A Cheat Sheet For Marketing With Pinterest [Infographic]


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Pinterest is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing.

Here at CoSchedule, we recently added the one millionth blog post to our database. Digging through the data, we gained a better understanding of how social sharing worked on the web, and the results surprised us. Pinterest is huge! Here’s a closer look at what we found.

* Pinterest accounts for 90% of the social media shares on the web.
* 30% of Pinterest users prefer browsing the network rather than watching TV
* 60% of Pinterest users are from the United States
* 9 out of 10 Pinterest users are women
* 70% of purchasing decisions are made by women
* 41% of Pinterest users have an average household income of $50k or more (higher than any other network)
* Most Pinterest content is about food, home, and lifestyle

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A Cheat Sheet For Marketing With Pinterest [Infographic]

  1. 1. A CHEAT SHEET FOR Marketing ON PINTEREST ACCOUNTS FOR 90% OF SOCIAL MEDIA SHARES ON THE WEB. We recently analyzed more than 1 million headlines in the CoSchedule database and found that Pinterest accounted for an astoudning 90% of all social media shares. Whoa! 90% Pinterest Facebook Google + Twitter Pinterest accounts for 90% of all shares among CoSchedule users. PINTEREST IS A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH. NINE OUT OF T E N PINTEREST USERS ARE WOMEN CHICKEN 78% CHOCOLATE 70% RECIPE 56% BUTTER 49% WEDDING 40% PEANUT 39% COOKIES 36% HOMEMADE 34% SALAD 33% CREAM 31% SOCIAL MEDIA HEAVILY FAVORS TOPICS THAT RELATE TO FOOD, HOME, AND LIFESTYLES. 52% Food Home Lifestyle Business/Tech 18% 15% 10% 4% 2% News Other 6% 2% 2% 1. http://okdork.com/2014/07/22/we-analyzed-nearly-1-million-headlines-heres-what-we-learned/ 2. http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/pinterest-stats/# 3. http://marketingland.com/report-92-percent-pinterest-pins-made-women-83394 4. http://www.trendsight.com/content/view/40/204/ 5. http://www.pewinternet.org/files/old-media//Files/Reports/2013/PIP_SocialMediaUsers.pdf Wordpress Blog Settings 8a Tips for Writing 8a 5 Tips to Write Better Headlines Marketing 9a Tips for Writing 8a New Post! Chec 9a New Post! Chec 8a Grow Your Audience Marketing 8a Schedule Your Blog Well Marketing 9a Planning Your New Calendar Marketing 9a Tips for Planning 8a New Post! Chec 8a Tips for Writing 8a 7 Tips to Make Better Graphics Design 9a Tips for Writing 8a New Post! Chec 8a 3 Ways to Market Better Marketing 9a Tips for Writing 8a New Post! Chec 8a Tips for Writing 9a New Post! Chec Schedule Your Social Media + Blog Content In One Place Save Time & Grow Traffic Get an extended free trial today at http://coschedule.com/r/pinterest With more than 70 million users, Pinterest is a force to be reckoned with in the world of social networking. Here’s why it is so important to you as a marketer, and how you can reach this powerfu audience. 30% 60% The percentage of Pinterest users who prefer browsing the network vs. watching TV. The average amount of time a Pinterest user spends on the site per visit. The percentage of Pinterest users who are from the United States. The most common destination for Pinterest users who click on a pin is a blog. 14.2 minutes