Cosmic Awareness 1977-08: (Manifesting the new Age) Your help Required Now to move Spirit In


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Cosmic Awareness 1977-08: (Manifesting the new Age) Your help Required Now to move Spirit In

  1. 1. RetletaeZe4g4 Cosmic Awareness Communication s #73. 8 P. O . Om 115 . Olympia, Washington .88507 (MANIFESTING THE NEW . AGE ) YOUR HELP REQUIRED NOW TO MOVE SPIRI T INTO FORM SO PLANE CAN BE TRANSFORME D (An address by Cosmic Awareness to Its Ministers of the Aquarian Churc h of Universal Service, Feb . 12, 1977 . Paul Shockley, Interpreter ) This Awareness indicates that the actions which are now occurring in this place, . with these entities present, as that which is the culmination of many actions wherei n many entities have been led to move into certain high levels of relationship with one another, to come together in an action which has been indicated for some time previous . This Awareness indicates these entities herein present and those others who are t o he involved in this action shall find themselves moving into closer harmony, close r understanding, closer in terms of co-creative action and shall find that they ar e working as a unit in an action that begins to emanate and flow and bring forth majo r levels of light and vitality and wisdom to other entities . This Awareness indicate s that this light shall emanate, shall radiate and shall begin to spread to other areas , and in this action a field of light shall begin to develop . This Awareness indicates that the purpose of bringing these entities together, th e purpose of bringing that together. which is the Aquarian Church of Universal Service , is to bring into action, to bring down onto . this plane to manifest and to put int o practice those theories and philosophies an d . ideals that this Awareness has been feedin g to this plane for some thirteen years . This Awareness indicates that the actions of Cosmic Awareness Communications a s that which is to provide the philosophical expression, the understanding, the ideals , and to give forth the abstract wisdom whereby entities can begin to understand them - selves and their universe more clearly . This Awareness suggests that in the action of the AA uarian Church, this be one o f application, wherein the application of these principles are plotted upon the physica l plane and wherein the application of these principles is made such .that entities ca n begin to experience in reality levels that which has been,spoken of in previous times . This Awareness indicates that it has been given that the Aquarian Church shall b e a church which is giving support to other churches, to other groups . This Awarenes s indicates that the support which is to be given is that ., support which assists in realign - .ing those organizations, those churches which have veered off the course . This Awareness suggests that down through the,ages this Awareness has watche d entities upon this plane moving from place to place searching for purpose, searchin g for meaning, finding false values, discovering areas of greed, lust and power, pursuin g self-interest, only to discover self-destruction . This Awareness has watched nations rise and fall, has watched civilizations gro w and diminish, has watched cultures come into being, flourish and . been blown away . .
  2. 2. This Awareness has watched entities as they discovered great truths and the nwatched these truths being sold on the market place a€ the price of their souls . Thh s`Awdreness has t,aatched entities as they moved into Level of awareness, a sthey have moved into the discovery of the truths, as have moved into effort sto give forth their understanding, as they communicated with this Awareness an dhave attemptedt6 - re-communicate this has watched this effort by man y is they attempt to give forth their vision to the masses, and has watched the masse stake this vision and distort this vision into religions which condemn, which becom ea means of manipulation which becomes the efforts of a few to control the minds an dnurses of many, and has watched these religions make war upon other religions whic hessentially were begun by the same source . . of information . And this Awareness has watched these conflicts grow from time prior to my for mof written history upon this plane, has watched this repeated again and again . Thi sAwareness indicates that at the present time many religions again have distorted th eteachings of those who have been in touch with higher levels of censciousness, an dagain these religions are often condemning, creating guilt among their followers ,creating feelings of hostility toward others, toward other religions, and in genera l;ostering (and festering) that which does make war between thoughts, ideas of consciou s -ness and entities . This Awareness suggests that at this time, this Awarenesshas moved in close upo nthis plane to communicate with entities, not to change the old religions, not to destro ythe old religions, but to realign their directions, their navigations, to assist thes egroups and religions as they navigate toward their. Source . This Awareness suggests that the action of the Aquarian Church shall be to assis tin communicating certain principles which allow entities to see the fruits and th eresults of these principles when applied . This Awareness suggests that the action of the magazine is according to your ow ndiscretion, yet this Awareness suggests that a magazine of some type be presented fo rthe Aquarian-Church, that this magazine be one wherein this Awareness can communicat ewith entities upon this plane, to assist in bringing about that New Age ; that Kingdo mwhich has been promised whereby entities upon this plane shall have freedom from want ,freedom from fear, freedom to live in harmony . This ;Awareness that much has already been given whereby entities ca ntrunk about these, principles, can think about these abstract realms, that this Awarenes srow wishes theuarian Church to present some form of magazine or newspaper or news - :otter that goes forth unto entities and does begin to bring down-unto the physica ., plane those concepts, those principles, those ideals and those abstracts which have been indicated for the Aquarian Age as a social lifestyle . This Awareness indicates that timeis growing short inmany ways upon this plane ,that there is a great need for focusing which must occur ; for without that focusin gthere are those entities which can very easily move this energy into an entirel yO .ifferent direction . This Awareness indicates that the year previous to this . was a great turning p e tin the direction of power upon this plane . This Awareness indicates that certai nforces were deflected, and the actions of those who would have set up a world dictator -ship have been at least temperarily set back, and now is the time wherein entitie shave the opportunity to carry forth the revolution whicli was begun in thefoundin gof the United States of America, wherein certain principles which were begun at tha ttime are now carried through, and other principles may be added to these wherein allmen and women and children upon this plane find themselves the inheritors of freedom . This Awareness suggests that it is time for entities to come together, to wor ktogether, to add their energies together, to think deep, to look deep, to cease i nefforts of escapism, to see what the priorities are, to see what the urgencies are , Page 2 .
  3. 3. and to ask themselves and each other : " What, can I do to assist in . bringing in th e .New Age, in bringing in this new Space Age Society? " This Awareness indicates tha t , the, efforts to bring this new Space Age Society int obeing can be viewed as difficult, but this is not necessary . This Awareness suggest sthat all that is necessary is that entities remain open, communicate clearly, respon dto each other and respond to urgencies which can be felt and seen, and communicat ethese urgencies to one another . This Awareness suggests that in terms of the financing of this action that you no tconcern yourself greatly with where the money. shall come from ; that you allow thi sAwareness to speak to entities regarding this, and that these entities shall feel th eurgency and shall participate in the action wherein they can see that something i sactually being accomplished rather than abstract concepts being discussed . This Awareness suggests that this as not necessarily the magazine in which youare presently concerned with . That the choice is yours . That the magazine can b ecombined with this action or can be through some other form of action . This Awarenes sindicates that if the choice is . that this Awareness may communicate with entitie sthrough this magazine or through another magazine through the Aquarian Church, thi sAwareness suggests that the newsletter, magazine or newspaper contain a message fromthis Awareness in each issue, and that further explanations of the progress may b egiven ; that the story which is being channeled through this Interpreter may also b eincluded . This Awareness indicates that there is an alchemical in this, imaginary story o fthe three ships . This Awareness indicates that the ship as a logo for the Aquaria nChurch is by no means an accident, that this is a symbol which is very ancient a nhas its symbology as being that of the soul as it sails through time and space . This Awareness indicates that you understand also that the soul is the imagination ,that you understand also that the three ships, the ship known as the Goodship bein gthat which is the addressor : the ship which is the merchant ship, which is the aquisitio naspect of the soul, and the Friendship that which is the associating aspect of thesoul, that part which communicates with other aspects of the universe ; and the Enterprise ,that which is the individuality which searches for being, searches for its Source .These three aspects make up the true soul, and . the action of having a story basedaround these qualities is that which communicates deeply to the subjective, or th esubconscious mind of entities, to allow a unification to take place between thes esubjective levels and the conscious levels . This Awareness indicates that the movement . of the Aquarian Church symbolized asa ship is that which is assisting in a navigation . process, whereby many of the religion swhich were based upon spirit, but which have moved into form and formality, again be reoriented to sail through the straight and narrow passage that leads from the Piscea nAge into the Aquarian Age . This Awareness wishes entities,to understand that the magazine, the Aquarian Church ,the United States of Awareness, all of these projects are but the form and are not th espirit ; yet, the form is that which is necessary for the spirit to enter and have it seffect upon this plane . This Awareness indicates that . the cup . carries the water, yet the cup is not th ewater, yet the cup is necessary for the water to be carried . This Awareness indicates that it is essential, it is necessary in order to brin gabout changes upon the physical plane, to move the spirit through form ; it is th eresponsibility of entities to create and hold those forms long enough for the spiri tto have its effect . This Awareness indicates that a s these forms are held and the spirit begins to mov e through these forms and has its eifec t upon this plane, other forms shall be create d Page 3
  4. 4. and shall pick up and hold and convey the spirit . This Awareness indicates that ;.,a slikened unto a great fountain which is :1jiig given and ispouring forth upon thi splane, this fountain being that which pours forth anti-matter, which pours fort hspirit, which pours forth the waters of passion ; and whereby entities may come,wit htheir vessels, with their forms, With their organizations, with their concerns . and.their ambitions and their dreams and hopes, and whereby these may b e , filled and wherebythese may be touched and vitalized with this spirit, with this water . And, in thi saction of spreading th e –light, the light of Akasha, a new world can begin to be : nourishe dfrom these waters and new forms shall appear . This Awareness indicates the"choice of how entities wish to present this particula rmagazine is yours, but this Awareness auggests that within the Aquarian Church amagazine be created which allows a focus whereby this Awareness - can communicat eentities upon this plane . This Awareness indicates in the particular magazine which this Awareness woul dcommunicate, this Awareness will give guidance to entities upon thi s plane . wherebytrade centers may be set-up, whereby counseling services may be set u_pa whereby communa lrelationships may he created" in such aManner that a sharing occurs, whereby entitie smay begin to work together to do those things that: they enjoy doing, and ; nfind their needs supplied . This Awareness indicates that much information on this has already beenigiven~_ .that there has been "that"which thisAwarenessrefers to as the United States of Awareness ,whereby entities can co-create and work together without the medium of money exchange ,and yet, whereby all entities prosper and benefit greatly--more greatly than wherei nmoney is being used and controlled by afew . This Awareness indicates that the AquarianChurch and ;entities involved have bee nasked to serve one another, that this action of entitiesserving one another is suc htlat all may win and none may lose . This Awareness indicates in the old ways wherei ncompetition reigned there always those who lost and the who won . This Awarenes sindicates that it no longer the fashion to inyour victory over the loss o fanother .–e This Awareness indicates that any entity who finds his security at the expense o fanother is not in the accordance with the il :of airs Awareness ; that any entitywho can work with others, and through co-creativeaction assist himself and the other ,that this is in accordance with the will of this Awarenes s This Awareness indicates that the energies upoh this plane are growing and changin gin such a manner that the old ways shall no longer profit . This Awareness has .watchedfor eons of time and has watched entities benefit at the expense of others . Thi sAwareness has watched the forces of greed, the forces ofpower as they violated anddestroyed others and grew more powerful :" This Awareness indicates that these times are over ; that now there shall be n oforce of power that can violate others without being caught in a whirlwind and brough tinto the, front. and into the for all of consciousness to look at, lto observe. and. , ; ;to bring, back into realignment . ri ! This Awareness indicates that in terms of what projects shall be brought forth ,that these projects shall be such that entities who become involve d , . shall profit tenfol dthe amount of energy that they put into the project . This Awareness indicates that th eentities who become involved in these projects shall find themselves growing in level sof responsibility : and in giving service to others, and in finding . association wit hothers, and in finding a purpose and direction in their own lives ` wlich gives greate rmeaning to their lives than they have ever previously experienced . .., This Awareness indicates that this action of becoming involved in these variou sprojects shall assist in creating a new world, whereby not only,, the entities that shal lfollow, the children and the grandchildren shal l . benefit, but .,the entities present andliving today who associate with it, these also shall benefit . Page- 4
  5. 5. This Awareness indicates that each of these projects shall be breught into greate r focus in further readings and in further messages relating unto these correspondences . This Awareness suggests that in terms of the magazine, that the articles containe d within the magazine may be of general interest and of broad scope, that the particula r message which this Awareness would convey shall be presented with each issue and shal l bring forth the methods by which the new Space Age Society may be made manifest upo n this planet . This Awareness indicates that for many years you have struggled and worked to b e responsive to the requests of this Awareness . This Awareness indicates that it is no w time for others to begin putting in their energies and responding to these actions . This Awareness indicates that it will not be much longer that you shall be in grea t need and find such difficulties in continuing the response to the requests of thi s Awareness . This Awareness suggests that there soon comes great benefits which allo w you to have the funds, the means and the energies whereby you can begin and carr y forth the manifestation of the New Age upon this plane . ED S NOTE : The first issue of the magazine Awareness requested in this reading i s just now off the press . It contains numerous New Age articles, messages from Cosmi e Awareness and an article by Paul Shockley, assistant editor and trance Interprete r for Cosmic Awareness . C .A .C . members are requested to support these beginning action s of the Aquarian Church of Universal Service that must be energized if the New Age i s to manifest upon this plane on schedule . Asubscription to their new magazine, LIGH T will keep you informed on these important projects that YOU can participate in a s Spirit is moved into form to bring about the changes that must occur on the physica l plane . The first issue also contains information on the proposed new money syste m anda New Age credit union for entities on this plane . Additional information an d the " Cosmic Awareness Co-Creation Bond of Freedom " (an offer to join with Awarenes s i:.o help manifest the New Age) is enclosed with the magazine . . Subscription rates t o LIGHT Magazine are $9 .00 per year or $5 .00 for six months . The address : Aquarian Church of Universal Service, P .O . Box 40083, Portland Oregon 97240 . For those who do not wish to subscribe just now, a copy of the historic first editio n of LIGHT magazine is available for $1 .25, which includes postage and handling . Availabl e from the above address or from Cosmic Awareness Communications, PO Box 115, Olympi a ,, Wn . *******4; MORE ABOUT UFO S, "SUPERNATURAL PHENOMENA",THE HOLLOW EARTH ETC .Question : Member. D .G . asks : "What were the human faces of gigantic proportions whic hwere seen floating by the object glass of the telescopes by a number of reliabl esources in London one summer in tha mid eighteen-hundreds? Did these profiles haveanything to do with a most malignant and fatal form of asiatic cholera which wa sr .gingthrough London one summer in the 1800s ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness indicates that there are, upon your plane, certain entities :these particularly beneath the surface of the earth, who have a very advanced science . That the UFOs often seen, are connected with these entities . That these entitie shave been upon this plane for many centuries, for many thousands of years . Thi sAwareness indicates that many of the so-called " supernatural phenoimena" Which occur sup on your plane is the result of actions brought about by these entities . This Awareness indicates in this case, these faces were projected by these entities ,using methods similar, but not the same, as certain methods which were used recentl yby the CIA in areas of Central America, wherein particles and substances were droppe dinto space and films were projected upon these particles to influence the superstitiou snatives upon the earth below . This Awareness indicates that the purpose of this was t o Page 5
  6. 6. frighten the natives away from the area . This Awareness indicates that theactio n in England was of a different motivation and using a different kind of ptojection , which did not use particles in the air, which were placed there, but did . makc`•us e of particles which already present : these being more likened unto that forc e wherein laser beams are used to create third dimensional images: This Awareness indicates these forces which have existed and have used thei r machines and technology from the, time of Atlantis and before, were essentiall y experimenting with mind-control to affect the masses of England, and alsototes t their equipment . That this action can be duplicated on a Smallerscale your laser ; beams scientific laboratories today . } t " ` This Awareness indicates the information relating unto these entities as, complex . That this relates unto the hollow earth theory and unto the origins of certain 2orces : the Titans, and others, are from other planetary systems, which would l " "! require more time than this present reading can give . 3c :J `i1? -` HOW ABOUT THI S Question - .- o n Awareness, one of the most common questions we keep getting persistently from ,members is requests for more information on UFOs and the middle earth . Is itwill of Awareness that sometime we could have tie . complete arid- detailed reading o nthis subject, and we could publish it once and ;,for, . .all for the people? Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness indicates this as in the affirmative, That the informationrequire more than one reading . CO RECOMBINANT PNA TECI IQUE 0 (How Entities Create thei r .` • Own Bodies , before ,B r ..t* vs -,i n A question from C .H . of Arcata, Calif: "Recently, the technique of recombinan tDNA, which many scientists claim offers,great promise for knowledge, but which als oholds the possibility for mutant strains- .e,fbacteria to escape and plague mankind ,has become the topic for public inquiry and-governmental Controls . I would like Awarenes sto comment on the arrival of this knowledge at this point of time on thiswhether this is an . echo of the Atlanteans experiments, or before . "Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness indicates this as in the affirmative . That in general the Atlanten sapproached this in a much different manner . This Awareness indicates that the Atlnntean s:sere not as impressed by the nature of the DNA and the cellular structure, for the eunderstood all as being subject to consciousness . This Awareness indicates , that through such concepts as hypnosis, as used byth e< .tlanteans, the DNA structure could be manipulated and changed through th e imagin gp rocess, through suggestions, through repeated imaging . , This Awareness indicates that this is the process entities use in bringing fort htheir own bodies before entering this plane ; , Through tapping into the psyche of th emother and father and through their own imaging, they evolve a synthesis of he feeling sand images, this synthesis being the physical body at the time of birth . This Awarenes sindicates that .the present scientific approach be} .ng more concerned with the matter :seeing forces as though these forces were ma€era in nature is somewhat different fro mthe Atlantean approach, which recognized that there is matter as such , , but that .111: ern:. eis , Page 6
  7. 7. is image and vibration, being created by consciousness, through its own ability t o focus and to control the vibration and the forms, particularly when in deep, subjectiv e levels . HOW TO OVERCOME SELF-CONSCIOUSNES S WHEN FACING THE EYES OF OTHERS uestion : 1 would like Awareness to comment on my excruciating self-consciousness an d apparent guilt in facing the eyes of others, and what I can do to he free of this burden i Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests that you are, in actuality, judging yourself as bein g inferior to your own standards of what you should be . That wherein you look at other s :n( . see them looking at you, you assume that they see you as you see yourself i n eation to your ideals, being unable or unwilling to live up to these ideals . . This Awareness suggests that you look into a mirror, staring at your eyes ., . seein g . the pupils alone, focusing upon the pupils, visualizing the entity behind those pupil s as being your ideal self, being everything that you would ideally ., believe , yoursel f capable of being . That you then make three spins or turns ina clockwise direction , look again at the pupils of the eyes in the mirror, visualize the eyes, the entit y behind the pupil being everything that you dislike about yourself . This Awareness suggests that then you make three turns clockwise, look again int o the mirror at the pupils ofthe eyes and visualize the entity as being a composite o f both the ideal and the entity which you would despise or dislike, and seeing thes e move into the same form, seeing these come together . This Awareness suggests that you visualize these two entities living withi n the same physical body : the ideal and the inferior, both trying co inhabit and posses s and express themselves through this same body . This Awareness suggests that, you imagine the ideal attempting to remain with it s ideal values while being possessed by who is inferior and unable to, or unwilling o live up those ideals. This Awareness suggests that you then visualize the inferior entity who must liv e in this body with one who has such high ideals as are disgusting, as are impractical , ard as are beyond the level of application in terms of what is actuality . This Awareness suggests that then you visualize these two entities cozmnunicatin g toget :her, making peace with one ano .t .her, wherein the ideal entity allows . certai n to enter into the being, which are not of an ideal nature, but that the idea l >ri:ity allows himself to become . ._ tolerant as though tolerance were also part of idealism . This Awareness suggests that you also allow the entity who is inferior in feelin g t o cake on certain ideals being impressed from that other entity, so that the entit y is rebellious toward the ideals acknowledges that if you can be more tolerant o f m: r , I can also live up to certain ideals which you would like me to hold, withou t being hostile toward these . This Awareness indicates in this manner, through self-talk, you can begin to accep t yourself and find a workable relationship between these two parts of yourself to allo w therm to blend into one entity which has ideals and weaknesses, is neither perfect no r.,,, mperfect, but is in fact, who you are, acceptable and loved, even with the flaws, eve n 4s this Awareness accepts you . This Awareness wishes entities to understand that It does not ask entities to b e perfect in the sense of ideal perfection . Page 7
  8. 8. This Awareness indicates that It asks your to accept yourself and td lov eone another . This Awareness indicates that you are perfect when you cart accept your imperfectio nrnd the imperfection ef others, and still work toward improving yourself . A BABYDIES . THE PARENTS WONDER, WHY ? (A COSMIC VIEW OF ONE COUPLE S QUANDARY )!uestion : We have just lost our youngest child, and have many deep feelings and wondering sconcerning this . One morning, our daughter of only 72 days left her body, due physicall yto spinal meningitis . We wereonlyaware of her being ill for 12 hours . Would Awarenes snlease help us to understand why she came and left so fast, what her relationship t othis psychic storm that has been talked about Was, what lessons can be garnered fro mthis experience, what her and ourpreviods karmic links may have been, and if wel lbe with her again in this lifetime ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness indicates that the entity did return, knowing that her sojourn i nthis particular life would be very brief . This Awareness indicates that the entity as one who inherited this brief lif ethrough a karmic . experience from her previous lifetime . This Awareness indicates thi sas that which needs not be looked at at this time. That the entity did move into this plane and into AniriVolvement with you and you rfamily through a relationship of a previous lifetime, yet also as a message to you fro manother plane : the message being that which was deemed as necessary in her life expressio ndt .ring this brief time . This Awareness suggests that you look at the brief experience as though it were astatement being given to you by this entity . That this may be experienced as a statemen tt•l you about the levels of sensitivity which existed within your psyche prior to th eb_rth and after the departure . That you may see the difference between the level o fsensitivity before and after the statement . This Awareness indicates that also the entity as working out certain karmic expressio nof her own, whereby the entity was previously involved in a life wherein, throug hnegligence, this entity was responsible for harm which came to others, and felt tha t.she should experience a brief movement of dependency in this present situation . Thi sAwareness indicates that having experienced this for a brief time, the entity then lef t and is preparing again to assimilate the information gathered from the experience an dincorporate this into the soul stuff . The entity shall return to you at a later time ,this being seen approximately five years from the present . This Awareness indicates you shallknowthis entity by the vibrations and the eyes . HOW TO NULLIFY NEGATIVE PREDICTIONS WITH MAGI C (A MESSAGE FROM AWARENESS TO THOSE WHO MAKE PREDICTIONS )(question :;Continued . from above reading ) Our second question is : Also since this occurrence, we have been quite concerne dabout our other child, age three . We were giving a yarn picture by Mexican Indian swhich we were told is a Peyote vision . In it there is a female entity seemingly givin gen a young female child, and a male entity seemingly giving up a young male child . Wil lX areness please tell us the pictur e s meaning and its relationship to our little boy an dto ourselves? Page 8
  9. 9. Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness indicates that you need not energize that concept which you fee lwhen interpreting th e . picture as being a fated vision, suggesting that you would los eyour children . This Awareness indicates that the interpretation can he on any level you choose .That regardless of how it was intended, you have within your, own psyche the, ability t ochange the interpretation, or to add to the interpretation, to energize the origina linterpretation, or to create a new interpretation . This Awareness indicates that if you create a new interpretation, you may visualiz ethis symbolegy as being one wherein you can, if you choose, identify with these entities -see the young child, the girl, as being the daughter ; see the boy as being the son ;but instead of visualizing this as being a symbol of your son also being taken fro myou, you can visualize this as being a message which states that you do not own th echild, and must give up any feelings that would imply that you do own this child . Fo rthe child is his own being and you are but one who is a guardian and guide to assis tthis child in this lifetime . This Awareness indicates that anytime there is a vision which can be construed a sbeing a vision of negative experience in your consciousness, anytime there is anyon ewho attempts to place upon you the forecast of loss, death, doom or tragedy, or anytim eyou tune into and see a tragic experience, believing this as coming to you, you hav ethe ability to energize and add to that vision in this manner, assisting to bring thi sabout, or you have the ability to misinterpret, or to change the interpretation t osomething other, which is more conducive to harmony and joy . This Awareness suggests that how you visualize the next moment tends to change th enature and direction of that moment : That wherein 10 people join together and visualiz ean entity growing stronger in health and joy, indeed, this shall assist the entity i ngrowing stronger in health and joy . Yet, if one entity visualizes that entity becomin gsick and ill, and others begin to believe that prediction, indeed they can assist i nvisualizing sickness and illness coming upon that entity to such a degree that th eentity would have much difficulty in throwing off those images . This Awareness indicate sthis in the nature of black magic . This Awareness indicates that any entity, any psychic who predicts disaster fo ranother entity, any entity who publishes such predictions that this or that disaste ris going to occur to this or that entity, is adding their energy and the energy of al lothers who share in that image, to the energizing process of making that predictio ncome true . This Awareness implores entities who see a prediction by any psychic, or any typ eof prediction which states that a certain tragedy is going to occur : this Awarenes simplores entities to nullify these predictions in their own consciousness, in thei rown psyche, to visualize something better happening, to visualize those predictions a sbeing in error . This Awareness suggests that you make an X across that image, and that you visualiz ethat image as being placed upon a fire, being burnt, and that the image be thrown awa yand a new image being drawn, wherein that entity or situation which was destined fo rtragedy, is now discarded and a new image is being placed before your consciousnes swhich shows health, vitality, joy, harmony and light moving through that situatio nor entity . This Awareness indicates that there are many entities who think they are bein gpsychic, who think they are reading the future, who, in actuality, are but predictin gnegative experiences and bringing these about by their predictions ; and are, whethe rthey realize . this or not, are practicing black magic . Page 9
  10. 10. This Awareness indicates that the Universe appears and disappears every four -quadrillionths of a second, and every image or energy within the Universe appear sand disappears at that rate . That entities have it within their power to image th enext Universe which comes into being every four-quadrillionths ofasecond, tha tentities who understand will also understand that they create their own world throug himages, along with others who are also imaging . This Awareness indicates that if you join in .theimage of one who i,s ;projecting0 tragedy, you are assisting that image, and that .one-,yin the projection and creation of that tragedy . This Awareness suggests that you begin to learn to work in co-imaging toward thcs eimages which bring forth joy, harmony and happiness to others and to yoursel fl ;and tha tyou begih ignoring more and more,and withdrawing your energies from those ,who•are . . .the prophets of doom . (THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS) " THE UNBINDING OF LUCIFE R flues Lion : Member R .E .E . - asks : What is meant by the loosing of Satan, Or Lucifer, for a short time after the current millenium, and how will that affect man a t that time Cosmic Awareness : ;tal e i e me r This Awareness indicates that the forces known . as Satan are forces which also ca n-,be attributed to the nature of the planet Saturn in astrological sense . This Awarenes s q ndicates the planet Saturn being that which emaciates a force upon your! . plane that tend s tcwa rd . •thefeelings of restriction . This Awareness indicates therestiiction as being often conceived of as negative, or of evil, but this constrietion`is not necessaril y evil if entities do not resist this constriction, but simply this in a caner whereby they ,feel the constriction without resistance . i% e e This Awareness indicates when this occurs, the nature of Saturn comes out an d is seen as responsibility . An intensity of energy that must be looked at in this o r that particular area Is responsibility, and that also may be as constriction o f one s expression . This Awareness indicates that those forces which do not look carefully at thes e intensities, these constrictions, and face their responsibility in dealing with these , can conceive these as being forces of evil, imps of Saturn, or Satan . This Awarenes s indicates that from this, entities can begin to believe that there are personalit y factors behind these forces and refer to these forces asdevils or demons . This Awareness indicates that :these forces are,- in ectifality, nothing more tha n areas wherein there is a constricted difficulty that must be faced and looked a t carefully, often these relating unto feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and often thes e related unto .feelings of superiority, greed or lust ; that wherein these are looked a tcarefully, a kind of responsibility in dealing with these comes into being ; that wherei n these are ndt looked at carefully, these forces may manifest themselves•a-5 greed, lust , .. , power or inadequacy . This Awareness indicates that entities who conceive these as being forces of evil , of Satan, in the sense of personality forces, these entities are simply being caugh t by a literary device known as personification . This likened unto entities personifyin g the planet Mars as Hercules ; Apollo, the Sun ; and Venus, the Goddess of Love--seeing these planets as personalities . That the planet , • Saturn, its force emanating, iiiay b e seen as a personality known as Sata n` ,and its •influence may be seen as an evil influenc e if this is what entities choose as their interpretation by using this literary devic e Page 10
  11. 11. of personification . This Awareness indicates that in terms of The Revelations wherein Saturn, or Sata nis chained and then released for a season, this relates unto an action of many level swherein entities, as a mass of conscioushess, become aware of the force and power o fSaturn and learn to face their responsibilities, and in this manner become capable o fbringing about harmony upon this plane . This Awareness indicates that this as partially related unto the influence of th eplanet Pluto, as well as that of Vulcan, as well as the passage of the solar system ,the sun on its cycle in that which may be termed the Aquarian Age . This . Awarenes sindicates that this also being a cycle does have its duration, and that the plane tPluto, which affects the masses of consciousness, does move on, and the effects of it smovement in terms of aspects toward Saturn are such that changes shall occur . And thes echanges shall occur, not only in the masses, but also within individuals . This Awareness indicates the Book of Revelations does, indeed, have a correlatio nto the masses of entities upon this plane ; but in a greater sense, the Book of Revelatio nrelates unto the individual and the revelations that unfold to the individual . This Awareness indicates the seven churches and candlesticks as relating unto th erising of consciousness through the chakras and endocrine system ; that the Beast a sbeing that which is the structural and thinking process within the minds of entities .That Satan, or Saturn, may be thought of as the effects of the gonads upon the thinkin gprocess of entities--that which affects the energy flow to the pineal, whereby entitie scan easily become fixated and obsessed with lust, greed and power by having accentuatio nof the gonad-type of energy being brought into the pineal level . This Awareness indicates once this energy moves beyond the pineal level and int othe pituatary level, that this releases the fixation and focusing action intolevel sof receptivity . This Awareness indicates when this occurs, the chains may be considered ,in an allegorical sense, as being placed upon Saturn, the gonad level, so that ther e .s greater receptivity to all that is occurring round about, rather than as just t othe focusing action of the pineal, which ould control or manipulate forces round about . This Awareness indicates this as a very complex symbolism to explain, for the .levels of meaning are of a multiciplicity : that the interpretation can be foran : .individuals revelations, the opening of the Book of Revelation and seven seals dealin gwith the realization, or revelation, that occur to entities .as they unfold spiritually .This Also occurs on a social level so that entire nations and societies go through th esame evolving process, andthishas been occurring down through history . That the grea tcultures of Greece, Rome, France, England, Germany, Russia, The United States : all o fthese have gone through the same stages, in one sense, of unfoldment as described i nthe Book of Revelations .That these unfoldments are occurring also upon your plane _ athe sense, not just of individal societies, but of the international level, or wha tmight be called the United Nations of the Earth . This Awareness indicates that much of the unfoldment and the prophecy in the Book of Revelations, being allegorical and symbolic, shall not come about in a literal sense . This Awareness indicates that, however, some of this shall be seen to some degree a s coming about . This Awareness wishes entities to watch carefully the money-changin g`s Ra stem, which is the heart of the Beast . REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published b y Cosmic Awareness Communications, P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington, 1 98507 . Rates and membership information available upon request . Page 11
  12. 12. CONCERNING" DEATH "Question : I have two questions to ask . Will you please answer me to the point : You see Iknow there is no death, that we live on . Will I be on this earth planet in fiv eyears from now or will I have ascended ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness indicates there shall be that action and that movement wherei ncertain portions of yourself begin to make the ascension, even while other portion sof yourself remain on the physical plane . This Awareness indicates that there isa breaking down of the barriers"betwee nthis plane and the next . There is thatwhich allows entities toranove ! partially int othe Fourth Dimension even while still residing and being visible on the Third Dimension .This Awareness indicates this as related-unto the way of looking at the Universe .Wherein entities see the Third Dimension the normal sense of that which has bee nvisualized in the past on your plane, these entities still can continue to see thing sof the Second Dimension but from the Third Dimensional viewpoint . This Awareness indicates entities living on the Fourth Dimension will also se ethose on the Third Dimension, but from a Fourth Dimensional point of view . Thi sAwareness indicates, however, those of the Third Dimension will see only the Thir dDimensional beings, while those on the Fourth Dimension will seethe Fourth Dimensiona laspects of themselves and the Universe others as well as the Third and Secon dand First Dimensional aspects . This Awareness indicates that you understand the Fourth Dimensional aspects o fyourself may be clearly through the realization that the Universe includin gyourself, appears and disappears every four-quadrillionths of a second, and the reapp-earance of the Universe is created by your imaging and your .imagination-along wit hthe imaginations of others, and is based on memory aswel .las projection--projectingfrom the previous moment and the re-entry into that new moment, recalling from th epast moment what you wish to carry into the new . You thus create in your imaginatio nyour own physical beiitg, -which very similar to the previous being which existe dfour-quadrillionths of a second before in the previous Universe . This Awareness indicates entities who fully understand this, from, a Fourth Dimen -sional view shall not only continue to exist this plane, but shall exist also o nthe Fourth Dimensional plane, realizing that they are imagination-and that they . cannot create themselves from moment to but can also chang e , themselves, an dcan even rejuvenate themselves and become younger and more healthy, and can `situat ethemselves so that their lifestyle becomes more°harmonious . This Awareness indicates that you must begin understanding^ at some point in you rexistence that there is no!need to "drop the carcase, butthat . .if you wish to "dro pthe carcass", this is your choice ; you may doso. This Awareness indicates that in your particular case, within the next five year sthe tendency at this time is for you to continueexisting, and for you to begin rejuv -enating yourself somewhat, growing healthier and growing into harmony and letting g oof certain attitudes of self-condemnation and judgment, of self-pity, and letting g oof certain other attitudes which put your abilities and moving mor eand more , into attitudes of wonder and awe at which is coming upon thi splane . This Awareness indicates that within you, you shall begin to feel the stirring sof ecstasy ; and as you look this and experience-this-more and more, you shall begi nto rejuvenate and move into a very smooth transition ..,from.the being that you have bee ninto the New Being . Page 12
  13. 13. This Awareness indicates this as the tendeacy at this Lillie . it is aiway a up to the individual whether or not the individual wishes to transmute the body int o higher vibrations, moving its parts toward spiritual levels, or drop the carcas s and go on into the spiritual realms without it . This Awareness wishes you to understand that from the Fourth Dimensional point o f view death is nothing but change ; such change is usually sudden and total as in th e physical death . The slow transition from one experience to another is generally see n as change . These are actions which are basically the same except in terms of thei r timing and speed : the action of change being that which is moved about in a manner whic h is gradual and slow, whereas the action of death is that which moves in an action whic h is usually very sudden . This Awareness indicates that there is much change whic h entities can move through in preparation for the sudden death . That this is that which ray be referred to as the lingering sickness or aging prior to death . This Awareness indicates this too may be your choice, .but this also does not seem to be that which is the movement at present . This Awareness suggests that there appear s to be a tendency toward rejuvenation and the gradual conversion of the physical part- icles teward the Light Being and the Spiritual Realm . That this may be altered accordin g to your wishes, for there is an aspect of impatience within your psyche wherein yon : tend to long for something on the other side . This Awareness suggests that you stil l hate certain things for which you need to be in the physical, to work out and to settl e prior to moving across . This Awareness suggests generally speaking you will be here five years from now . This may be altered according to your will . This Awareness indicates the tendency a t this time is that there will not be a lingering and suffering experience . This als o may be altered according to your attitudes and your will . Question : Will I suffer long befere I go, or will I go quickly ? Cosmic Awareness . This Awareness indicates that the suffering will be at a minimum . That the sufferin g only begins within your own attitudes toward yourself and toward life, and then contin -, ques intensifying until that attitude has its effect upon the physical body in such a may that the physical body can not stand the attitude and begins to "break out " in it s form of pain . This then often leads to suffering and death . This Awareness indicates , that wherein you have an attitude toward yourself, toward life, and wherein your attit- ude is such that you love life, you love yourself, you love those about you, there wil l not be great suffering . question : Will you pray if it be Go d s will that I will be able to communicate with my husban d that has left this world . Will you ask that I can feel his presence with me . Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness indicates that the presence of your husband has a very profoun deffect upon your psyche and is already within you . This Awareness indicates that th eentity himself has moved on and is working in other levels,and for certain purposes i sassisting those on the other side in helping to bring about a greater communicatio nbetween that dimension and this dimension and is helping those others on that side t o,ring greater harmony and understanding among the peoples of this earth . This Awarenes sindicates that the entity does occasionally come and visit you in his spare time, part-icularly in dreams . That the entity wishes to convey the message to you that you no tworry . That the separation between the two of you is not of any great significance, fo rthere is coming a time wherein the energies of entities shall be freed from materia l"bondage and wherein these entities may move in and out of the material levels at will . Page 13
  14. 14. This Awarene g s indicates this entity also wishes to eonVeYe te von tht there i s a . tota11Y different concept of time which does not feel the tMpatte n-ceaha the waiting . This entity recognizes this lifetime 1Sbut a few moments, andtthen themoVement int o other doorways and realms of existence : . This Awareness wishes yon to underStand . this entity is content and is concerne d more about your anxiety than his own . This entity wishes you to feel more relaxed an d to enjoy th e . rest ef your sojourn on earth without being overtly attached to him, fo r this/does hinder his work and yours . Thi s Awareness indicataa- this hindersahts Wor k in that it causes him to feel divided and obligated to assist you in a way-that woul d satisfy your desire, yet realizing that there is nothing which he can do liar you a t this time other than : to forcesome kind ofchange or cling to something that canno t yet be . . This Awareness suggests this entity does love you very deeply and wishes you t o finish your action uPOn this earth in a manner that iS joyful, and move-into communicat- ation and harmony with others,: This Awareness indicates this will give a certai n completion to your action in this lifetime . 1; 2 CONCERNING THENATURE OF EXPECTATION .Question : rri : A new possible development in my personal life has occurred : an acquaintanc enamed )3oh ; his gesture to me came as a surprise and turned my life into confusion .Would Awareness indicate what am I to expect .from him where wereotng and wha ttype of relationship am 1 to expect regarding him? Is he replacing B1lln my life ?Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness suggests you not deal in expectations and replacements . This `Awarenes ssuggests you allow these relationships to be what they are . That you not createexpect-ations around any entity, hoptngfor this or that type of relatiOnship tO o6cUr fro mthat which is, but rather accept and look at that which is, and allow it to grow ,change, or remain the same, according to how you relate with that entity and how tha tentity relates with you on a moment-to-moment basis . t This Awareness sugge gts the nature of 6ect4onis such that wherein One expect sa certain event to occur in relation to anOtherentitY, that exi) 68t%tiOR ;Egins t / and and movement andcontro acoor ng tha t oputnhaeiydrctonwhich you perceive, is to happen . - - -s This suggests in youraction of diPeaing anothei tO sbehaVe in - a certai npattern or move toward a certain culmination in a relationship ; tht-I.;n yOnr eXPec t j tio nis creating a control upon that entity, a psychic bond, attempting to force that entit yinto that image which you are projecting . This Awareness suggests this is no t Conduciveto freedom, nor to love, nor to the respect due one another . This Awareness snggests yOunot think iri ` terms of one entity replacing another ; bu tthat you look at each entity as individuals, recognizing that there needs be no replace-ment, there needs be no particular place for entities in your life . Thatf-theY may-simpl ybe where they are, be what they are without your need to place them in a position o f a :re:a :ea ,priority or secondary levels, or any Other placement . This Awareness suggests you are no t a ` plaCement bureau, you are 116i: to act as onewho must hire and fire : you are simply an entity who ha g relationships with others ,and these entities also have their relationship with yo4 . andthefterelatiOnshi3s ca n change, can move about and in your allowanCe of this, yOn c an f lear n tO relate clearl y ..and allow them to relate clearly withi you . This Awareness indicates that you shall profit in your 6latiOnshiO when you hol dclosely with open arns . This Awareness suggest you study theAaW -Of.Affection : * *(See Revelations of Awareness #77-7, Page 10 ) Page 14