was bargained for . this Awareness suggests chat you not , be paranoid of the Judas types, but that v~Tsimply be discerning and be and capabilities with o ,.as,=h . This Awareness suggests that you discuss these linritat .i
  6. 6. or condemnation, but simply as an expression of your own discernment, wishing to discove rwhether you :ire discerning clearly or not, and allowing that .other thespace,to clarif yany coloration or confusion that might be present in . your discernment, or to allow tha tother the benefit of receiving the information which you have discerned so that . he or shemay apply your discerning wisdom tuThis or her action in order to clean up the act . Allen Nicha :pls ETI World Master Pla n Will Awareness please comment on the ]?TI World . Master Plan as it: is being channele dthrough Allen Michael and those entities who are spoken of in the scriptures as th e144,000 ?Cosmic Awareness : . Thia Awareness indicates that there are certain events which are occurring that super -cede other events which have been predicted, This Awareness indicates that there was aseal which was opened, a scroll, whereby the angel spoke and said to John, " Close. thi sscroll and write not of it" . This Awareness indicates that this as in relation to the movement of the akashi cenergies upon this plane, whereby time would be speeded up, whereby that which wa sprophesied would he somewhat: changed ; whereby those who followed the scriptures as though .this were a preordained plan, would find certain spontaneous occurrences which shifte dand changed the plan . This Awareness suggests that basically, the hierarchy has been functioning in a manne rof holding the power, distributing the power upon the earth in proportions which th eearth entities were capable of absorbing, holclthg this according to levels of awarenes sCo bring entities to that time whereby they could . aecept certain levels of consciousnes sand responsibility . This Awareness indicates that even messages from this Awareness given in 1960 hav ebeen changed during this time . That truth must` ever he capable of change, because chang eis, and whatever is said about anything is subject to change as changes occur . This Awareness indicates that: many Of the teachings and stateMents which have bee nchanneled by Allen Michael have been updated, and certain information has been changed .according to the movement of consciousness which has been rising . This Awareness indicates that : in the presentation of certain statements given previous -ly, that entities may find discrepencies in information which this Awareness has given ,and in the information which. ?Alen Michael has gtYen there are also certain changes an ddiscrepencies . This Awareness indicates that this does not mean that this Awareness no rAllen Michael are liens, but rather that truth changes . That anything which is said abou tanything is subject to change . [his Awareness suggests that in . looking at : a seed, an entity may state that "this i san oak tree," and. another will argue . But as change occurs, the oak tree becomes . Anothe rentity may state, "You lied to me . The tree is not a seed, it is an oak tree . " This Awareness suggests that all channels are subject to influences by the energie saround them and by the clarity of the channel . That those who speak through channels ma yor may not be absolutely clear, and those who hear the words may hear other things whic hwere not intended . Awareness indicates that what is given in a channeling may b eessential for those ears which are listening, and it may be essential for chat type o fear which hears to listen . and tohear that particular type of channeling . . .. This Awareness indicates that there are many roads to spiritual development . That ther eare many ways to direct entities along those roads . That there are many entities who wis hto be carried or led by the strong leader, the messiah ; and these entities would not eve nfollow, or move, until they find a messiah, That there is nothing wrong with the role o fthe messiah . for such entities, so long as the messiah allows those entities to be free t opartake of the waters of akasha, of Spirit, when, they arrive ; and so long as the messiah
  7. 7. loads those entities to that place of arrival . This Awareness indicates that upon this plane there are many who claim to be messiahs ,who lead their followers into jungles and into dark places and create a cult whereby the ycan feed off of the energies of their followers . This Awareness indicatee that many o fthese do not intend to let their people go . This Awareness suggests that the entity, Allen Michael, as being led by the spirit c otune into certain wavelengths whereby he may assist those entities Who need a stron gleader . That this entity as one who is playing that role and is willing at the proper tim eto release those entities . This Awareness indicates that essentially, this entity as on ewho is holding power over many, but is ready to give that power away when those entitie sare wise enough and capable of accepting that power . This Awareness indicates this entity is ot]e who is channeling and functioning i nhigh levels of awareness . That those who communicate with this entit y- also are workin gclosely in high levels of awareness . That this Awareness is that which does move an dcommune closely with all of these entities . The Role of Detroi tQuestion : Will Awareness please give further comment on the role of Detroit as the tranmutatio nof the communications system ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness indicates that Detroit as the center of the transportation . system o the United States, may be iik ;.ned unto the nerv e center ., the stomach, the chakra in th ecenter, the brain of the subconscious systems of the United States . This Awareness indicates that the Unified States of Awareness Commynicat:ions as bein gthat which beings that level . from subconscious expression to conscious expression . Tha trather than wheels which transport: entities from place to place, the action of Unifie dStates of Awareness Communication is that which trans p orts concepts and ideas from leve lto level and place to place . flow the Third Tier will be Chose nOnes ,i .on : AAwareness may have answered this question, but I ll ask it again . In reference to th e 12 board members each gathering 12 more, would Awareness please give suggestions an dadvice on how this gathering of 12 can best : be done ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests that each enti t y choose those persons who he or she feel swould work well in his or her department or branch . This ACvarenecs suggests that . you begin to ponder and energize this action, but tha tyou not make any absolute selections until the Interpreter has supplied the informatio ntegar_ding the departments, the breakdown of the department which you are working with . This Awareness suggests that you study this breakdo.n to determine what entity i scapable of running this or that department section, and in this action consider ca .pabil -(ties and the ability to relate as well as the ability of entities to respond to thes elevels of the Unified StatesofAwareness . his Awareness suggests that wherein you have strong intuitive feelings about. a nentity, and wish t:hem to be part of your team, that you may select these entities accord -ing to your wishes prior to the breakdown, prior to receiving the breakdown of your dep-artment . Awareness suggests that you make your selections slowly, carefully, with th e 7.
  8. 8. realization that these entities are going to be your bosses, are going to be in charg eof passing the power .on to et :here . That each of these entities will have to be al.h1e t orespond, giving away power, selecting 12 others, and passing the information . t his Awareness suggests that iIose entities :rust he responsible persons . That thi snot be rushed . Miscellaneous Question sQuestions : Does anybody here have any questions pertinent : to the convention that the y d like t oask? Alex ?Q . Would Awareness wish to comment : or advise, or give us any information relating t oPOPA at this time, or the first property to be put in PQPA ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests this has been given . That the college may be placed into th eprogram referred to as POPA . That this according to the arrangement : and agreements worke dout with the entities involved .Q Will Awareness wish . to advise on anything we should know in relation to the colleg eopening at this time ?Cosmic Awareness : nits Awareness suggests that the college beg .in . . . .fhi .s Awareness suggests that . youhave already received this i.nformation through y our own channel . That Use meeting tod a yalso discussed an opening date and meeting in the college on July 16th at 12 :30 PM . I hi_s Awareness suggests that from that gathering, you consider and energize and as,announce to friends and others that the college is officially open for seminars . Iliac yo uthen may begin to solicit and to rent rooms for such seminars with various groups, o rwith entities who are available to give such seminars . This Awareness indicates that within a short time energies will have increased so tha ta curriculum may be formed to allow the branches which this Awareness previously gave t ocome about . This Awareness suggests you not worry about the finished product, that yo usimply allow the doors Co open on that date, and make the announcements, and that th eaction shall begin . This Awareness suggest :s that you understand as long as you announc eto entities that the college will be opening, those entities know that the college is no topen yet: . This Awareness indicates that when you announce the college is open, thos eentities begin to consider the action of moving into the college for classes, of makin guse of this facility . The November 15 . 3977 , uud-Raisins Ce l ebration uesti .on• Would Awareness comment on the idea of having some kind of fund raising celebratio n ,on November 15th here in York, Pennsylvania ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests that this as more than appropriate ; that this as beingcelestially essential on several levels . This Awareness wishes that you inform the national news media that you are celebrat in ;the 200th anniversary of the United States . That you invite net only a few professiona lsingers and entertainers, but that you send invitations to as many as you can think o fwho might participate in the 200th anniversary of the United States . This Awareness indicates that this be accompanied by the explanation of why this i sthe 200th anniversary and how it occurred at . York, and let entities know that if they d onot attend this celebration as entertainers, donating their time to this, that they are
  9. 9. This Awareness suggests that you allow them to realize that the 13i-Centennia lexplosion of last year was but a premature ejaculation . More About the USE-TT System and Talent s tiesti.on : In regard to the USE-1T Systems, to what extent, in addition . to . the award of talent sor points for services and goods exchanged, to what extent should the USE-IT Syste mattempt to provide social services such as welfare and guaranteed annual income ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests that members of the Unified States of Awareness may be give ntalents on a monthly basis, according to the energy regulation of points or talents an dthe exchange of goods in relation to the Law of Supply and Demand . This Awareness suggest sthat wherein the supply and demand is flexible and regulated, that this may be used t ocreate a balance and harmony among the membership . This Awareness suggests that wherein the supply of items and goods becomes scarce an dthe talents become plentiful, that the amount of monthly sustenance for . membership b ereduced ; but wherein the goods and items are being exchanged freely with the spiri tintended, that the points or talents may be increased somewhat . This Awareness suggests that the Interpreter had suggested 144 points per month . Thi sAwareness suggests that this may be. appropriate, with the condition tha t . . it can be revised ,changed, increased or decreased with a 60 day notice, according to the cash. flow, th esupply and demand . That this would require statistical analysis of the changing economy . This Awareness suggests that at the beginning of this action, there is an . incentive t othe entire program, to the growth of the program, . when these talents are readi?y c..vailabl_c ,for, in looking around aL this time, ca1i obviously witness many items, man yservices available : but who among you at this time has a single talent which . can be spen tto purchase these items? For most of you would need to use a - dollar for suc hpurchase . This Awareness wishes to encourage the increase of talents on a wide scale, quickly ,so that this may become a means of exchange rapidly in . many areas with many of these USE -IT System. centers, so that entities can begin the action . This Awarenes s ` indicates that it will take a great number of talents in circulatio nbefore inflation can occur . lIow Many Talents Should Each Member Receive ?Question : Would Awareness suggest : any amount for any new member coming in to receive ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests that each member be given 1.44 talents upon the day of entr yand upon each month thereafter, and that those who bring in a new member be given 1 .44talents for that action . This Awareness suggests that each time a new member is brought in, that the cente rbe given. 144 talents for its bookkeeping a .ctivi_ties . That this continue for a period o fone year . Tha t . after one year, this may be re=examined to determine whether the numbe rof talents being given is prosperous, or Whether this is having adverse effect upon th e .trading of items and services among the members . !low to Carly the-Energy of YorktownHom eQuestion ; Would Awareness, after the closing message, please give a closing healing and energ yto the Interpreter? 9,
  10. 10. Another question :M .S . requested that a question be asked of Awareness for her . Its of a personal nature .Would it be appropriate to include it ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests that . this may be included at this time .Question : Would Awareness comment on the situation that has encountered at her job upo nher return, and whether. or not she is to continue in her 8 to 5 job ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness indicates that this as being in the affirmative for a short duration .This Awareness suggests that, the situation is seen as changing, whereby the entity shal lbecome more and more involved in her activities as one of the Council, and shall not hav ethe time for the job . This Awareness suggests that the entity shall also become more an dmore involved in the art of healing, and shall need to have more time for that action . This Awareness suggests, that the Interpreter may supply this entity with a charter ,that this has been discussed, and the entity and those from Akron may form an AquarianChurch in their area . This Awareness suggests that this can become an outlet for man yactivities and energies which will allow them to participate in other activities, whereb ythe 8 to 5 job becomes less necessary . This Awareness suggests that the present situation is related unto Newton s Thir dLaw, and a lack of preparation by this entity for her movement back . into the previou ssituations before the high level of energy at the York Convention . This Awareness suggest sthat Thomas McQuay may explain this more completely to this entity . That many of yo ushall leave this area to experience certain lows . This Awareness suggests that the opening message gave forth an imaging action whic hmay assist you in avoiding the experience of these lower vibrative levels so that whereve ryou are, regardless of the surrounding activities, you carry with you a piece of thi sconvention„ e tie, a cord, to all of those who attended . This Awareness suggests that each of you may consider yourself to be puppets on th estring, reaching to heaven . So that wherever you are, you are channels for the spiritua lenergies which you have experienced here . That you each take with you all of this energ ywhich you can possibly hold, and distribute and continue to pour this forth . This Awareness suggests that you visualize a series of great hoses pouring fort hwaters of Akasha upon this convention, and that each of you take with you one of thes ehoses to water and nurture that area where you shall go .2uestion : Awareness, S .C . had . a question of a personal nature, if this seams appropriate ?CosmicAwareness : This Awareness suggests that this be held in abeyance, given to the Interpreter swife . And that further personal questions be withheld from this reading . This Awarenes ssuggests that the Interprete r s throat as becoming somewhat strained, and that the readingmay be completed . This Awareness wishes all here in present to visualize the Interprete ras a sponge . To send forth certain light energies into his body for healing, and to chan tOM three times in this action . (AVM chanted three times . Light directed for healing) . (Continued next page) . 1.0 .
  11. 11. This Awareness indicates that by Law ofGratitude_, you are all healed . Yo uare all well . This Awareness indicates that as you have given, so it has been returne dunto you .(The Law of Gratitude is recited by all) : The Law of Gratitude is that sense of satisfacation where energy which ha s been given receives a certain reward . Energy that is given, moves out o n that curved, unequal line, and when extended far enough can only retur n to its source bearing gifts . 9r.4 :e:c ** : : c :c :rhn . . :** :c *ED S NOTE : This concludes the third and final reading given by Awareness durin gthe Yorktown Convention this July, 1977 .Readers are requested to file these three historic readings concerning the transfe rof power along with the Akashic Record, the structural pattern for-the New Ag egovernment, which Awareness unveiled at Yorktown .This combined information should be read and studied by all entities interested i njoining the Unified States of. Awareness and participating on one of the tier groups .More information on the Unified States of Awareness will be forthcoming .Readers and members of CAC who wish to join the Unified States of Awareness may do s oby sending in their names and address and statement that they wish to ratify th eUnified States of Awareness and recognize this as being the Universal Democracy andWorld Government which they wish to be associated with . That you fully understan dthat this does not relieve you from the obligations and legal responsibilities t oyour local and national governments ; that this is another level of relationship .All applications for the UnifiedStates of Awareness will be forwarded to the Record sDepartment of the Unified States of Awareness .Applications may be sent to any of the following addresses : USA Communication s 3760 Wesso n Detroit, Michigan A821 0 The Aquarian Church of Universal Servic e P .O . Box 144 Colton, Oregon 9701 7 (Or any of the Aquarian Churchs many chartered branches in th e United States and Canada) . Cosmic Awareness Communication s P .O . Box 115 , Olympia, Washington 9850 7 E Revelations of Awareness is a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmic Awareness Communications . 7 P .O . l~ox 115, Olympia, iVasitingtor . 98507 . Rates an .i membership infrrm :: .r :_t available upon. xr request . ti ~ .