Cosmic Awareness 1977-17: Belief As A Mind Control


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Cosmic Awareness 1977-17: Belief As A Mind Control

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communication s #77-17 P . 0. a 115, Olympia, W on 9850 7 THE YORKTOWN ADDRES S BY COSMIC AWARENESS Paul Shockle y (July 7, 1977 at the Conference of) (Trance-Interpreter ) New Age Group Leaders -7-7-7 7 The Transference of Powe rQuestion : Does Awareness have an opening message ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests that in this gathering there is that which is coming int ofocus from all areas of the Universe, from past, from future, and from present time . This Awareness indicates that there is that which entities on this plane refer to a s" history ." There is that which is reflected on by consciousness, and that reflection i stermed " history . " This Awareness indicates there is that which is being experienced from moment t omoment, and that is termed " mystery . " This Awareness indicates that history is that which is of the rational mind, wherea smystery is that which is of the intelligence, which is the mind occurring during th eexperiencing of the action . This Awareness indicates the action of knowledge is that which is a reflection o nan experience : that the Tree of Knowledge can be examined and can be judged pro or con ,yes or no ; that the experience which is occurring at any moment without reflectio ncannot be judged, can only be observed . This Awareness suggests that .in the movement from knowledge to intelligence, whic his the participation of the experiential levels, there comes about a growth in theconsciousness which moves the entity into deeper levels of understanding . This Awareness indicates that there is that which is intelligence in terms of th epersonal level, but also intelligence in terms of the social and national levels, an din terms of cultural levels . This Awareness indicates that throughout the Universe, each,entity has its intelligenc eThat some think in terms of knowledge, some in terms of the experiencing and the knowledge .That each entity and each culture and each accumulation of cultures has its own intell-igence, and this is prized . This Awareness indicates that in considering an action of government, there is mor einvolved in a democracy than mere intelligence : that intelligence relates only to on easpect of an integrated being ; that compassion must be present and must rule th eintelligence . This Awareness indicates that this is the old story of the mind and the heart, th emind which is the beast attempting to dominate and rule the heart ; the mind which is
  2. 2. Lucifer, attempting to dominate and rule the Christ . This Awareness indicates that wherei nthe mind and heart come together, therein lies wisdom . This Awareness indicates that intelligence and compassion create wisdom . That wisdo mbecomes the key and the funnel through which power may be transferred onto this plan eto the people . This Awareness indicates that in considering the points of power, this Awareness ha sgiven four areas : the administrative, the judicial, the legislative and the economic areas . This Awareness wishes entities to understand these areas clearly, and in that under -standing to be capable of governing themselves without reliance upon any authority or an yidealism, or any form of rules and regulations other than the understanding that they ,themselves, have in being aware . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities can become aware of their activities ,they are free fromany domination or authority over them . Wherein entities can live withi nthe laws of the universe, who can be superior to such entities?For there are none who ca ncreate laws which are above the Universal Laws . This Awareness indicates that as these points of power are deeply understood, th etransference of that power through wisdom may be handed to those who are ready to receiv ethis gift . Other Areas of Tower : p sychic Power (Possession ) . This Awareness wishes try call attention to other areas of power . This being that whichrelates unto psychic power . That the four powers which have been discussed relate basicall yunto environmental powers . The psychic powers are somewhat different and somewhat mor esubtle in nature . This Awareness wishes entities to become aware of these psychic powers, to understan dtheir nature, . and in this way become free from such powers . This Awareness suggests that the first of these powers is that which relates unt opossession ; the identification of a consciousness with something is that which is possession . This Awareness indicates that your identification with your hand creates within you rconsciousness a feeling of possession . You do not want your hand bitten . This Awareness indicates that the clothing you wear, the home in which you live, th eassociations you have with others : these are forms of possessions . That there have bee nmany conflicts in regard to possessions . Wars have erupted . Violence has erupted, an dentities have fought in terms of religious beliefs and idealisms over possessions . Ther ehave been those who talked others out of their possessions in the name of ideals, or i nthe hopes of a future fullness, or in the action of creating a feeling of guilt at havin gso much, or through the suggestion that this may be gambled now in the hopes of somethinggreater in the future . This Awareness indicates that the action of entities vying for possessions as tha twhich has had much effect in the tragedies upon this plane, that there is much power i npossessions . This Awareness suggests that the understanding of this power is enough . This Awarnes sdoes not suggest that entities give up their possessions, does not suggest that entitie scut off their hand or turn over their homes to others . This Awareness suggests that youunderstand the nature of this power of possessions . This Awareness suggests that a docto rwho has his tools cannot function without being possessive of these tools . That there i snothing more frustrating to an entity than to be stuck on the desert with a hot radiatorand the need for a screwdriver, only to discover that someone wanted the screwdriver an dtook it . 2.
  3. 3. This Awareness indicates that entities can be idealistic about : possessions, bu twhen an entity begins using his fingernails for a screwdriver, idealisms fly away . thi .s Awareness indicates that in terms of possessions, that entities do have th e that which they need in order to function and be efficient- in that whic hthey wish to be . That this right comes through the . efforts and struggles of that entit y to achieve those talents and levels of activities which the entity wishes Co relate to . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity spends years in study, ia schooling ,in receiving an education, that enti t y does not wish to have his education stolen, to giv eaway everything that has been learned for the sake of a dream or ideal . . This Awareness indicates that the same is true with the entity who has struggled fo ryears to build something in his life that is made of material goods . This Awareness indicate sthat concepts are of no greater spiritual value than are material goods, for materia lgoods do also have 1:1eir purposes . This Awareness indicates that an entity who is starvi .ttg; cannot eat a concept, bu twould do well with a sandwich . !his Awareness indicates that each thing has its purpose, and each purpose become savailable to entities who look carefully, and each entity shall discover that each momen tcontains within it that which is necessary for that moment, and the lesson which need sto be learned in that moment . This Awareness indicates that each moment also has its unfulfillinent, and these un-ful .fillments load to the next moment, and the next . This Awareness indicates that it is not the duty of a government to suppl y . possession sto entities . That is the duty of the entity to discover what.: it is he or she really wishe sto possess in his or her life, and to understand the nature of possessions . This Awarenes sindicates that it is the duty of a government. to supply an education . which goes beyond th emere act of training entities to work . and join the labor force . It is the duty of thegovernment to teach entities those things which are essential in living a happy and wholesom elife in a happy and wholesome society . The Power oa .PersonaIi.t y : This Awareness suggests that possessions is that which is the first of the psychi cpowers which entities must begin to understand more clearly, that personality is th esecond of these psychic powers . This Awareness wishes entities to look carefully at th euse of personality as a power down through the ages : Ilti .s Awareness suggests certain names : . . .Ruddha, Christ, H .a, Isis, Osiris, Adolp hHitler , ler, Krishna . this Awareness wishes you to look carefully at these, names . That under each of thes enames in your history are strewn thousands and thousands of dead bodies, having died fo rthe personality, in worship of that personality . This Awareness wishes you to understand the nature of the power . 01: personality, tha tyou may grow wise and avoid personality cults . Ig or it is not important who says what ; i tis important that entities begin . to understand life . And whatever source this informatio ncomes from, which assists entities in understanding themselves and understanding life ,this source is of no great importance ; but the understanding and the wisdom is . that whic his the jewel ., the pearl of great price . Phis Awareness wishes to caution entities in any form of personality cults to avoi dany action of express lug in defense of a personality for the ideals which arc bein gexpressed . That wherein entities begin co point at the personality, rather than at th emessage, that organization has begun to fall apart in terms of being a spiritual object . 3.
  4. 4. This Awareness indicates that It does not wish for entities to point their finger sat Cosmic Awareness and say, " This is our leader" ft asks entities to look at th einformation this Awareness is giving, . and ask yourselves : " Ts this something that ca nbe applied in my life" ? tin s,Awareness indicates that the secon d , of these psychic powers, personality, mus tbe examined and thoroughly understood before .entities can be tree from this power . Desire as a Psychic Power : (In Search of a Messiah ) This Awareness indicates the third powea of the psychic forces is, tha t . of desire . Tha tdesire is that which is a motivating force for entities . That desire is bnportant an dnecessary in order for entities to survive . Without desire, entities would not move .Without desire, entities would not change , This Aataarenes s . indicates that desire is the burning fore . of life, that the motivatio nis that which is of great importance . This Awareness indicates that entities have been given strange values upon this plane :that entities affected by Rhyee, the Lucifer, having been given values of significance ,separateness, and feelings of grandeur, have created many man y . demons from their variou sdesires . This Awareness indicates that there are many entities throughout : the UnLvers cwho are still somewhat affected by the Luciferian consciousness . That many entitie swould desire to be a messiah if allowed . This Awareness indicates that each messiah which comes :.along, essentially is a hitci,for , separate action .creating a feeling of separateness, creating a feeling among the masses ofth.i .s Awareness indicates that Lucifer has had his place, that Lucifer as that which . ha sbrought about the growth and development of individuality : that this has been a definit edevelopment, unique in the Universe . This Awareness indicates . that Luci .s:er ha s . inhabited the consciousness of nearly ever ygreat religion . .That the action ,of a messiah, being a great teacher, is quickly followed .by turning that messiah into a personality, a figurehead : and that figurehead become sLucifer, which hooks the consciousness of entities, which pulls those entities like a ,hypnotic bauble, holding those entities on that figurehead, trapping those entities s othat . they become fanatical and caught by their . messiah . This Awareness indicates that tlai .s messiah then is no longer a deliverer, but is anothe rLucife.r . This Awareness wishes entities to look at the teachings and to examine, and t olearn whatever is of value, and . to forget the personality factor . This Awareness indicates that the motivation of these messiahs, the motivation of al lentities, is that which must be examined when entities come in cont r.ont:at:ion with on eanother . This Awareness suggests that desire is motivation . That motivation and desire are th emoving forces . That it has been given in Communism that the ends justify the means . It ha sbeen given that in the Western world, in. a democracy, . that the means create the end . Thi sAwareness wishes entities to understand that the .means is the end, and is the motivation . This Awareness indicates that this third of . the psychic controls and powers must b eunderstood . For desire can be a great blessing and can lead . entities to create works o fgreat: . art upon this plane, can lead entities to create treat societies of harmony an dbeauty . .That desire can also lead to that which is likened unto a snakepit . This Awareness wishes entities to look closely at these areas, for the government o fa society cannot regulate the desires of entities other that through the culture and th eartistic levels of expression . This Awareness suggests that entities in looking at thi smay discover that certain types of entertainment ., certain types of art, are more conduciv eto harmonious desires, and others are conduci .,ve, to . conflict and violence . .This Awarenes swishes entities to study this carefully, for desire is a very powerful force . 4 .
  5. 5. Idealism as a Psychic Contro l This Awareness suggests that :. the fourth of these psychic controls is that which i :known as idealism . That ideals have led entities into violence, into wars, into fanaticis mhave led children astray, departing from their parents, have led parents to reject : thei rchildren, have separated husbands and wives, have created division among neighbors, hav ecreated conflict among the nations . Chis Awareness indicates that religions have spent inch energy disputing each other ideals . This Awareness indicates that entities have used ideals to drain the energies o Iothers, have used ideals as a form of fishhook to catch the sucker . This Awareness sugges tthat idealism is of value when fully understood, for without ideals entities would not :.rise . This Awareness :indicates that ideals as that which lilts the spirit :, lifts the hope sand lifts the efforts of entities to surpass themselves . tlti_s Awareness indicates that wherein entities have ideals and can apply those ideal sf o where they presently are, so that in one step at a time entities can see that it i spossible to move to that ideal, this becomes a very powerful action which allows eut :It Le s freedom from ideals, yet the freedom and power to use those ideals . This Awareness suggests that wherein . entities simply have ideals out there" and sa ythat this is how it should he, or this is how it has to be, or this is the only way, o rsome other terms to describe an ideal situation, but do not supply the steps in between ,these entities are engaged in escapism and are not facing reality, That reality is tha twhich is integrated on all levels and that the integration does mean that entities can .move from the material present into the abstract eternity, but can make this movement ste pby step without the leap of confusion, without leaving others behind, without claimin gto be of divine levels and insinuating that others are of lower level . This Awareness suggests that wherein an entity has discovered a temple of gold in th emountains and wishes to enter into the village below and to talk about this temple o rgold, but asks that entities give up all their possessions to join in following an dexploring this temple of gold in the mountains, and this entity refuses to tell other sthe way, but claims to have a freedom waiting, and all that is ever desired as An idea lsituation waiting for those who will follow . This Awareness indicates there is somethin gawry in that kind of sharing : that entities who have something to share need not as kothers to follow on faith, to give up all that they have and to take a chance . This Awareness indicates that entities who have something to give can give this wit hunderstanding, and can express this in a manner that allows others to understand clearl ywhat= they are entering each step of the way . This Awareness cautions entities to be awar eof the power of idealism, for it has led to great tragedies when misused and misapplied . Mind Control Forces : Words and Number s This Awareness indicates that there are four other powers, these being mind contro lforces . The first of these relating unto words and numbers . This Awareness wishes entities to understand that words and numbers are not realitie sare all lies . That truth is only in the experiencing, in the action of being ; that th ethir ; itsel f is what it is ; that the name is the illusion . This Awareness indicates that nothing is stable . Everything is in movement . That th euniverse is a verb, an action, and a state of being . This Awareness wishes entities t ounderstand the power of the word, the nature of description : for description and word -powers create in consciousness, even as the chisel in the hand of the sculptor create son marble . This Awareness indicates that your words come true, That the words of other scome true . That wherein words are in conflict, this may be likened unto a sword fight . This Awareness indicates that words are likened unto swords, carving out the consci oHess of yourself and others, making your world as you speak ; that there are Words comin ginto your world from outside forces, frois outside interferences, and your words are dice r•t•1 cn 5 .
  6. 6. This Awareness indicates that all of these words create, for you that which is . Thi sAwareness wishes entities to learn to use their words skillfully, to learn to defend them -selves properly with their words, to learn to defend theetights of each. other with thei rwords, to learn to use words for creating beauty and harmony . This Awareness asks you to avoid the use of words for destructive purposes, fo rchopping off the heads of others in order to he taller yourself, . for carving out your nam eand fame at the expense ef others rights . This Awareness wishes entities to be aware of the use of words, from your own mout hand from the mouths of others : for these are likened unto swords and can cut and ca nharm, or can cut and carve great beauty . Rational . Mind as aMIndeConcro l This Awareness indicates that the second of these :mind powers which i s . to be released ,is that of the rational mind . This Awareness wishes entities to understand that for man ythousands of years the mind has been rationed upon this plane, and entities have been .receiving only a small portion of the consciousness which is available . This Awareness indicates this as termed the raeicaal mind . This Awareness suggests .that as the rational mind becomes more obsolete and the holistic, or holy mind, the tota lmind, becomes more the implement, that . entities shall begin to understand greate rfreedoms and shall move beyond any control . This Awareness indicates as long as entities are subject to rational thinking : thinkin gin terms of words and ideas and concepts that lead from one seep to another,from this pipe of thought to this pipleliae, brought about from this train of thought t othat train of thought, relating in linear levels across the board, across the walls, fromone aspect to another, all of this linear thinking : if this is so ; then that must be so ,then it follows that so and so is-so . This Awareness indicates all of this is but game-playing . Setting up the rules in . thefirst place sets the game . This Awareness suggests that rational: thinking begins with apremise, and the premise is as questionable as anything else ; but the premise must h econsidered as absolute for the rational mind to play its game . Thus entities begin wit hthe premise that all is matter,, and out of matter came humanity, and therefore, humanit yhaving evolved from matter, is moving toward this or that direction . This Awareness indicates all of this is rational thinking . That the holistic thinkin g(the total, or holy thought), is that which recognizes humanity is, I am, we are, all . is ,matter became, spirit mas, is and always shall be . What is, is : and anything said about :this is but a reflection, a verbalization, a thought, and is one dimension behind . This Awareness indicates that the reality level, the holistic . thinking, is in harmony.with the experience, and does not reflect on the experience, or glory in its reflection .That the rational mini is that which reflects on theseperience and says, "Oh, my, wha thave 1 been, " or, "What have I done? " This Awareness indicates rhile this rational mind is reflecting, the spirit, th eholistic mind, is experiencing and moving on . This Awareness indicates that too ofte nentities become caught up in the rational mind and find themselves getting further an dfurther behind the stream of consciousness which has flowed on . This Awareness indicates that entities can become so locked in their rational thinking ,their absolute premises, and their absolute conclusions, that they . are crystalized an dturn to stone, while consciousness has moved on and is flowing freely . This Awareness indicates that consciousness is likened unto a stream that cannot b econtained and that it can he experienced ; and from consciousness, entities can take th ewaters of akasha and can mold this or . that image, can. make this or that experience . Bu tthese experiences can only contain life so . long as they . remain in the water and in th espirit, and do not become absolute in terms of a holding action . When actions become such . 6.
  7. 7. nthat they are made significant to the point ?here they flatter, these actions then begi .rom this image and the form begins t oto squeeze the life and spirit, the water, tcrystallize and die . f .tncl your actions in lornri .l, a governmen t tlii_s ,wureness indicates that any time you tOO much, you had bette rbecoming too serious, too significant ., and beginning to matterbegin to laugh and joke and lighten the action or your action shall die . This Awareness suggests that self-government must be fun for all entities in orde r b le and light . g hat totalitaria nfor it to survive . That self-government must he enjoya htypes of government in the past have been heavy, have mattered, and have led to deat .end destruction ; and they, themselves, also experienced that death This Awareness suggests that in keeping your actions clear, you may also keep you ractions light . The Power of Philosoph y Ibis Awareness indicates that words, rationalizations have power, arc potent force s a powerful .and must_ be understood . t hat there are also they forces of philosophy . This as . which has been implemented by various situations through civililization stool : this as thatthat have lifted entities into great accomplishments, and also have degraded entir ecivilizations through some philosophical ideal . his Awareness suggests that the actions philosophizing, attempting to understan d ,lire, getting energy from others tby etlenipting to discern or to discover the purpose of life : all of this action is bua d version from the act of living . This Awareness wishes entities to look carefully at the power of philosophy . Tha t philosophy can lift an entity out of his quagmire, but philosophy can also lift a n entity out of life, so that the cut ity never begins to really live because he is thinkin g .about : living . This Awareness suggests that this is ih power which entities 1111 come t o understand in order to use it wisely . 13e l iet as a Mind Control . This Awareness suggests the final mind control force is that of belief : For belie f is that which has been used most deeply in controlling the minds of entities . This Awareness asks you not believe anyone, not to believe this Awareness, not t o "relieve your own ears, not to believe anything, or any entity who claims to have th e answer for you . T his Awareness asks you instead of believing, to question, to doubt, to examine, an d to thoroughly experience as much as is possible what : is being presented to you in eac h moment . ate in this manner you will not need to believe anything, for you will be livin g in each thing . This Awareness indicates that in living fully, you will understand and need not tak e anything by faith . ilhie Awareness suggests that for those of you who wish to follow , who wish to rely on others, that this may be done ; but for you to understand the natur e of belief is cseenti .al if you are to be free of this power . this Awareness suggests that often entities do not have the time or inclination t o purse e every Corm of experience, and must take the word of an authority, and therefor e believe in hat authority . This Awareness indicates this as your choice, and this a s appropriate wherein these beliefs are not too important to you . This Awareness suggests that it does not wish you to give up all beliefs or to believ e jrnon-believing, but rather co understand the nature of belie so chat you are free t ouse that power rather than be used by . This Awareness indicates that this as sufficien tfor an opening n;ossege at this time . 1 Revelations of Awar::ness is a cosmic f c .islcltrr pubiidc•e 1h, Cosmic Awaisnes s r 1 O . 13(11 !Iti, r ?lyiul i Washington MiO. ?alas ;gnu un•hhcrstip intirttnatiun av,iil :f t ttr ui>ni : rcyu ;st ~